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Some Random Shorts
« on: March 04, 2011, 03:14:12 pm »
*finally comes out of lurking*

Hi there I've read a lot of great works out there and I really envy them all >.< so I decided to write some fanfics of my own. I actually tried writing one myself before but it ended up really weird and all. I guess I'm still not used to writing longer stories, so now I'll try writing shorts until I get better. Only then will I try a real one. And so here's my first short, which was inspired by the Touhou PV Priere by Sound Holic. I watched it some time ago and it kinda gave me an inspiration...

Short #1, Part 1(/1)

In this cold, dark room bathing only in the moonlight, despair dances in my heart. Nothing but fear lingers in my mind. My dearest sister is all I have. Every day and night, we would spend it in this dark locked room. A filthy room that was unfitting even for an animal to live in, covered in dried blood stains and an indescribably rotten odour coats the room.

Suddenly, the sound of the lock being unlocked could be heard. The sound of the keys rattling on the other side of the door...

And then the lock is opened as we hear a loud click echo through our ears. The door creaks open and we hear a familiar laughter.

His evil laugh echoes throughout the room and his demonic grin glows in the dark of the night.

My beloved sister and I both cower in fear as we await the pain and suffering ahead of us. As the man slowly approaches us, Flan grabs hold of my hand. Her cold hand wraps around mine as she shivers, afraid of what is awaiting us. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around her to comfort her. Even in the dark I could see the terrified expression on her face, as I am feeling the same fear she is.

Oh if there really is a God up there, this is the time to show yourself. Please I beg of you, take away the pain and torture.

Yet again, no one hears our screams of pain. No one hears our pleas for help. No one hears our prayers...

How long has it been? Months? Years? I do not recall how long we have been locked up in here. Both Flan and I have been tortured here for as long as I could remember. For whatever reason, neither of us knows. Every so often that man would bring a group of people in here. They would do lots of inhumane things to us, from sexual abuse to physical torture. I do recall him once calling my sister and me "monsters". Whoever the true "monsters" are we all know that already. They bring us pain and humiliation, yet they could smile, no, LAUGH at it all as if it were a mere game.

Flan hugs me tightly; tears were shed from her eyes as she sobbed the entire night.

Several hours had passed and then we heard it once again...

The echoes of the rattling keys rang in our eardrums. Flan holds on to me even tighter as we both prepare to face the worst.

However, it was not that monstrosity wearing the face of a human, but a female servant of his.

"H-H-Hello?" she said, trembling.

She saw the two of us; our heavily-scarred bodies like that of a man of war's.

The servant looked shocked for a moment but quickly switched to a friendly smile and gives a polite curtsey. She then promptly introduced herself as a humble servant but when I asked for a name, she gave me but a “simple” answer instead:

"I am but a loyal servant to a noble family. I need not have a name as my family has served the Master for generations. I was born without a name but I am proud of it and shall remain loyal and faithful to the Master."

"A name is what makes a person. Without one, a person is no different than a nonexistent being"

"I am satisfied with that. If the Master wishes not to give me a name, then a name I shall not have"

The servant gives a slight bow and takes her leave to resume her duties. Her silver hair sparkles under the moonlit night as she locks up the room again.


Thunder booms, breaking the silence of the night as the rain follows it. Flan is sound asleep. I look out the only window in the room, which was two times my height and had bars on it. I watch the rain droplets fall from the sky like my own tears.

A huge flash of lightning brightens the midnight skies and a loud boom was heard from the room. Suddenly I heard a familiar creaking sound and I turned to look, expecting the so-called "Master".

To my surprise no one was there.

I took slow, small steps towards the door, with fast and heavy breathing. I can feel my heart racing. The excitement I felt when I approached the door, my only way out. OUR only way out.

I reached the doorstep, my heart pounding even faster than ever before. I peeped outside, and knew that this is it. This is my only chance. I took my first step outside the room. Oh the light, the smell of fresh air, the taste of freedom. I am finally experiencing this myself.

I made my way up the stairs, across the corridor, towards the sound of the rain. I continued up, round and round the spiraling staircase. At the top of it all, was a room...

A special room I have never seen before in my life. These big round metal things with rough edges that move endlessly, causing others around them to move as well, creating some sort of chain reaction.

I saw an opening and headed towards it. As I got closer, the rain got louder and louder. I push open the door or window of some sort and looked out.

Is this what they call the outside world? Is this the freedom the people of this world take for granted? Is this what I've always been looking for my whole life?

No... What I seek is something more than this, something no mere mortal could understand, something that would bring me true satisfaction...


I look up into the sky. I gaze upon the full moon that stands proud in the sky. The last droplet of rain lands on my cheek, rolling down my neck and down to my soaking wet clothes.

"Show yourself... Show me that you are real... Show me that you aren't just a belief, a reason for people to live on, a fragment of people's imaginations... Show me, and I shall show them what a true monster is like!"

I can feel the full moon radiating a strange air, a mysterious feeling inside me. And then the true pain started. I felt something all over my body. It started with a tiny ache in my stomach and then it went up to my head. It slowly wrapped around me on both the outside and the inside. I felt as if I would explode anytime. The pain was unbearable, but I thought to myself, if I bear with this pain till the end, will I not need to bear my biggest burden anymore?

That was what kept me going. I held in all the pain as I felt it reaching every joint, every finger, every single cell in my body.

The whole time I kept on praying, devoting myself to my only true prayer. And then it all ended. My back was torn apart as two batlike wings exploded from the inside of my body.

Right after that, all the pain was gone. I look at my hands. I lift my sleeves to take a look at my arms. Not a single scar is left on my body. It feels as good as new. I touched my back and felt the new pair of wings that sprouted from it. I tried flapping them for a while to get used to them. A gust of wind blows on my face as my hair sways in the wind. My wings dance under the crimson full moon.

I swooped down as I felt for the first time, the feeling of flight. I suddenly heard a scream from right below me. It was him...

This is my chance! I dived right at him but my hand missed by an inch as I was still getting used to it. I landed right on the cold hard ground.

The man got his bodyguards to take me away. They grabbed me by my arms and legs and took me away as their master fled.

With my newfound strength I struggled a bit and broke free of their grasp. Without much effort, I grabbed two men up by the neck and crushed their necks with ease. The remaining two looked in terror as I did the same to them. Their blood stained my white dress and my fingers were covered in it. I sucked on my fingers and tasted the sweetest thing of all. Never before have I tasted something better...

I looked outside the gate and saw the master in the distance. Surprisingly I can still see his figure clearly despite him being no less than a mile away. I knew I couldn’t catch up with him easily.

Somehow, I instinctively lifted my arm into the air. A light wind can be felt on the palm of my right hand and when I looked up, there were balls of red light surrounding my hand. Hundreds and thousands of them fused and formed a spear-shaped weapon. I held it up high and threw it with all my might. It flew so fast and straight that even from here, I can see the man's body cut in two, his blood sprayed everywhere and his cold scream filled the night.

A small grin formed on my face as I have obtained my one true desire. And then I suddenly remembered: Flandre...

I rushed back into the giant mansion. It looks much bigger out here than in there. I left behind the four corpses and the giant pool of blood in the garden and dashed back inside.

I ran past the living room and made it to the hallway. It was dimly lit with only a few candles around, but compared to the darkness Flan and I lived in, this is like the sun itself.

The hallway was splattered with blood. The walls were covered in blood and the aroma of fresh blood filled the air. In the hallway tainted with blood, every passing second felt like an eternity. The search for my sister felt like forever. And then a single chilling scream pierces the imperishable night, as I knew it must have come from where Flandre was.

I ran that direction. Knowing that I will not be fast enough, I took off in flight and flew in her direction. I took a turn right and saw a fountain of blood shooting out from a person’s beheaded, mutilated body. His head completely torn off from his neck, and his blood sprays out all around his headless corpse. Flan stood right in front of it, her body completely soaked in blood. On her back was a pair of iron rod-like things with rainbow-coloured crystal shards hanging from them. On her right hand was a black, strangely-shaped item while on her left was the head of the man sitting right in front of her.

She turns and looks at me, her face covered with blood all over. She starts crying, as she threw the head onto the ground and gave me a tight hug.

“There, there, Flan. Everything’s gonna be alright from now on. I promise…”

She says nothing and continues sobbing on my shoulder.

And then it caught my eye. A familiar sparkle under the light. I walked towards it and there she was lying on the floor.

“Are you okay?”

She weakly looks up and me and smiles.

I picked up the pocket watch on the floor, right beside her hand and put it into her palm.

“That’s a memento from my mother… Thank you… Now I can rest in pea-“

“No one said anything like that.” I stretched out my arm towards her. “I am your new master now. First I shall give you a name…”

Flan looks curiously from behind my back.

“… A name that will remind us all of this fateful day. This very day where our powers bloomed as we transcended humanity. This very day where we showed the “monsters” what true monsters are like. This very night where our story began, where you and I become servant and master… This night where our fates bloomed and everything began. Blooming Night? No… Hmmm… I know! From now on you shall be the Flowering Night, Sakuya…”


Please leave comments/critique so I can improve on my next one. I will really appreciate it. And 'bout the naming part I guess it was pretty lame since I just came up with it without much thought.
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Re: Some Random Shorts
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2011, 08:28:48 am »
Another random short...

Short #2, Part 1(/1)

And so the bell rings and echoes throughout the hallways, telling everyone that school had started. The students from class 3-A start taking their seats as the teacher enters the class.

"Okay class, today we have a-" he pauses and looks at the door, "Fujiwara-san, you're late. This is the third time this month, and we're only at the second week!" he says as he gave a stern look to the long, white-haired girl at the door.

"I'm sorry, sir. Houraisa- oh nevermind, you wouldn't believe me anyway" the girl replies as she angrily glares at the long black-haired girl seated in the front row.

"I would prefer it if you don't always make up excuses and blame poor Houraisan-san all the time. Now take your seat, Fujiwara-san"

A girl with her face buried in a book puts the book down as she hears her name and looks at the teacher with an innocent smile, only to quickly lift the book back up again to cover her face as she softly giggled. This girl is Houraisan Kaguya, 'princess' of the class; a goddess of unmatched beauty, an innocent, pure angel, and a little miss goody two-shoes. Her beauty, intelligence and wealthy background has led her to become one of the most popular kids in school, stealing the hearts of many, teachers and students alike, male or female.

The white-haired girl walks past Kaguya's seat as the two exchange glances. She goes to the back of her class, to her usual spot: the second-to-last row from the back, the seat right next to the window.

This girl is Fujiwara no Mokou. For years she has had a rivalry with Kaguya, always competing for everything the other would want. She comes from a wealthy family as well but her fathe- wait, what? Second-to-last!? Mokou looks at the empty seat right behind her. Wait, an extra seat? This can only mean-

"Okay class, as I was saying, we have a new student joining us today. She's not here yet because of some office documents, unlike SOME people" he looks frustratedly at Mokou who replies with a sigh as the rest of the class giggles.

"Ahem, alright class, this is..." he looks outside the door "Come on in, don't be shy"

And into the class steps a young lady with silky long purple hair, wearing very formal clothing complete with red tie. Her smooth white skin and perfect proportions make the girls look in envy and the guys stare with lustful intentions. At one glance it's obvious she has a liking to cosplay as she is wearing two long bunny ears, neatly clipped onto her hair but even so, the ears perfectly matched her clothes.

