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Sanasanasan and Ruro (Season 1)

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This thread is for the lovely lady Sanasanasan to resist the gentleman's charm of Sir Ruro.

Alfred F. Jones:


As a token of my affection. I hope you dream of sexy hats tonight~

Ah...I'm very flattered, but....I'm sorry!
My heart already belongs to someone else! I know she's waiting for me out there, somewhere!
I promised myself I would wait....And for her, I will do anything.

I'm sorry you went through all of this for me, but I'm afraid I cannot accept your offer.


Alfred F. Jones:
Dear Sanasanasan:

I respect and admire your strength of will. If you had just given in to my first advances, you would have ruined my perception of you being a morally upstanding, beautiful young woman. I find devotion to one's love to be incredibly attractive, and I hope you will someday show that sort of affection for me.

I am not interested in an easy conquest, and I can assure you that I will not back down from my love for you for one bit. I will do whatever it takes to win your pure heart; if you do end up turning me down, I will still love you, but until that happens, I shall try my very hardest to win your hand.

In the meantime, I have promised you a gift, but without context, it's meaningless. So please, do accept this short story as another small token of my great and undying affection for you.

The True, Shocking Story of Undefined Fantastic Object
Red Thaumatology
2AA 5C 4C 2C 623B 5B 2C 2A (whiff) 4C 623B 5B 2C 2A (whiff) 623B ? A Short Story

So there they sat-- the seven of them-- around a table. Three professors, two students, a little schoolgirl, and a bored poltergeist. Sake was flowing quite freely, and talk soon turned to matters of gaming.

?I can't believe it,? Yumemi Okazaki said, holding her sake cup in her hands. ?I didn't make it into UFO...?

?Oh, I know,? Chiyuri Kitashirakawa groaned, all the while sipping liberally from her own cup. ?That Captain Murasa girl... she stole my sailor outfit, my teleporting attack, and even passed me up in RANK!?

?Please,? Yumemi shot back. ?Byakuren stole my pointless religious symbolism and made it have a point. Her opener is a ripoff of Remilia's, and one of her noncards is a shout-out to Yukari. Fragrance of a Makai Butterfly is obviously stolen from Yuyuko, and of course, let's not get into Shinki's case...?

?Feh,? Kana Anaberal snorted. ?At least you two were popular enough to have a fanbase who noticed. It's been, what, twelve years, and I still haven't seen more than a few pages of fanart of me.?

?At least you're original, Kana,? Rikako Asakura interjected, taking a small sip of sake. ?People saw so little of me in SoEW that they barely remembered anything but that stupid tank. I thought dyeing my hair some outrageous colour would make people pay attention to me, and it did for a while, but then people decided that ?Patchurry? or whatever was sexier, and then Nitori and those damned kappas stole my technology...?

?Ahem,? Yumemi said, holding up a picture of the Probability Hyperspace Vessel, which had been stolen a while ago and then used to power the Palanquin Ship.

"Oh yeah," Rikako hiccuped. ?Sorry. But still, unlike you, I never got to be the final boss of anything.?

?You all still have it much better than we do.?

Everyone looked over at Renko Usami, who was sulking at the table next to Maribel Hearn.

?We got a handful of CD stories about us,? Renko said sullenly. ?No games, no comics, and not even a single in-game mention.?

Maribel nodded. ?At least Rinnosuke got mentioned in UFO stage five.?

?Don't bring that up around her!? Kana hissed, waving wildly at the corner of the room, where Ellen Aureus stood stock-still, staring at nothing in particular. ?It was her shop Nazrin got the Pagoda of Vaisravana from, but no one else has figured it out because no one bothers enough to play her route and see her ending.?

Yumemi took a long sip of sake and sighed.

?Mm,? she smirked. ?I can think of someone here who hasn't said a word.?

Sanae Kotiya squirmed in her seat uneasily, not wanting to meet anyone's eyes, and focused on the cup of juice she had in front of her.

?Man,? Chiyuri whined. ?It must be so awesome to be popular with the fanbase.?

?At least she took my religious symbolism lessons to heart,? Yumemi said, raising her cup to Sanae. ?I saw your little Red Sea trick, you know. You're such a good student.?

Sanae smiled and blushed.

Renko observed this and frowned. ?Hey, Yumemi-sensei, can we play Act Cadenza or somethin'?? she asked, making the professor look at her in surprise.

?We haven't played Melty together since you left my freshman physics class!?

?Yeah, I know,? Renko nodded. ?I wanted to try again, it's been a while.?

?All righty then,? Yumemi said, standing up from the table and moving over to the sofa, where her PS2 was plugged in. ?How does Actress Again sound??

?You got your hands on AA?? her former student asked, excitement in her voice.

?Limited edition, at that,? the older woman laughed, tossing Renko the player two controls.

?Oh, that's so unfair. I got it the day it came out, but it wasn't a limited edition...?

?Hold on, let me start it up.?

