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A Legend of A Flower Youkai
« on: May 27, 2011, 11:59:39 pm »
This fic was written after 7 piles of Foster's, please comment as you please.


Once upon a time in the East... there was a human. She was young, beautiful and passionate. The girl was taught well, she knew how to behave, she knew the right way to live, she knew the decent way to enjoy life. But was it enough? For a young, beautiful girl such as herself, were simple life with nature, songs and delicious meals enough? Unfortunately... no. She knew love, she discovered the excitement of breaking rules, she found the thrill of an adventure. Of course, even in her rebellious age, this girl understood the limits of things. She never gave herself easily for her "love", as she realised the feelings quickly faded away.

Boys are pretty boring, all they care of is the contents of my skirt. She thought. And she was right. They were all young, and how possibly could they resist such a beauty? She's pure, smart, educated and strong. She is the dream of all the girls and the desire of all the boys in the town. But as mentioned, she didn't care. This carelessness seemed so trivial, so mundane, but the girl could never have guessed it would be her greatest threat very soon...

Her 19th spring, with clouds flirting around with the wind, and the Sun warm the Earth with his mighty, yet gentle light. The girl tried to join in a beauty contest, but got rejected. The judge knew her beauty was too striking for anyone to compete, but instead to avoid making her over-confident, they told the girl she was older than the requirements. This was a shock. She never took such a feedback. 19 years old, old? Oh yes, look at those girls, from 15 to 17, they were so lively, so lovely, so... young. In her time, marriage usually "committed" at the age of 16. Dear god, was she old now?

Beautiful girl, oh beautiful girl, 19 years old and pure as a white paper... She ran away, she did. Never looked back, there's nothing there. No good memories, no happiness, no love. In her head it echoed the voice of the evil judge: You're too old.

She couldn't take it, she couldn't. She wanted her youth back, her life, her 19 years of monochrome when she never got to see a testicle. Why, why did it happen to her...?

A flower

A voice echoed in her head, but this time with much divinity. The voice of God. Or Buddha? She didn't care, she believed either way.

Your life is a flower, blooming and withering, it has its own place in time. My dear, you're the chosen one. Try live at your fullest, and every deed you do, will grant you youth.

The girl then followed the voice, as youth and beauty were her only goal at that time. She told the voice that she'd do anything to have the power of eternal youth. After that, something grew in her. Something strong, something brilliant. The monk couldn't understand it but she thought she had to do her best to maintain this power. With that in mind, she trained to be a monk, as she heard monks had secret to control the powers within. And actually they did. After years training, not only she hardly aged, but also gained great skills and knowledge. Until today, she still doesn't understand how she got accepted to Shaolin, though.

Anyhow, after the training, the girl realised how wrong she was. Beauty isn't the only thing in the world, without it, everything still exist. Her life seemed trivial, her heart was enlightened. She wanted to be a part of life, she wanted to be helpful, she wanted to make everyone enjoy this beautiful life.

Or so she thought.

Life isn't easy. People's hearts aren't all pure. The moment they saw her, they wanted to go to bed with her. Nothing more. Pathetic. Cruel. Perverted. Greedy. Selfish. Self-important. Evil. Everyone hated being inferior. Everyone wanted things they don't have. Everyone feared what's different than them. And everyone tried to destroyed what made them felt uneasy.

The monk witnessed it. A little kid. Her eyes had different colours, and apparently captured from the forest. A youkai. She never harmed anyone. She was friend of several children. She was cute and happy. Now she is tied up and hit by men using whips. And on her way to the execution.



The monk had never been so angry in her life, except from the time she found her cake was a lie, but that was far in the past and unrelated. She was literally frustrated. Clenched her fists and bit her lips. What could she do? She couldn't talk to them, the crowd was too excited to listen to a mere monk. Her beauty couldn't help, she became a monk. The teachings? Yes everyone went to listen, everyone prayed to Buddhas at the temple, everyone tried to be nice and hoped to have a good karma.

