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Help Me, Eirin! / Re: Labyrinth of Touhou 2 - 17F
« Last post by elminster1372 on Today at 01:15:41 pm »
20F remains the best spot for grinding in the main game throughout the entirety of the postgame, and a bit into Plus Disk. I remember just sitting there and getting a bunch of levels by stringing like, 30+ battles that all ended in one hit from whoever I set up as my single-target damage. Plus I think like, the enemies in B1F seem designed to be tackled at least a decent way into original postgame, or even after it.

That's partly true, though keep in mind that even B1F enemies can drop some equipments, such as Transforman and Destroy Decomposer, which outclass anything you can find in the pre-PD content.
Help Me, Eirin! / Re: Labyrinth of Touhou 2 - 17F
« Last post by Validon98 on Today at 01:13:02 pm »
20F remains the best spot for grinding in the main game throughout the entirety of the postgame, and a bit into Plus Disk. I remember just sitting there and getting a bunch of levels by stringing like, 30+ battles that all ended in one hit from whoever I set up as my single-target damage. Plus I think like, the enemies in B1F seem designed to be tackled at least a decent way into original postgame, or even after it.
Help Me, Eirin! / Re: Labyrinth of Touhou 2 - 17F
« Last post by qazmlpok on Today at 12:52:12 pm »
I'm pretty late to the party I imagine, but the random battles on B1f are... problematic, to say the least. It's a struggle to actually kill things instead of run away. I guess it balances out as I find plus disk equips to put on my attackers though, since it's so crazily stronger than all the maingame gear? (Yeah, I never got around to playing through any of Plus Disk 'til now XD)
Yeah I had to grind for a bit using Flandre. When paired with Aya she should be pretty good at destroying everything.

20F might have better exp from the psuedo-bosses though, and is definitely lower risk.
Help Me, Eirin! / Re: Labyrinth of Touhou 2 - 17F
« Last post by elminster1372 on Today at 12:47:00 pm »
Hello, since we're talking about TL2 balance in general, I'd like to speak about a concept which, IMO, underlies much of what works (and what doesn't) with TL2 characters: gimmicks.

Commonly, when we use the word "gimmick", we give it a negative connotation - of a certain strategy which could work, but doesn't. Here, I won't use it specifically in this sense. Instead, I give "gimmick" a more neutral definition of "a strategy which requires you to play, at least to some extent, differently from the most straightforward path you have." A bit vague, maybe, but I hope my examples will clarify what I have in mind.

So, what are examples of gimmicks in TL2, and specifically of gimmick characters? In general, they are characters which, in order to maximize their performance, they have to do something very specific, which goes beyond just attacking or healing. A very simple example of a character which does not work like a gimmick is Yuugi. Yuugi's plan is basically to blast the opponent with Supernatural Phenomenon and Knockout in Three Steps, and sometimes to apply status. That's about it.

Examples of gimmick chars, then? Status-dependant characters, like Parsee, Hina, or Wriggle, who require you to specifically apply a certain ailment to maximize your performance (contrast this with characters which, like Yuyuko or Rin, focus on one or more status inflictions but are not vastly "enabled" by their application). Characters which require you to stack up a certain kind of buffs before working to their best - like Futo, Tokiko or Shou. Characters which require you to perform other combat actions, like switching or concentrating - Keine, Youmu, or Kokoro spring to mind. All these characters can be defined, to a larger or minor extent, by their adoption of some kind of "unorthodox" strategy.

So, why am I talking about gimmicks, here? Because I believe that one of the main issue with gimmicks in TL2 is that not all gimmicks "feel good" (more vague terms, I know. Just bear with me for a moment). Specifically, my hypothesis (mainly borrowed from Magic the Gathering) is that a gimmick - or, really, any strategy - feels "good" if it rewards you for "playing the game". An example of this is Futo. Futo relies heavily on her plate breaking - it increases her damage done, her defenses, allows her to resurrect if killed, and grants her a vast array of status options. And how do you increase that plate count? By attacking, of course, which is what you would want to do anyway if you were using a char like Futo. Sure, it comes with some limitations (i.e. having to use specific personal spellcards to do so) - after all, it wouldn't qualify as a gimmick, otherwise - but all in all the resulting playstyle does feel like what you'd expect an attacker to play like. And, with a few exceptions, her whole skillset is devoted to streamline this playstyle - reducing the duration of status ailments on Futo, giving her a constant speed boost, and a head start on plate count so that she's not useless in random encounters. In short, while Futo does require a more specific approach than something like Yuugi, she still rewards you for "playing the game."

