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Call Of Touhou Modern Warfare
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My first time doing a FanFic. Inspired by various Touhou X Call Of Duty pictures on Danbooru & Pixiv and play Call of Duty at an Internet Cafe, i've been thinking of a doing this while deciding on the casting. I apologize if my writing sucks.

Suika: Good news first: the Gensokyo's in great shape. We've got a civil war among Youkais, Youkai loyalists against Ultrayoukaist rebels, and 15,000 nukes at stake.
Reimu: Just another day at the office.
Suika: Utsuho Reiuji. Currently the second most powerful girl in Jigoku. Word on the street is she's got the minerals to be top dog down there. Intel's keeping an eye on her.
Reimu: And the bad news?
Suika: We've got a new girl joining us today fresh out of Selection. Her name's Sparks.

SDS Training Compound
Sgt. ‘Sparks’ Kirisame
22nd SDS Regiment

Sgt. "Sparks" Kirisame wearing her usual outfit except she has a White Tactical vest instead of an apron and an S.D.S Armband with an Emblem of a Mini-Hakkero. She is at the SDS training compound in Hanger 3 with an Armory * Shooting Range. She meets with Suika wearing her usual outfit and her gord by her side, also wearing Combat Boots, short sleeved blouse, light pink Tactical vest, and an S.D.S Armband with an Emblem of a Watermelon next to it. ”Yo Suika, whats up ze.” Greeted Sparks. “Good to see you Sparks. Take one of the rifles on the table and get to station one.” said Suika as Sparks walks over to the table in front of her and grabs a G36C rifle and heads to station one of the shooting range as Suika watches from behind while giving her instructions “Aim your rifle downrange. Shoot each target when aiming down your sight”. Sparks aims with Red Dot Sight of the rifle and shoots the targets that popped up.  ”Nice... Now shoot again targets while firing from the hip.” Ordered Suika, Sparks holds her rifle from the hip and shoots the targets again as its less accurate. “I'm gonna block the targets with the sheet of plywood. I want you to shoot the targets through the wood. weak materials such as wood, plaster and sheet metal can be penetrated.” Said Suika as the targets are now behind a wooden board, Sparks shoots the targets behind the wooden board “Thanks for that tip Suika”. ”Your Welcome… Now I'm going to make the targets pop up one at a time. Hit all of them as fast as you can. As long as you're aiming near the target, you can snap onto them repeatedly popping in and out of aiming down the sight.” As Suika advised her, Sparks reload her clip and hits shoots the targets that randomly pop up. “A piece of cake!” said Sparks, “Nice job Sparks! Now go get a side arm from the armory.” Said Suika, Sparks goes back to the same table and grabs a USP .45 pistol. “Good. Here’s a useful tip, switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading. Ok Sparks, come here to this table below me.” Sparks approaches a table above Suika “Using your knife is even faster than switching to your pistol. Knife this watermelon below“. Sparks slices the watermelon with her knife.  “Nice! I like your fruit killing skills!” complimented Suika, “Thank you.” replied Sparks. “All good here Sparks, report to Sergeant A.M outside across from here, she’s by a truck at the demolition station.” Said Suika

Sparks exits hanger one and walks through an alley with a lot of trucks and cars. Behind a fence, a highway with military vehicles, buses and civilians cars can be seen. There is a parking lot with HMMWVs and a field with three Black Hawks, while another is making a circle around the base, landing at each turn and taking off again. Sparks approaches a truck, where A.M awaits at the demolitions station.  Sparks meets with A.M in here usual clothes but wears a blue Tactical vest and has an S.D.S Armband with an Emblem of a Doll. “Alice hey good to see you here” said Sparks. “Just call me A.M” request the Doll Master “Ready to have fun with demolitions”. “You bet I am” said Sparks. “Alright, pick up these frag grenades right here and get in the safety pit” ordered A.M as Sparks collects the frags from the table A.M left her and walks into the safety pit and sees a large empty stone building. “Now throw grenades into windows two, three and four” said A.M as Sparks pulls the pin and throws grenades into window 2-4 as they explode inside, A.M then call Sparks back “Come back here, and pick up this grenade launcher and get back to the safety pit”.Sparks returns back to A.M to grab an M79 Grenade Launcher plus Grenade Shells and returns back to the safety pit. “Fire a Grenade shell at the wall with the number one on it.” said A.M. ”What!? Are you crazy!? That’s suicide!” shouted Sparks. “Trust me Sparks” replied A.M, Sparks fires at the wall in front of her and sees the grenade shell not explode “What the!? It didn’t explode”. “Notice it didn't explode. As you know, all grenade launchers have a minimum safe arming distance” as A.M explain. “Thanks for the information Alice” said Sparks. “I told you call me A.M. Now Fire a grenade shells into windows five, six and seven” A.M Ordered, Sparks aims and fires grenade rounds into windows 5-7 above windows 2-4. “Good. Now come back here and pick up some C4 packs off the table.” Said Alice as Sparks returns to A.M to collect the C4 bombs “Cool what am I gonna blowup?”. “You’ll be blowing up that” A.M points at Spark’s right and shows her a run downed car that’s all rusty “My friend Hina was kind enough to donate her car to furthering your Training, Sparks. Toss a pack of C4 on side of the car and manual plant another on the hood. When your done run over here for safe distance”. Sparks approaches the run downed Car and tosses a C4 block onto the side and plants another on the Car’s Hood. She later retreats back to take cover with A.M with the detonator remote. “Fire in the hole!” Shouted A.M as Sparks detonates the C4 and watches the car explode “Whoa! That was awesome!”. “Much improved” complimented A.M “All right Sparks, you passed the weapons evaluation. Now go see PADS on the obstacle course next door from here. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to see you”. “Thanks Ali- I mean A.M.”

Sparks puts down the M79 and walks away from A.M towards the obstacle course, where PADS stands on the large wooden platform holding a Megaphone, and three SDS troopers await the initiation. PADS in her maid outfit also wearing a Dark blue Tactical Vest and a S.D.S armband with an emblem of a Knife next to it. Sparks was surprised to find out who PADS was “Whoa Sakuya!”. “ seems Mr. Sparks was kind enough to join us!” as PADS welcomed Sparks to the obstacle course “Line up hags! Go! This isn't a charity walk - get your asses into gear! MOVE!”. The sound of PADS was a pretty frightening “Damn, she’s sounds scary” as Sparks commented.Sparks and the other 3 SDS members start by walking on the log balance beams and duck underneath the arches and then approach wooden walls ”JUMP OVER THOSE OBSTACLES!” shouted PADS. Sparks and the others mantle over the wooden walls and reach a barbed wire obstacle, and go prone to crawl beneath it while PADS mocks them “You crawl like old people screw! I've seen Tengu Commandos run faster than you! Move move move! What's the matter with you? You all want to be R. T. U'd?”. Sparks reaches the end of the course first “Finished!”.“Nice job Sparks!” complimented PADS “Captain Reimu wants to see you in Hanger One over there!” PADS points Sparks to Hanger one right in front of her “You passed my little test, now get out of my sight!“. The other SDS members then finished with PADS not being impressed by them “The rest of you slow pokes are going to run it again until I'm no longer embarrassed to look at you!”. “YES MA’AM!” shouted the other SDS troops run back to the start frightened by PADS. “I’m glad she wasn’t my drill sergeant” said Sparks.

