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Touhou Replay DatabaseFinally a Searchable Replay Database that supports all games!
Upload/Browse replays here: http://replay.lunarcast.netDiscord Server: https://discord.gg/jXNf8MK
What is this:
There are a few Touhou Replay Archive services available however many of them are outdated and most (if not all!) are unmoderated.  Also most of them don't support all games
(http://replays.gensokyou.org/ does not support recent games, http://threplays.appspot.com doesn't support old games, http://replay.royalflare.net doesn't support searching and replays are deleted after some time)

Unlike the other replay databases this supports all games, all language patches and is searchable!  We have a discord server where you can report unmarked TAS replays and we clean the database regularly so its easy to find the best replays!
Bonus: Imperishable Night and Subterranean Animism English patch supported in addition to vanilla and thpatch.net
Bonus: Uwabami Breakers replays are also supported!

Please label your replays properly in the comment box!
Example: "LNMNB: First No misses/No bombs run!"

TAS Replays are welcome however they must be prefixed (labeled) "[TAS]" in the comments
Unlabeled TAS replays will be removed, report unlabaled TAS replays at our Discord Server

Touhou Replay Database link:

Replay Database information page:

Replay tutorial - How to watch and share replays:
Post claim for future use.
Quite a few replays have been uploaded, the site has also been improved to be more reliable, great work!
I updated the Replay Database to support the English patch of Imperishable Night by Non-directional translations.  Replays uploaded using that version will be labeled 1.00d-NDT
Cleaned up the database from duplicate entries recently!
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