"H-H-H-Hi, good morning class m-m-my name is Rai-Ri-Res-" she announces to the class in a trembling voice, "REISEN!" she finally spits it out. "My name is Reisen Udongein Inaba, pleased to meet you all; I hope we all get to know each other well." She ends her introduction with a bow.

"There's an empty seat right at the back over there, please take your seat Udongein-san" the teacher said, pointing at the empty seat behind Mokou's.

Reisen bows politely to the teacher before marching to her new seat. As she pulls out her chair and puts her bag on the floor, Mokou turns behind to introduce herself.

"Yo, my name is Fujiwara no Mokou, but you can call me Mokou"

"Please to meet you. My nam-"

"Okay, enough with the formal greeting. We're friends right? It's nice to meet you, Reisen. Hope we get along well for the rest of this year and maybe even after we graduate!" she says, pulling out her hand from her pocket to give the new girl a handshake.

"You really mean it?" Reisen looks at Mokou right in the eyes, her red eyes seemingly glowing under the sun.

Mokou keeps silent for a few seconds, staring blindly into her huge round red eyes.

"Oh sure. Yeah. Of course. Definitely. I mean it, we should totally hang out"

Reisen finally shows a smile and shakes Mokou's hand.

"Okay, I guess you've made a friend already, I see. I hope you don't talk to her too much in class when I'm teaching"

"Ah, so sorry sir" Reisen's smile quickly turns into a nervous blush once again as she takes her seat.


The bell rings, and everyone rushes out of their respective classes to ensure a spot in the always-full cafeteria. The horde of students rushed past the hall monitors, into the cafeteria lines, pushing one another on the way.

"Hey! No running in the hallways!" the curly blonde hall monitor, Miss Kirisame shouted but was totally ignored.

Mokou stands up from her seat and looks at Reisen.

"Hey, wanna come to the roof to have lunch together?"

"Yeah, sure but aren't there hall monitors on duty?"

"Don't worry, I go there all the time"

"Cool! And they just let you pass?"

They walk out of the classroom and reach the part of the hallway where the hall monitors are usually placed on duty.

"No, silly..." and as Mokou gave her reply she dashed right in between the two freshmen hall monitors on duty that day: a short blonde-haired one and a pink haired one who was singing while on duty.

"You heard something?" the blonde one said.

"merrily merrily gently d- you said something?"

"I think I heard something just now"

"Well I didn't. Pay more attention next time, Rumia. Next time wear your glasses"

Under the confusion, Reisen slowly sneaked past them but accidentally kicked down a trash can and it crashed loudly. Reisen let out a big "Ah!" only to cover her mouth right after.

"You heard that?" the blonde one asked.

"There's nothing, okay? Just your imagination, baka!" the pink-haired one scolded her and continued humming her song.

"Okay, okay. Fine then. Mystia, please watch my place for me, gotta go get my glasses. I can't believe how useless I am without'em"

"Yeah, hurry up okay. These halls don't monitor themselves, ya'know"

Mokou could only stare at the two new hall monitors. She lifts up her hand in the air and smacked her forehead with her palm. Reisen quickly made her way up the stairs to Mokou. Mokou opens up the door, leading to the school roof.

"Ah~ the cool, fresh air"

Both of them take in a deep breath simultaneously.

Mokou opens up her lunchbox and proceeds to dig in.

"Hmm? Why aren't you eating?"

Reisen looks at Mokou's lunchbox, with only four pieces of white bread in it. She looks down at her own, with rice, some eggs, beef and curry.

"Here, have some of mine" she offered her lunch to her newfound friend.

"Are you sure? Thanks. I guess I'll have some then"

When they were done they continued sitting down and they had a little chat.

"Do you have your lunch up here every day?"


"So you mean you have to dash past the hall monitors everytime?"

"Sometimes I don't manage to get past them, depending on who exactly is on duty"

"So you eat in the cafeteria when that happens?"

"No, of course not. The cafeteria is too crowded"



"Why not? Isn't it much easier in cl-"

"Enough. If you really want to know, I can tell you though"

Reisen listens attentively."I'm all ears"

"Haha, saying that with those bunny ears on is kinda, you know, haha. Why do you wear them anyway?"

"You first"

"Sigh. Okay then. You know the girl seated in the front row? The one with black hair, Houraisan Kaguya"

"Yea, what about her?"

"You see, for years we have never gotten along well..."

And so Mokou and Reisen's conversation went on until recess ended.

"We better get back to class now or Keine'll get reeeaally pissed"

"Who's that?"

"Let's just say she's a good friend of mine but get on her nerves and BANG!"


"You'll see..."


"Alright, morning class. I see we have a new student her-"

"Mokou, is that Keine? But she's so young"

A sudden voice from behind Reisen, "Why? Did you expect an old hag?"

"Yeah, actually I did. Haha I thought this Keine would be a strict forty year old la-"

Mokou kept shaking her head as Reisen continued her sentence, but stopped when she looked behind her, and saw a tall dark figure looking down at her.

"It's Kamishirasawa-sensei to you"

"I'm sorr-"

Keine then does her infamous Keine Headbutt. She grabs onto the bunnygirl by the head and lunges her own forehead at the direction of the poor girl's and upon impact, causing a thunderous boom that can be heard a mile away. The poor girl nearly loses conscious and lies her head flat on the desk.

"Now do pay attention" she says while walking to the front of the class.

"Woah, PWNED!" a boy shouted but the rest of the class kept totally silent that even the sound of a pin could be heard if dropped on the floor. He looked embarassed -his face red as a tomato- as he takes his seat.

"She was holding back, for your information"

Reisen keeps quiet as she tries to recover from the pain.

"A kid once fainted the first time he took it. The case got spread all over the school. Luckily the parents forgave her and didn’t bring up the case to court. Oh, and I heard she can even break cement blocks with it!"

"Yes, Fujiwara-san, you wanna try it?"

"No, sorry, I'll pay attention now"


Mokou and Reisen spent the rest of the day together and as time passed the two friends gradually got closer...


Mokou wakes up and takes a look at her calendar.

"Hehe, finally it's here! I've been planning for this day for days. I'd like to see the look on Reisen's face"

Twas’ the day of pranks and tricks. Mokou walked confidently to school that day, ready to set up her mischievous prank.

"Alright. Reisen is on cleaning duty today and she'll be the last to leave the science lab. Once we close the door after the lock is set like this, the door will automatically be locked from the inside. Oh how I love these faulty school equipment, always so fun to play with especially for pranks. I wonder how long it will take for her to realize it's locked from the inside"

Mokou walks over to the last table to the furthest end of the lab to grab her bag,

"Honestly, why did I even leave it there? Guess I'm just used to sitting here. Okay now to-"


Apparently the janitor was cleaning up and saw the lab door wide open and decided to close it. Mokou never thought of it as a big deal. Until...

"What's this? It won't budge! Argh!" Mokou pushed the door with her shoulder but all her efforts were futile.

"What's that smell?" *sniff sniff*

The smell of gas filled the air. Mokou walked around the lab to investigate, only to realize the gas pump at her place was left open.

Right under the stool there was a note written: Hey Mokou guess what, April Fool's! I came at 6 in the morning and left the gas at your place running so you would think you forgot to turn it off the last time. I hope it's not too mean, sorry. Look outside the window -Reisen <3

*Cough* Mokou decided to open up the window beside her place. As she pulled the string, firecrackers went off and a note opens up saying: Gotcha! Surprised? -The Princess. The sparks caused a small explosion and half the lab caught fire.

"HELP! HELP!" Mokou shouted for help but no one could hear her cries. She runs to the door and attempts everything she could to knock it down, all which have proven useless.

Three little pranks set up by three girls, which went awry and started a disaster. Reisen, who was waiting for Mokou to open the window just so she can smile and wave at her, had fallen asleep under a tree but was woken up by the screams of terror.

Alas, all hope was lost. Mokou was helpless and could only sit by the door, awaiting her cruel and painful end.

The flames drew closer as it razed everything in its way. Mokou could only sit and cry as the flames engulf her body and her clothes were slowly burnt off as it reached her skin as it slowly and painfully caught fire. Her struggles eventually ceased and her cries for help and screams of pain slowly faded away. Her body burnt to a crisp and nothing was left but ashes. The bunnygirl could only stand behind the locked door, watching in tears and despair, as her friend disappeared into ashes...


Mokou shakes her head to rid of the dizzy feeling she felt. She looks around the class, as the homeroom teacher continues his lesson. She looks at her outstretched arm, opened up to give a handshake. The purple-haired girl looked down at her; her expression changed to a very disappointed one. A single tear rolls down her cheek.

"I'm sorry... *sniff* Do you still want to be my friend?"

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Re: Some Random Shorts
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2011, 09:04:30 am »
Hmmm, what happened in that second short?
I can only assume Mokou came back to life, But thats canon and this is fanon so... Hmmm...

Maybe when she looked into- Wait, no, I guess I dont wanna spoil it. :4


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Re: Some Random Shorts
« Reply #3 on: March 09, 2011, 11:52:18 am »
Well, I wanted to make an ambiguous ending so I'll just leave it as that and leave it to the readers to decide what happened  :V


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Re: Some Random Shorts
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I tried writing another short, but didn't really have any good ideas on what to write, so this one is rather on the short side.

Short #3, Part 1(/1)

It was just another ordinary, sunny day. The golden rays of light shone on my skin as I could feel it all over me. My face, my eyes, my nose, my mouth, everything; I could feel the gentle warmth over my entire face. My kids were basking under the sun hopping here and there, living their happy, carefree lives. My heart never felt so at ease.

As time slowly passed, the sun slowly reached the top of the sky. I called out for the kids to come back as it was getting really hot. The kids immediately hopped back to me, their faces never looked so happy.

Together we got around a bit. Even after a whole morning’s worth of exercise they could still be so energetic. It really made me wonder where they got so much stamina. It didn’t bother me much, though, as I was happy the way things were.
 We decided to explore the world a little more today. That was the biggest mistake I had ever made in my life as a parent. I shouldn’t have come up with such an idea in the first place.

Some time had passed and we came upon a village. A giant creature blocked out the sun’s rays.

“Take it easy!” I said to the giant.

It looked back down at me with its huge round eyes and big smile. It carried me up and embraced me. I could feel the warmth from its body. Never before had I felt such warmth up close. It was the experience of a lifetime. Suddenly many miniature versions of the giant appeared from behind it and one by one they lifted up my children into their arms. Soon we were taken all around by them. They brought us back to the forest which we had called home. Oh, such nice, gentle creatures. They brought us along on their travels and even got us back home safe and sound. At least, that was what I thought…

The giant carrying me dropped me down and I hit the grassy ground hard. The whole world was spinning around me and it took me a while to get back to my senses. It was then that I heard their screams. The screams of the little ones I once bore inside me echoed in the forest. I watched in horror as my little ones were tied up upon a fire and roasted; my littlest child suffered a fate worse than her elder siblings. She was held by her curly, blonde hair as the smallest giant among them held her up and put her up to his face. She was frightened and bit the giant’s huge finger.

“OW!” a loud voice came out from his equally big mouth. He looked angrily at my child as he sunk his big teeth into her. Her screams were engraved into my memories as I could never forget that scene. There was nothing I could do but hop to a safe spot behind a bush and pray it was all a bad nightmare.

However, my prayers went unanswered after an hour. Everything was gone. Nothing was left. The smallest giant had his bleeding finger covered with a cloth.

“Ah~ what a great dinner, dad”

“Too bad the big one got away, but it’s okay”

I heard the conversation between the two giants who were apparently father and son. I was mortified.