Sparks approaching Hanger one, the door opens slowly and enters. In the hanger, a group of four women are waiting. Two of them face Sparks and the two others turn back to see. They all wear black clothes and skirts, combat boots, tactical vest, SDS Armbands, and gas masks, except for Captain Reimu who isn’t wearing her gas mask and still wearing her Large Red Ribbon. ”It's the F.N.G. ma’am.” Said the SDS Member “Take it easy on her ma’am, it's her first day in the regiment”.  The shrine maiden captain took another looks at Sparks “Right. What the hell kind of name is Sparks, eh? How did someone like you pass selection? Sparks, it's your turn for the C.Q.B. test. Everyone else head to observation” Captain Reimu turns her head to the SDS members. “Yes Ma’am” as SDS member  rush to the monitors. Captain Reimu turns her attention back to Sparks “For this test you'll have to run the cargo ship solo in less than 60 seconds. Suika holds the squadron record at 19 seconds. Good luck.” Captain Reimu points to Sparks to a ladder near her right “Climb the ladder over there”. “Roger that” Sparks climbs the ladder to the top of the course. “Pick up that MP5 and four flashbangs on top of the green box” Reimu commanded, Sparks picks up the gear on top of the box and equips them and then takes out the MP5 and looks down at the obstacle course while Reimu tell her what to do. “On my go, I want you to rope down to the deck and rush to position 1. After that, you will storm down the stairs to position 2. Then hit position 3 and 4, following my precise instructions at each position. Grab the rope when you're ready”. Sparks grabs the rope, slides down, and begins the course.  Sparks comes Position 1 to the "bridge" as targets pop up and shoots at the 3 targets from the window and clears. She follows the red arrows and continues through the course stopping at Position 2 of stairs to shoots the target down below. Then rushes down stairs and passes a door and another door with Mess painted on it. Several other arrows are painted on the walls and on the floor. Captain Reimu then orders Sparks to tosses a flashbang to Position 3 and take cover as it explodes and hit targets in Position 4 that popped out. Sparks runs to the next door to Position 5 and shoots two targets pop up. Sparks runs to the next room arrives at a door which is exactly the same as the other that she passed before, she throws another flashbang and take cover in Position 6 and shoot more target that popped up. Then at the final Position, Captain Reimu orders Sparks to sprint to a red circle painted on the floor to finish. Sparks finishes at the red circle “Pretty awesome eh Reimu”. Reimu was impressed with Spark’s performance “Alright, Sparks, that's enough. You'll do. Climb up the ladder if you want another go. Otherwise come over to the monitors for debrief”.  Sparks walks to the monitors where Reimu & other SDS Members are at. “Ladies, the cargo ship mission is a go. Get yourselves sorted out. Wheels up at 0200 hundred (2:00 A.M). Dismissed”

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Re: Call Of Touhou Modern Warfare
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Honestly, I dont like it. Then again, I hate CoD with a passion... Maybe try to describe things a bit more? Doing something like "Sparks throws a grenade into windows 2 3 and 4" isnt really descriptive. You didnt even mention the boom or nothing. Are grenades just like rocks?


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Re: Call Of Touhou Modern Warfare
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When I saw "Call of Touhou", I instantly thought this would be a Lovecraft crossover.  I'm... Somewhat disappointed to find out it isn't. >.>
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Re: Call Of Touhou Modern Warfare
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Heres Prologue Mission 2 & 3. I apoligize if your pissed about your favorite character being killed.

The helicopter carrying Captain Reimu and her team flies towards the cargo ship, Sparks & Suika now wearing the same clothes as the rest of the S.D.S members for this mission.
Captain Reimu: Bravo Team, the Intel on this Op comes from our informant from Youkai Mountain. The package is aboard a medium freighter. Registration number 52775. There is a small crew and a security detail on board.
Suika: Rules of engagement, Ma’am?
Captain Reimu: Crew expendable.

'Crew Expendable'
Day 1 - 01:23:40
Somewhere near the Bering Strait
Sgt. "Sparks" Kirisame
22nd SDS Regiment

“Baseplate, there is Hammer Two-Four. We have visual on the target. E.T.A sixty seconds” said Hammer Two Four. “Copy Two-Four” said Baseplate. The helicopter arrives at the ship on its way to its bridge. “Ten seconds. Radio check. Go to secure channel“said Hammer Two-Four. Captain Reimu and her team get ready by putting on their gas masks. Sgt. "Sparks" Kirisame pulls out her Silenced MP5. “Everyone, Lock and load” said Reimu while Sparks replies “Ready!” After ten seconds. The helicopter reached the bridge and main deck. “Green light! Go! Go! Go!” said Hammer Two-Four. Reimu, Sparks, and an S.D.S. fast-rope down from helicopter to the main deck outside the bridge with crew members inside. “Weapons free” said Reimu as they fire at the bridge members. “Bridge secure!“ said an SDS member. “Hold your fire! Suika, stay in the bird until we secure the deck. Over” As Reimu ordered. “Roger that” said Suika still in the helicopter. Captain Reimu busts into the bridge. Her Team makes their way inside then head down stairs. “Squad, on me. Stairs clear!” said Reimu. They go down the stairway to find a drunken crew member. Sparks quickly shoots her. “Close call” said Sparks. “Hallway clear! Check the quarters” said Reimu as Sparks and an SDS member enter the crew's quarters and shoot two sleeping crew members. “Sweet dreams” said the SDS member “And Sleep tight” replied Sparks. “Crew quarters clear! Move up!” said Reimu as they move up outside the deck. Suika and two other SDS members rappel down from the helicopter and group up with Reimu. “We're ready” said Suika.

“Fan out. Three meter spread. “Said Reimu as they move up the ship then they spot two crew members on patrol on a platform. “Got two on the platform” Said Suika. “I see 'em. Open Fire” ordered Reimu. “Roger” said Suika as she and Sparks kill them. “Got one” said Sparks followed by Suika “Tango down”. They move out to the other side to the ship but then Suika spots crew members on the second floor of the deck “We've got company”. “Take Cover!” Shouted Sparks “and they got deployed Machine Guns Great!” Captain Reimu then Radio’s Hammer Two-Four “Hammer Two-Four, we've got tangos on the second floor! “. “Copy, engaging” Hammer Two-Four sprays its miniguns across the floor, killing all enemies. Two-Four takes off and heads back to base. “That’s what I’m talking bout, ze” said Sparks. “Bravo Six, Hammer's at bingo fuel. We're bugging out. Big Bird will be on station for evac in ten.” said Hammer Two-Four as it leaves the ship for Re-Fueling. “Copy, Hammer.” Said Reimu, she then faced SDS members Wallcroft & Griffen “Wallcroft, Griffen, cover our six.” “Yes Ma’am” and followed her orders as Wallcroft and Griffen stay behind the watch for enemy crew members. “The rest of you, on me” Said Captain Reimu as Suika followed while the others stack up at a doorway, Suika then pulls out a shotgun. “I like to keep this for close encounters” said Suika. “Heh Heh, Too right” said Sparks.