Kokoro, by contrast, is an example of a gimmick which, I'm afraid, does not "feel good". While concentrating is a part of the game, having to concentrate multiple times in a row - just to establish a stat boost - is not. You might think that this applies to any character which takes advantage of concentrating, like Youmu, Yuuka and all the "incantation" characters, but that's not necessarily true. Consider Reimu and Maribel, for example. Since they're both group healers, you often want to delay their action so as to act immediately after the enemy (or, in Maribel's case, immediately after Renko's Charge). And a very common way to delay your action is, well, to concentrate - it has a decent 50% delay, and gets you back MPs. So, Grand Incantation here is rewarding you for "playing the game": you would have concentrated anyway and, if anything, Grand Incantation makes you feel better about it (if you end up not needing that heal, for example, it allows you to deal extra damage and recover that "wasted action" from before). Similarly, Akyuu's support spells encourage you already to concentrate and delay to time your actions perfectly - her Super Incantation skill only rewards you for a course of action you'd have taken anyway.

Kokoro, by contrast, has nothing of this. Kokoro is an attacker - if I have her on the field, I want to attack, not to spend my time concentrating. And what's worse, when I do have to concentrate, this ends up screwing her up because it shifts her mask power to something you might not even want... forcing you to concentrate even more!

A similar case of "feels bad" gimmick, IMO, is Tokiko. Activating Reading requires you to spam very weak magical attacks, and it's very RNG based as well. Then, once you do get Reading, its best use (a superpowered Yakuza Kick) causes you to lose it again, removing all the various buffs she'd get from skills. And if you don't want to use Yakuza Kick? She's left with the aforementioned weak magical attacks... and a % based heal. Now, thankfully Tokiko has such high stats that you only have to slap a powerful subclass on her and go town. But it's quite telling when you have a character whose entire skillset is based around a gimmick which you end up not using - heck, one of her awakening skills even rewards you for NOT using Reading... as if 3peso himself was somewhat self-aware here.

In short, I think that some characters are not simply weak (heck, Tokiko is actually very strong), but they are not fun to play with - or at least not as fun as they could/should. They don't simply need a buff, they need their entire build to be reworked into something which feels more streamlined and fun to play with during battles.
Help Me, Eirin! / Re: Labyrinth of Touhou 2 - 17F
« Last post by Kirin no Sora on Today at 11:47:38 am »
Quick question for everyone: Is Youmu still in the "not that good" category? Because I thought of some stuff for her...

- Replace Dexterity for Piercing Attack, to make her damage output consistent.
- Reduce the Max SLv of Youmu's spells to 5 in exchange for the following...
- increase Post use gauge from increasing SLv of Present Life Slash, and maybe grant it the ability to ignore part of the enemy's def(similar to Iron Mountain Charge).
- Add a second element and a special effect that affects damage to God Slash of Karma Wind(DRK, increases damage based on enemy debuffs and ailments) and Slash Clearing the Six Senses(VOI, damage increased based on enemy buffs).
- Allow Slash of Eternity to perform guaranteed additional attacks equal to SLv(Max SLv of 5 allows for 6 attacks per casting)
- Remove the requirement of needing full HP and the cost of losing 20% HP to use Swordmaster's Spirit. Synergy of HP cost with Desperation is noted, but ultimately is not needed as a boss fight will likely put her to that level of health anyway. If anything, a skill that allows Desperation to remain active for the rest of the battle once activated would be more valuable.
- Due to all of the above, Asura's Blood becomes unnecessary for damage output, especially due to Lv5 Slash of Eternity + Piercing Attack + Swordmaster's Spirit dealing good single target damage for MP cost and delay.

What do you think of my ideas so far? I know that it's a way too specific set of things to send to the dev, but I wanted to know what you guys think of all this...
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Seija Quest - Tsukumomommy: Part 8
« Last post by Kilgamayan on Today at 10:45:25 am »
> Oh, wait...try flipping the nearest table from unclean to clean.
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Sakuya Quest 15 - A Z-Machine Adventure
« Last post by Kilgamayan on Today at 10:43:01 am »
> "Mmm...oh, yes. Is there anyone you would like to see, Lady Patchouli?"
Help Me, Eirin! / Re: Labyrinth of Touhou 2 - 17F
« Last post by Libra on Today at 10:38:19 am »
I believe that Aya's damage is fine, she's certainly not a prime attacker, but her ATK is the same as Momiji's, its also worth noting that Proof of the Fastest is not that hard to stack a few levels of, since there's a lot of equipment with good ATK and HP that allows Aya to safely take a few hits if she doesn't manage to dodge. I do agree that Tengu's Fan is a bit on the weaker side though, increasing the MP cost to 3 and buffing its damage would be nice.