Now they're happily killing a kid.

This girl is not human, miss, we have to do it or she will curse us all. People saw her with a demon umbrella eating children!

Of course she would. Actually she was cursing everyone at that very moment. The men hit her again, shouting something like "gods will dispel all your evil today!". Would they? Would the gods really dispel the curse that rightfully put on those people? Why the kid had to swearing, cursing and crying in the first place? Did they wonder? Did they care?


Human hates whats different than them. Everything that their brains don't acknowledge is evil and surreal. This kid can talk in a high tone that nobody could, so she must be possessed. This man can jump higher than the rest of the village, he must be a youkai in disguise.

They must be gotten rid of. Now.

Isn't it nice? How they kept their lives normal. If gods do exist, will they kill them too, because they can do magic? The monk didn't have time to think, the kid will die. She rushed in the execution, punched the executioner in the face and took the kid away.

Certainly, when she got back to explain, she was arrested. They did the very same thing to her like they did to the kid. Fortunately nobody harmed her sexually because they were too afraid of "the devil". Well, yes, she was tortured and humiliated, but her virginity was safe, don't ask me why I'm so detailing this... Anyway, the temple tried to get her out, but the people was too angry to care. Her sentence was death. At the execution, the monk wanted to say her last words, but she never had a chance to. Because the youkai's leader appeared and slaughtered everyone in sight before the sabre slash down.

"I won't let our saviour die like this." She said to the monk, but the monk couldn't answer her. She felt... scared.

This is a real youkai.

She kills with a smile.

She tears people apart like it's a game.

A feast of blood. The youkai destroyed half the village, but not because she had mercy. She did this to see the terror in the survivors' eyes.

 "So you're the one rescued our little Kogasa, eh? Sorry for being late." The youkai untied her and helped her up. She was just a woman like the monk. Same height, beautiful with long, smooth green hair. But her eyes are red as blood, and her face had an aura of a maniac. The monk had never seen such woman, so wild, so evil, yet... so attractive.

"The name is Kazami Yuuka. I'm the leader of the youkai group in the forest up there." She pointed to the North. "We tried to keep peace with these petty human but they really overdid it this time."

"You didn't need to... kill them."

"Why? They tried to kill you, right? No, no, not a word. I'm sick of you monks and your speech. I'm not religious but for heaven's sake I'm a youkai, I enjoy killing and stuffs."

"You... didn't even try to hide it?"

"Hide what? Isn't it what you guys generalised us? I'm here to tell you that's right, I love killing and hearing the screams of those pathetic wastes of oxygen when I stomp their guts inside out and have them eat them all back."

"You're... sick."

"From your human viewpoint, yes. So what're you gonna do? Stay here, well I must say they will just repeat what they did with more hatred, or come with me."

"Why should I go with you?"

"Because I told you to, bitch."

A clean hit. The monk passed out instantly. Even with years of training, a human is still no match for a youkai leader, isn't it. Nevertheless, the monk was carried to the deepest place of the forest, where mythical creatures enjoy their lives without civilization. In this place, the only rule is the strongest. Now, because the way to her house is actually quite long, and people'd hate reading about trees and such so let's take a look at this youkai herself.

Born from the Earth, Kazami Yuuka has the power over nature and is one of the strongest by default. In her life, she has taken interests in showing to everyone how powerful she is, and anyone dared to question faced her right fist, which reads "Death". The others who didn't acknowledge her as the strongest in history faced her left fist, which reads "Decease". Her hobby is watching nature, which is this very forest. It's beautiful, for years, she found calmness and silence within the winds and the sound of flowing springs. She loves flowers, because they're so beautiful, so elegant and so strong. No matter how bad the weather might become, there is always some flowers growing on the ground. No matter where or when it is, there is always some flowers showing their petals to the world. They won't give up, they represents life. Although they're so unimportant, why, nobody would care if there is no flower in the world. Not like anything would change wouldn't it? But life is for fragile. It's the collection of fragments, you are one, I am one, she is one and the flowers are one. It's not essential, but it enhanced the world. She thinks so, that's why her love for the flowers grows everyday.