Captain Reimu then prepares to open the door “On my mark. Go!” Captain Reimu opens the door and her team enters inside to check the area of crew members. “Check your corners. Move!” as Reimu and her team check the first hall and move to the next hallway to check its left and right side “Check those corners!” repeated Reimu when Suika & an SDS member confirm it clear. “Hallway clear! Let’s Move up!” said Reimu, then an SDS member moves forward down stairs to check for crew members “Clear right”. “Stairs clear!” confirmed by Reimu as they head down the stairs till an SDS member confirms movement “Movement right” “There! I see them.” Shouted Sparks as she and an SDS member encounter crew members at the other side of the hallway Reimu & Suika then come down to helped them out. “Tango down” as Suika confirmed, “Hallway clear! Check your corners!” as Reimu ordered again. “Clear left” said an SDS soldier followed by Suika “Ready”. “Move up!” shouted Reimu, “Clear right” said the SDS soldier Then she heads down stairs as Reimu confirms it clear “Stairs clear!”. They head down the stairs and then the SDS soldier then confirm enemy movement at the opposite side of the hall “Movement right”. Sparks also sees them “There! I see them” Sparks and an SDS member fire at the crew members at the other side of the hallway with Reimu & Suika then helped them out.“Tango down” as Suika confirmed, “Hallway clear!” said Reimu “Check your corners!” her team move forward as the SDS member checks the left hall and confirms it clear “Clear left”. “We’re ready” said Suika “Move up!” ordered Reimu as hey stack up at a doorway to the Storage room “Stand by. On my go”. “Standing by” said the SDS member as she shifts her head to the storage room and sees crew members about to fire at her and luckily moves her head back quick as they fire. Reimu then throws a Flashbang down the stair of the storage room “Flashbang out. Go” They head in and shoot the stunned Crew Members dead. “Catwalk clear. Gotcha covered. Move up. No tangos in sight.” Said an SDS member, “Squad, on me” said Reimu “Move up and Keep it tight!” Sparks then moves forward around the storage room and then she gets surprised by a Crew Member that popped up right in front of her as the Ultrayoukaist is about to pull the trigger “Die! Yo-“but gets killed quickly as Sparks knifes her in time before she pulled the trigger, “My gosh that was close! She just came out of nowhere” said Sparks. “Be careful next time” said Reimu “Suika, right side!” “I'm on it.” replied Suika.

They stack up at a door to another part of the storage room Captain Reimu busts open the door then Suika and a SDS Member check the sides and then move up the catwalk, while on top Suika spots crew members on the opposite catwalk and down below “Movement right” as Reimu and her team easily Crew members at the opposite side”move up”. Sparks then spots more down below “more below” as they get down stairs hiding behind the metal creates while firing at the crew members till they’re dead. “Forward area clear” reported Suika. “Move” said Reimu as Suika & an SDS member check sides for Crew member and report clear. They stack up at a door at another with Crew Member waiting for them to come in “Stand by. On my go” said Reimu as Sparks, Suika, and an SDS Member prepare to enter “One ready” “Two ready” “Three ready”. “On my mark...go!” Captain Reimu throws a flashbang into the next room. They move in and encounter crew member ahead of them and more on their left. Suika and a SDS member take on the left while Reimu & Sparks take on the ones up head, Sparks throws a grenade at them and moves forward as each crew member gets killed. “Tango down” said Suika, “Report. All clear?” asked Reimu. The Oni girl checks the area and confirms it “Roger that” then she gets a radiation reading from one of the crates I’m getting a strong reading, Ma’am. You might want to take a look at this.” Suika opens the crate to reveal a nuclear device covered by a Jigoku flag. Reimu then contacts Baseplate “Baseplate, this is Bravo Six. We found it. Ready to secure package for transport”. Baseplate responds “No time, Bravo Six. Two bogies heading your way fast. Grab what you can and get the hell out of there!”. “Fast movers. Probably MiGs. We'd better go” Said Suika. Reimu then faces Sparks “Sparks, grab the manifest in the container. Move!” Sparks grabs the manifest on top of the radiation box “Got it!” “Alright. Everyone top-side. Double time!” as Captain Reimu & her team begin to head out.

Reimu then contacts Wallcroft & Griffen “Wallcroft, Griffen, what's your status?” asked Reimu. “All ready in the helicopter, Ma’am” then they see the two MiGs coming “Enemy aircraft inbound. Oh snaps!” An explosion erupts in the ship as the MiGs open fire on the ship.
The team falls to the ground briefly as they see water spilling in the Storage room. “What the hell just happened!” shouted Sparks. “The ships sinking! We've got to go now!” said Suika. Big Bird then contacted “Bravo Six! Come in! Bravo Six, what's your status? Bravo Six, come in damn it!”. “Big Bird, this is Bravo Six we're on our way out!” Reimu then helps Sparks up “On your feet, soldier! We are leaving! Get to the catwalks! Move! Move! Move!”. “Move your butts! Come on! Let's go!” shouted Suika as they begin to make their way off the ship running to the catwalks as Water bursts in, making them lose balance. “Back on your feet everyone! Let's go!” said Reimu, then the metal plates on the ceiling start falling down “Watch your head! Go! Go! Keep moving! She's breaking away!” shouted Suika as they reach the hallway entrance as the catwalk begins to break away. They enter the hallway as the pipes on the walls begin to burst. “Watch the pipes!” shouted Suika followed by Sparks who almost got hit by a pipe “A close one!” “Talk to me, Bravo Six. Where the hell are you?!” asked Big Bird. “Stand by! We're almost there!” said Reimu. “Which way?! Which way to the helicopter!?” shouted Sparks. “To the right! To the right!” shouted Reimu “We're running out of time! Come on! Let's go!” Shouted Suika as they were able to get outside “Keep moving!” shouted Reimu as they move around the front deck. “Where the hell is it?!” shouted Suika, Sparks then points at it “There!” They see the helicopter outside the edge of the ship as Reimu, Suika, and an SDS Member get on just as it takes off but Sparks was still behind. “Jump for it!” shouted the SDS Member. “Here I come!” Sparks runs leaps on the edge of the ship and grabs the ramp of the helicopter but then starts slipping away “Oh no! I’m slipping!” The Shrine Maiden quickly grabs her and pulls her aboard “Gotcha! We're all aboard. Let's go!” Sparks then compliments her “Hey thanks Captain Reimu”. “Roger that, we’re outta' here. Baseplate, this is Big Bird. Package secure, returning to base. Out” The helicopter flies away as the ship sinks.     

Somewhere at the Ancient City in Jigoku

Satori Komeiji is dragged out of the building by two OpFor soldiers. Other soldiers are on top of buildings. Helicopters swarm the area. Utsuho also having a speech.

“Today we rise again as one nation, in the face of betrayal and corruption!”

She is dragged into a car and hit in the face by one of the soldiers. When she looks forward the car is driven by an OpFor soldier and a girl wearing a pink dress with a blue apron and a matching headband with a ribbon on the side., her eyes are gold, and her hair is blonde. They take Satori to Utsuho for a public execution while Utsuho's speech plays over the radio.

“We all trusted this woman to deliver our great nation into a new era of prosperity.”

Soldiers are seen running down the sidewalk in the opposite direction of the car. At a fork soldiers stand on the side, firing into the air. The girl touches the driver and then points, leading the driver down a sandy, uphill drive, after a BMP. Soldiers are seen smoking on the sides. The girl gets a call on his cell-phone. She looks back at Satori and then gets back on the phone. Soldiers are seen strangling civilians back on the road.

“But like our monarchy before the Revolution, she has been colluding with the Outside, with only self-interest at heart!”

