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After The End
« on: January 25, 2011, 08:49:46 am »
Hi there, I'm kinda a new guy here and I got a little bored recently so I thought about writing a fanfic and posting it here. Okay here goes...

The year is 2013, or year 1 as some may call it. It has been three months since the incident. Not a single life was left on earth. Everything ended just like how the Mayans predicted it. Everything on earth was destroyed. The apocalypse took it all away.

Everything including the greatest barrier ever erected. The barrier which sealed away an entire other world. Yes. THAT barrier. The one known to many as the Hakurei Border or the Great Boundary. It shattered to pieces as the apocalypse happened, like a mirror thrown against a wall.

The barrier is now gone and the only life on earth are those from the other world. The world once sealed away from ours. The world known as Gensokyo…


From far away, a figure approaches the human village. It appears to be a blond teenage girl in black and white clothing. She rides her broom into the village, or at least, what’s left of the village.

She flies across the ruins of what used to be a peaceful village. When she reached the centre of the village, where the school used to be located, she alights from the broom and proceeds to walk across the field of planks and sticks that were used in place of tombstones.

During the apocalypse, a strange aura was emitted and it spread all across Gensokyo. Many great youkai had their powers drained away while some had theirs enhanced. Using this to their advantage, the youkai who gained great power grouped together and attacked humans and youkai alike all over Gensokyo, causing a huge riot. The youkai history teacher in the human village, Kamishirasawa Keine, lost her ability to conceal history and thus revealing the location of the human village to the youkai. They attacked the humans living here in the middle of the night. Very few managed to escape and many lives were lost. The very few who were left buried their relatives’ and friends’ bodies here.

The blond girl walks past the “others” while giving her respect to the dead and finally she reaches her destination. Standing out among the others were three rocks used as tombstones. The girl takes her hat off, revealing her long golden hair, and kneels down in front of the one in the middle. This one has a big red ribbon tied on a gohei which was stuck into the soil in front of the rock. A small gust of wind blows the ribbon and it sways in the air.

“I’m so sorry. I came too late that day. If only I had come a bit sooner, you wouldn’t have to go” the blond girl says as she puts a bunch of flowers she collected from the Forest of Magic upon the grave. Tears roll down her eyes as she apologizes over and over again, blaming only herself for what had happened during the massacre.

She stands up after a while and wipes the tears off her face. She suddenly senses someone else’s presence from behind her and her eyes got watery again.

She turns to look at the doll floating behind her. She looks down immediately, ashamed to show her face. “I’m sorry. It was all my fault. I am to blame for your master’s death” the blond girl tells the doll.

The doll flies past her and sits on the rock to the left.

“Oh, Marisa, you’re here. I told you before, stop blaming yourself. It wasn’t your fault. It was no one’s.”

The blond girl named Marisa turns around and sees a woman with blue hair.

“K-Keine… I-I-I just can’t. It really was my fault. If only I did not fly around doing nothing all day but collecting mushrooms in the forest, I would have made it in time. If only I had gone to the human village with Alice earlier that day, I would have been able to help.”

Keine bends down and pats Marisa on the head. “Now, now Marisa. It cannot be helped. No one could have predicted the massacre on that day-“

“Liar!” Marisa slaps Keine’s hand away. “You were sick on that day. You knew that you lost your ability to hide the village’s location. Yet, you didn’t tell anyone bout it”

Marisa looks at the doll sitting on the rock. She turns back to Keine and points at the doll.

“You see that doll right there? She was Alice’s greatest creation. Alice’s dream was to create a doll that could move on its own. A doll that could think on its own. A doll that has its own free will. She finally created that doll but before she could even celebrate her dream coming true, it all falls apart right in front of her.”

On the day of the massacre, Alice went to the human village to do some shopping. When the sun set she decided to spend the night there enjoying the view with her dolls. However unknown to her the youkai had planned to attack the village. It was a good thing she was there as she used her dolls to sound the alarm and managed to wake the villagers up.

During the incident, many youkai and humans alike were affected. Some had all their powers drained away by the mysterious aura temporarily like Marisa and Keine’s. Others lost theirs permanently. However some were not that fortunate. During that short period where they lost their ability to fight back, they were taken down easily. The red-white shrine maiden who has solved countless incidents in the past, too, has been taken down during her weakened state.

“Marisa, I’m sorry okay? I feel guilty for this too, you know. This is why I’m protecting this place from now on. I’ll let them rest in peace here. I will make sure nothing bad ever happens.”

“It’s okay Keine. I’m sorry too. I haven’t really been myself lately. These past weeks I’ve been thinking.”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“There are more villagers than all these guys, right? I mean, I remember the human village being a huge place and all. So what happened to all the other villagers? I don’t remember there being that many survivors, too.”

