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Obviously just have Robin waltz over there and shank him, and be back home in time for tea.
With Lily coming back for spring, do you think it's possible that Letty comes back as the stage 4 midboss? (Or boss!) She was fought in the Forest of Magic in PCB, so I don't think it's impossible that this is the case.
>Are there any noticeable details we can see even from here; weight, hair color, complexion? Do they look vaguely familiar in any way?
>"It felt very satisfying, in more than one way, Dreamy even scolded an youkai on the Young Mistress' Temple because she wasn't washing the dishes properly like i taught her."
>Smile with some pride.
I reckon it's probably the aforementioned bamboo shrub described in cuc's post.
>Quietly. "Quick, it's coming closer."
>Keep Wall at hand.

>You palm your rock with the proper letters painted on it.
>The limousine pulls up beside your car and comes to a stop.
>"I'm just outside the door on the side beside you," Archer sends to you. "Orders?"
>One of rear windows of the limo, even with your driver's side window, slowly rolls down. You can just see the outline of someone inside; a man. An older man, you think.

Rumia's Party Games / Re: Maribel Hearn Quest: ACT III - Part 4
« Last post by Vampy-chan Lover on Today at 12:22:44 am »
>"Would you at least aid me in rescuing the hostages if need be ? I will be meeting one of those at noon called Chiyuri at the village."
>Is that right ?
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Sakuya Quest 12 - A Z-Machine Adventure
« Last post by Purji Costavis on Today at 12:21:19 am »
>"Well she somehow remembered me even after hundreds of years, and a good part of her maid training too, i was surprised."

>"Wow," says Meiling. "You must have drilled her really good."

>Quietly. "Quick, it's coming closer."
>Keep Wall at hand.
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