Suddenly I saw a ball of darkness from afar which had approached the campsite as it grew larger and larger. Eventually the entire campsite was engulfed in the void.

It was that day that I learnt of this thing the people called a “food chain”. And what’s even scarier is that my kind is on the bottom of it all, while apparently, that girl with the red ribbon was at the top of it…

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Re: Some Random Shorts
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Here's another short, but I decided to write one that is not dark for a change...

Short #4, Part 1(/1)

"Hey guys look!"

The two of us turned to Rumia as it seems she had tamed a giant serpentine beast which devours everything in its path. Everytime it consumes something in its path it grows even larger. A true monstrosity indeed...

Soon the beast she controlled had destroyed several cities, leaving behind absolutely nothing at all. It grew to a size so huge that even Rumia had lost control over it as it crashes into a wall, its huge body crushed its head, bringing it to its own demise.

"My turn!"

Next in line is my good ol' buddy Mystia, ready to demonstrate her destructive powers.

She snatches the weapon of mass destruction from Rumia's hands and starts building a death ray or weapon of some sort out of what had seemed like harmless colourful blocks. However, she was too weak to handle its immense power and the thing she was building came apart as easily as 1,2,9. How pathetic!

Now it's my turn. Eye'll show them how a master rolls. They will tremble before me. For EYE'M DA STRONGEST!

Eye pressed the big button on the machine and then a button which said "Loading" something suddenly appears on the monitor.

This is it! Eye've found the button to load the weapon!

"Muahahahaha! You guys will now tremble before me! Too bad Dai-chan and Wriggle aren't here or even they will be crying out of happiness for the fact that eye, DA STRONGEST, am on their side!"
A grin on my face, with my arms crossed, waiting for these weaklings to praise me.

They looked and laughed as I took control over a pathetic-looking little fairy flying in the skies of a world similar to ours. Her blue dress strongly resembles mine as her short blue hair -which reminds me of mine- sways in the wind. Eye angrily glared at them but soon their laughter faded, their jaws dropped as they watched in awe. They were mortified, their eyes wide open and sparkling as they clapped and cheered at my awesomeness. The bullets on the big rectangular monitor were endless. Their numbers greatly outnumbered the puny little girl eye’d taken control of, however, eye was too powerful as one by one they fell, their bullets frozen in mid air, unable to hit me at all, thus failing their main purpose of existence. Even their leaders failed to touch me with their even greater amount of bullets as eye froze and grazed through the bullets, without getting myself hit. Indeed, EYE’M DA STRONGEST!


“*Sigh* Girls, are you done yet? You’ve been playing that for hours. This is a shop, not a video game centre. If you’re not here to buy it, can you please leave?” the man with round glasses, the owner of the place, Kourin, spoke up.

“This weapon is ours now! No one can stand in our way again! We will make the world tremble and cower in fear just by hearing our names!”

“Come on, girls. I really need to get on with my business here. So are ya’ gonna buy it or not?”

The bell suddenly rings as the shop’s door opens and a young girl with blue hair steps into the shop. The twin-tailed girl looks at Kourin and waves at him.

“Hey there, Kourin! How’s everything go- Oooo look another device from the outside world! It looks like a computer but a really, REALLY ancient one. I see it has a DualShock controller, I wonder if I can pl-“

The bell rings again as the door opens once again, this time it’s that black-white witch.

“Oh hey, Kourin, something came through the Hakurei Border once again and I thought I would bring it he- Wow what’s that?”

Eye stood up and raised my voice in the shop.

“We found it first! It is ours to control and none of you shall get in our way. With this, we will rule all of Gensokyo!”

“Think again, da ze!”

Marisa takes out the wooden thing from her dress pocket, fitting perfectly in her palm and aiming right at us.

“Aww, Kourin, can I have it? I wanna take it apart and see what’s inside and all. I even brought enough cash with m-“


The ruckus stops as the man’s voice drowns out all of ours. But before he could give out a sigh of relief, we started arguing over who gets it again.

“The weapon is mine!” eye exclaimed.

“No, I wanna take a look at it!” said Marisa.

“Nonononono! Lemme take it apart, I really wanna see how it works!” whines the blue-haired girl eye’ve never met before as her drool drips onto the floor.

“It’s mine!”

“No, mine!”





“Love Sign: Maste-“

The witch starts charging her laser but is stopped by the shop owner as he grabs her from behind and the bright light that emits as she was charging starts fading away.


Kourin takes a look at his hand and realizes the soft, round thing he was grabbing onto.

A gust of wind blows into the shop and the door swings open. The wind blows right into the shop, our skirts were lifted by the wind, revealing what was under them as the man’s perverted mind starts fantasizing about things.



We looked out of the door and within a split second the wind had stopped. Everything in the shop got out of place and the shop was left in a mess. In the end, we gave up and decided to come back the next day. The first person who gets there will get ownership over it.


(The next day…)

Rumia, Mystia and eye, together with Dai-chan and Wriggle this time, flew as quickly as we could to Kourindou, only to be disappointed that Marisa and the other girl were already there before us. What was even more disappointing was that the shop was closed.

We walked to the front door as the seven of us looked down on the floor. The witch’s face turns red as she quickly hopped onto her broom and flew away. The other girl just giggled and somehow disappeared into thin air after she wished us and said goodbye.

On the front step, was a newspaper and on the front page was a VERY familiar picture with the caption:


A confused look on all our faces as we looked at one another.



“I don’t get it”

“Me neither”



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Re: Some Random Shorts
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Okay, so I came up with another short, this time bout a poor little youkai...

Short #5, Part 1(/1)

"Hey look at that one!"

"Yeah that one looks kinda cute"

"Come on, girls. Hurry up and buy one already, it's starting to drizzle now"

"Yes, onii-chan!"


"*Sigh* I should have brought another one along"

I looked ever so happily as one of the girls reached out for me, softly touching me with her smooth slender hand. Never before had I felt such joy and anxiety, only to have it all crushed right before me as the girl moves me aside to take the umbrella right behind me.

"Here's the change, miss. Have a nice day"

"Hurry up!"

The boy opens up a big umbrella he has had with him the whole time as he walks with the little girl. The girl whom I thought would finally give me a home, opens up the umbrella she had just bought and quickly catches up to the other two.

"Hey, did you see that one?"

"Which one?"

"The purplish one I moved out of the way to get this one"

"Oh, that one? Yeah, it's old and looks really worn out, huh?"

"Haha, I guess nobody wanted it anymore and just left it there"

"Hahaha, yeah"

Their laughter echoed in my head, their words engraved into my soul, their heartless thought brought me to tears.

No one wants me. No one cares about me. Why? Why is it that my friends can be brought home and have a warm home and a family while I am left behind? Such warmth I can never feel, such families that I can never have to claim as my own, such thoughts alone crushed my hopes and dreams. Why? Why must it be like that? Why must the world be so harsh, so cold, so cruel?

I am but an unwanted piece of thrash that no one cares about anymore; no more than scrap that will one day be left on the roads and carried away by the winds. Man can be such evil and thoughtless creatures, despite being called the smartest beings of all, despite being born with a mind that gave them much potential compared to other beings, despite being born with a heart to understand what is right and what is wrong.

"Darn it, this one can never sell no matter how hard I try. I can sell it at the lowest price but people still take one look at it and ignore it"

Oh, the shopkeeper’s words are the kindest yet. He is the only human who has ever cared about me.


The days flew as if they were seconds. My life was terrible, as all I've seen is this same spot I've been in all my life. I look around me and sighed. All my friends were gone, old ones and new ones have already been bought, leaving me all alone.

It is that time again, where the shop opens and I hear the cruel comments about me once again.

The shopkeeper comes over to me. He lifts me up and opens me up.

What's this? I've never felt so happy my whole life!

I hear the raindrops falling outside like bullets dropping from the sky. The shopkeeper takes me out and hands me to a young girl, looking no older than seven. Her clothes were soaking wet, her hair wet like she had just taken a bath, and her frown turned into a smile as I got into her hands.

"Take this. You be a good girl now okay? I'll help you find your mommy so don't cry anymore"
The shopkeeper waves goodbye as the girl tells him that this is where her mother had asked her to wait.

The last drop of rain falls and the skies became clear once again. The sunshine never felt so good on my skin before.

The girl closes me up and leaves me leaning against the wall. Oh my new master, I can't wait to see her home!

Her mother comes and smiles at her and holds her hand.

"Sweetie I am so sorry. Mommy promises not to leave you alone again"

My hopes and dreams crumbled before my very eye as the two walk hand in hand, leaving me all alone.

Hours had passed and not a spark of hope was left. I knew then that there is no such thing as 'kindness'. Even if it does exist, no one will ever show me.

A dog slowly approached as it lifted its leg. What is it do- Ahhh! It left me all wet and left the scene. I prayed hard, hoping that someone would pick me up, give me a home, show me love, warmth and kindness, and actually teaching me what family means.

My prayers went unanswered; at least that was what I thought. A gust of wind blows right past me, taking me up into the skies, carrying me with it wherever it was heading.

I've never felt flight before. Is this how a bird gets to feel everyday?

Suddenly all the joy turned into fear as everything went dark. The world around me had become a void with millions of eyes staring right back at me. The very feeling of fear made me realize how inferior I am in the world, how insignificant my existence, how weak I am. I give everything up. Is this the end?
If this is my fated end, so shall it be.

That's what I thought I would feel. Instead, what drove me weren’t fear and discouragement, but motivation and a reason to become stronger.

The darkness faded as I saw a weak light. I stretch out my hand to reach for it and everything went white.


I shouted and rubbed my head. Wait, what?

I bent down and looked at myself. This feels great! I can’t believe I can actually move. What is this? Is this heaven? I grabbed hold of something on the ground and brought it to my face. So this is how hands feel like? This is so much fun! I took a sniff at the green thing I held in my hands.

“So I guess this is grass! Wow it smells so good!”

Is that my voice? I sound really cute! I look down at my body; I was wearing a blue-ish green vest with white sleeves and pants –no wait- I think this is what they call a “skirt”. This is so cool!

I tried to stand up on my new legs and stretched my body. I reached up high and tried to reach for the skies, but it seems I was still too far away. Oh I can smell the fresh air. The sun’s golden rays shined upon me, slightly blinding me as I brought my right hand to cover up my eyes.

I looked around a little more and then I saw myself…

My former self, that is. Staring back at me with a huge red eye, with its tongue sticking out of a mouth I never remembered having.

I picked myself up and slid myself open. It felt kinda weird, mainly ticklish. I brought my other body up to cover the sun. Ah~ the shade feels so good on my new body.

I walked around the place full of trees and finally found a way out. I see, so I’d been in a forest the whole time? I looked at the forest entrance and was amazed by the size of the forest from the outside. I stood there, staring in awe, with my jaw dropped and my eyes wide open for a long time.

I shook my head to get a grip on myself. I continued walking for about an hour, feeling the fresh air of the outside world and touching everything I see around me on the way. Soon enough I got to a place with kids playing outside.

This is my chance! I can finally make a friend! No, FRIENDS!

I slowly approached them from the bushes, the dried leaves beneath my feet rustling as I took my small steps. The bushes made some really unnecessary noises as well. No matter. I found the opportunity and jumped out of the bushes!

“Hi there! Let’s be fr-“




“Wait, I just wanna be fri-“

Before I could even introduce myself they ran away as a group of huge, sweaty men with pitchforks appeared right before me.