“Well…” Keine says as she looks away, trying to not look at Marisa directly in the eye. “I kinda…”

“What is it, Keine? Do you know something about it?”

“Well… sorta… but then…”

Keine slowly turns and looks at Marisa.

“Are you sure you REALLY wanna know?”

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Re: After The End
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2011, 08:06:22 pm »
*speaks up, because nobody else will apparently*

Yes, I would like to know, actually.


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Re: After The End
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Sorry, I have been kinda busy these few days and didn't really get the time to finish this next part.


---PART II---

Dark clouds filled the sky and thunder can be heard in the skies.

“I’m not really sure about it, though. But from what I heard, a very powerful youkai had them for…”


“Let’s just say she did not go hungry for a long time after that little feast…”

“WHAT? Who are you talki-“

“I’m not really sure about this, either. Some say she had taken them to a place far away instead of having them for dinner.”

“You haven’t answered my question yet. Who was it?”

“I’m sorry, Marisa. That, however, I’m not really sure. Nobody got a look at her face.”

Raindrops start coming from the skies slowly, dripping down one at a time.

“Keine, I promise, I’ll find out whoever did this and I swear, I will avenge everyone here.”

“My, my. That really doesn’t sound like you at all, Marisa”

Marisa takes a deep breath and pauses for a while.

“I’m gonna solve this incident, da ze!” Marisa proclaims as her usual grin appears on her face.

“That’s the Marisa I know. Always so energetic and ready to solve an incident”

“Ya better go find some shelter now. The rain’s about to get heavy”

“Alright” Keine says this and walks away quickly to find some shelter.

Marisa takes up her broom and readies it then flies away from the Human Village. She prepares herself for a big battle ahead of her. She knows that there’s no way she can ever go up against a whole bunch of youkai that powerful alone. Heck, she isn’t even sure if their power enhancement was permanent or just temporary. Having decided, Marisa flies higher into the skies, soaring under the clouds.

“WEEEEEEE, I haven’t felt this for months now. I better get more speed and reach there before the rain gets too heavy”

And so off she went to find old friends to aid her in her journey.

Within minutes she had reached her destination. She lands upon the front door of a huge mansion.

She puts her hand on the ice-cold doorknob, ready to turn it. Suddenly, it hits her! “Dang! I almost forgot!” she shouted and quickly takes her hand away from the knob.

This place is known as the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Beyond this door, lies a timeless plane. Rumors spread quickly about how a group of youkai failed an ambush on the mansion because once they entered, they never got back. What lies within the mansion is better left unknown and untouched by any normal person. Marisa, however, isn’t as normal as any other normal person…

“Awww, the only time when I really DID mind my manners and tried to use the front door, this happens”

Marisa takes off with her broom and flies upwards as she slowly recalls the route she normally uses.

“Wow, I haven’t been here since that incident three months ago. I wonder if it has changed.”

She flies around the mansion and finally finds that window she normally uses. She knocks on the window rather loudly.

“Hello~ Patchy, ya’ home?”

Nothing but silence and the sound of the rain.

“Oh, well. I think I better play safe…”

Marisa backs off a few metres and points right at the window with her index finger.

“Okay, I’m just gonna use a weak one this time… Love Sign: Master Spark!”

A thin but powerful laser shoots out from her index finger and flies directly at the window. The window breaks and shatters and the pieces of glass fall onto the ground below her.

“Yeah~” Marisa says as she puts her hand to her face and lifting two fingers in the shape of a V. “Well, at least this entrance isn’t ‘closed’, hehe”

Marisa rides her broom right through the window.

“It’s Marisa, da ze! Patchy, ya’ there? Hello~”

All she hears is her own echoes as she slowly and carefully walks around in the library, looking for an old acquaintance of hers.
Marisa makes her way through the endless shelves of books in the library.

“Ah~ memories. How I would come here to borrow books all the time. I really missed this place”


“Ouch, that hurts! Did I walk into something?” Marisa says as she rubs her head.

“Marisa? What are you doing here?”

“Patchy? You’re here! Didntcha hear me when I called out to ya?”

“Wait, that really was you? I thought it was just my imagination. But then again, this IS your usual entrance.”

“Haha, yea-“

“Alright, enough with the chatting.”

“Huh?” Marisa turns behind and sees a tall maid with silver hair.

“What are you doing here, anyway? Here to resume stealing books again?”

“Hey! Stealing is such an ugly word. I never stole them, ya know. It was merely borrowing. What happened here anyway? With all those rumors spreading and all”

“Oh, that? Well, Sakuya had to stop time in the whole mansion”


The vampire mistress of the mansion walks up from behind Sakuya to join in the conversation.

“So, what are you doing here, Marisa?”

“I was just wondering if you knew what happened during ‘that’ day three months ago.”

“Ojou-sama did not leave the mansion that day. We had our own problems here, too.”