On one side of the road a soldier is seen pinning a civilian and then gutting her. On the other several soldiers are firing into buildings. A tank comes out of an alley closely followed by civilians. Soldiers aren't far behind. The tank stops near a market place, soldiers get out and start shooting and stabbing the shoppers. The car goes down a hill. At the bottom a garbage can is rolling with a human under it. The human gets out and is shot from behind. The car comes to an intersection. A truck chock full of soldiers goes ahead of the car. The other roads are swarmed with soldiers. The car follows the truck. They come to a fork. The truck goes left. In the middle is an empty concrete area behind a building. Many civilians are lined up against it with their hands behind their heads and their faces against the brick. Several civilians are on the ground being arrested by soldiers. On a corner bend there was another empty area behind a building where some more civilians are being killed and arrested for resisting the OpFor. At the violent scene the girl tapped the driver's shoulder, and she looked, nodded, and turned back to the road. Civilians steal guns from soldiers and fire upon OpFor agents in a small courtyard. They are all killed. Soldiers exit a tank and run down the sidewalk. The car goes right at a fork into an alley with many posters of Utsuho and dumpsters. Behind a dumpster a civilian is seen painting a picture of Satori onto the alley wall. She sprints off when the car comes near. A civilian is seen jumping a chain-link fence escaping from a Attack Dog .

“The time has come to show our true strength. They underestimate our resolve. Let us show that we do not fear them. As one people, we shall free our bretheren from the yoke of foreign oppression!”

A dumpster lid is lifted slightly. A civilian head is exposed. She quickly shuts it once the car moves. The car approaches a highway near the bay. Waves crash against the side rail. Soldiers run across from the right end to the left. The car turns right and follows the soldiers. On the left several soldiers sneak around a crashed truck and start firing up the road. The car goes straight. On the left many civilians are lined up with their backs facing the road. Soldiers reload and aim at them. As the car passes they fire and the bodies drop in a hail of gunfire.

“Our armies are strong and our cause is just.”

The car turns left at a small courtyard where soldiers are lined up and tanks are parked.

“As I speak, our armies are nearing their objective, by which we will restore the independence of a once great nation.”

The car travels down a deserted road. At the end are some soldiers talking and smoking. At the very end there is an arena on the right. Many soldiers
are lined up here. They all fire their guns into the air as they cheer. The car stops outside the arena. A soldier opens the back door, another pulls Satori out, and throws her onto the ground.

“Our noble crusade has begun.”

The soldier kicks Satori in the face knocking her out. As Satori's vision comes to, two soldiers each take one of Satori's arms and lead her down the long hallway into the arena while re-gaining conscious. The soldiers hold Satori in front of a woman with Light-blue eyes, white hair, and wearing a red robes, who looks at her. She then nods and backs off. The soldiers begin to lead her towards a bloody, wooden stake in the middle of the arena.

“Just as they lay waste to our country, we shall lay waste to their's.”

The soldiers tie Satori up and soldiers cheer very loudly. Utsuho looks at the woman, who is holding a Gold Desert Eagle. Utsuho approaches to take it. When Utsuho first looks up, it looks as if the woman is threatening her because she is aiming at Utsuho. Utsuho hesitates, and then the woman turns it over so Utsuho could grip it. Utsuho takes it and walks towards Satori. She looks into the camera as the execution is being filmed on live television. She tells the world...”This, is how it begins”.Utsuho aims the Desert Eagle at Satori's face and cocks it. Satori then tells Utsuho her last words “I’ll be wait for you Okuu, and torture you last”. Utsuho fires the gun, executing Satori.
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Re: Call Of Touhou Modern Warfare
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Suika: Captain Reimu, Utsuho just executed President Satori Komeiji on national television.
Captain Reimu: The Lunarians have plans for Utsuho. And it's too late to do anything for Satori. But in less than three hours Aya will be executed.
Suika: Aya ma’am?
Captain Reimu: Aya Shameimaru is our informant in the Ultrayoukaist camp. She supplied the Intel on the cargo ship operation. Aya's in hell right now. We're gonna walk her out... ...We take care of our friends. Let's move.

Day 2 – 01:31:28
Youkai Mountain
Sgt. ‘Sparks’ Kirisame
22nd SDS Regiment

It was night time Reimu, Sparks, and Suika are at a small river and moving forward, all three are armed with night vision goggles, M4A1 w/suppressors, red dot sights, and an m203 grenade launcher, while Sparks carried a Suppressed M21 Sniper Rifle, all three are also wearing their old clothes again with Tactical Vest & S.D.S armbands, Reimu has a Ying-Ying emblem next to the S.D.S logo of her armband. “The loyalists are expecting us half a click to the north. Move out.” ordered Reimu. “Loyalists, eh? Are those the good Youkais or the bad Youkais?” asked Suika. “Well, they won't shoot us on sight, if that's what you're asking.” replied Reimu. “Yeah well, that's good enough for me.” said Suika. The team moves out to meet the Loyalists. Ultrayoukaist rebels are guerrilla style terrorist wearing a makeshift assortment of gas masks, camouflage jackets and other gear, wearing varied headgear such as Shemaghs and ski masks, and more varied camouflage patterns, with none wearing any manner of ballistic head protection.  They see a couple of guards one on the dock and the another by a car. “Weapons free.” Ordered Reimu as they then kill the two guards. Sparks then enters the small house and kill the two more Ultrayoukaist rebels inside watching TV “Good night”. “Good work, there should be a few more guard posts up ahead. Kawashiro and her women will be waiting for us in a field to the northwest.” Said Reimu as they move out forward to under a bridge then across the river and forward to two more guard post “Sparks - plant some claymores in front of the door, then get their attention” Ordered Suika. Sparks plants claymores by the door entrances of each house and plants one outside on the road path, Sparks returns to her Captain & Suika and shoot the Claymore. The explosion attracts a few guards who stepped on the Claymores by the doors.

They move forward to an abandoned house that’s pretty wrecked and come out of the house to a small farm garden that’s empty yet suspicious. “Suika, you smell that?” asked Reimu. “Yeah, Kawashiro” replied Suika. They see someone coming out of the grass waving her rifle, it was Sgt. Nitori Kawashiro in her usual blue dress except she wears blue combat boots & Tactical vest. “Welcome to Youkai Mountain, Captain Reimu. ”Greeted Kawashiro, her team of Loyalists made up of Kappas & Tengus come out of the tall grass Sparks was surprised on how well they were hidden “Whoa, they were well hidden”. Kappa soldiers were wearing similar clothes & gear like Nitori but instead of blue its black and are wearing helmets while the Tengus wearing a black version of their usual clothes except they’re wearing helmets & combat boot version of their geta shoes.  “What's the target, Kawashiro?” asked Reimu “We've got an informant to recover”. “The Ultrayoukaists have BM21's on the other side of the hill. Their rockets have killed hundreds of civilians in the valley below.” Said Nitori as she starts rushing but Reimu stops her a bit. “Not so fast. Remember the Subterranean Animism? You're with us.” Said Reimu. “Hmm... Guess I owe you one.” Replied Nitori, followed by Suika “Your damn right you do”. The joint team of SDS and Youkai Loyalists head up a hill while Nitori whispers to her troops “Vanya is coming! Prepare to attack! Wait for my signal!”. They split up, Loyalist troops took the right path while SDS followed Kawashiro to the left path “This way. There's a good spot where your sniper can cover my women. Reimu, Suika, Sparks, and Kawashiro position themselves on the cliffs above Kawashiro's women where they see rockets being fired from the village filled with Ultrayoukaist. “Sniper team in position.” As Reimu confirmed “Suika, cover the left flank.” “Roger. Covering left flank.” Said Suika. “We’re Ready” said Sparks. “All units, commence the attack.” Order Sgt. Kawashiro. Reimu's team begins to snipe Ultrayoukaist troops while the Loyalists storm the village. “Sparks, take out the machine gunners in the windows so Kawashiro's women can storm the building!”. “You got it” Sparks kill the Machine Gunners inside a house after that continues sniping more Ultrayoukaist force. Reimu was very impressed Spark’s sniping “Nice shot, Mima would be impressed”. “Who’s Mima?” asked Sparks while sniping. “I’ll tell you some other day” replied Reimu. Helicopters are later seen flying overhead as Nitori is shocked to see them. “Damn! Enemy Helicopters!” shouted Nitori. “You didn't say there would be any helicopters, Kawashiro.” Said Reimu. Nitori didn’t even expect the Ultrayoukaist Rebels to have helicopters ”I didn't say there wouldn't be any either. We need to protect my women from those helicopter troops. This way!”. They move forward on to intercept the helicopters while passing through a burnt house. “Make it quick Kawashiro. I want that informant...” said an Impatient Reimu. “You have nothing to worry about. We'll take out the BM21s and carve a path straight to your informant, Captain Reimu.” “We should just beat it out of her” as Suika Suggested but Reimu disagrees “Not yet”.

