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All you have to do is install the drivers and it will show up in your DAW as a MIDI output. Windows 10 doesn't have official Edirol SD-90 drivers, so you'll have to use Windows 7 or 8 to guarantee that it will work at full performance.
You'll have to use the SD-90 as your primary audio interface, because your Scarlett Solo doesn't have the required audio inputs to record a synthesizer. The SD-90 will have worse latency and worse guitar/mic recording quality than the Scarlett.

Buying an old hardware module is a big investment with minimal return. For about the same price, you could buy Steinberg's Absolute 3 or NI Komplete 11, or a DAW that comes with good stock sounds like Cubase Pro. All of these will have sounds used by hundreds of well known video game musicians and will be both faster and easier to use than a module. Both Cubase and Absolute 3 come with sounds from recent professional Yamaha keyboards.

It makes very little sense for a newbie to get a hardware module. It makes even less sense if you're only interested in a few sounds. I strongly recommend buying something that's guaranteed to be useful in the future instead. All of the sound packages I mentioned above are constantly being updated with new sounds and can easily be resold for a decent amount of money if you ever need it.
Is Dialogue obrigatory?

as far as contest goes no its not, the main focal point is the boss fight
Thanks Drake! You're a prince.

Edit: I am glad that's at the top of the page in 50 view.

As for Musics

1. Rural Makai City Esoterica, because yalls forgot.
2. The Pierrot of the Stare Spangled Banner, because fuck yeah.
3. Bloomy Nobly, Ink-Black Cherry Blossoms ~ Border of Life, because it's still good
4. Hellfire Mantle, because few people remember how hella this one is.
5. The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field, because it is special to me.
6. Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion, because it goes hard in good ways
7. Primordial Beat ~ Pristine Beat, because see #6
8. The Concealed Four Seasons, because this is probably my favorite endboss fight since Yuyuko, and thus favoritism.
9. September Pumkin, because I don't need to explain myself
10. Voyage 1969, so Kilga can rest assured I voted for one IN thing (also it hella good)

This is random as fuck and based on my feelings right now. Give it a day or two and it'd probably change totally.
Is Dialogue obrigatory?
You should probably specify that it's the stage segments that are not allowed, not that stage scripts in their entirety are.
In a way like no fairies or midbosses, right?
Soo anyone can enter even a noob/novice/starter like me?

It'd be rather exclusive if it weren't the case, so feel free to join if you have the time.
Soo anyone can enter even a noob/novice/starter like me?
You should probably specify that it's the stage segments that are not allowed, not that stage scripts in their entirety are.
So what's the general opinion of the fighting game community about this game? I'm not planning on playing it, just curious.

Warm - from what I have seen people are fond of the gameplay and many call it the first "good floater". Ofc people are miffed about the lack of proper story mode + the classic shitty old netplay but once those issues are fixed AoCF has the right to be called a very good game.
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