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Focus has a number of issues, the two chief ones being that keywording a pumping effect is... questionable, and I'm not sure that the way it's currently written ever makes it worth actually using.

Man, WotC kind of came over and ate your lunch with Exert, huh?
You're right that Focus is rarely worth using, but only because of your opponent respecting the threat of Focus. It's not like they'll do a bad block and dare you to spend mana to kill their blocker for free.

Focus X is weird, but I think I like it? If anyone was ever stupid enough to block this card, my thoughts would start racing. "Do I flush in all of my mana, expecting a combat trick, or do I do nothing because they would only do this if they had a kill spell ready anyway?" It could lead to some really cool bluff moments.


Oh, this card's cool.

Anyway. Focus is the one that's most up for a redesign. I've been considering making it use +1/+1 counters instead so it could build up over time - either just making it static, so that you may choose to add a +1/+1 counter whenever it becomes blocked and then it doesn't untap, or keep the value and cost and add a variable number of +1/+1 counters, still with the not untapping. That would technically more be getting power items rather than focusing, but Focus is a good name.


Yep, agreed.
I had hoped I'd think of something cool for you over the course of my post, but I didn't.

But talking about counters segways us nicely into the big green enchantment:

That first ability should have a "may". I'm not sure how it would even resolve as written, because I might have no creatures in hand and it doesn't say "or reveal your hand if you can't".

Other than that, green is good at making creatures grow.

Dango Influence suuuucks, i hate sorcery speed pump, i want to go home, someone let me off
Well, it could probably be officially printed as-is, but it seems weak-ish even for limited. If you want to buff it, don't just make it instant. Or do, but it would be kind of a boring way to improve it, right?

Slash of the Eternal Future is weird. Only pumping power makes its usefulness a bit narrow (Like, it only really gets you value if it turns a "body check" - a block where neither creature dies - in to a kill) and also makes it colour-bleed in to red a bit.
Designing good pump spells is hard.

Someone who got to inspire a number of spells mostly because I found good pictures to use for them.

Parsee herself is really, really cool.

Green-Eyed Invisible Monster - How many creatures do you think your opponent is going to control!?
This could be +X/+X, I think.

Shiro's Ashes - Fine as is, but can it be reworked to be "when an opponent taps a land for mana"? Like with Mana Drain's templating, or something. Let's lean right in to the theme.

Large Box and Small Box - Oh, what is it now!? The Sneak Attack alarm is going off. I have a lot of Magic-related alarms in my house.
This should probably be Sorcery. Also, there's a bunch of ways this card can go very wrong in real Magic (Blightsteel Collosus, anything super-huge + Flicker) or maybe just give unreasonable value (my good friend Griselbrand, Sundering Titan). Be careful out there when designing your own huge creatures.

While I'm saying "haw haw what if they were all based on jealousy of your opponent", this card would be cooler and less abusable if it was "opponent reveals hand, you sneak attack with one of their creatures". But that comes with its own problems (colour bleed in to black, how would you even balance the cost, sometimes it whiffs and you feel bad)

Also, introducing who probably is the strongest stage 1 boss in the whole set.

I like these cards.


I'm not sure how I feel about Letty... one of those cards that's either too good or too bad depending on what's going on.

Aww man, I found some burn that was way too strong and some absurd countering and ridiculous removal... but your ramp creatures are basically reasonable. You even remembered to say that the forest has to be untapped for Minoriko. This sucks.

Does every Faithbound card need to have such high colour requirements? I mean, I say that but I can't really think of which ones I'd change. Just something to think about.


Be wary of infinite combos, if you're not going to say "non-token" here.

The Powerful Green Planeswalker - Yuuka.

The two abilities don't feel strong...
The 0's fine, but it doesn't help me kill my opponent on its own, so it feels bad even though it's balanced.
The +1... ramping from 5-6 to 7-8 is useful for some decks, I suppose...
I can't get excited or scared about this card in quite the same way I can for your other rares.

Okay, one ramp ability on a planeswalker is fine, but two? Surely this is overkill.
Even so, I would probably be happier playing this planeswalker than the other one, just as a draw engine.


(tbh that last one is a mess)

I was honestly surprised to find "Ouphe" on the MTG wiki.

When you put Roc Fist right after Rabies Bite like that, it makes me think "haha Trampletouch will be pretty easy to achieve in this set" and also "Roc Fist seems a little overcosted". My logic being that Rabies bite even on a small creature makes a safe block on them impossible (deathtouch) and a one creature trade unlikely (+3/+3), whereas Roc Fist says "if you don't control the biggest creature, this spell won't really help".