They reach a hill near the power station and encounter troops that came out of the helicopters “We've got company! Helicopter troops closing in fast!” said Suika as they engage, taking cover behind logs. Sparks takes out her M4A1 rifle and uses the Grenade Launcher attachment taking out multiple Ultrayoukaist troops that got caught in the blast. They move forward till Sparks spots another Wave “Look out more Ultrayoukaist troops”. They engage the 2nd wave of small Ultrayoukaist forces and then kill them all with ease “Hostiles down” confirm Suika. Nitori later gets word from her troops that they ran into more Ultrayoukaist forces “Captain Reimu, my women have run into heavy resistance. Help me support them from the cliffs”. “What about our informant?” asked Reimu “She's running out of time!”. “Then help us! The further my women can get into this village, the closer we will be to securing your informant!” said a worried Nitori. Reimu’s team eliminate more targets from the cliff above the village, rebels hiding by wrecked cars and some on rooftops, more started coming from the northeast of the village, they also found Ultrayoukaist snipers right below them as Sparks tosses a grenade to them. “Good! Now we are making progress. Follow me up to the power station.” As Nitori was excited that her forces are pushing forward. They continue moving up to the village’s power station on the top of the hill and stop at another sniping position. “Look. The final assault has already begun. With a little more of your sniper support we are sure to be victorious. Captain Reimu, I need to-“ but then Nitori was interrupted by an impatient oni, she grabs Kawashrio by pushing and holding her on the ledge “Enough sniping! Where is the informant?”. “Hey Suika take it easy will yah.” Said Sparks seeing the Kappa all freaked out “What are you doing? What are you crazy? Who will you let it?”. “Where is she?!” shouted Suika, Nitori points at the location “The house... the house at the northeast end of village!”. The Oni then lets go of her “Well that wasn't so hard was it? Now go sit in the corner”. “Damn Oni!” replied Nitori. Reimu, Sparks, and Suika then go over to rappels to prepare to rescue Aya “Sparks, Suika, we've got to reach that house before anything happens to the informant. Let's go!”

Reimu, Suika, and Sparks rappel down from the power station to the village. They encounter Ultrayoukaists at the first house in front of them while getting assistance from the Loyalist troops. They enter the first house and kill more Ultrayoukaist inside and move on the way to the uphill. “Let’s move! She may still be alive.” Shouted Reimu as they move uphill and reach the house Aya is held at. “Suika, go around the back and cut the power. Sparks, get ready!” as Reimu ordered. “You got it.” Said Sparks as they Reimu and Sparks put on night vision goggles and prepare to enter the house while Suika goes around the back of the house to cut the power. Reimu tell Suika to cut the power as the lights inside the house out. “Alright, I've cut the power. Go.” Said Suika. Reimu and Sparks enter the house all dark inside, they see a Rebel puzzled why the power is out. “Hm? What happened with electricity? The electricity went out!”.  Sparks then kills her with ease. “These night vision goggles make it too easy.” Said Reimu. “Very Easy” replied Sparks. They continue through the house and see another Rebel with a knife making steady steps “Are you There? You still here...?” Sparks kills her and continue upstairs. They later see another Rebel sitting by the corner with her pistol afraid, Reimu kills her. Then a Ultrayoukaist Rebel behind a wooden table starts blind firing followed by Sparks shooting her through the table, later Sparks & Reimu hear a grenade bounce and move out of the way and see a Ultrayoukaist behind the door with Reimu shooting her “Close one”. Sparks check the room and finds it empty while Suika Regroups with them at the 2nd floor. Sparks checks the next room but as she enters the next room she gets surprised by an Ultrayoukaist yet again“DIE YO-“ But gets killed quickly by Spark’s knife attack ”Damn that’s like 2nd time that’s happened to me” Sparks then see someone lying on the ground with a flashlight “Are you Aya Shameimaru!?” she asked. The person asked “What do you want? Who are you? Special forces?". Reimu comes in to check on her and confirms it’s her. “Aya are you all right? Can you walk?” asked Suika. “Yes - and I can still fight. Thank you for getting me out of here” said the Tengu as she picks up a AK-74u. Reimu then contacts Big Bird “Big Bird this is Bravo Six. We have the package. Meet us at LZ one. Over”. “Bravo Six this is Big Bird. We're on our way. Out.” Said Big Bird. They move out of the house to down stairs to the backyard where Big Bird landed. Once all aboard, Big Bird takes off. “Have the Lunarians already attacked Utsuho?” asked Aya. “No, their invasion begins in a few hours! Why?” replied Reimu. Aya then said “The Lunarians are making a mistake. They will never take Utsuho alive.” 
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Re: Call Of Touhou Modern Warfare
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Congrats, you've just essentially posted the script to CoD4 and changed the names to Touhou characters.

How on earth is this a fanfic?

Seriously, it's almost word-for-word.
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Re: Call Of Touhou Modern Warfare
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Not bad, I must say.

Congrats, you've just essentially posted the script to CoD4 and changed the names to Touhou characters.

How on earth is this a fanfic?
This is ironic purely by the fact that you and a few others recorded a reading of it, word-for-word.

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Re: Call Of Touhou Modern Warfare
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This is ironic purely by the fact that you and a few others recorded a reading of it, word-for-word.

You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means. I fail to see the irony in this.

Regardless, I have some comments for the author. I highly suggest that you take a look at this post Iced Fairy made not too long ago. It addresses the writing style that you're currently using and gives suggestions for how to improve upon it.

One thing I would like to suggest myself is that you expand upon your descriptions of the environment and the characters. Are we to assume that all the characters are in their normal attire? Wouldn't it be more interesting to blend their original appearances with the style of Call of Duty? For an example of what I mean, look at the character designs for Touhou Fortress 2, particularly Suika, Yuuka, Reimu, and Utsuho. In a similar vein, not all of us have played Call of Duty. Why not describe the locations that the characters are interacting with? Talk about how the buildings are worn down, or how there are wrecked cars everywhere, something. As it is, the reader has to use their imagination entirely.