EDIT: on a different note, I wonder if certain equipment should be rebalanced, there's overall much superior choices when it comes to ATK boosting equipment when compared to MAG boosting ones (which combined with the Archmage's poor single target options make most mages very ill suited to dealing with bosses when compared to physical attackers with the same elements available). I feel that equipment with ridiculously high ATK boosts (Magic Sword "Chaos" for example) exacerbate the Nitori problem, since they allow her to get extremely high ATK much earlier than she should.
Update nr. 57 - In Soviet Kobito, shrine maidens donate to you!

Turn 295 - 1.848 A.D.

Last time, we witnessed the return of a long forgotten culture and cut three whole cities from Sanae's rule. We begin by adding another able commander to our many troops:

Crikey, it's General Sir John Monash, an Australian civil engineer and military commander. He led the largest corps of the Western Front during World War 1 and had supervision over the allied troops at Amiens in 1918, the battle which effectively won the war. He affects modern and atomic era troops, which would be much more inclusive than what the two generals we currently have are specialized on. Obviously, we recruit Sir Monash. This process grants us an envoy with Kabul due to their quest.

Lilliput's newest builder is done, we're actually making a sewer now. I know I bashed the uselessness of sewers when we got access to them. Know what? I'm giving them another chance. We have, after all, only so many tiles to put rice bowls on. Sewers might have actually been buffed to have lower cost than in the past, as 5 turns is less than I thought this one would take.

Now that Blefuscu has a water mill, they're going to make a commercial hub. A new tile has just been claimed in the north where one of them will get +2 coins for adjacency. Also, Blefuscu is over its housing cap. I check how expensive a sewer is to quick-purchase and it's only 760 coins. Yeah, we can spend that. 1,936 gold is still available to us.

Sekibanki and Kagerou can promote to rank 5. When you level up that many times, you'll be at the bottom of any promotion tree and you can pick up some perks you declined to take before. We make the Youkai duo a Ranger-Sentry-Spyglass-Camouflage-Guerilla. Guerilla is the newest one.

There are some pretty surefire signs that Ichirin will fall this round:

Artillery 3 has a clear shot at the city and takes 80 hitpoints away. To get next to the city, tank corps 1 unfortunately has to get rid of the barbarian crossbowman first. It does so with ease, losing only 3 hitpoints in the process, but also the ability to attack the city this turn. Tank 2 could attack Ichirin, but its damage is predicted to be just short of conquering it and nobody could follow up. We refrain from taking this unnecessary move then. Against what I would have expected, the city stays under the banner of Moriya for one more turn.

We buy a hex 3 tiles east of Myouren Temple with 330 gold. A military engineer happens to have made his way onto this very tile. He uses an ability that would put any other civilization into a panic:


Missile silos can launch nukes directly onto targets that are within their shooting range. They are constructed quickly with military engineers, but have the disadvantage of being completely static once set down. We currently have no nukes within our empire's inventory. First number you can see on the right screenshot would be nuclear devices, the second number would be their evolution, thermonuclear devices.

Divine Virtue "Bumper Crop Rice Shower" is another city that needs to get out of the sun for us. It too is in grave danger already:

Artillery 3 moves onto the spaceport we've stolen from Sanae and is free to open fire on our enemies. The walls are no more, 1 damage on the city center. Artillery 4 has an ideal line of fire where it already is and takes a whopping 118 hitpoints from our target. Unit 5 escorts our Great General onto the horse pasture next to it, where Ms. Rani Lakshmibai will support any other assaults from us. Helicopter 6, piloted by Kaguya Houraisan, has a good chance to take the city already and tries her best, but the efforts were just short of our goal. 71 points of damage to them, 10 to us.
We have one more trick up our sleeve: Tank corps 1 sits in the middle of nowhere, as it razed a city there in the previous turn. Once again, these tanks can drive far enough to reach the almost-fallen city. They engage...