“So a youkai is trying to attack the little children of the village? Right in the entrance at that?”

The angry faces of those men scared everything out of me. I quickly grabbed my other body and fled as the men started to give chase.

What should I do? I am too slow. They are gaining on me really fast. I need to find a way t- OUCH! I was overconfident with my new body. I have just gained it, so it seems I still cannot control it well. I looked at my right leg which was covered in blood. No, I don’t want it to end like this. I look at the rock I tripped over and kicked it aside.

The pain was too much. I guess even the smallest of stones can cut a human’s, or rather, a human-like body? I look down at all the little stones on the place I landed, some bigger than others while some sharper. I felt a tear rolling down my eye.

What wrong did I do? What is it that makes me so hated? I only wanted a friend. I only wanted to be friendly with humans. I only wanted a normal life, like that of a human’s. Why can’t I get my one and only wish granted? Why can't I be wanted?  WHY CAN’T I HAVE A NORMAL LIFE?

I stood up as the men were only a few steps behind me and continued running. No, at this rate they will catch me and God knows what will happen to me. I ran and ran, knowing I can never make it.

I closed my eyes and continued running.

Miraculously, I still haven’t been caught yet. Why is it? I opened up my eyes again and looked down.

I was speechless. The ground was so far beneath my feet. Is this flight? A smile came upon my face. Oh I am so glad I got away.


I am all alone. The sun slowly disappears under the horizon as the skies darkened and the stars took over. Tears stream from my eyes, down my cheeks to my chin, dripping on my dress like the rain. Why must the world be so cruel? All I want is a friend, and a normal life, is that asking for a little too much?

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Re: Some Random Shorts
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D'awww Kogasa.


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Re: Some Random Shorts
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Okay, I decided to write another short, but this one didn't come out as short as I thought it would. In fact it just got longer and longer as I went on >.<
I'm only halfway done, so I'll post the first half for tonight and I'll probably finish the second half by tomorrow

PS, thanks Kips for responding, at least I know my shorts aren't left totally unnoticed. More responds and comments are well appreciated  :V

Short #6, Part 1(/3)

“Hey, Mommy, what are we gonna have for dinner tonight?” I asked with a big smile on my face.

“Hmm? I don’t know sweetheart. I wonder what we will be having…” Mommy replied me with a kind yet cheeky grin.

“Boo, Mommy, why do you always want to keep it a secret? I’m hungry~”

“Yeah, Mom, I’m so excited. I can’t wait for Dad to come back” said my sister with her usual happy-go-lucky smile.

You see, my father was a great man, loved by the people all over the land. He was a kind man who would go to any lengths to help out the needy. I’ve always heard stories about how people become corrupted by wealth but I don’t see the truth in such words. In fact, my father is the total opposite of the stereotypical wealthy nobleman.


We heard the door click as a familiar figure slowly and gently pushes the door open.

“I’m home”

“Welcome back, honey”

“Welcome back, Daddy! I missed you so much!” I said while running over to give him a hug.

“Oh, Layla, I missed you too.” He turns to look at Mommy, “Honey, is dinner ready? I’m famished from the trip back”

“Yeah, we were just waiting for you”


And such was an ordinary day in our happy family. My family was the best, one in a million I dare say. Such days I wished would last forever…


However, I realized how wrong I was; wishes never really come true outside fairy tales, happiness isn’t eternal, good things will always come to an end.

I never realized how wrong my mind set was back then until it was too late…

It was a time of war, a time of chaos, a time when peace is most wished for. We were lucky as where we were, we would be safe for some time. I thought our happy days would go on as usual, but I was deceived by my own naïve thoughts.

“Mommy, when is Daddy coming home?” I asked, confused as the four-year-old I was at that time.

“Oh, I-he-we-oh…” She never managed to finish her sentence and was stammering the whole time. I thought I heard her sobbing but I guess it was just my imagination.

Dinner was quiet that night as everyone ate with long faces. I didn’t understand why everyone was so sad, though.

After dinner I was sent to my room together with my two sisters as the eldest stayed with Mommy.

I heard a knock on my door.

“Hey, Layla. It’s us. Can we come in? There’s something we gotta tell you”

They opened the door and sat on the bed with me in the middle.

“Layla, you see, a lot of things have happened, and, uhh- I uhh- uhhhh- Merlin, please tell her what’s going on right now and why Mom is so sad”

“Sad? Why is Momm-“

“Layla, daddy is…”

Her smile didn’t look the same as it normally did.

“…daddy is…”

It seemed…

“…how do I put this…”

...a little…

“…he’s not here anymore…”


“What do you mean?”

She let out a lout sigh and continued.

“He was on the train as usual, but then, it… it…”

I noticed a tear rolling down her cheek, glittering in the moonlight.


“It was bombed and he died, okay?” Lyrica suddenly barged into the conversation.

I was shocked and let out a loud gasp.


“Yeah, you heard me right, Layla. Daddy’s dead and there’s nothing we can do about it.” *sob* “None of us wi-“ *sob* “wished for this. None of us wanted it to come to something like this”

Merlin hugged Lyrica as both of them cried the whole time.

“I don’t get it? What is ‘dead’?” I asked in a confused tone. “Has he gone to another trip already?”

Merlin put her hand on my head and started to pat me gently, the way Daddy used to.

“Something like that. But this time he’s going to be away for some time. We don’t know when he would be coming back, though”

“Oh, I see.”

I smiled.

 “I hope he gets some souvenirs when he comes back”

A pure, innocent smile, that of a totally naïve four-year-old girl who didn’t even understand the concept of life and death yet.

From outside we heard a chair fall and the sound of glass breaking followed by a loud thud.


It was Lunasa’s voice.

We jumped out of bed and ran to the door. Without any hesitation at all, Lyrica turned the knob and sitting in the floor right before us was Mommy; her leg bleeding, water spilled all over, glass shattered around her. Her clothes wet from the water that she had spilt and from her own tears as she sobbed uncontrollably.

“Mother! Are you alright?” Lunasa helped Mommy up as Merlin ran downstairs to get a broom and Lyrica went to get bandages. I felt so useless, only being able to stand there and watch as Mommy cried in pain and my sisters were the only ones doing all the work.

Lunasa looked disappointed as usual.

“She heard you girls from outside”

All I could do was stare at her, confused, not knowing how to reply at all.

Soon, Merlin came back with the broom and Lyrica came back with the bandages and some of that thing you put over your wounds to clean it I think. I remember how painful it was when they put it on me the first time I fell down and got cut. I remember Mommy’s words that day as they still echo in my ears as if it had just happened yesterday.

I saw a tear on Mommy’s cheek so I took out my handkerchief from my pocket and wiped it off. I tried my best to sound like a grownup as I tried to repeat Mommy’s words that day.

“Mommy, don’t cry. You’re a big girl now and big girls don’t cry. So stop crying now okay?”

Mommy looked down at me and just smiled.

“Thanks sweetie”

“Okay, it’s done. Be more careful next time okay Mom?” Lyrica said, worried.

“Yeah, watch your step next time Mom. Don’t make us worry like that” Merlin said, with a smile that seemed really fake to me.

“Thanks girls. I don’t know what I’ll do without you”

To be continued
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Re: Some Random Shorts
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But there are no trains in gensokyo... YOU LIAR I HATE YOU YOU ARENT MY REALV DADDYWAAAAAH

all fucking around aside, That was actually pretty good. But are you really going to continue it? Or are you just trying to get me hyped? :V


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Re: Some Random Shorts
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Yes, I am going to continue it. It was just too late last night and I got sleepy. Here it is...
BTW, I never said there were trains in Gensokyo  :V

Short #6, Part 2(/3)

The days passed like the wind; the war never ceased and our worst fears approached.

“Girls, time for dinner”

“Yes, Mommy” I replied as I ran down the stairs and sat in my usual spot, the seat right next to Mommy’s.

“Okay! I think Lyrica’s asleep so I guess I’ll go wake her up now”

Lunasa was already seated and had a book in her hands. Her eyes were glued to the book as she paid no attention to her surroundings.

“Layla, I gotta tell you something honey. I guess I’ll wait till your sisters com-“

“No, Mother. I’m not going. I just can’t” Lunasa said, her eyes still buried in the book, completely trying to ignore eye contact with Mommy.

“What is it Mommy?”

“Okay, Mom, we’re here”

Merlin and Lyrica took their seats. Merlin had her usual smile on, except this one had a sense of worry in it, and Lyrica was still half asleep as she let out a loud yawn and stretched her arms a bit, then started rubbing her eyes.

“Girls, I have something to tell you”

“Yes, Mom?” Merlin and Lyrica said at the same time, but with different tones. Merlin’s was her usual cheery voice but with a little nervousness while Lyrica’s was a very tired one.

“Well, as you may already know, the war is raging on a few miles away as we speak. I just received a letter from your Uncle Ben this morning and he said he would let you stay with him. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“’You’? Mom, you mean, you’re not coming?” Merlin asked as her smile slowly faded into a neutral expression.

“Yeah. I’ll have to stay here and take care of the house. The house doesn’t clean itself, you know” Mommy said while smiling all the way. “So you girls be good and go with your uncle, okay? Don’t give him too much trouble. He will be comin-“

“NO, MOTHER! I’M NOT GOING!” Lunasa slammed the table and closed her book. She marched right into her room, slamming the door really loudly.

“Wow, what’s wrong with her? Woke up on the wrong side of the bed?” Lyrica said, still sleepy.

“Mom, I think we should go up and check on her”

Mommy only nodded and hid her face under her long, curly hair as the three of us walked up to see our big sister.

“Knock knock” Merlin said with her usual cheerful voice.

There was total silence for a while and then…

“Go away”

“Awww, come on, sis. We’re here to cheer you up. Can you please open the door?”

We heard no reply for more than a minute so we decided to walk away but then we heard a click as she opened her door and let the three of us in.

We entered one by one and right after I entered last, Lunasa locked up the door again.

“What’s wrong, sis?”

“I’ll just get straight to the point. I see no point or reason in giving a long explanation. He’s selling us out, or at least, making us work as child labourers to pay for our own food and accommodation”

“WHAT!?” Lyrica had a sudden boost as she suddenly shouted. “What do you mean?”

“I read the letter. He said he will take in one of us. He did say he will keep us safe but he did vaguely mention that he will only keep one of us with him. My guess is that he will sell us out to other families, send us to an orphanage or as I said before, make us work for a living. And on top of it all, he’s not letting Mother follow us. Does he want her to just stay here and die!?”

“SHUT UP! Don’t say that, Lunasa! I don’t think Uncle has any reason to do anything like that to us. Besides, Mom will be safe here, I just know it!”

I could only sit and watch as my two sisters argued over such a matter that I knew I probably would never understand until I was older.

Merlin went right in the middle of the two to break them up.

“Okay girls, that’s enough. Sis, first off, how sure are you of that? And Lyrica, please don’t talk back to big sis like that”

The conversation went on and on and I could not understand a thing. I could only sit there and watch them argue over something I didn’t even know what.

“So sis, when is Uncle coming here anyway?”

“He said in the letter that he would be coming in two days”

“I wonder if Mom has decided who Uncle will take with him”

“Well, I guess he should take Layla an-“

“Then what would you do, sis?”

“Well, I’ve already bought a train ticket and I’ll be leaving about an hour or so before he arrives, I never liked him anyway”

Lyrica looked at me, frowning, and looked back and listened to our two big sisters’ conversation.

