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[s]Survey[/s] Strongle Time! - Results Are In, Horrible Puns.

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Hello, MotK. In the interests of our forum's demographics, I've put together a little survey for you to take part in, here.

All answers (answer once, please) will remain anonymous. When the survey ends, I'll post results and fully disclose the purpose of this survey. When does that happen? Within 24 hours.

Do answer honestly, but don't overthink it. This is just a fun little social experiment which may reveal a shocking truth about our little community. Enjoy!

You and your Data Gathering.

I think I might know what this is about. I guess we can discuss that tomorrow, though. :justasplanned:

Janitor Morgan:
I do not strongle disagree with surveys! Let's see what happens.

Menorah Jams, Pham:
Strongle Disagree, while an answer on several survey questions, sounds like a reject from Homestar Runner :V


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