Another point is that the first post was extremely tedious. I assume that was the tutorial for the game? If so, it really should have been changed. I don't see why anyone would bother reading through that whole thing as it is, and I myself skipped over it several times. The second post is somewhat better, but it was still quite bland, due to the reasons I stated in the previous paragraph.

In any case, there is potential for this to work. It just needs to be realized first.
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Re: Call Of Touhou Modern Warfare
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Not bad, I must say.
This is ironic purely by the fact that you and a few others recorded a reading of it, word-for-word.

So copying and pasting the entire script of CoD4 and changing names makes a good fanfic? Are you serious?

And how the hell is doing a fanfic reading "ironic"? How is that ANYTHING like what this guy's doing?
Re: Call Of Touhou Modern Warfare
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Alright Squidtentacle i'll try to do that since this is my first time doing a fanfic, I'll be editing the first post, the next chapter will be on hold til i finish reading Silent Sinner in Blue.
Re: Call Of Touhou Modern Warfare
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Im back, now that i finished SSIB I can continue with Call of Touhou Modern Warfare. Since i couldn't find anyone that could play the role of Sgt. Paul Jackson & Lt. Vasquez  I decided to use two OCs for this, Sgt. Reina Kotozaki & Lt. Shiroko. Let me know if the "usa" gets annoying and i'll remove it. BTW, should i arm the Lunarians with mix of Old Japanese World War II weapons(since I saw Lunar Defense Corps were armed with Arisaka Bolt Rifles) & Modern day weapons or just All Modern Weapons? This chapter for now will have the Lunarians armed with Old Japanese World War II & Modern Day weapons. I've also changed the writing format of the previous chapters, like i said im not a very good writer I apoligize if my writing is hard to follow.

‘Charlie Don’t Surf’
Day 2 – 13:45:10
Sgt. Reina Kotozaki
1st Force Recon Co. L.D.C

The death of President Satori Komeiji at the hands of Utsuho, the Lunarians decides to launch an invasion to ancient city, in hopes of restoring order to the area and removing Utsuho from power. A fleet of carriers, Assault Ships and other flying ships stationed miles away from the entrance deploys Lunar Defense Corps from 1st Force Reconnaissance Company to the ancient city, via Blackhawk helicopters. The L.D.C troops all dressed in Dresses in a white shirts, a red neckties, Black Business suit over shirts and elbow-pads over their suits, combat gloves, their left suit-collars is decorated with a crescent moon-shaped insignia; wore white helmets that stick out their ears, black socks that varied length with Kneepads, small combat boots, and different colored skirts for each infantry. The L.D.C had a mix of Old Imperial Japanese firearms from World War II and Modern Day firearms, vehicles, Helicopters, and Jets.  Lieutenant Shiroko the person in charge of the Recon gives a briefing on the situation “Listen up little girls! Spotters have a possible fix on Utsuho in a radio station building at the west end of this town. We're gonna secure the perimeter and grab Utsuho. Oorah? Lock and load Usa!”

Black Hawk helicopters carrying a task force of L.D.C Soldiers are on their way to the ancient city to capture Utsuho. Sgt. Reina Kotozaki & Lt. Shiroko along with other soldiers in one of those Black Hawks approach the city, gunfire and RPG fire from Utsuho’s OpFor attempt to shoot down the choppers to no avail. As the choppers keep pushing forward more RPGs and machine gun fire attempt to shoot them down with one of the choppers almost getting hit by an RPG missile. The Blackhawk helicopters manage to deploy the Lunarian Forces about 60 yards from the target building, who fast-rope down and proceed towards the hq building “Get on the rope! Go go!” shouted Lt. Shiroko.  They reach the LZ and the Lunar forces rappel down from the choppers “Go Go Go” shouted one of the Soldiers. “2nd squad on me to the target building usa! Move!” shouted Lt. Shiroko. A Few L.D.C Soldiers can be seen laying out barb wire fences to block the streets “Move it, move it! Set up the blocking position usa! Let's go!” Lt. Shiroko, Kotozaki, and 2nd squad move towards a building. Sgt. Reina Kotozaki had blue skirt and was armed with an Arisaka Rifle w/bayonet attachment, Nambu pistol sidearm, Type 97 Grenades, and Flashbangs. Lt. Shiroko had a white skirt and was armed with the same rifle w/attachment as Kotozaki and a W1200 Shotgun. Shiroko’s squad moved left to an Alley forward to the Radio Station “There's the target building! Left side door breach! Stack up usa!”
They stack up at the door as a soldier places a breaching bomb charge on the door “Blow the charge!” the bomb explodes and breach the building “Breaching, breaching!” shouted the Lunar Soldier “Go Go Go!” shouted Shiroko. Two Moon Rabbits charge to the first two OpFor soldiers who were stunned by the blast, one of Moon Rabbits just stabbed her with a bayonet while the other knocks her down another with her rifle butt and then stabbed her “Clear!”. “Kotozaki, take point usa.” Said Lt. Shiroko, “Roger” Kotozaki moves forward to down stairs of the building and see the door to the next room, she peeks inside and sees 2 OpFor soldiers moving out and then encounters and OpFor soldier waiting for her starts firing but moved her head in time “Damn Close one”. The room had a few creates and tables with weapon on top, Kotozaki moves the nearest create for cover as she uses her Arisaka to fire at the first OpFor troop in front of her and shoots another the just came out from the room on the left. Shiroko and two more L.D.C soldiers came down to help out clear the room. After clearing the weapon’s table room Kotozaki stacks up with Shiroko and a L.D.C soldier at a door to the room full of creates where OpFor soldiers await. “Kotozaki, throw a flashbang!” said Shiroko, “Roger” Kotozaki tosses a flashbang, she and Shiroko charge the room firing their Arisakas, then with their bayonets, Kotozaki fires at remaining Stunned OpFor soldiers with her Nambu pistol while Shiroko fires with her Shotgun. “All callsigns check the bodies. We need a positive ID on Utsuho usa.” Shiroko ordered. The OpFor were dress like Utsuho in white long sleeve shirts, and Green skirts. But also have combat boots, tactical vest but some wear blue body armor, their on their head are sometime Combat helmets, Red Berets, Shemaghs and ski masks. The L.D.C soldiers checked but to no sign at all “Negative ID over here usa.”  “No sign of Utsuho here usa”. Shiroko then contacts HQ “HQ, this is Red Hare usa. Target building is secure but we don't have Utsuho, over...” Shiroko was then told about the new orders ...Roger that, HQ. Out...”  Shiroko call her squad “Heads up! I just got word Utsuho is broadcasting half a click east of here at a TV station usa. We're gonna move out on foot and take down the package there usa. Move out.”

They make their way outside back to where they first landed move through the alleys & small yards fighting any OpFor forces they encounter. When they get back to the street at a little hill a Pickup Truck with a Machine Gun mounted on the back crewed  2 members  appeared driving by and firing the machine gun “TECHNICAL!!” shouted a L.D.C Soldier as Shiroko’s squad cover by the little hill, “I got this!” Kotozaki takes Kotozaki grabs one of the RPG-7 from a dead OpFor and fires at the technical as the rocket destroys the truck “Nice shot Kotozaki” shouted Shiroko. While on the way to the TV more OpFor soldiers were encountered along the way, there were more even on the rooftops & second floor windows of the buildings. Shiroko’s squad moved left when they reached a road block to a wrecked building site, more OpFor were there using whats left of the building walls as cover. After taking care of them Shoroko’s squad reach the TV Station “Target building in sight usa.” Said Shiroko.