“Wait, sis! How could you do that? Now what’s the difference between what you are doing and running away? You can’t just lea-“

“I’m old enough, Merlin. I can take care of myself. You girls just w-“

And right at that moment we heard a very loud slam on the front door downstairs and followed by a scream a few seconds later. Lunasa told us to hide under her bed as she went out to take a look. Quietly, she opened the door and sneaked out. I slowly crawled out of the bed and took a peep. To my horror, my sister Lunasa was staring downstairs, her eyes wide open and her jaw dropped. Her legs trembled as she suddenly nodded and quickly but silently walked into the room and gently closed and locked up the door.

“Sis, what’s wrong?” Merlin whispered.

I looked at big sister Lunasa and realized something was wrong. Her eyes… I’ve never seen her with such an expression before. She was usually a very calm person, the most mature and calm one among us all, but at that time she was blindly staring into space.

“Sis, what’s wrong?” Merlin asked again, a bit louder this time.

We heard footsteps outside the room.

“Shhh” Lunasa instructed us.

The footsteps grew louder and louder. Just the sound of the footsteps thudding outside made our hearts race. It was so quiet in there that I could hear all of my sisters’ heartbeats, including my own.

Suddenly the footsteps stopped. The doorknob turned. At least, it jiggled because we had the room locked from the inside.



The sound of a bullet being shot silenced the man outside who was laughing maniacally and slowly faded into nothing. Everything went silent once again. And then a sudden voice broke the silence.

“Are you girls alright?”

“Shhh. Don’t make any noise and they’ll go away” Lyrica whispered.

“That voice… I’ve heard it from somewhere before…”

Lunasa stood up as she slowly recalled the owner of the voice.

“Is anyone inside? Don’t worry, girls. I’m a friend of your father, Count Prismriver. I am sorry for your loss…”

Silence for a while…

“… I am sorry for your loss but we came to help”

Lunasa walked over to the door and unlocked it, opening it to reveal a man with short gray hair and a neatly kept moustache, which I found a little funny.

“You’re that man from last time. You’re from the army right?”

“Yes, I am. You’ve grown so much since that time, Lunasa. You’re so big now.”

He looked under the bed, right at us, and asked us to come out.

“It’s safe now, girls. Merlin, is that you? I see you’ve grown really big now. Oh, how the years have passed. Lyrica, the youngest back then. Last time I came, you were just learning to walk.”

And then he looked at me.

“You are… Layla, I presume? Ah~ I’ve heard of you from your father. A very brave man he was. Loved you really much, he would always tell me about his youngest daughter, the apple of his eye.”

The four of us gathered around him.

“Girls, I heard from your mother. I am very sorry…”


“What about Mom, sir?” Merlin asked.

“I am so sorry. If only we made in time”

“What happened, sir?”

“Blood… everywhere… Mother… she looked right at me and asked me… to hide…hide you girls…and…and…a-a-and…even as she…”

“Okay, that’s enough, Lunasa. I think you’ve seen enough. You need some rest. I heard from your mother. She showed me a letter and said your unc-“

“Sir, please… Not this again. Maybe give big sis some rest first…”

“I see… I promise girls. I shall give your mother a proper burial. She was a loving mother indeed, doing anything to protect her children from harm…”

After hearing what the man in the uniform had just said, Lyrica ran down as Merlin and I followed.


I looked down at the red water surrounding me. How did Mommy spill so much water this time? She must be very careless, I thought. It took me a while to realize what the puddles of water really are:… blood…

I looked at Mommy. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling. She must be having a very nice dream. I looked at my sisters who were crying their eyes out while hugging each other. Lunasa tried to hold it in but ended up crying on the uniformed man’s shoulder instead.

“I don’t get it. Mister, is Mommy having a happy dream? Look, she’s smiling…”

“Yes, Layla. I’m sure she’s having a very happy dream. She’s probably dreaming about having a nice time with you. I’m sure she’s having a dream about your daddy…”

“Hey, Mommy… It’s time for dinner, isn’t it? I’m hungry~”

I don’t know why but my eyes were wet and my tears came out by themselves. Why? I’m a big girl. And big girls don’t cry, right?

“Alright, girls. I guess we should get you somewhere safe for the time being” he said as he wiped off his last manly tear off his cheek with his index finger.


I woke up and noticed my room had changed. Everything around me was gone. Where’s Mr Teddy? It took me some time to think and finally remember that the man, who called himself Daddy’s friend, took us ‘somewhere safe’. I guess this is his house. I don’t remember.

I heard loud quarreling from the outside. I think it was my sisters again. I brought the blanket over my head and covered my ears so I wouldn’t hear them. I always hated it when we didn’t get along. We were sisters, so why fight?

The days continued like that, with my sisters constantly arguing and we never really got to eat together like last time. The meals didn't taste as good as Mommy's too. I missed her.

Finally the day had come, where our uncle would come and take us with him…

“Bye, girls… I’m leaving… Take care, okay? Merlin, you’re the oldest now so I’m putting you in charge of things. If anything happens to you guys when I get back, you’re gonna have to answer to me, ‘kay?”

Lunasa finally showed us one last genuine smile before she took her bag, waved us goodbye, and left for the train station.

That was the first time I had ever seen big sis Lunasa smile for real…

“Alright girls, your Uncle Ben is here…”

Both my sisters never looked that sad and disappointed before. Merlin holds on to Lyrica’s and my hand tightly as we walked towards our uncle…

Finally, upon reaching his house after hours of travelling, we were all tired…

At least, I was…

I looked around me.

“Uncle! Uncle! Where’re Merlin and Lyrica?”

He only smiled at me with a dark and scary grin.

“They are in good hands now… VERY good hands…” he said as he chuckled.


I may finish it up by today since I'll be at school tomorrow and most probably will never finish it if I keep procrastinating...
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Re: Some Random Shorts
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Saw it coming a mile away.


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Re: Some Random Shorts
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Saw it coming a mile away.

Maybe I should be more creative next time then  :V

And so here's the last part...

Short #6, Part 3(/3)

The years passed as I stayed locked up in my room. My uncle never showed me much love, beating me all the time and forcing me to do lots of embarrassing things. I never met him before, so maybe this was why Lunasa said she never liked him? But he sounded and looked like a really nice man when he came to pick us up? Why did he suddenly change? I knew I’d had enough of all this. I wanted it all to end.

I always wanted to tell him to stop, but he never even bothered to listen to me. After every session I would cry until my tears dried up.

One day, however, it was pretty much the same routine he always does, but that time was different. After he was done with me, I went up to my room but the pain got the better of me and I lost consciousness. I fell on the floor but at the same time, I felt like I was floating. Was it all a dream? If it was, then it was a really peaceful dream. One I would want to have, to take a break from it all. I heard the voice of a young lady. A very ominous voice indeed but I felt warmth in it.

I could hardly make out what she was saying but I did hear her giggle as her voice slowly faded away. I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful place around me. I was in the skies, above the clouds, watching the most breathtakingly beautiful scenery below me. The clouds were white and fluffy like pillows. I tried to grab them but I couldn’t reach. Before I knew it, I fell…

I fell… and fell… and fell and fell…

I screamed and my eyes never wanted to open no matter what.

“Geez, a really noisy one you are…”

I heard the voice again.

I opened my eyes and for a split second I saw a neverending void of eyes looking at me. I closed my eyes and covered my ears and screamed at the top of my lungs.

Suddenly, it all disappeared…

Everything disappeared and I was in another place again. This time, it was like a la- uhh… that place where Daddy used to take me. What was it called again? That place where we could borrow books from. Oh yea, a library!

And then a young girl, looking about Lunasa’s age, came out of the darkness, holding a stack of books. Her long purple hair was covered in dust and her long light purple-coloured dress covered her from the neck right down to her toes.

She coughed once. Twice. Then she started talking to me in a high-pitched voice.

“I thought I felt someone’s presence in here. You don’t seem like a youkai, do you?”

Youkai? What did she mean? I shook my head, despite not knowing what she meant.

“Well, as I thought. But what would a human be doing here in my library? I didn’t see you enter through the door, and there are no windows here, so how did you get in here in the first place?”

I tried to tell her about the darkness and all the eyes, but my words only came out as soft squeaks. Was I scared? And what did she mean by ‘her’ library?

“It’s okay then. I am the librarian here and since you’re here, my guess is you would like to borrow a book?”

I forced my voice out and finally I was able to speak up, but in a very soft voice.

“I want my Mommy, I want my Daddy, I want my sisters. I want my old life back…”

I said as tears began to fill my eyes.

“Hey, hey. Don’t cry here, you’ll make a lot of noise. No noise in the library, okay? You said something about your family, did something happen to them?”

I gave a slight nod as I sucked the tears back up, trying not to make any noise.


Suddenly a dark figure appeared behind the librarian and the librarian turned her back to me, walking towards the dark figure. I could hear them whispering to each other, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying, exactly.

The figure suddenly disappeared and the librarian walked away. Several seconds later she returned with a book, one as thick as a dictionary.

“She asked me to get you this.”

She slowly put the book in front of me and left.

“Wait, uhhh-“


I stared at her as she gave me her name and walked back to a table a few feet away, sat down, put on her glasses and opened up a book. She picked up the quill from the table and began writing. She turned to look at me, only to continue with her work a second or two later.

I looked down at the book she gave me.

“Basics of Magic and Witchcraft” I read the title of the book aloud.

Miss Patchouli looked back at me and put her index finger onto her lips.


I nodded and opened up the book. I began reading a little bit but it got boring so I flipped the pages quickly. I stopped as the header of a page caught my eye.

‘Spirits, Phantoms and Poltergeists’ it read.

Right below it was the subtitle: “Ever wanted to see a long lost love? A faraway family member? Just a random prank?”

I continued reading the book which had taught me about spirits and the like. I learned a lot from it, and even asked Miss Patchouli about stuff I didn’t understand. She was a kind person indeed.


That wonderful dream lasted for what had seemed to be years, as I recalled hundreds of trials and failures. Finally, I did it…

I drew the magic circle right that time, after countless tries…

The circle began to light up as a magical energy was emitted from inside my body. It felt very warm…

I followed the instructions and pictured the people I loved…

First I remembered Lunasa. I pictured her gold eyes and short blonde hair. I pictured her with the dress she wore in the picture Daddy took on my fourth birthday. Her black dress and the black hat she wore on that day, the one with a crescent-shaped moon at the peak. I remembered her honest personality, her calm and mature persona. I pictured the time she played the violin during my birthday, which gave a very calm feel around us…

And then I pictured Merlin; her blue eyes and curly, light blue hair, her pink dress that she wore in that very picture with her hat on, shaped like a blue snowflake or sun at the peak of it. I thought back of her always cheerful personality. I pictured that smile she had always shown back then, the one I wished to see but could never again. I remembered how everyone always felt happy when she was around. I remembered the time she played the trumpet on my birthday, even though she was not very good, she managed to put a smile on all our faces.

And last but not least, I thought of Lyrica, my youngest elder sister. The dress she wore on my birthday was red and her hat had a green star shape on it. I pictured her face, with her round, brown eyes, her short brown hair and her usual cheeky grin. She was the most intelligent among us, and I remembered how she looked at our sisters in envy on that day and said she would learn an instrument too, one day…

A tear or two rolled down my eyes as I reminisced my precious sisters. Everything around me started glowing blue as light emanated around me. Rays of light shot out from the centre of the circle, blinding me and suddenly…


The whole library shook as Miss Patchouli woke up from her cat nap and I was knocked back several feet away from the circle. I fell head-first on the floor and started losing consciousness.