Lure effects on common cards is a little dangerous, but apparently it's happened before. Putting a lure on an opponent's creature to force it to attack is going to be very funny when it backfires horribly.

That last card is a mess.
The third fight of the newest paralogue chapter sure is a thing with Amelia and Innes warping around the map with Tana's guidance. I imagine we'll see some of that in action in Valter's GHB, and Zephiel's Infernal GHB will probably have Armor March shenanigans.
>How close to do you think we are to it? I mean, I wouldn't want to try to dodge that limo in my own car, but if we got it onto a road with actual traffic, he might be limited in what he could do.
>...although if he's on a clock, maybe he'd be willing to ignore that. I don't want to draw any more civilians into this if I can help it.
OK, I spent five hours pushing through this thing, and there are a LOT of bugs to report.

- Constant typos, most notably with your/you're confusion
- When entering the Great Youkai Forest early you get a cutscene with Reimu even if Reimu isn't in your party yet
- Speaking with Nitori after her boss fight (but before talking to Lily White) allows you to repeat the boss fight infinitely
- The Thomas scene with Koa is bugged - you end up talking to Tewi at the end instead, and it can be triggered repeatedly to get you the Conductor's gear ahead of schedule
- Eirin's prescription to Nitori is bugged - you can accept the quest repeatedly and then receive the reward repeatedly
- Eirin's prescription to Keine is bugged - the quest doesn't show up properly and you get a useless placeholder item called ------- Space as a reward
- Are you sure Sakuya has spellcards? I got her to level 18, and she didn't unlock a single one. Reimu and Marisa on the other hand already had four.
- You can't deactivate the security system at the UGC until you reach the locked door. [This isn't strictly a bug, but it's stupid and should not exist.]

And of course, there are the two major ones:
- The .exe version of this game is outright broken. Saving doesn't work, and the game crashes when you leave the options menu.
- Even if you play the HTML version - and I did, for five hours - the game abruptly ends after defeating Utsuho and shutting down the reactor, with text saying that it's still a demo.

I did not enjoy this game. Your comedy was weak and needlessly offensive at times (comparing human/youkai affairs to the Gaza Strip? Really?), the dungeon design was immensely obnoxious (AT LEAST LET ME BUY ENCOUNTER REDUCERS IF YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE ME BACKTRACK OVER AND OVER AGAIN) and there's a crippling lack of signposting for huge chunks of the game. Some of the Touhou sprites were nice, and I'd like to know where you got them in case I ever try to throw something together myself - except you didn't bother adding credits for where you got your assets. Above all though I am extremely mad about the fact you lied about it being finished. Even if this is a stupid bug you managed to miss (in which case DID YOU EVEN PLAYTEST THIS?) then I'd still probably have to play the whole game AGAIN once you've fixed it, and I don't think I'm willing to go through that.

tl;dr you stole five hours of my life and i am unhappy about this
Touhou Addict Recovery Center / Touhou Chess
« Last post by Knight on Today at 04:03:12 am »
   Pawn: Shanghai Dolls
   Knight: Momiji Inubashiri
   Bishop: Lily White
   Rook: Tenshi Hinanawi
   Queen: Yukari Yakumo
   King: Unzan

   Pawn: Fairy Maids
   Knight: Aya Shameimaru
   Bishop: Lily Black
   Rook: Hong Meiling
   Queen: Shinki
   King: Hisoutensoku

Any suggestions?

Akyu's Arcade / Re: Fate/Summer Order: Race Queens Edition
« Last post by Iced Fairy on Today at 03:55:48 am »
I started using 300% + 2 drop rate setup. After the miserably failed 10roll I did today, I must farm that 5AP and gather many dumplings to find consolation in that horrible gacha attempt. Well, it wasn't too horrible as I got another Moon Goddess' Bath, but everything besides that was meeeh!
Each +100% is like a +1.5 drop rate for the 5 run.  If you've got got any +2 or +3 friends it'd be better to take them then another +100%

> "And that experience is really calm, you know. The sound it makes it's really soft and relaxing, but when she plays it... It's just masterpiece!"



> Check.



> "Well, it seems it's going to be morning soon... Good almost-day, then!"



> Remain silent as well.
> "Duel?"



> "... Hmmm..."
> Tap our chin.
> "... HMM... Okay, thanks Miss Shinki. That would be of great help."
> Smile.
>"Why not?"
>Go to Bel's bed.
>"Goodnight Belgrade"
>Show motherly affection to Belgrade
>Do the same with Lucien and his bed.
>Check the baby
>Are we in our sleeping attire?

Ruu and NannyDais:

>Check Flower.
>Check Fairy Village.
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