5 points of damage to them. Well now, this city isn't especially worthwhile as a location, but it does have the Potala Palace and the Huey Teocalli as pre-constructed wonders. After thinking for a brief while, we decide that we don't want any of those and that the place looks better when razed! Being in control of the Potala Palace for just a moment caused a unique little bug by the way: It forced us to reassign all our policy cards. This would have been understandable, as the Potala Palace permanently gives you a diplomatic slot, but our deck was somehow completely empty! It takes me a while to recreate what we had before, but I think I took Logistics instead of Wars of Religion. It's not a big deal, overall, just...weird.

Moriya Shrine has a trader available that it uses to make an internal route: Moriya Shrine -> Myouren Temple for 1 food, 2 production, 4.5 coins and 1 faith.

The only really interesting thing to happen between turns is this:

We were able to stay on cordial terms with Byakuren for exactly 3 turns. I do not blame her. Yes, we saved her existence and all, but within that timespan, we turned two metropolises into rubble. It is like Byakuren's character, canonical and especially fanonical, that she would not be friends with someone like us and that even a positive history with each other only goes so far.

Turn 296 - 1.850 A.D.

Those of you who are fed up with all the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Myspace and...*snort* Google+ will not like the inspiration we've just gotten:

It was awarded for the completion of the following technology:

George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright, (controversial) political activist and polemicist. When you ask people about the playwrights they know, he comes right after Shakespeare. One of his most famous works was Pygmalion. It first existed as a play before Shaw wrote the script for the award-winning movie from the 30s.

Oh yeah! Now you know why we decided to make that submarine in Balnibarbi. A transformation into a nuclear submarine doesn't just beef up their power, but actually gives them the trait of being a mobile missile site. Be sure to park them at someone's border if you want a Cuban Missile Crisis.

Nanotechnology may already be boosted, but it isn't too important for us. We are much more in need for the unit that comes with Satellites. We also switch our civic back from Space Race to Class Struggle. 2 turns are left on that. Like I said, we just wanted to delay getting it.

Futatsuiwa of Sado has made us our second bomber. It needs to invest only a single turn into a water mill. We're happy to spend it.

Brobdingnag has made a shrine and stays devoted to its religious ambitions: A temple is next. 3 turns.

After a long time, Benevolent French Dolls has made us two aircraft carriers. I find out here that this kind of ship is different in that you can't make it form fleets or armadas. It makes sense, as it's more of a utility ship than one for combat. The carriers will provide a sort of air-bridge over the Atlantic, should we ever need aircrafts in Europe or Africa. Next up, the town will construct an entertainment complex on an uncultivated hill tile. 7 turns.

We are left with only a single front that is worth talking about:

Artillery 3 makes the ground rumble: 88 damage to the city, its health is almost depleted. There's not really a need for artillery 4 to fire, so they promote instead and take Shells to deal even more damage on any future opponents. We give the honors of taking the city to tank corps nr. 2. 10 damage to it, the last damage anyone takes in this conflict.

Should we give this back to Byakuren after she spat in our faces? I know the rules and how quick civilizations denounce warmongers in this game, so we can't really blame her. Yes, we liberate the city back to the buddhists. The administrative turnover teleports our units right out of the borders. Tank corps nr. 1 lands next to a barbarian camp, garrisoned by an almost-dead AT crew. Even though you shouldn't use cavalry on anti-cavalry, the odds are good enough to take the attack. The anti-tank crew wasn't anti enough for these tanks. 19 damage and 45 gold to us.

This is actually the very first turn where a peace treaty with Sanae is even possible. We contact the shrine maiden and once again suggest very one-sided reparations: The ceding of Myouren Temple and Moriya Shrine is the first priority. She would accept. She has two copies of a resource we don't have: Wine. She fills up our glasses and loads off the kegs. The Moriya's income is pretty poor, but there are still 95 coins sitting around. We pocket them and Sanae does not object. There's little else in the trade screen that's worth scooping up, so we hit the button...

For having her purse shaken out so thoroughly, Sanae is a little too motivated. That kind of mindset is unhealthy, girl. Peace reigns once again.

A tank corps that burned down a city of Sanae last turn can promote. They increase their potential strength against units with...

The use of this is very specific unfortunately, as you can't easily control whether the enemy units sit in a district or not. Still, it may help from time to time.