I blinked once.

The library was covered in smoke and dust. Did it catch fire?

I blinked again.

I thought I saw three familiar figures as my vision started getting blurry and I couldn’t hear or see anything anymore.


Which brings us back to the present day…

I open my eyes again and realize the dream had ended. Oh what a wonderful dream that was, although it seemed to have lasted even longer than any ordinary dream I’ve had in the past.
I look around me and…

I’m home…

No, not my home…

I am back in the so-called ‘torture chamber’…

I try standing up but the pain came back…

“Owww... that hurt”

“Are you okay?”


I thought I just heard a very familiar voice. Maybe I’m just imaginin-

“Layla, are you alright?”

“LUNASA!? Is that you? I mean, is that really you?”

She ignored my question and put her hand on my forehead.

“Layla, you are still very hot, in fact, your forehead is burning. I think you better take some rest…”

“What happened?”

I don’t remember anything…

“I thought we got separated? I thought-“

And then the pain hit me again. It felt like taking a knife right to the head.

I look around me. Why? How?

“You better take some rest now La-“

Lunasa said but suddenly burst out in tears as she laid me down.

I don’t get it. Why are they here? How did they get here? What happened to Uncle? And why are they wearing the dresses they wore on my last birthday party?

And then it hit me…

I remember now…

But why is my body feeling so weak?


A familiar voice suddenly appears out of nowhere and it seems to be echoing in the whole room, as if she’s everywhere at the same time…

“Silly girl… why did you do three at the same time? Well, I guess it was a choice you made then and I can’t do anything to help you with it. I think she will be here to pick you up in a while…” she said as she gave out the same giggle I recalled hearing before.

My eyes were closed, as I felt dizzy but I could hear everything they said.


That was Lunasa’s voice.


“Why did you do this to her? She’d been asleep for a whole YEAR! How could you? She was only a little girl, darn it!”

“Like I said, she made the choice herself…”

Somehow I felt tired but happy…

Happy that I could see Lunasa, Merlin and Lyrica again…

I heard the girls cry around me as suddenly, I felt as if I was floating. It’s not scary, instead it felt… good…

I suddenly felt someone carrying me in her arms…

I laid my head on her nice, soft chest…

“Merlin is that you?” I softly said…

“Well, she’s all yours now… ”

“Don’t worry little girl… rest in peace…”

I felt myself being carried away as my sisters’ sobbing got softer and softer and slowly disappeared into nothing.

The warmth around me was really comforting…

Everything was silent…

I could feel nothing anymore…




Once again, responds are well appreciated  :V
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Re: Some Random Shorts
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Well that was a pretty good short, if I say so myself. I cant believe I would have never thought that Layla went to Patchy to learn her magic. I always thought it was something she was just born with, ya'know?
spoilers the older lady is clearly marisa


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Re: Some Random Shorts
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lol, I actually wanted it to be a certain blonde haired gap maker, but I guess when I wrote bout Patchy I had Marisa in mind and it turned out like that...

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Re: Some Random Shorts
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but marisa = reimu = suika
therefore the lady was actually



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Re: Some Random Shorts
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But then, Hatate = Aya = Youkai Mountain = Sanae = ...

Kogasa!? Well, a surprise indeed...

Short #6, EPILOGUE

Oh how long has it been?...


Hi there…

Remember me?...

Well, I guess with my current appearance, no one can…

To be honest though, even I don’t remember anymore…

Everything has been going on as usual here though…

It’s pretty cold here but I got used to it not long after…

Nowadays, it seems different somehow…

It’s so warm these days…

I see these flower petals falling from the skies…

Just like back then…

I remember those days, when a man would bring me to a place to see all these flowers…

Together with three other girls I can’t seem to recall anymore…

Oh, and I heard there’ll be a concert here in a few days’ time…

I can’t wait…

The performers are really good, I remember hearing them from somewhere before…

Prismrivers, I think?...

Well, I’m off now, guess I’ll go roam around again…


Just wondering, was it better with or without the epilogue?  :V
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Re: Some Random Shorts
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It was better. I can only assume that Layla's a wandering spirit or one of the spirits Yuyuko has floating next to her, and that she's in Gensokyo. Though its kinda bitter-sweet because the dead cant remember their lives. Ah well.


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Re: Some Random Shorts
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I haven't done anything in a while so I decided to write something again...

Short #7, Part 1(/5)

“Honey, it’s late. You’d better get up else you’ll be late for school…”

I opened up my eyes and right before me was an angel…

She smiled at me and just with that I could feel her warmth emanating.

“Mom? What time is it?”

“It’s already 7. I see your alarm didn’t go off, maybe we should get it fixed”


I sprang out of bed and sprinted to the bathroom. I grabbed my toothbrush and quickly squeezed the toothpaste onto it. I shoved it into my mouth and quickly brushed my teeth as I multitasked and did several other things at the same time.

Within minutes I ran out of the bathroom with a towel barely covering me and lots of water all over the floor. Water still dripping from my hair and body, I looked up.

“Mom, I’m sorry… I promise I’ll do double my usual chores today!”

With her usual warm, comforting smile, she pats my head.

“Take care, then. Have fun…”

“Sure, Mom”

I open up my closet. My clothes all folded neatly and arranged perfectly by my dearest mother.

I took out the one on the furthest left and laid it on my bed.

“Okay, honey. I made some toast for you and left it on your lunchbox on the table. I’ll go do the laundry now” she said with a smile and walked away.

I quickly changed into my uniform and tucked it into my skirt. I got ran out of the room, took the lunchbox together with the toast, and started sprinting off with the toast in my mouth. I ran to the front door, took my bag while putting on my shoes, opened the door and was ready to run all the way to school.

“Hmmmphhfffmmm” I took out the bread from my mouth. “I’m off Mom!” I said and stuffed it back into my mouth before dashing off.

“Take care…” I heard her from the distance.

Ah~ another sunny morning. The birds are singing and the cherry blossoms are just beautiful. The wind blew against my face as I ran towards the school.


Finally I reached the front gate and stopped to catch my breath.

I took in the fresh air. Ah~ it has never smelled so good…

I stretched my arms high up to the sky and finished the last bite of my toast.

“I guess I wasn-“


Oh crap…

I ran right into the school, took the second left turn, held onto the staircase railing and jumped onto the stairs and proceeded to dash up to class. The adrenaline pumping in my body never felt so great. It has been some time since I’d actually run like that.

I ran right into class and noticed the teacher still wasn’t in class. Using this opportunity, I quickly grabbed my chair and took my seat.

Phew, I thought I would be caught for being late. Well at least I made it in time…

“Okay class, I see you’re all on time…”

Wow, I really can’t believe I made in on ti-

“…for the History test today”

What? Oh crap!

*Flashback… last week…*

“Okay class so next Monday we’ll be having a test on this chapter. Remember, failure is NOT an option. So you guys better study hard, or else…”

*Flashback ends… back to reality…*

I shook my head and looked down on my desk. Miss Kamishirasawa had already put the paper on my desk.

Oh no, can I do it? I hope I can. If I fail this, Mom is gonna kill me.

I open up the first page.

I didn’t study for this, but I guess I’ll just have to try anyway…



“Okay class, please pass the papers to the front. I’ll give you guys your papers back once I’m done and do remember: do not flunk this test…”

Miss Kamishirasawa said with a scary grin on her face as she carries the stack of papers and steps out of the class.

Right as her footsteps disappeared outside of class, everyone started moving from their places. I can hear almost everyone asking one another about how the paper went.

“Hey Reimu! So how’d yours go? Didcha study hard for this? I sure don’t wanna get a headbutt for this…”

Oh yeah, now that she mentioned it, I forgot to introduce myself. Silly me. My name is Reimu Hakurei, an ordinary student in an ordinary school. My mother was the shrine maiden at the shrine back at my place. It’s a really lively shrine. There is not a single day where the shrine goes unvisited. Mom works really hard to maintain it while doing all the housework AND taking care of me ever since Dad…well…sorta…left us... Anyway, she’s really the best mother anyone can ever have. I, however, am not that hardworking. In fact I despise hard work. I prefer to take things easy and to always use the easy way out. I don’t want to face the fact that one day I will have to take over the shrine and do everything, or at least half of, what Mom does everyday. I mean, it’s just too much work and I really don’t have interest in such things.

This girl right in front of me now, with the long curly blonde hair, is Marisa Kirisame. We’ve been hanging out for as long as I can remember. She’s one of the school’s top students actually. She is pretty well known all around the school as one of the two fastest runners and also one of the top 10 students in terms of studies. Her hard work really pays off, as we can see.

“I guess it was okay… I didn’t really study enough for it though…”

“I’m so jealous Reimu! I mean, even when you say DON’T study, you tend to score WAAAAY higher than me in all the tests and exams. Seriously, how many hours do you use up for studying a day?”

Oh and this blonde with the green eyes is Parsee. She gets jealous really easily and I mean REALLY easily…

“So Reimu, how was it? Difficult? I think it was for me… Oh and Marisa, can you stop taking my stuff without my permission? I mean, just grabbing my whole pencil case and stealing my mechanical pencil DURING A TEST, and that was my favourite one too. At least ask m-“

“Woah woah woah. I never ‘stole’ it. Stealing is such an ugly word. I merely borrowed the pencil cuz’ I forgot mine today”

“Marisa, did you take my notes again?”

“Oh yea, Patchy. Thanks for lending me ‘em. Couldn’t have done the test without ‘em”

Well, Marisa is kinda well known as a thief too… She tends to ‘borrow’ things without permission and, from what I’ve heard, doesn’t even remember that she took them so she doesn’t really return them, most of the time.

*Knock knock*

“Hello there class, we’re sorry about your old Math teacher. He just transferred, but then we got a new replacement for him…”

And then a short girl with shoulder-length blue hair walks into the class.

“Okay, so this’ll be your new Math teacher. She’ll introduce herself now, so guys and girls, please don’t cause her trouble, okay?”

The male teacher who was just showing her around walks out of class after giving a bow. He closes the door as he left. Everyone’s eyes quickly shifted to focus on the new teacher.



That was a long day indeed. Our new Math teacher, who introduced herself as “the strongest” and only managed to give us her name right before she left, isn’t a really good one. I guess she was just nervous as this is her first class and all. Well, I just hope she gets used to our school here and makes herself comfortable as soon as possible.

Well, now that school’s over. I wonder what’s for dinner…


Kinda lazy to finish it right away, so I'll most probably stall a little bit and continue maybe tomorrow...
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Re: Some Random Shorts
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Also, you made a typo. My mother was the shrine at the shrine back at my place.


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Re: Some Random Shorts
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No, no, she IS the shrine  :V

Sorry, didn't see that one. Thanks for pointing it out, I meant shrine MAIDEN



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Re: Some Random Shorts
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Part 2...

Short #7, Part 2(/5)

“Welcome back, honey. I’ve already prepa- oh no”

“What is it, Mom?”

“I forgot to get new batteries for the alarm clock. I’m terribly sorry, Rei-chan… I’ll head over to the convenience store right now”

“Oh, so it was just the batteries? Alright then, Mom. I’ll be up in my room, so when you get back, please call me down here so we can have dinner together, okay?”


And with that, Mom walked to the front door, put on her shoes and said, “Take care, honey. Don’t let anyone in, okay?” before going out to the convenience store.