One of the L.D.C Soldiers outside of the T.V Station informed Lt. Shiroko of the situation “We've got the TV building locked down and surrounded, usa”. “Good. Get in position to breach usa” The team stacks up to the entrance. An L.D.C soldier plants a breaching charge on the door. “Do it!” Shiroko ordered The breach explodes and the L.D.C soldiers charge in “Breaching, breaching!” “Go go go!” shouted Shiroko as the first room was clear, Kotozaki see and kills an OpFor at the hallway “Got her”. The Team enters the control room where more OpFor troops awaited in the server room “Incoming!” shouted Kotozaki as she along with Shiroko throws a flashbang to the control room as she and other L.D.C Troops charge in with their Bayonets to the server room stabbing Stunned OpFor soldiers. Shiroko’s squad enters the central room of the TV Station where there was a lot of Cubicles in the room and encounters heavy resistance in area, “Trying to keep us away from Utsuho usa” said Kotozaki. The fight was intense as L.D.C Rabbit Soldiers engaging Utsuho’s OpFor who were using the Office Cubicles for cover in the central room of the TV Station, there were also OpFor troops on the Second floor firing RPGs at the L.D.C Troops below “2ND FLOOR RPG!” Kotozaki and a fellow  L.D.C Soldier went into the small rooms of the Central room to get close to the OpFor forces at the other side while encountering a few that were in the small rooms using her Bayonet. They get to the other side and start shooting down the rest of the OpFor force who were covering behind Cubicles. “is that all of them!?” an L.D.C Soldier asked, “yeah that all of them” said the other L.D.C Soldier. “Finally, man that was intense usa!” said Kotozaki.

“Nice job Kotozaki! Room clear! Move up! Utsuho should be on the second floor usa!” They move further into the TV station into a large hall where they can see M1 Abrams tanks outside rolling down the streets “Yeah, there goes our girls Usa.” said a L.D.C Soldier. Then they get a call from soldier right when Shiroko’s squad was near the stairs “Hold your fire! Friendlies coming out usa!” Three L.D.C soldiers come out of a door near the right of a stairway; it was Resien II and two other L.D.C soldiers coming out of the foyer and groups with Shiroko “No sign of Utsuho, usa.” Reisen II’s Uniform was the same but the Suit Jacket was Sleeveless, wore a grey skirt, and was armed with a Type99 Machine Gun. “All right. Fall in, Marines. Stay frosty.” said Shiroko as they head upstairs to the 2nd floor, Kotozaki, Reisen II, and a L.D.C Soldier then help out a fellow L.D.C forces engaging OpFor soldiers. After that they continue to the roof of the building “Watch your six, Devil Hare.” Said Reisen II. They stack up outside the door to the broadcasting studio where they can hear Utsuho inside the room “I think she's in there. I hear her usa.” Said Reisen II. “Do it!” shouted Shiroko as a L.D.C soldier shoots the door hinges with a shotgun and kicks down the door. They enter the room and find nobody inside “Clear!” “She's not here” “Room clear!” then Kotozaki sees that the broadcast is looping of a recorded speech “What the!? It must have been a Decoy”. “Yeah...Score one for military intelligence usa!” said Reisen II.  “Resien II, turn that off.” Shiroko ordered. “Roger that. I got something better anyway.” Reisen II turns of the broadcast recording and puts on a Pop song while Lt. Shiroko calls HQ “Command, this is Red Hare. The TV station is secure but there's no sign of Utsuho. The broadcast is a recording, over... Roger that, Command. Out. Marines! Rally up! We got a new assignment. Get your gear, and get ready to move out! Let's go!”
Re: Call Of Touhou Modern Warfare
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Weeks distractions and laziness, heres the next mission. I really need to concentrate. Sorry for replying this story for being old, is it okay to do that here in the fanfiction index?

Newscaster: After heavy fighting today, L.D.C Soldiers began their push into the city where Utsuho is making her last stand. Fighting has intensified in the Ancient City. Anti-aircraft fire and burning buildings light the underground.

Command: Roger on location. Repeating: Map Grid 52761-niner, over.
Shiroko: Bravo Six copies, over usa.
Command: Bravo Six, we have an Abrams dead in the water. Call sign "War Pig". Lt. Shiroko, your unit is shotgun, over.
Shiroko: Copy. Bravo is inbound. Tell "War Pig" to stand by usa. We're on our way. Out.

‘The Bog’
Day 3 – 05:00:17
Sgt. Reina Kotozaki
1st Force Recon Co., L.D.C

Lt. Shiroko, Sgt. Reina Kotozaki, SSgt. Reisen II, and a group of L.D.C Soldiers were on a highway with wrecked cars, destroyed tanks, and debris scattered. "Alpha Company's tank is stuck half a click north of here usa. We gotta hustle! Let's go!” shouted Lt. Shiroko as her squad move forward "Move it! Move it! Clear! Keep moving up!" shouted a few L.D.C soldiers. Suddenly, gunfire from a darkened building by the highway fires down on the team killing the first L.D.C soldier that came into contact "Ambush! Contact right! Contact right!" shouted an L.D.C Soldier as Shiroko's squad take cover behind one of the wrecked cars, destroyed tanks, and Concrete Blockades."Get suppressing fire on that building usa! We have to move forward!" shouted Lt. Shiroko. Sgt. Kotozaki aims with the Aperture Sights on her Type 100 SMG and fires a few rounds on the boarded windows of the building despite not being able to hit them; she also fires at a few OpFor soldiers on the balcony of the buildings second floor. "Keep moving forward usa!" shouted Lt. Shiroko "Alpha, let's take the stairs and their flank! Bravo, give us covering fire! Come on Kotozaki, move it!" Shiroko's squad move down the stairs from the highway to the side of a partially wrecked apartment building. "Let's go Kotozaki, follow me!" said Shiroko Switch to night vision now usa!" Shiroko's squad put on their Nightvision goggles and went through the opening to the destroyed part of the building killing two OpFor soldiers by the wall piece. The fire fight was intense as Shiroko's squad arrived at the Apartment entrance. "Kotozaki, you and Romi head upstairs. We'll cover this entrance. Go!" said Lt. Shiroko. Sgt. Kotozaki and Pvt. Romi proceed upstairs of the apartment building, when Pvt. Romi reached near the 2nd floor of the stairs she gets attacked by an OpFor soldier. Pvt. Romi struggles with an OpFor soldier "Kotozaki Help Me!". "Oh no you don't!" Sgt. Kotozaki takes out her knife and stabs the OpFor soldier that ambushed Pvt. Romi “Hey Thanks Sgt. Kotozaki”. Sgt. Kotozaki & Pvt. Romi reach the second floor, Sgt. Kotozaki contacts fellow L.D.C Soldiers who are fighting at ground level”Watch your fire! We're on the second floor!”. “Roger that, shifting fire” said a L.D.C Soldier. Lt. Shiroko and the rest of her squad regroup with Sgt. Kotozaki on the second floor by the hallway door where they will attack OpFor forces in hallway that are concentrated on fighting L.D.C Soldiers below. Sgt. Kotozaki takes out a flashbang "Hang on, going to throw a Flashbang" she tosses the flashbang it goes off as Lt. Shiroko's squad rushes forward killing all OpFor affected by the white flash and then proceed to the Machine Gun nest at the left balcony of the partially destroyed apartment. Sgt. Kotozaki gets behind the Nest sprays her Type 100 SMG at the remaining OpFor soldiers. "Hit their flank with their machine gun usa! Cut 'em down! Shoot 'em through the wall usa!" said Lt. Shiroko. "Roger That!" Sgt. Kotozaki mans the mounted machine gun at the nest and fires at the OpFor forces at the other side of the open halls and floors plows down the enemy's flank. "That takes care of them" said Sgt. Kotozaki. Command contacts Shiroko's squad "Be advised, more enemy troops are converging on the tank. Get there A.S.A.P!". "Roger that! We're working on it – out usa!" said Lt. Shiroko