We currently have two industrial era Great Generals and one from the modern era. That's actually more than necessary, especially with a war having been settled. Mr. Bolívar has served us well. It is not unfair that his time has come:

In our reality, his post-wartime politics shall not fail as badly as they did. With two extra envoys, we are up to 5. I know I'm really going back on my word here, but with an investment of 3 at Yerevan, we can usurp Alice's influence on them and get them on our side. Let's hope that wasn't too bold.

That's a first: A builder makes a banana plantation near Moriya Shrine. We don't have those at our homeland or any non-African province. Just as a reminder, bananas are a bonus resource, not a luxury. Another builder in the same location chops a rainforest, instantly finishing wall repairs at Sanae's former capital. Next, they will repair their broken sewer system. 2 turns. One builder also makes a farm at Lilliput, another at Myouren Temple.

Turn 297 - 1.852 A.D.

Another missionary is faith-purchased at Kirisame Magic Shop. We needed more of them if we want to have a chance of converting Moriya Shrine. If possible, I try to have provinces as a part of my state religion. Only for the far away Koumakan we are not bothering with. Hinduism is established there to this day.

Futatsuiwa of Sado has quickly picked up that water mill and is also at its housing cap of 21. The time is right for a sewer. 4 turns.

Our fleet has had nothing to do since the fall of Night With Bright Guest Stars and has dispersed into the Atlantic a few turns ago. They will guard our harbors in Spain and North America, with the only exception being our submarine. That one will continue circling around Africa counter-clockwise.
We also have an attack force in Africa that has done its duty well. One infantry, one artillery and one ranger each will guard Myouren Temple and Moriya Shrine. You never know when a surprise war against us could break out. We certainly have the necessary infamy for it. The rest of the troops will embark into the Atlantic and split up among North America and Europe.
A level 2 artillery can pick a name. I can see a fairy from hell identifying as war machinery:

With his last charge, a builder at Myouren Temple chops a rainforest. The resulting avalanche of food and production grows the city to 6 population points and instantly creates the new builder it was producing. A tired builder for a fresh builder. Nice. He rushes to the place where the rainforest was and puts down a farm. The city goes for repairs of its damaged outer wall next. 2 turns.

The tank corps that has made itself a name as a razer of cities is also at rank 2, the first of its kind. When we compare a Touhou to a battletank, we should pick those likely to make a...taller number appear on the bathroom scale. A certain banquet-loving ghost lady comes to mind:

A builder at Moriya Shrine makes a farm next to another one. The jungle town still has relatively few of them, despite its 12 population points. We also have another farm-placing builder at Lilliput. He has 2 charges left and will go towards Laputa for his next jobs.

At the new rival city agent Seija has been assigned to and arrived at this turn, she once again picks Gain Sources as a mission before any that may actually be dangerous. 8 turns. Hopefully, a change of ownership won't sabotage her operations again.

Something very frustrating for us happens between turns that I absolutely did not see coming. It seems that Yerevan has been conquered:

That is especially obnoxious because we just recently spent lots of envoys to get on good relations with them. I assume Sanae was already at war with Yerevan before we declared ours against her, otherwise the peace deal with us would have extended to any city-states under our suzerainship. We should keep the possibility of the city-state's liberation in mind for any future wars we would have with the shrine maiden. Once we do that, our suzerainship would be restored.

Turn 298 - 1.854 A.D.

Oh boy, that's not a quote that will get a lot of sympathy nowadays:

Warren Edward Buffett is an American entrepreneur with a focus on investment and is currently the third richest man in the world. The company he is the CEO of is called Berkshire Holding.

At its full speed, neither ox nor donkey will stop Communism. Has a much bigger ring to it in German...
This tier 3 government is fairly well balanced to be effective in both war and peace times. The only downside it has is that Communism only has a single wildcard policy slot, less than the 2 of Fascism.

A policy that combines science and production power, two things that are very relevant to our playstyle. The term used here was coined by Josef Stalin for his political and economic agenda from 1928 to 1934.

4 units of food seems like a lot and we do have loads of domestic trade routes. But keep in mind that especially in the late game, growth is more dictated by housing than crops per turn.

This should include medics, observation balloons and anti-air units. Neat, but except for the latter, we're stocked up on them already.

A lot of people will argue that accumulating war weariness for losses in your own territory, especially when it's coupled with a war you did not declare, is a huge design flaw of Civilization 6. Nonetheless, it exists unless you mod it out and this card will help you combat it.

