Topic: A Sacrifice/Touhou crossover is possible?  (Read 1590 times)

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A Sacrifice/Touhou crossover is possible?
« on: May 25, 2011, 07:16:47 pm »
Yes.. my dear friends, it is..

This in question I am trying to make right now

Well if anyone can, or don't have to Youtube search for Sacrifice (Made by Shiny)... then they can get the idea of how would a board game would look like. These rules can change anytime though... I think by adding new "armies" (They technically are.. but also deities would be an ok name...) the game would gain some depth... even that right now it's just a bunch of rules...

The other thing is... if it's possible to make a mod out of the game in the first place? Then... a board game would not be that much necessary....

Well it's been a while since I posted this, and update things... I think this version is very much testable right now, thus people are needed to test around. This is again a board game, sho I would like to try to have somekind of real time game going on, rather than posting this on forums, since it's probably heavily unbalanced. Again.. more things will pop up, unannounced.
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