“Mom, I’m seventeen. I can take care of myself”

I went up to my room and as I closed the door I felt something on my foot. Something… hairy.

I pulled up my foot at that moment and let out a shriek. Immediately I reached for the lights and looked around the room.

Nothing suspicious. Maybe it was just my imagination? I guess s- OH MY GAWD IS THAT A…

It looked back at me with its huge, round, black eyes. Its nose twitched as it continues staring at me without a hint of fear in its eyes.

“EEEEK” I screamed as I ran out of the room, slamming the door shut behind me.

Rats are really scary, aren’t they?

I ran down the stairs, into the living room and lay myself down on the soft, comfy sofa and put my right hand on my chest.


My heart raced, almost as fast as a ticker timer. Okay, not really, but still...

I closed my eyes and took deep breaths to calm myself down. Slowly I felt my heartbeat gradually slowing down, eventually it became normal again.


I let out a loud sigh. Come to think of it, it’s already so late and I haven’t even taken a bath yet; a proper one today. Since Mom’s out, I think I’ll go get myself cleaned up first.

I went straight into the bathroom and took a nice dip in the tub. I guess Mom already prepared a hot bath for me when I got back. I love her~

Ah~ how great. A nice warm bath to clear my thoughts off today.


I got out of the bath and wiped myself dry with my towel and began walking out the bathroom door… until…

I looked down at the brown spot on the floor, which at first I thought was just a spot Mom missed out when cleaning. But wait, wasn’t it over there just a moment ago? I put my face closer and closer only to withdraw quickly and give out a loud gasp when I realized what it was…

I gave out a loud scream once again as I ran out of the bathroom, holding onto the towel covering my naked body. I reached out for my doorknob to my room. I was about to turn it until I remembered the rat inside.

I took my hand away and slowly walked down the stairs into the kitchen instead. All this screaming and running around is making me thirsty. I gulped down a glass of water and wiped my mouth. Oh that felt good…

And then from a distance I saw it…

It’s back…

The roach from the bathroom. Oh no, it’s back!

It crawled up to me quickly and without hesitation I jumped onto a nearby chair, holding onto the towel with one hand and swinging the other to attempt to scare it away. I closed my eyes and continued screaming for help.

My attempts to scare it away were futile but at least my screams caught someone’s attention.

Mom suddenly appeared in the corner of my eye with a fly swatter.


“Are you okay, Rei-chan?”

“Yeah. I guess…”

“You can take care of yourself, huh?” she said while slightly covering her mouth with three fingers and giggling.

I turned away as I blushed.

“Look at you, you’re red as a tomato” she said, giggling louder this time.

“Hmph! Oh yeah, Mom…”


“There’s a rat in my room, can you help me get it out or something?”

“Sure, I’ll take care of it right away”

Within a few minutes the rat was already gone and I went up to my room to put on some clothes before coming down again and the two of us sat down to have dinner.

It was quiet until I decided to break the silence by telling her about my day, my new Math teacher, and the History tes-

“History test?”

OH SH- Why did I have to open my big mouth!?!?

I explained everything to her.

“I see. So you sat for a test without studying at all last week? If you don’t get an A for this one you’ll be grounded, young lady”


“No buts. You spent the weekends playing video games and such, so you deserve it if you fail…”

“Okay, Mom…” I said in a depressed tone.


*The next day…*

The bell rings and everyone takes their seats, some trembling, afraid of what awaits them when the History teacher returns their test papers.

A knock on the door and the long, blue-haired teacher walks into the class.

“Okay class, I’m done with your tests and I have to say, I am really disappointed in some of you. I’ll be returning your papers now and those who failed to get a B and above, must stay back after school and meet me in the staff room…”

“Oh no I have a feeling this is going to be bad” said Nitori, the shy girl who only ever does really well in science-related subjects, as she threw an angry glare at Marisa, who ‘borrowed’ her pencil in the middle of the test, making her lose focus on the paper and forget whatever she had read the night before.

“Okay. As you can see, quite a number of you totally failed…so… you know the drill… Ahem. However I’m in quite a good mood as I can see a few of you actually did really well for this, scoring a perfect hundred. Boys and girls, why can’t you study hard like Miss Hieda?”

Everyone turned to look at the quiet purple-haired girl seated by the window. Well, I can’t say anything; I mean History is her forte, seeing as how she goes to the library during her free time to read books about ancient history, even from the BCs.

“Or like Miss Hakurei?”

Wait, what? I got a-

“You see? If your friends here can do it, why can’t everyone else? You just got to study real hard. As for the ones who got a C and below, especially those Fs, meet me in the staffroom. I would like to have a word with all of you…”

Wait. Who? What? How? Wh- Did she really just say I got a hundred?

I flipped over the test paper and giving out a loud gasp after seeing my own marks.

Marisa looked at me and pouted.

“I thought you said ye’ din really study? Besides, weren’tcha playing video games over the weekends? I heard from Kaguya…”

“Grrr… Reimu I thought you said you didn’t study enough? Then how did you get a hundred? You liar…” Parsee said as her green eyes seemingly glow under her jealousy.

Everyone looked at me as I could only laugh on the inside.

“Next time, I’ll beatcha” Marisa proclaimed. “I’ll study hard this time and beatcha!”

“Ahem… Yes Miss Kirisame? Is there something bothering you?” Miss Kamishirasawa said as she tightens her grip on the chalk, ready to throw it.

“Oh- Uh- Nothing, really. Sorry. I’ll keep quiet now…”

You see, she’s known to be a real marksman or markswoman or markslady or whatever. She’s notorious for throwing chalk right at her students’ foreheads if they aren’t paying attention. Some say she plays lots and lots of first person shooters during her free time, I don’t know. Her other most notorious feature is her headbutt. Don’t get her mad ‘cause when she’s REAL mad, get ready to go to the infirmary. Yea, she’s just THAT scary. Outside, however, she’s a really nice person.

As the bell rang and she leaves the classroom, after giving the class a scary gaze, everyone started crowding around me.

“Hey Reimu, can you lend me your notes?”

“Reimu, can I copy your History homework? I haven’t done mine since the beginning of the year”

“Hey Reimu, how do you manage to organize your time so well?”

“Hey Reimu, can you tutor me after school?”

“Hey Reimu, hey, Reimu hey, knife…”

Everyone was suddenly silenced as they turned to look at Orange.

“What?” she said.

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Re: Some Random Shorts
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Touhous in school. What game was she playing, Touhou?
wouldn't she be playing with herself then


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Re: Some Random Shorts
« Reply #23 on: March 29, 2011, 09:17:36 am »
So it's Touhou within Touhou! INCEPTION!

Here's the next part... I don't know when I'm ending this but it'll be pretty soon...

Short #7, Part 3(/5)


What was that?




The sound of thudding footsteps keeps getting louder and louder everytime…


And then it stops as I can somehow sense someone’s presence, staring at me… looking down from my bedside, grinning…

I opened up my eyes and it all disappears, as if nothing had happened. I looked around my room and everything was where I left it before I went to sleep. I’ve been having this dream for some time now. I don’t even remember when I started having this same repetitive dream. It comes about every once in a while, but I just can’t help but shake the feeling that this is a sign of some sort.

I sat up and rubbed the back of my head a little. Maybe I’m just imagining things. Yea, that’s it…

That’s GOTTA be it… right?

Well, anyways I better get going now, else I’ll be late.

I slowly got out of bed and walked over to the bathroom to take a cold morning bath. I feel week today. I wonder if I’m falling ill. I hope not.

I got out of the bathroom and slowly walked towards my room, wiping my hair with a towel as I took my steps. Wait, what’s th-

I stopped walking.


Now, that’s weird. I think I’m just imagining things.

I continued walking again. And then I realized, something else was making the sound of footsteps, besides my own. I stopped once again.


This is creepy. I’ve really got to sleep earlier next time. Too much television and games really does mess up your mind.

Quickly, I went into my room. I put my hand on the doorknob and twisted it. Right when it opened…

GASP. Huh?

I could have sworn I saw a shadow right there sitting on my bed. Gosh, I’m really imagining things too much.

Ignoring all of it, I put on my clothes and resumed my daily routine. Mom said she would be at the shrine early today so I’ll be taking care of the house. I doubt she’ll still be here at this hour.

I shook off any traces of worry in my head and went on to school.


“You see class? THAT’s how ye’ find X in thi-“

“Miss Cirno?”

“Yes, the-thief-with-the-long-curly-blonde-hair-whose-name-eye-can-never-remember?”


“Don’t raise your voice at me, Teresa Ki-watever. So which part don’t you get?”

“The part where ye said… uh… find X…”

“What? You mean you didn’t get a single thing?”





“Ye’ din’ even tell us what the question was…”


The teacher turned behind and realized the entire blackboard was blank, and that she had just spent her whole lesson explaining about X, whatever that is…


“Eye’m sorry, kids. We’ll continue tomorrow. Eye’ll give you punks a test tomorrow about today’s lesson! Better study hard!”

The sound of the bell broke my daydream.

What was that all about?

I kept seeing the figure in my room, staring back at me. I kept picturing it being a monster with sharp teeth and large claws, ready to pounce at me anytime.

I looked around the class and realized everyone was actually talking.

Marisa turned to her right and looked at me. As she spoke to me, she slowly got up from her seat and came over to mine.

“Hey, Reimu. Haha~ I wonder how many people were actually paying attention. I think I was the only one who realized her big mistake. Everyone else was either busy talking or sleeping or not-so-secretly eating in clas- WOAH! What happened to you da ze~”


“Your eyes. Those bags. You haven’t had much sleep lately, have ye’? Late night animes and video games again?”

“I don’t know. I-I really haven’t been feeling like myself today…”

I rubbed my eyes and continued talking.

“I’m going to the toilet to wash my face…”

“Sure” she said as she walked back to her place.

I walked out of the class and headed to the girl’s toilet at the end of the block.

What’s gotten into me? Sigh. This shouldn’t be too big a problem though. Nothing a good night’s sleep can’t cure… I hope…


I zipped up my skirt and unlocked the door, slowly walking out to the sink to wash my face. I turned on the tap and washed my hands.


What’s that? I’m the only one here… and I didn’t see anyone come in either…

I turned behind to check it out, and right as I had my back turned and my eyes focused, the sound of flushing disappeared as if it never happened in the first place. All just my imagination?

I turned back into the mirror and-


I gave a loud scream as I fell back, on my butt.

I saw something in the mirror…


I slowly crawled back a little and I got back up on my feet. I wiped my uniform clean and looked into the mirror again. There was nothing there at all. It was all part of my imagination again.

The tap was still running. I got some water in my hands and washed my face. I really gotta stop imagining things. What’s creepy is that that thing in the mirror just now was the same thing, the same dark figure I saw in my room.

I stared into the mirror.

“Okay, Reimu. Cut it out. It’s all in your mind. None of that is real. There are no such things as monsters. I’ve just been watching a little too much television and playing video games a little too much.”

I took in several deep breaths. It really calmed me down. So I decided to walk back to the class until…


I stopped walking and listened.

CUT IT OUT! YOU’RE SCARING YOURSELF! Geez, just stop thinking about it and it will all be gone…

I walked back to class.

“Oh, Miss Hakurei, you’re back from the toilet? I heard from Miss Kirisame. So you’re all ready for my lesson? We’re all waiting for you. Please, would you like to take your seat?”