The mistress of the mansion, Remilia, invites the rest to take a seat not far away from where they are. They all take a seat as she starts talking, looking disappointed.

“Right now, I am powerless. If you want be to be of help in any way to solve any incidents happening, don’t bother.”

“Wow, it’s like you read my mind. So what about the timeless mansion rumor thing?”

“Well, as for that one…”

“Hmm? What is it?”

Remilia lets out a sigh and begins, “As you may already know, many youkai and humans alike had their powers mysteriously altered. I myself lost everything, from the ability to fly to the ability to control one’s fate. All my strengths are gone and I’m only left with my weaknesses. Flan, however, gained a massive boost in her destructive powers but as a side-effect, lost her sanity. She went berserk and Sakuya had no choice but to stop all time in the mansion, for if she hadn’t, we would have all gone long ago. As for the youkai attack, yeah, they attempted to attack the mansion but right after entering all of them just froze there because of Sakuya’s spell.”

The maid continues, “Well, it is a good thing to have a supply of blood for the mistress too. Right now, ojou-sama cannot go outside to hunt for blood so all I can help her is by taking fresh blood from the youkai who froze in the hallways. At this moment I, and only I alone can walk out of this library.”

“I see. I’m sorry to have bothered you. I guess I should really get going now. The rain has stopped and I can probably go out and find more people now. I really gotta find out what happened to the other youkai out there. The ones who don’t have any evil intentions, that is…”

“Alright then…”

Marisa sits on her broom once again and exits the mansion through the broken window that she had entered from.

All Marisa can do now is decide where else she can go to gather information and to get extra helping hands in solving this incident.

“So where should I go now? I really wish to solve this incident as soon as possible. Hmmm… I know! I think I know where I should go now...”

And so Marisa continues her flight right into a certain forest which she had not entered in a really long time.

“I hope I still remember my way around that forest. I really don’t wanna get myself lost among the bamboos again…”


Please feel free to leave any comments or critique after reading...
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Re: After The End
« Reply #3 on: February 09, 2011, 02:27:52 pm »
---PART III---

“Bamboos, bamboos, bamboos… They’re everywhere!”

Rows upon rows of endless bamboos all over the place, standing tall and proud. All the little black-white witch can do is fly in between them and pray she finds her way to the House of Eternity, Eientei.

Marisa lets out a loud sigh as she speeds past the bamboos on her broom

“I wish Mokou were here. She could have easily helped me out here.” –another sigh- “I just wanna get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.”

The hours fly as Marisa continues her search for the House of Eternity. However, the little witch realizes a strange phenomenon.

The full moon shines brightly over the forest, for hours the moon remains in the centre of the sky.
Something definitely isn’t right here.

Suddenly Marisa sees a dark figure a few metres away. The dimly lit night made it hard for her to see who it was, but she’s sure that it is someone with long rabbit ears.

“Hey! You there! Mind helping m-“

But before she could finish her sentence the rabbit-eared youkai –as she assumed it was- turns to look at her, revealing its glowing red eyes and lets out an angry growl.

The youkai pounces on the little witch, bearhugging her and  making her lose control over her broom.

“Get off!” Marisa screams as she struggles to break free and her broom loses control, flying up and down, left and right.

The broom flew right into a huge bamboo, knocking both of them down.

“Owww, what was that for?”

Marisa stands up and rubs her head. She picks up her hat on the floor and wipes some dirt off of it. She then looks down at the youkai and realized it was none other than yet another rabbit she had faced in the past.

“Marisa? What are you doing here?” the rabbit in pink asks, rubbing her eyes as if she had just awoken from a deep sleep.

They both sat down and took a little rest from all that. Marisa started asking the bunny girl in pink a few questions but all she could do was stare into space blindly. It only took a few minutes for the bunny girl to get to her senses.

“Oh no, I remember it all now…”

“???” Marisa looks at the little bunny girl, confused and then keeps silent to hear her out.

---Tewi takes some time to explain the situation to Marisa---

And so the full moon continues its reign over the skies above, standing alone in the midnight sky, floating higher than anyone else, dimly shining over the forest.

The full moon up there right now is but an illusion. An illusion caused by the red eyes of the moon rabbit. Never again can anyone within the forest escape once they enter. Can Marisa find her way into Eientei and shatter this illusion? Will she make it in time before she herself goes crazy from staring at the full moon for too long? Can she get to the bottom of this incident?

---Meanwhile in a place nearby, yet unreachable by anyone---

A girl in a red and light pink outfit with black cat ears slides open the door and walks into the dark room. She takes small, quiet steps towards her mistress’ futon and looks upon her, sobbing quietly.

She puts her hand over her mouth as her quiet sobs quickly turned to tears which streamed down her eyes like two waterfalls.

Lying in the futon is a shriveled up, emaciated body breathing weakly and lightly…

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