Yumemi checked on all the connections while Chiyuri, Kana, and Rikako drifted over. Maribel and Sanae came up behind Renko, and Maribel pulled off Renko's hat and ruffled her hair.

?Hey! Don't take my hat! My hat makes me sexy!?

?Your smile is what makes you sexy,? Maribel returned with a wink, putting Renko's hat on Sanae.

?Very true,? Yumemi added, getting up and taking her seat next to Renko. ?Besides, real women don't have to wear hats.? She smiled and flicked her long red tresses.

?Yes, just like Byakuren,? Renko muttered.

The professor glared at her. ?I'm going to get you for that.?

?All righty, then,? Renko said, going straight for Crescent Akiha Vermilion.

?Oh ho,? Yumemi chuckled, moving over to Crescent Ryougi. ?Akiha, eh? Sorry, but I'm going to go with my fellow strawberry girl.?

?Hmm,? Kana frowned, tapping her arm. ?Ah. I've got an idea.?

?What is it, Kana?? Yumemi asked as Renko opened up practice mode to warm up.

?This is so boring if all you do is play,? the poltergeist grinned. ?So why don't you make this a stripping game??

?A stripping game, eh?? The professor raised en eyebrow.

?Yeah! Every match you play, when the loser dies, they have to take off their clothes!? Kana laughed.

Chiyuri spoke up, obviously amused by the idea. ?And if you Arc Drive Finish them, two clothing items!?

?That is genius,? Yumemi said. ?What do you think, Renko??

?Heh,? the student chuckled, playing with her jacket. ?Hope you have the heater on, since you?re going to get real cold, real fast.?

?Mmm... in that case, hold on.? Yumemi turned around. ?Hey, Chiyuri, can you go grab my cape??

?Will do, ma?am.? A slightly tipsy Chiyuri saluted and ran out of the room.

?Hey, Renko,? Sanae asked, ?do you want your hat back??

?Nah,? Renko replied, grinning. ?I?m pretty sure I won?t need it. You just watch the master at play.?

Maribel looked at her best friend, worry in her eyes.

?Well... just play it safe, okay??

?Oh, you know me!? Renko turned to her and winked. ?Back when me and Yumemi stayed after school in her classroom to play Cadenza, I never once lost to her. When have I ever lost a match as V. Akiha, anyway??


?AHAHAHAHAHAHA!? Yumemi crowed as she drank liberally from her bottle of sake. ?ARC DRIVE FINISHED, BABY! TAKE IT OFF, TAKE IT ALL OFF!?

?I can?t believe this,? Renko said dumbly as she pulled off both of her socks, throwing them to the pile of clothing she had off to her side. ?Me? Losing to my old teacher??

?You sure are,? Sanae said, eating popcorn out of the large bowl Kana was passing around. ?Oh, that was one painful combo. Nice.?

?Renko...? Maribel said, worry in her tone. ?Are you cold??

Renko pulled her legs beneath her. She was only wearing short spandex shorts and a bra at this point; after the next loss, she would have everything to lose.

?T--turn up the heater,? Renko asked, shivering slightly.

?Well, Renko?? Yumemi winked at her. To be fair, Renko hadn?t gone down without a fight; with V. Akiha?s infinite momiji loops, she had managed to score two wins off of her. But all Yumemi had lost was her shirt and her cape; Renko was clearly on the losing end of this match. ?Regretting your decision yet?? She hiccupped.

?Geez, you?d think you?d pass out after drinking all that,? Renko smirked.

?Actually, everything up to vodka only gives Yumemi a light buzz,? Rikako put in. ?Moreover, I ran some tests, and it seems that her motor skills improve after she drinks. If anything, she gets better at things when she?s drunk.?

?Next round!? Yumemi cheered, starting a new match.

?Oh dear!? Renko hissed and turned back to the screen, focusing on airdashing away from Yumemi?s C-Ryougi.

But that was how Yumemi got her. Starting with a j.C, her Ryougi slashed upwards and hit Renko?s V.Akiha for 850 damage. Then she had her where she wanted her, and with stunning dexterity, moved easily, doing a 2A 5BB 2B 5C 2C 6C, then whipping out a j.B, air dashing at her, then pulling out j.B dj.B dj.C, and moving into 236C in quick succession.

In a very short while, Renko saw her life meter drop to zero.

?Ohh,? she groaned and buried her face in her hands as Yumemi got up and danced with Ellen, twirling her around.

?Are you all right?? Maribel asked, putting her hand on Renko?s shoulder.


With a sigh of resignation, Renko stood and pulled off her black spandex shorts, revealing her--

?AHAHAHAHAHAHA! BLUE PANTIES WITH STARS ON THEM! AHAHAHAHAHA!? Chiyuri yelled as everyone in the room burst out laughing.

Renko?s face burned.

?Okay, let?s keep going,? she huffed as she sat down on the sofa with as much dignity as she could muster.

?Renko!? Maribel objected, kneeling by Renko?s side on the floor. ?Renko, you?re not reall--?

?You don?t believe I can win, do you?? Renko asked her sharply, looking down at Maribel.

