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I think Minecraft has gone stale for almost everyone at this point. A major part of the problem was that nobody had been playing anymore, so there was no point in keeping the server live. It's not like someone suddenly obliterated a playground that was full of peope a day ago, it was more like no one was coming so the toys have rusted and fell apart.

I agree that minecraft has gone stale but we can make a 1.9-1.12 server have classic style PvP, food and generally use the older/classic gameplay mechanics in modern minecraft, many servers on our network do this because of player demand.

We also have some interesting plugins we could add for a large variety of danmaku style particles that players can emit. (These don't do damage!) or a magic glass carpet that appears under the player and follows them around to let them fly in survival.  These could make the ingame world a bit more unique than other plain survival servers

Agent of the BSoD:
Interesting, but that largely went around the setup we had here. We preferred to have a vanilla-like setup (with some minor exceptions) that made nobody have to download any mods for their clients. Also, server activity was stagnant for a long time as people lost interest, moved on to other things, life, etc. Even if it were revived, you'd probably only get activity for a short while until people got bored. Minecraft is no longer in its glory days like it used to be, back when we were getting versions up to 1.0's release. I was one of the most active users on this server, and really, at the end, nobody ever logged in.

While I (probably we) appreciate the gesture, I don't think it's going to work here.

My setup wouldn't require mods either, everything is done server-side but I think with some custom plugins/games and new content it could be revived, it probably was stagnant and people lost interest because nothing new was being added to the server and like we all know minecraft was adding junk and was going downhill.  But we remove the junk minecraft adds on our network and keep the old style gameplay that everyone enjoyed while adding cool new features and commands every now and then.  I think it could be successful especially after like 2 years of absence

The server is up, currently whitelisted while I try and get all the plugins setup exactly how it was before, if you want me to add you just post below your username!


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