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If you see a post or thread that bothers you, please report it!
We the moderation are feeling useless.  We want to help make this place a great experience for everyone but without knowing what you guys want and don't want, we can't help.  We aren't mind readers, what may be appropriate and inoffensive to us could be terribly insulting to you guys.  So we need your help.

Below every post is this handy dandy button.

This brings up a page where you fill out a reason for your report.  Just put in why you think we should notice this post and hit submit.  That's it!

We WANT you to spam us reports.  Your reports are completely private and confidential, and we will never punish you for being too cautious (although if you abuse the report function there will be repercussions).  Please, we can't help make this a great place unless we know what you guys want and don't want.
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