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>What did it feel like to us back then ?
Haven't played on the boat map yet, but the map with all the breakable walls and the defensive tiles in the middle is the worst for my team since my composition is player phase heavy. Especially if the enemy has mage + dancer.
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Hikikomori Quest - Remaking my Life: Part 13
« Last post by Tashi on Today at 04:34:34 pm »
>Recall it.

> You try to recall it...
> ... Ah, of course... That moment where you were possessed...
> _
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Flandre Tale - A Whole New World
« Last post by Tashi on Today at 04:33:59 pm »
> "Sorry."
> Gently take our hat.
> "I don't want to get scolded... again..."
> Open the doors and put our hat on.
Okay, Sanae was smacked down like a fly. Of course, Reimu got the finishing blow. Like a chump, I maxed Rumia in wp because in EI (and You) I have used her and she had pretty much destroyed both games on her own. Yorihime however..... ain't so easy but thas what Reimu is for, right? And your completely right, Kanako had only a 130 hit rate on my 140 mobility Reimu, but that was unfocused in danmaku so I should win easily. Is MoF better that Mishakuji sama?
Gave Subaki his promotion to 5 stars. I was holding off on it because I wasn't sure if I was going to replace him or not, but he's been holding his own and his being a bonus unit was a good opportunity.
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Flandre Tale - A Whole New World
« Last post by Vampy-chan Lover on Today at 04:22:39 pm »
> "L-Let's say I'm 15 seconds late, okay?"
> Look around for Miss-Well-Endowed-In-Pajamas and for Miss-Wingy-Head.

>"Uh... tell that to Miss Patchouli..."
>Erin finally arrives. "Y-You could have waited a bit."
>You haven't even opened the door yet, and you do not know any Well-Endowed-In-Pajamas Misses, Meiling sleeps with her uniform.
Yeah. Gameplay/story segregation. Similar to how you can get "bad ends" in the normal games where you aren't as good as the girls canonly are, you can play better than Seiga would actually be capable of and no-item-clear stages. Also seen in GFW Extra; Cirno's the one beat up at the end, even if technically it's possible to flawlessly defeat Marisa without even standing in the low-power lasers. Doesn't hurt that Seiga's implied to not be -that- great at danmaku in DDC, and that she probably would cheat the attacks before seriously attempting to do 'em legit (a large portion of them require dozens of retries to no-item regardless of skill, anyway- even excluding the top 20% hardest cards)

Anyway, yeah, with the translated dialogue brought up... Mokou's fighting fiercely but there's really no reason to believe she's attempting to commit murder. She was just a bit more pumped up than usual.
>Recall it.
Did one pink REM pull and got a Halloween Sonia. Neat! Great for the inherit if nothing else, might also be a solid sub.
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