"What is your name?"

"Byakuren, Hijiri Byakuren. Now if you excuse me, I have to go."

The monk gained consciousness after the quick nap. She wasn't scared of youkai, but she didn't want to be near this particularly youkai. Yuuka grabbed her arm and threw her back. She stood between Byakuren and the door, obviously didn't want the monk to run away.

"Byakuren... white lotus... nice name. You know, I'm called the Flower Master of Four Seasons. Do you know why? Because I love flowers, and I'm so strong that I'm the master of nature itself. That's why every flower in the world is mine, of course I took it really literally, but now it needs to be a bit more flexible..."

"What do you mean?"

"I meant you, White Lotus, is my flower too. You have the potential to be great, you know? Go with me and the two of us will rule the underworld."

At that time, powerful youkai isn't rare. Kazami Yuuka maybe strong, but there were reasons for her to remain in this forest: The Oni Clan. They occupied the mountains around, and they were incredibly strong, even for Yuuka. The clan was led by the Four Devas, Yuuka'd never seen any of them, but from some scout she captured, at least one of them can go one-on-one with her. And what did she have here? Beautiful scenes, some animals and a cute kid. Pathetic. How she missed the time when that boasty ghost still around. This is why she must have Byakuren. Not because of the curvy body that made her heart started racing so she had to rescue her, not because of the juicy lips that made her salivary glands worked much harder than normal. Not because... Nah, screw it, this monk will be hers, personally.

"Not interested, sorry."

Byakuren tried to escape, but too late. Yuuka pushed her against the wall and started what many many men would die for in the past twenties years. Now, to keep the fiction clean, let me tell you what happened after the act that children referred to when they said "forced sexual intercourse". Byakuren was shattered and in vain. She ran and ran, back to the village where she was captured and put in custody. The flower youkai, Kazami Yuuka, found guilty and realised she really fell in love. What to do? Too late one thinks of what one should have done. The tears on Byakuren's face was far different than the tears on the human she killed. Sadness. They have the same taste of her own tears when she heard Byakuren was sealed in the deepest level of Shaolin Temple, which rumoured to be a path to Makai.

She has to find Byakuren. She has to apologise. But how? Is there anyway she can go to Makai? Is there anyway she can again meet Byakuren? Even if she does, will Byakuren forgive her?

Yuuka from then restrained herself from killing, and lived as isolated as possible. Because she didn't want anyone to know about this, the weakness she doesn't want to overcome. She hurt the one that she loved, even though it was just a "love at first sight". But who am I to judge? I can only hope, that one day Yuuka will reach Makai to find her love, with two or three companions maybe, and not get rejected so bad that she'll have to cut her hair to remember the love that shattered by her own foolish actions. Oh, just how I pray for them two, to be together again...

Just kidding, they have a very bad end. Yuuka did find her after having Reimu, Marisa, Mima fighting Shinki. The monk forgave her actions, but it left a unfaded scar in her heart. Byakuren cannot be with Yuuka and the flower youkai was so sad she cut her proudly long hair. From that time on, Kazami Yuuka never kill a single soul, and try to live on with a constant smile on her face, hiding the deep wound in her heart that can't be healed. Oh, just how I hope that they would meet again, one day, maybe Byakuren will finally be free, and come to Gensokyo. Oh, how I hope that they will have a happy ending, where Yuuka won't be kept away from Byakuren by some regulations, and they can finally be together....

Nah, just kidding. Yukari knew this past and tried to keep those two apart. She is sympathetic, but she can't calculate the outcome when they meet. Yuuka's unreturned love grew everyday and became too much to overlook. If she could keep it for hundreds of years, then she can keep it for eternity. Yukari and Reimu shall have to set emotions aside and do the best for Gensokyo...
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