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I put all my thread titles in allcaps because it makes me feel important

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to STUFFMAN'S CHUUNI CHALLENGE. Inspired by the delightful new anime Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai, the object of this contest is the craft the best shitty self-insert character you can manage, as if it were freshly wrought by the hands of an edgy 13-year-old weeaboo.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is twofold.

1) Write a bio about your character. The more stupidly melodramatic, the better. Be sure to include basic data like the character's titles, their different forms, their multiple hair colors, their elements, their weapons (if you have only one you're doing it wrong!), etc, and then go into detail about their dark past, how they acquired their cursed demonic powers, and the tragic burden they now bear.
2) Draw a picture of your character. This is mandatory, but fear not - the goal is to be as shitty as possible! You want to recreate the unique type of QUALITY that only an unskilled middle schooler can bring to bear. If you are actually a good artist, you should deliberately try to make your drawing bad. If you lack a scanner or anything of the sort with which to show a drawn picture, you may use MSPaint.

The rule of thumb is: Your entry should be as terrible as possible, but it should also look like as much effort went into it as possible, as if you were actually in 8th grade and thought whatever piece of crap you just made was awesome.

You may publically post your entries in this thread as you complete them.

You must have your entries in by October 31.

I will personally judge each entry and select a single winner by whatever arbitrary criteria I have in mind at the time.

The winner will get to select one of the following prizes:
- Three pictures drawn by yours truly, of whatever your heart desires.
- If you hate my art you can have a $10 Steam game instead ;_;

- Your character should be a middle schooler (maaaybe a high schooler), and of course know better than all the foolish adults around him/her.
- Remember to be as edgy as possible! Nobody can understand your character's suffering. For instance, there is no excuse for your character's parents to be alive (unless they are villains).
- In designing your character's outfit, the more black, the better. A trenchcoat is almost a given.
- Be sure to name all your weapons and special attacks. If they're unreasonably verbose, all the better. Also try using pointless, improperly used foreign words.
- Feel free to toss in references to whatever crappy anime or music you were a fan of at that time period.
- Any good chuuni character should have a FINAL FORM or ULTIMATE ATTACK. Be sure to include whatever the terrible consequences (i.e. cheap drama) for using it are.

What format does the bio have to be in?

Just a text dump is fine. If you want maximum authenticity points, put it on your picture in your own handwriting.



--- Quote from: Stuffman on October 24, 2012, 01:34:21 AM ---Just a text dump is fine. If you want maximum authenticity points, put it on your picture in your own handwriting.

--- End quote ---
I meant like a list or a text wall.


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