I said as I bowed at the male teacher who had just entered our class. I hate Language…

I walked back to my seat…

I tried to pull my chair back but it was as if someone was sitting on it…

“Miss Hakurei, care to take your OWN seat?”


I looked down and realized I was actually pulling someone else’s chair. I was already in the corner of the class.

“Hey, Reimu. You alright?”

I nodded.

“You don’t seem like yourself. What happened?”

I looked at Kaguya.


I faked a smile.

“Let’s just say Oyashiro-sama is stalking me… Haha”

I told a joke, one which most probably only the two of us in this class would understand.

“Haha, okay okay, you better get back to your seat before he sends you out…”

I turned my back to her and quickly took my seat, as the lesson began…

So what was all that anyway? I opened up my books and tried my best to pay attention but it just cannot get out of my mind…

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Re: Some Random Shorts
« Reply #24 on: April 02, 2011, 09:43:58 am »
Okay, finally got the time to sit down and finish writing this part. Gonna finish this short in the next chapter/part/whatever.

Italics = flashback...

Short #7, Part 4(/5)

I sat in the dark corner of my room, with my hands wrapped around my legs. Clothes here, pieces of paper there, trash everywhere.

"Hey Mom, how-"

And there she laid, on the floor in a fetal position; her eyes closed.

"Mom? Mom?"

I tapped her.

"Mom? Wake up..."

I shook her.

"Mom? MOM!?"

The memories bound to my soul, the words echoing in my mind, the faces of that very day engraved in my heart... Everything...

Everyone crowded around her, to see her peaceful smile while they themselves sobbed, some louder than others. I sat by her side with tears streaming from my eyes like waterfalls.

"Cheer up, Reimu. It's a part of life, look at her, doesn't she seem happy to you? She looks so peaceful now. I bet she's in a better place now"

I ignored that blonde witch. What? Is she saying that Mom's in a better place now that I'm not with her anymore?

I would cry myself to sleep every night. My meals would always include tears as an extra ingredient.

Now even my tears have dried up. I cannot cry anymore even if I wanted to.

"Hey look it's the new shrine maiden!"

Everyone turned to look at the door.

I walked in, heads down, as everyone stared at me. Their eyes locked onto me and tracked me down until I sat on my chair.

"Hey Reimu I'm really sorry about your mother. But... Come on, cheer up. It's already been a week and you never seem to concentrate on your studies anymore. Maybe you should loosen up a little…"

I avoided any eye contact with that purple-haired bookworm. My mom's gone and all she can tell me about is my studies?

"Yeah Reimu, look at it this way, now you have no one to order you around. No curfew, just freedom! You can do whatever you want! You can play games, watch TV, browse TVtropes, troll, up until midnight! Don't look at the negatives, just the positives" she said as she smiled.

That darn Kaguya. What does she know about family? What does she know about my pain? She never was poor. She's so freaking rich that she gets whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She's just a lifeless NEET who doesn't understand me. At all.

Life sucks.

I know.

Nobody understands me.

Yet they think they know everything.

But the worst part is...

"Hey Reimu...

...when your friends...

...c'mon cheer up it's about time you start letting it go...

...or who you THOUGHT were your friends...

...You must get on with your own life. Your mother's is over, so now think about your own. Live your own life, to make her proud of you...

...don't understand you...

...Look, Reimu. I understand how you feel...

...yet they think and say they do...




"Reimu, why did you do that? Marisa was ri-"


I slapped the hand away. Marisa just stood there, still rubbing her red cheek.

"You think you get it? Well you don't! You don't understand the feeling of losing a mother, 'cuz you never had one! You never understood the warmth of a mother right from the beginning. You don't know how much it hurts to lose someone so dear to you. You- You- You..."

Marisa lowered her head and her bangs blocked out her eyes. Tears started rolling down her cheek.

"Reimu how could you?"

"Reimu you've always been my idol but now..."

"Reimu what's gotten into you?"


"SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU! AHHHHH! Make it stop! Please, make it stop. Please. PLEASE!"

I pushed them all out of my way and ran out of the classroom, pushing any and every obstacle down.

"Okay, time for cl-"


"Hey! What was that about, shrine maiden!? Wait! It's time for class! Eye-"

I continued running without stop. I pushed down anything in my way. I made my way out of the school, hitting every teacher and hall monitor in my path...

I am but a nobody...

I am weak...

I am nothing in this world...

I am but a burden to everyone else...



I wish...

I wish I were stronger, so I can-

"Hihihihi... Well... Alright then..."
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Re: Some Random Shorts
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I sense Yukari~


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Re: Some Random Shorts
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I sense Yukari~

Maybe... Maybe not...

I'll most probably finish the last part tomorrow or if possible, by tonight

And again, comments and responds are appreciated, I'll need to know what I can improve on  :V


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Re: Some Random Shorts
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Oh now I'm hooked. There's very, very good characterization in here, especially for Reimu. Although, I'm not quite sure when this next part took place. There was no transition between the previous chapter and this one.

"You can play games, watch TV, browse TVtropes, troll, up until midnight!"

This is made of WIN.

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Re: Some Random Shorts
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Hmm, I guess I should start labeling...

Alright so here's the final part of my 7th short...

Short #7, Part 5(/5)

“Who are you? How did you get in my house? What do you want?”

The blonde lady, who looked like she was in her early to mid twenties, just stood there, giggling.

“What do you want?” I asked again, quickly getting up on my feet, prepared to run if things get dirty.


Who is she? What’s she doing?

“What do you wa-“

“Enough. You’ve said it thrice already…”

I blinked.

“I heard you the first time”

I felt a chill down my spine as she suddenly disappeared and appeared beside me, breathing down my neck.

I took a few steps back, to keep a safe distance. I was ready to grab the nearest weapon I could find, which in this case was the pen on my studying desk. I slowly took cautious steps back and put my hand on the desk.

I blinked.

She’s gone!

Where did she go?

I grabbed onto the pen which I had left there, in between my open book…


Where is it? It’s gotta be here! I specifically remember leaving it right there!

“Yoohoo… looking for this?”

She looked at me and giggled as she held the pen up high with two fingers and started spinning it around her fingers.

“Hihihihi, you’re really fun to play with ya’ know?”

“What do you want from me?”

“That’s the fourth time. And this isn’t about what I want from you. I’m not here because I want something. I’m here because YOU want something. This is all about what YOU want. You wanna be stronger, eh?”

I kept silent.

“Hmm? I’m waiting…”


Suddenly I felt something touching me from my back, unhooking my-


Suddenly the feeling went away but then I felt something in front of me instead. Right…on my…chest…something…touching me…

“Hohoho, look at you. You’re all red like a tomato haha. But seriously, bears? Are they like, the new trend or something?


“Hahaha, it’s so fun toying with you Reimu…”

“How’d you know my name?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“I… have… known… you… for… so… long… why…”

As she spoke I kept blinking, everytime I blinked, she disappears and reappears in the corner of my eye but right as I am about to catch up to her she pops up somewhere else instead. I just cannot believe my eyes.

“…wouldn’t I know your name?”


She suddenly appears behind me as I let out a loud shriek.

“Here, you can have this back.”

She drops my undergarments she had just stolen right from my body, somehow, onto the floor as she takes a few steps back.

“Ahem. Okay back to business…”

I took a few more steps back, ready to run from this woman. Her appearance is that of a normal person’s but she doesn’t seem like one and she really freaks me out. I took small steps back until I reached the door. I grabbed the doorkno-

I felt something soft and round…

Wait, who’s touching my right bre-

“Ooo, what do we have here? You shouldn’t do such indecent things in front of people, Reimu…”

I withdrew my arm and ran right at her.

I charged head on but she managed to dodge me.

“No running in the house, Reimu…”

The window’s my only way out of here. I continued charging at it. I guess falling from the second storey won’t kill me but it’ll hurt for a month or so at most…

The window was right in front of my face. I closed my eyes and never stopped running.

“Woopsy daisey…”


I rammed my head of the floor, face first.


I was lying on the floor horizontally, face down.

“Okay, Reimu. Enough fooling around. Tell me... how do you feel?”

I sat up and rubbed my forehead. I knew I could not escape so what else can I do?




“I know, it’s because of your friends, isn’t it? Or rather, you don’t have any? I mean look at them. They laughed at you, they insulted you, they made fun of your mother’s death. They aren’t your real friends, huh? You don’t have friends. They just make you think they’re your friends, and then they break your heart by revealing the dark truth…”

I looked at her as I felt like crying.

“Don’t cry, Reimu, I know the sad, painful truth. I understand it. You can’t even cry anymore can ‘ya?”

I slightly nodded my head.

“There, there…”

She squats down and gives me a pat on the head.

“So tell me, what is it that you wish for?”

“I… I want strength… I wanna be able to stand up for myself. I want…”

“Sigh. I knew it would end like this. Well, it’s kinda fun while it lasted… You humans are really greedy you know? I mean, you chase down everything you don’t have and forget about the things you already do. Well, maybe I should get some rest now…”

Suddenly I felt a vacuum from behind me, slowly pulling me towards it. My hair was standing on end. I turned my head and looked behind me…

I opened my eyes and dropped my jaw in horror as a giant black hole-like rip in my room appeared behind me. It had eyes watching me…

I struggled and tried to grab anything I could. But nothing seemed to work. Everything in my room slowly got sucked into the portal thing. I looked at the woman for the very last time, as she stood still, yawning.

My life flashed before my very eyes. I saw my friends, I saw all the fun things I had done with them, I saw my school but what made my tears start flowing out again was Mom’s warm smile.

I cried out loud as I stretched out my arm, trying to reach those people I’ll never see again, those things I’ll never be able to do again, those memories I’ll never forget…

I felt my legs being devoured by the void as I slowly sunk inside…

Everything became pitch black…


I looked up into the sky.

It was another beautiful morning here in Gensokyo. Everything seems so peaceful.

“Reimu~ booze! Rei*hic*mu let’s have a party!”

I sighed.

“Suika, if you really want to have one then tell me this: what are we celebrating?”

“I dunno. Let’s *hic* see now… I know! Let’s celebrate another beautiful morning in Ge*hic*nsokyo!”

I sighed again.


“Awww, c’mon Reimu… I’ve already invited everyone…*hic*”

“You what!?!?”

“I invited everyone here for a feast. I told them to come in the evening”

“Oh give me a break. Why are you treating this shrine like your own home?”

“*hic* Please, Reimu?”


“Pretty please”


“Pretty please with cherries o-“


“Pretty please with donations?”

“N- wait what did you just say?”

I looked at the oni as she smiled back at me.

“Oh well. Since you insist. Since you’ve already invited everyone, sure let’s have a party. But everyone’s gotta donate before coming in! Hehehe”

“Party! YAAAAY! SAKE!”

Right at that very moment the sky turned black. Everything went dark.

Suddenly, colourful bullets suddenly started raining down from the skies, making holes in the roof.

“OH COME ON! I JUST CLEANED UP YOU KNOW! Geez I hate this job. Why must there be so many incidents? Can’t these youkai just take a break? Can’t we all just live peacefully? I wish I had a normal life, one that doesn’t involve youkai extermination all the time…”

Suddenly a gap tears open in this very room Suika and I are in. Sigh. That old hag again.

“We’re not going back there again Reimu… It was fun and all but I’m just gonna take a nap now…”

What? What the hell did she mean by that? Oh well, another incident…


So how was this ending?...

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Re: Some Random Shorts
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It was amazing.
Though why the fuck was cirno a teacher just jeebus christ metal gear

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