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Devil's Go Through the Night
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So Hi. I made a little fanfic in the depts of the night and desided to share it here :P  so Critisism is allowed too!
First off I say FORGIVE me if I have any typos or other mishmash in the story  :ohdear:

and next up is about the story itself:
The story is about the Youkai of darkness,Rumia, or in this case how she bacame to be a youkai.

Devil's Go Through the Night part 1. Prologue

There once was a young normal human girl with blond hair  living in a small town somewhere in the outside world.
 she lived normal life in the town along with her family and friends until one day when the call to arms was made so all the men cabable were called to the army as the country was going into war.
 And that lead to great tragedy.
The small town even without the men was still living as normal and days passed without much of a change, until at the night of the new moon a group of bandits at the night saw the small village with mostly woman and children in it as an easy prey.
 The bandits raped,murdered and robbed to their hearts desire,and once they were done the remains of the village what they didn't take with them they burned to ground.
And of the village only a small girl survived with blond hair,and as the village burned,she cried and cried,untill her eyes itself had turned red,as red as the cherry dyed in blood.
 as the girl no longer could cry and fell asleep a midle aged man in the clothes of traveling Shinto Monk walked into the ruins of the town and founded the girl laying in the ground,knowing what had happened the man took the girl with him and carried her with him untill they reached the edge of a forest where the Monk layed to rest under a tree and waited that the girl would wake up from her sleep.
 The two layed there until the morning sun slowly rose at the horizon and slowly did the girl awake and looked at the monk at wonder.
-Where am I?
asked the girl from the Monk with her now red eyes staring at him with innocent look.
the Monk said with a warm smile yet in the back of his mind he knew as he looked at the eyes of the girl that she was not a mere human but the monk discarded those toughts out of his mind and gave the girl few rice balls to eat as the two discused this and that,reasuring the girl that her family would be safe and sound elsewhere and sugested to the girl that is she were to follow him maybe one day the girl would see her family again, so to allow him to keep the girl safe from the monsters and the many bandits that roamed in these lands.

 And so the Girl and the monk started their travel across the lands.