Shiroko's squad head back down stairs of the wrecked Apartment building to the rear of the building leading to the parking lot where fellow L.D.C soldiers are at the windows suppressing fire at the parking lot. Staff Sgt. Reisen II deploys the Bipod of her Type 99 LMG at one of the windows for more accurate firing "Ma’am there's a ton of 'em out there usa!". "Shut up and keep 'em pinned down usa!" said Lt. Shiroko. "Roger that, suppressing FIRE USA!" shouted Reisen II. Outside of the parking lot OpFor forces were covering from behind cars, balconies, and on rooftops. The L.D.C soldiers pushed forward to the parking lot to engage more OpFor while Sgt. Kotozaki and few Squad mates would enter the building where snipers are held at. Sgt. Kotozaki & a few squad mates move upstairs and then fire at the OpFor soldiers at the second floor roof. More OpFor soldiers appeared highway bridge across the area "Contact! On the overpass usa!" shouted an L.D.C Soldier. "U.A.V. recon has spotted enemy tanks headed this way!". "They're not kidding I see them moving on the Highway road" said Sgt. Kotozaki. "Private Aoi, get on the roof and hit 'em with the Javalin usa!" said Lt. Shiroko. "Right away ma’am!" Pvt. Aoi aims her Javelin at the Tanks on the highway bridge but she gets killed before she could use it. "Private Aoi is down! Aoi is down! Kotozaki get the Javelin usa!" shouted an L.D.C Soldier "Kotozaki! Pick up the Javelin so you can take out those tanks usa!" shouted Lt. Shiroko. "Roger!" Sgt. Kotozaki runs back down to Pvt. Aoi's body to pick up the Javelin & Rockets "GOT IT!". "Kotozaki! Get to the second floor and take out those tanks usa!" Shouted Lt. Shiroko. Sgt. Kotozaki rushes back to the second floor roof, "Come on! Hit those vehicles at the far end of the bridge usa! Hurry!" shouted an L.D.C Soldier. "Better take care of those Tangos at the highway bridge while I aim!" shouted Sgt. Kotozaki as she locks on the first Tank waiting for the beeping and fires it, The Javalin Rocket Fires from the sky and drops down to the first tank it destroys "Got one!". She then does the same with the other Tanks on the Highway overpass "Ok that's the last of 'em". Sgt. Kotozaki regroups with her squad while they are cutting through a fence with acid spray. They pull out the fence and make their way through the slums underneath the overpass to reach War Pig at the bog. "Bravo Six, we're taking heavy fire on our position north of the overpass usa! Where the hell are you?!" shouted War Pig. "We're almost there! Hang on!" said Lt. Shiroko.

"The tank's on the other side of that overpass usa! Come on - let's get back to the squad usa!" said Sgt. Kotozaki. They arrive at the site of the stranded tank surrounded by enemy fire. "Alpha Six what's your status over?" asked Lt. Shiroko. "We're still surrounded Ma’am! There's just the four of us left but the tank's still ok over usa!" said Alpha Six member. Shiroko's squad takes up defensive positions around the tank while using nearest object for cover. "Contacts to the east and more flanking to the south usa! Hold the perimeter!" said Lt. Shiroko. "Bravo Six, this is War Pig! The main gun's offline but we still have our machine gun usa!" said the Tank Driver. "They're movin' in with det-packs! Don't let 'em get close to the tank usa!" Shouted Lt. Shiroko. Shiroko's squad defending the Tank from incoming OpFor force appearing from the South side taking cover behind the sheet metals and a few appearing on the rooftop buildings "Look out! RPGs! Take em out quickly" shouted Sgt. Kotozaki. "I see them Open fire usa!" said SSgt. Reisen II. "Bravo Six, be advised. More hostiles have assembled to the west of your position usa, over." said Command. "Two Charlie, Bravo Six! Requesting air support for fire mission usa, over!" said Lt. Shiroko. "Uh, negative, Bravo Six, there's an enemy ZPU to the south of your position usa. Until you take it out, we can NOT risk sending in any more choppers usa, over." said Command. "Kotozaki! Find that ZPU and take it out so we can get some air support usa! Ami! Shoko! Cover her!" said Lt. Shiroko. "Roger that Lt. Shiroko" said Sgt. Kotozaki. "All right, let's move out! Secure the western approach, move usa!" shouted Lt. Shiroko as they secured the southern part of the bog move out to secure the western part of the bog while Sgt. Kotozaki along with two L.D.C soldiers Pvt. Ami & Pvt. Shoko move towards where they can see ZPU's bullet firing at the sky "Its coming from that building near that market stand come on usa!" said Sgt. Kotozaki along with Pvt. Ami & Pvt. Shoko rush toward the building taking cover from outside the windows firing at OpFor force inside "There’s the ZPU' said Sgt. Kotozaki. Sgt. Kotozaki moves toward the ZPU and takes out the gunner and OpFor Soldiers near it "Kotozaki, plant the C4 on the gun, move usa!" shouted Pvt. Shoko as Sgt. Kotozaki plants the C4 on the ZPU and takes out the remote detonator. "Good job, let's get to a safe distance usa" said Pvt. Ami as they exit out of the building to get away from the blast. "We're good to go usa! Detonating Now!" Sgt. Kotozaki detonates the C4, destroying the ZPU "Lt. Shiroko, I destroyed the ZPU over usa!". "Good Job Kotozaki, I've got air support on the way but they need our exact location usa. Plant the IR beacon and get their attention usa. Out." said Lt. Shiroko. Sgt. Kotozaki runs to an open spot across the enemy building while being behind the metal containers and plants the IR beacon "Beacon Planted!". “OK, positive ID on your sparkle usa. We're comin' in hot from the northeast. Standby.” Two Cobra attack helicopters arrive and begin firing their rockets and mini guns on the fortified building housing the remnants of the OpFor in the area “Uh, Two, you see anyone left down there usa?”. “Negative, we got 'em usa.” Replied Cobra Pilot, “Roger that. All targets destroyed and we're outta here usa. Good luck girls. Out.” The Cobra helicopters leave the area. Lt. Shiroko contacts HQ “Command, LZ is secure. Bring in the engineers and let's get this tank moving usa”. “Roger that. They're on the way. Good work. Out.” Said Command. "Squad, regroup at the tank. Let's go!” shouted SSgt. Reisen II. The surviving squad members make their way to the Abram where Lt. Shiroko has sketched a crude plan of the surrounding area on the side of the tank. “Listen up. We don't have much time to get this tank out of here. We'll take up defensive positions around the bog here, here, and here, and buy the engineers some time to get the tank moving usa. Oorah?” 

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