?Not that,? her friend said, turning red. ?I...?

?...? Renko sighed as Yumemi sat back down next to her. ?Please, Merry, just... hang in there. I promise I?ll be fine. Just... believe in me, okay?? She stretched her hand out to her.

Maribel took her hand and squeezed it. ?... yes. I know you can win.?

Renko flashed her a smile. ?Thanks, Merry. Now if you?ll excuse me~?

?Oh ho!? Yumemi laughed as Renko selected V. Akiha again. ?I can see that you want to end up without anything at all!?

Renko didn?t say anything, but just sat quietly, turning backwards to see something as Yumemi started the next match.

?Round one. Fighto.?

As soon as she heard the game?s voice finish, she sprang into action. Catching Yumemi?s Ryougi by surprise, she immediately unleashed a 2AA 5C 4C 2C 623B 5A 2C combo that made Maribel?s head spin. Then Renko whiffed her 2A, but instead of ending the combo, she continued with 4C 623B 5A 2C, then whiffed her 2A again and finished with 4C 623B.

?Momiji loop, in practice.? Renko flicked her hair as the flashy combo ended with Ryougi on the ground.

?Wha-- what the hell was that?!? Yumemi demanded.

?V. Akiha special,? her student replied. ?Oh, don?t worry,? she said as she zoomed at Ryougi, who was barely getting up. ?That was just the hard mode.?

Renko?s fingers moved faster than Maribel had ever seen, going into a reiteration of the previous combo, but with 5Bs replacing two of the 5As. She knew from experience that it was extremely hard to get the 5B to hit, but it was worth it; that combo did almost 5k of damage, with no meter at all.

?That was the lunatic mode version of infinite momiji loop,? Renko said, turning to enjoy the stunned look on Yumemi?s face.

Renko didn?t stop there, though. She activated V. Akiha?s Blood Heat mode-- V. Akiha then raised a hand, suspended Ryougi in midair, and then summoned enormous red flames from the ground that hit her for the last of her life points.

?Last Arc Finish!? she said triumphantly as Ryougi went down for the count.

?No,? Yumemi muttered as she stared at the screen. ?No.?

?Let?s see, on our current system of ranking endings, I think a Last Arc Finish should count as three clothing items,? Rikako said, enjoying the look on Yumemi?s face.

?Excellent idea!? Chiyuri said, leaping at her ?boss? and pulling off her skirt. ?Oh, wait! Yumemi, you moron!?

Yumemi sat there, dressed in only a red bra and red panties. She still had two more items of clothing to take off.

?Why didn?t you wear more?!? Chiyuri demanded.

?I did! I wore my cape!? her boss shot back. ?It?s not my fault that was a Last Arc Finish!?

Renko smiled and crossed her arms as Maribel came up beside her, putting her jacket on over her shoulders. Renko squeezed her hand and pulled Yumemi?s cape out of the pile of clothes, then put it around Yumemi?s shoulders.

?Why don?t we call this even, then?? she offered.

Yumemi looked at her, surprise on her face. ?Really??

?Of course,? Renko assured her with a smile. ?You taught me everything I know from the very beginning, after all.?

??RENKO!? she exclaimed, throwing herself into Renko?s arms for a hug.

Her cape enveloped them both, and the two girls stayed there, wearing only their underclothes under the cape. Renko was stunned. She really did smell like strawberries up close... her hands were on Yumemi?s bare waist, and she had to admit she enjoyed the feeling of her warm, smooth skin--

?You rock,? Yumemi said, breaking off the hug as Renko looked at her, her face bright red. ?Oh, maybe we should get our clothes back on... does anyone want to play?? she asked, raising the controller.

?May I?? Ruukoto asked, taking the controller. ?I main Mech Hisui, by the way.?

?White Len for me!? Kana said excitedly as she floated through Ruukoto?s body and took the second controller. ?Come on, let?s go!?

Renko, for her part, went over to her pile of clothes and buttoned up her white shirt. ?I got lucky,? she muttered. ?They counted my tie as a clothing item.?

?How did you DO that?? Maribel asked, coming up to Renko as she pulled her skirt and socks back on. ?You?ve never pulled that combo off successfully, ever. The 5B is too fast for you.?

?Hmm,? Renko smiled, remembering her warm hug with Yumemi afterwards and the feeling of her bare skin against hers.

?It must have been fate,? she said with a blush.


Off to the side, Ellen smiled.

?The power of miracles, indeed.?

Sanae smiled and raised her glass of juice for a toast.

Clearly, this short story indicates that you and I are meant to be together. Search your feelings, Sanasanasan! I know you have to have at least have some affection for me in your thoughts.

Waiting with love in my heart,
- Rurenko Usami


Only those people with great taste can appreciate a character like Renko. I do admire you so for that.

I....am pleasantly surprised by your feelings for me. However, I beg of you to please consider pursuing someone else. I don't want to hurt you, but should you continue I fear this can only end in heartbreak. So please, reconsider. My heart is set on waiting for my one true love's return.



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