If Fascism is the best government for wartime and we're currently not in a war, is there really a need to keep it? I don't think so. Funny that it is so easy when real fascist regimes are among the most stubbornly opposed to being deposed and do their best at making this extra difficult. We just do it with a few clicks:


Our military cards become tailored less for an active conflict and allow us to upgrade for cheap. Five-Year Plan is new and so is Cryptography. Enemy spies could really break our stride at this point. We've won wars against any players that were once relevant, so covert operations are one of the few methods they could target our campaign's success at this point with.

Our civic focus goes back to Space Race. 2 turns are left on that.

Kirisame Magic Shop is pumping money into us with its new +4 adjacency commercial hub. It's prudent to immediately follow up with a market. 2 turns.

Moriya Shrine's urban walls are repaired to peak condition. A water mill also costs us only 2 turns there, so let's work on that.

Two of the tank corps we own have made it back into our cultural borders. For 310 gold each we make them into...

...Modern armor. I think this is the unit in the game with the overall highest combat strength. These corps sport 100 points each. Our new financial balance is 1,480 coins afterwards. Still plenty and ever growing by 126 a turn.

An inquisitor removes the Shinto influence on the city of Moriya Shrine. Will it even be Moriya Shrine anymore then? Anyway, all we need now are missionaries to establish The Touhou Fandom there. The mentioned inquisitor will stay in the area as a defense against possible conversion attempts from Sanae.

Our newest builder at Myouren Temple makes a plantation at a banana resource. Food and housing at this province is slowly but surely getting better. A builder at Moriya Shrine makes a camp at a source of ivory, which we should be ashamed for, as we already have that luxury. Still, we feel the need to hunt more elephants for prosperity. Alas, that is Civilization 6 for you.

A military engineer disowns some farmers at Moriya Shrine:

There's still plenty of farmland possibilities to use, but we want this tile, the tile that borders closest to Sanae's lands, to have a special installation. You'll find out what it is next turn.

Finally, there's another unit we need to upgrade and this one we desperately want to. A submarine uses our influence into a bay at Moriya Shrine for this:

For another 310 coins, we get our very own Red October. It is piloted by an Scotsman Kobito most able at his job and in his mind, but not so able at imitating a Russian accent.

Turn 299 - 1.856 A.D.

Byakuren deserves a respectful clap for completing research on Sailing in this day and age. That's what some gossip told us and yeah, restored civilizations have the same level of technology as they had when they first went extinct.

This is a very important turn, as...

Laputa has done it! Any city that has sufficient production power should get to work on nuclear devices as soon as possible. You find the option to build them all the way at the bottom of the list:

The production time you can see here is that for Laputa. Another city that jump on this train is Lilliput (18 turns), which just got done making a sewer.

Brobdingnag has made a temple and further bolsters its religious output and housing through a faith-purchase of a pagoda. A sewer is next for the city with 13 population points, so that it will hopefully be bigger one day.

A barbarian scout puts his nose where it doesn't belong at the northern border of Futatsuiwa of Sado. In the past, we would have had to activate some unit and get it there over several turns. Nowadays, we just fetch our nearby bomber and blast the area! Needless to say, a scout can't survive an atomic era carpet bombing.

Myouren Temple has gotten its walls into better shape and will do the same for its pillaged commercial hub. Barbarians were probably responsible for that ages ago.

At Spain, we make our third upgrade of a tank into a modern armor. 984 coins are still in our state register.

For the first time, we're using a unit function that all of those who don't like micromanaging will be keen to learn of:

If you open up the full list of command icons by clicking on the „+“, one of the options is automated exploration. It's especially helpful for scouts and rangers. The computer will then go after the nearest unexplored tiles without any more input from you. Should they come across something important like a goody hut or a hostile unit that threatens them, control will come back to you automatically. The function is good for when you're not particularly interested in the process of scouting. I personally love the exploration aspect of Civilization and barely ever use automation, but we will for Reimu and Aunn. Besides, there are only very few mystery tiles left on the map, most of them in Siberia.

A missionary at Myouren Temple converts the province to our state relgion. Now all that's left is Moriya Shrine. Speaking of that, the military engineer makes a little something there:

This missile silo will put several of Sanae's remaining cities in Africa into permanent nuking range. That is, once we have any nukes.

