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Rumia's Party Games / Re: Rumia Quest Revival III: Heresy and Magic
« Last post by Tom on May 19, 2019, 07:20:05 am »
// I say let's vote on this now that we know we can communicate with Alice.  Leave someone behind? Y/N

// I vote no because we established communication and it would leave us a party member down
Touhou Projects / Re: [PC98] Mystic Square Toolkit
« Last post by Tom on May 19, 2019, 06:56:35 am »
Important! An update to Mystic Toolkit has been released (0.1.8b) (
This corrects a serious bug affecting Shift JIS text handling during compilation in TXDEF.EXE, its recommended everyone using the toolset for projects update ASAP. 
To update you will need to compile your files using your current version of MysticTK then decompile using the new version! 
I cannot stress this enough, backup your files/project before upgrading.  This is doubly important for people using automation systems like AutoMSTK ( to compile entire DAT files at once!
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Money is forever - Poverty Quest
« Last post by Hello Purvis on May 19, 2019, 06:09:52 am »
(That happens sometimes.)

>"Sorry, just trying to get myself hyped up for all this helping I'm about to do."
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Koakuma Quest - Lesser Devil: Stage 2
« Last post by Neovereign on May 19, 2019, 05:56:48 am »
> "Would you be able to bring me with you if you did?"
> "Yeah. If I can look into the library and you poke over the corner, we should be able to get in."
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Money is forever - Poverty Quest
« Last post by Lt Colonel Summers on May 19, 2019, 05:40:19 am »
>"Heck yeah. We'll get groceries on way home!"

//sorry for being inactive. My browser gave me a Certificate Error message whenever I come to the site. I was a bit worried, so neglected to come over for a week.

>"You don't have to act so excited, though..." Nitori tells you.
You would generate a random number and then pick based on that using a switch or a bunch of if-elses.
Thanks Drake! It works!  :3 :D
You would generate a random number and then pick based on that using a switch or a bunch of if-elses.
Code: [Select]
function rand_int(min, max){
  return floor(rand(min, max));

alternative(rand_int(0, 22))
  wait(32 * 7 + 60);
  wait(32 * 13);
// ...
  wait(fr + 1340);
Hi everyone. I am well aware that I haven't posted in forever, nor was I a frequent posted to begin with back in the day which I think was 8 years ago. I dropped out of the fandom for quite a bit (school and work can really getcha), but I finally remembered this place exists and wanted to both make people aware of this project and also make sure we're doing this above-board.

I have been assisting my friend for quite a while in making a full series of Touhou-based Magic the Gathering sets called "Mesmerizing Journey." We're going all-in -- the goal is to make 8 stand-alone sets similar to a "Standard" environment with its own storyline, mechanics, and takes on the classic Gensokyo setting. If you're interested in more details, I'm glad to go over them in this thread, but another issue takes precedence that I need your help with. I'm kinda out of my depth.

Last week we finally decided we were ready to start incorporating a wider audience and let them know about this project. Per the guidelines of Wizards of the Coast, we have no intention of physical distribution, nor any plans to sell the completed works. Once they're ready, tested, and balanced out, we will distribute the final products freely. We are pretty certain we're kosher as far as they're concerned. However, we wanted to use a Patreon account while the project is still in the alpha/beta stage so we can commission artwork for the various cards (and there are a LOT of cards; we're at a bit over 1,000 right now, though I doubt we'll ever get all of them done). Based on what I read in one of the pinned posts here, it sounds like that violates ZUN's rules, which is absolutely not our intention. What would you suggest? Is it possible for non-Japanese speakers to contact Team Shanghai Alice to see if we can get their blessing? Art is crucial for this kind of project; it's even recommended by Magic head designer Mark Rosewater in one of his columns when making fan sets.

Thanks for reading all of this. We've jumped into the deep end with both feet and are now hoping we can learn to swim quickly. However, having played quite a few matches now, I think we have something going on here, and we want to see it through.
Guys, Hello there.
How do I randomize 21 shoot tasks?

I've these bunch of code for my 21 shooting task, but I've no idea how to do that...  ???
Link to my code: Pastebin

Please, help me  :3
>Take stock of our location, the apparently time, and so on.
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