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A Touhou Beat em up concept
« on: March 21, 2011, 04:32:13 PM »
I've been think of a Touhou style beat em up recently, so far there is only one called "Meirin Gaiden". But how about a Touhou Beat em up in the style of  Final Fight & Streets of Rage. Here's my concept of what i thought of:

Hong Meiling or Ichirin Kumoi(Balanced Skill Type. Ex: Cody(FF)/Axel(SoR) )
Speed & Strength are well rounded
Special Abilities: More combo hits
Surrond Attaak: Meiling does Colorful Rain Skill Card attack. Ichirin will Punch the ground with Unzan making a small shockwave.

Yugi Hoshiguma or Suika Ibuiki(strength type. Ex: Haggar(FF)/Max(SoR) )
Sheer Power but slow movement
Special abilities: Can move & jump while holding enemy, can grab two enemys and slam them at each other, and can throw enemy at a wall & background object
Surrond Attack: Foot Bellows Skill Card Attack

Wriggle Nightbug or Mokou no Fujiwara (speed type. Ex: Guy&Maki(FF+FF2)/Blaze&Skate(SoR+SoR2) )
Not so powerful but can move & attack fast.
Special Abilities: Her signature Wriggle Kick when bouncing off a wall or dashing Jump attack up to do the Wriggle Kick. If its Mokou a dashing flying flame kick
Surrond Attack: Wriggle spins up in the air a bit with her fireflies. If its Mokou, a choice between Kyo Kusanagi's Oniyaki attack or a Rising Spinning Kick attack

Enemys will be Fairys as always:
Fodder F. - Basic enemy
Hit n Run F. - Tends to move a lot and hit you from behind(Ex. J & Two.P[FF])
Defender F. - Enemys that can block your attacks (Ex. Axl & Slash[FF]. Kickboxers[SoR2]
Acro F.- Jump flips around a lot and attack your with a jump kick (Ex. Poison & Roxy[FF])
Knife F. - [Will sometime take out a Knife and throw a knife. Will attack you with a Jumping over head knife attack (Ex. Holly Wood & El Gado[FF])
Charger F. - Enemys that use a running charge attack (ex. Bill Bull, Graham Oriber and Wong Who[FF]. Big Ben[SoR] )
Strong F. - Very Tough enemy, can grapple you and can jump up and body splash you (ex. Andore[FF])

Havent thought about bosses unless any of you got ideas, go one and share your concept of a Touhou Beat em up. I'll make a another post on a Touhou Weapon based Beat em up like Golden Axe.