That'll do it for now. What an eventful update. The war found a definitive end with Sanae having lost 7 cities in total from it. There's really no one left to rival us in power currently. Still, you've only won the game when you've truly won it. No early celebrations yet! Next time, are we mechanical, are we mechanical, are we mechanical men?
Help Me, Eirin! / Re: Labyrinth of Touhou 2 - 17F
« Last post by LonelyGaruga on Today at 08:44:24 am »
Yeah that's me wrecking the game with Tenshi. I have no complaints with her offense, relying on Iku is fine. Iku herself is a superb support character, and I feel that synergy skills should be strong like that, since they rely on very specific characters. Granted, my entire party and playstyle has been designed around Iku + Tenshi, since my intent from the very beginning was "Tenshi is my favorite Touhou character, I want to build a party around her". I think Tenshi is in a great spot overall despite the bias though.

Regarding her DEF/MND, it is true that in Plus Disk, it's pretty lacking in value (Tenshi was extremely durable in the base game though). I suspect that 3peso was aware of this when he added Seven Celestial Peaches to Tenshi, and buffed it in a later patch (it was originally only 4 levels, which was really weird because the skill name was Seven). Tenshi is also blessed with excellent affinities all around, so she excels in all forms of defense, outside of MYS and DRK attacks for her weakness elements. Even so, her weakness is only 75 (so it caps at 150 at library 100, 182 with Affinity Boost), and those are good elements to be weak to because Machine God Lucifer adds 99 affinity to them. Even if this were not the case, Regalia adds so much affinity that a character's base affinity is almost irrelevant. +172 to all elements on top of a +600% HP boost is absurdly good, especially with how much easier it is to create compared to all the other top level equipment items in the game.

Regardless of all the ways to ignore this problem though, there are still sometimes cases where an attack has a low ATK/MAG modifier, but a high damage modifier, and Tenshi can still tank those easy.

Regarding the debuffs on World Creation Press and Violent Motherland, I feel that having both an ATK and MAG debuff on World Creation Press may be a little too strong, as it is already a devastating NTR attack. Similarly, Violent Motherland is a powerful attack for dealing with bosses that consist of multiple targets, and the SPD debuff is quite strong considering the damage being inflicted. That it debuffs MAG as well is another small bonus. I do see where the problem comes in with Tenshi as a tank character though. When she's in that role, there is nothing she can do to contribute in terms of support besides switching, dispelling buffs, and subclass effects. The debuffs on her spell cards grant her additional options to support with, but in the case of Violent Motherland, it is too expensive and has too much delay to be useful for the purpose of debuffing SPD. But any adjustments that can be made would have a more pronounced effect on Tenshi in her attacker role, so it is difficult to address this in a balanced and fair manner. For now, I would not say anything about it. Instead, I want to focus on getting Former Murakumo's Owner for support. If it was to activate regardless of the presence of a status condition, then that helps alleviate the need for healing. With the passive healing effect active, in situations where Tenshi would be switching a healer in, she could instead be using a debuffing attack. It would also increase the usefulness of switching with Tenshi, as it would speed up her healing ability.

Keystones of Spirit, conceptually, is likely based on how the Sword of Hisou is supposed to have the ability to change form based on a target's weaknesses. As far as how it actually plays out in gameplay, Tenshi's enormous ATK potential allows her to make excellent use of subclass spells that scale off ATK. The damage potential from striking a boss' weakness is enormous, and in many scenarios Tenshi's best offensive option is indeed using a subclass spell instead of her own spell cards, even with the presence of Murakumo's Blessing. Ignoring the 1-character subclasses, Warrior's Explosive Flame Sword, Monk's Puncturing Thrust, and Ninja's Assassination Sword are cases where the spell card is strong enough to exceed Tenshi's personal spell cards backed by Murakumo's Blessing, provided that they are fully taking advantage of the target's weakness (I.E. Divine Falchion, Satori and/or Akyuu). Due to Tenshi's high DEF, with some excellent ATK + DEF boosting equipment she can even make good use of Guardian's Shield Bash, which will actually offer similar damage output to the aforementioned spell cards. The areas that Tenshi lacks are in CLD (Samidare Slash is too weak to surpass World Creation Press or Sword of Hisou unless the target resists NTR/SPI and is not weak to anything besides CLD, no such boss exists that I can think of) and MYS, which is something that Iku luckily covers just fine. The only real problem with this is that Tenshi needs to switch subclasses frequently to make full use of Keystones of Spirit, but this is necessary for any character that is trying to target a weakness they don't hold a spell card for.

