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This thread is for the lovely lady MJP to resist the gentleman's charm of Sir Muffin.

Dizzy H. "Muffin" Muffin:
Well, ladies and gentlechen, there's something I'd like ZA WARUDO to know! Everyone, y'see, or at least a good portion of the population, has something that they either love, or hate. Regardless of which it is, it is their Movivation. Even if it's just a vague habit or annoyance, instead of something which fills their whole being, that counts, too. Not to say that there aren't people who simply don't have such a Motivation-with-a-capital-M. Of course there are obvious exceptions! Still, there are plenty who do have such a motivation -- and I am one such man.

There is one, you see, who I consider ... my princess. Regardless of what anyone says, no matter what stands in my way, she will be the core of my heart! Any challenge that comes in the way of winning my princess's heart, I will overcome it! Nobody will stand in my way! Giving up? Excessively impossible! Reaching for the sky with all my might, I will do my best to gain her heart! She is the light in my life, my raison d'etre! This, you could say, is my challenge to the world! Only once I have my princess's heart will I be fulfilled!

Listen, universe, and listen well! Only one woman can be my princess! Very soon, she will be mine! Everyone, let's hear it for MJP!

Menorah Jams, Pham:
You miserable, chauvinistic cur.  Tell me, what year is this, and WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?  Am I some object for you to take?  Some kind of thing for you to conquer?  Never in all my years have I been so patently and completely offended by blind, aimless ambition.  I am not a noun for you to verb.  I am a human being and I will not let some overcompensating, emotionally small man-child be in the same ROOM as me!  You can't even SPELL "motivation" properly or even have the precaution to edit your ham-fisted, uninspired, clich? dialogue before you submit it for posting!  To think that someone without even the basic human typing skills is even allowed out of school!


Princess?  You think of me as some oppressive royalist?  You see me as someone to sit around all day surrounded by lackeys and courtiers?  Am I but your ticket to some kind of better life?  Go reconfigure your priorities and chase some tail elsewhere.  I never want to see you again.  Get out of here before I call the police!

Menorah Jams, Pham:
Hmph.  What's the matter, cat got your tongue?  Seven hours pass, and the more committed, MUCH more ambitious types already went a few rounds with their would-be beloveds.  Did you even bother to take into account my time zone if you were really interested in wooing me?  I don't care if you're in Antarctica or the Dune Sea, you don't even care enough to know when I'm on to try and fail to get me to fall for you! 

*sigh*  I don't begrudge the others who have to fend off things like you.  I feel for them, really, that they have to suffer with the thought of drooling, over-testosteronified piles of decaying, ugly flesh trying to win their hearts. 

If only I could just spontaneously change the current atmosphere around you so it turns from a mix of nitrogen, oxygen, and other various gases into pure vaporous sulfuric acid so you wouldn't have to expel carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.  I mean, you're not living GREEN!  Look at you.  How can you live your life without being sorry for yourself? 

You can't even properly pursue a romantic interest.  I swear, your parents must look on you and just cry, dying a little bit inside, when you regale them of your tales of failed attempts to win other women over.  They've probably already resigned themselves never to have grandchildren.  What kind of a son are you!  Let alone what kind of a potential suitor you'd be! 

Make it easy on us both, just give up and walk away while you still have a shred of dignity intact... somewhere.

Dizzy H. "Muffin" Muffin:
You didn't think it'd be that easy, did you? Or ... maybe you did. Uh, actually, y'know what, I see what I did wrong there. Knowing people, it's better to save the bombastic posturing for the other guys (although I am mildly perplexed about the objection specifically to being called a princess).

Now, I admit that first impressions might be the worst. Of course it may be rough. What else was I expecting? The fact of the matter is, though ... that I apologize. Heaven and earth may be moved, but even the best of men have no idea how to deal with women. Even then, though, it's not the end of the world. Rules of love and war may be nonexistent, but women have feelings, and if I'm not man enough to admit I made a mistake, I don't deserve anything.

Unless I can somehow make it up to you, I might as well just back off now. Let's see how this goes, shall we? Even if I did screw up at first? So what! And it's not like I blew up the world or killed myself. Now, we can try to see past the initial flaws, or we could start again! Does that sound like a plan? So we're on the same page, you know. Only if we can see eye to eye, and all that. Do you get me?

(Oh, by the way, don't think it's going to be over too quick. I may sometimes look like I'm backing off, but that's only so I can get a good run-up later on ...)


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