Swordmaster as a subclass is kind of bad, so it's fine if Tenshi can't use it. The only reason for her to use it is for Samidare Slash, which is regrettably bad. The only other useful spell card it offers, Explosive Flame Sword, is done better by Warrior. Swordmaster could use some buffs as it currently is.

For Enduring Celestial, I think that it's fine as it currently is because of Courageous Sword. At the start of the fight, that is a 13.2% increase to ATK. Furthermore, with the Herbalist spell Placebo Effect (which is one of the best options for maintaining high buffs on a single character, due to its low delay), after any kind of DEF/MND buff (such as from Enhancer heals or Sanae's Miracle Fruit), Tenshi has enough DEF/MND for Placebo Effect to maintain an 86% buff on her with relative ease. The overall result of this is that Enduring Celestial makes Courageous Sword easier to use, whether for mobbing or bosses. Back in the main game where DEF/MND actually mattered, Enduring Celestial also made State of Enlightenment unnecessary to use, because Keystone Formation helped to maintain a high enough DEF/MND buff as to make it unnecessary to use State of Enlightenment to make Tenshi durable enough to tank. Because of that, it made it easier for Tenshi to focus on switching instead of wasting her ATB on buffing herself, increasing her productivity as a tank.

So overall, I feel that Enduring Celestial is actually really useful to have. The main problem with it now is simply that DEF/MND are not valuable at the moment, so it doesn't demonstrate how useful it is when combined with Keystone Formation.

Some of the things that were posted did make me realize some flaws with Tenshi that may be a good idea to address.

-Because of the low effect of DEF/MND in Plus Disk, I would like to see an additional effect to Keystone Formation, such as reducing the delay on switching.
-I would like to see the delay on Freedom from Worldly Thoughts reduced, and the demerits easier to acquire.

The latter is because PAR is useful for Iku to remove (20% to herself in all stats as well as Tenshi), and I want an effect on Hina that lets her receive status effects from other frontliners, so that she can activate Two-Way Curse more easily (HVY would activate Spinning More Than Usual). Presently, only Tenshi and Remilia can afflict themselves with status effects, IIRC. I think it would be good to make it easier for the player to intentionally inflict status effects on characters to take advantage of skills that rely on a party member having one.

Speaking of Hina, this made me think of some other ideas for her.

-Regarding the skill Spinning More Than Usual, I would like to see an effect that causes Hina's ATB to become 10000 upon receiving a PAR effect. I would also like to see PSN added to the usual effect.

Initially I was thinking that I wanted Hina to have an HP recovery effect upon getting a turn when PSN'd, but I think that's overly complicated when there's already a perfectly good effect for it to be used with.

Re:Passives; Keystone Formation only even activates in a tanking setup and she's useless for that in Plus, so changing it doesn't matter; it's effect is desirable before Plus content as-is and useless after no matter what.

Wanted to address this more specifically, Tenshi's not so much useless as a tank as way, way better as an attacker. Iku is one of the best single-target buffers in the game, with low delays, high SPD, low MP costs, and even higher DEF/MND than Tenshi with Hisouten Guard, with similar levels of HP (Tenshi w/ Seven Celestial Peaches has about 5.5% more HP). Her MND is such that even with minimal investment in it, she's taking 0 damage from some of the 30f mobs that use VOI attacks. She also packs the strongest DEF debuff in the game that also comes with a decent PAR effect, as well as a strong MT DEF debuff. Iku has all of these things going for her as a support character, while Tenshi has virtually nothing useful going for her. While she can remove buffs, this is something she can do even better as an attacker, since she's spending every turn attacking that way. While she can tank, she isn't doing much besides switching, and she has no passive ability to increase the damage of the frontline. She simply does not excel in any way unique to herself as a tank. This is one reason I feel that lifting the status/debuff requirement on Murakumo's Former Owner would be a good idea, as 5% HP regeneration per turn can be fairly useful. Keystone Formation probably does need to be buffed in some way as well.

One idea I have for it is to give it a counter effect on Tenshi that reduces the damage done to the whole party. The counter would be increased by performing a switch and decreased whenever the boss damages a character. This seems excessive though, especially since Tenshi already has Keystones of Spirit counters. I'll stick to just asking for Keystone Formation to be improved.
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