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Alice IIN Wonderland (01)
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Once upon a time there was a young girl named Alice.  She was just about to get married to Reimu (Cause you never see a male in Gensokyo, yuri is bound to happen), but some
little girl with bunny ears running around in a pink dress caught her attention. For some reason she just had the urge to go after the little girl in pink (maybe she's a chi-mo I do not
know I'm not a Psychologist, I'm just the narrator). After seeing the girl jump into a small hole in the bottom bunk of a tree, she thought it would be a smart idea to follow along (
either that or she just really doesn't wanna kiss the bride). She gets inside of the hole and then a whole lot of wacky stuff happens with the potion drinking and the shrinking and
growing stuff. She finally completes the completely unnecessary obstacle laid out by the Bunny Girl and appears in a mysterious land nothing like Gensokyo. It was covered in
fairies (oh wait) weird looking creatures (oh wait again) and last but not least the leader of the joint who was staring down Alice while smoking out of a hookah, Wriggle Nightbug
(oh shoot didn't see that coming wow). Wriggle looks at Alice with concern and tells the Bunny Girl, "You've brought the wrong Alice, this is clearly Alice from ZUN's popular
Bullet Curtain game Touhou, the Alice we're looking for is simply from England, how the hell did you make this mistake Inabi?" growled Wriggle. "Oh spleezus I'm sorry bozz, it
won't happen again, maybe you should send out the other bunny girl Reisen, she has better bunny senses and such." squealed Inabi as she eagerly hopped around Alice.

"God I friggen hate you, you're the epitome of Malice I hope you know this, Inabi."

"But bozz I'm just a little innocent bunny rabbit harem."


That is when Inabi poofed, now Alice was the only one there, gazing at Nightbug's evil stare.

"Well enough idle chit chat, why did you bring me here?" Alice asked.

"Simple, darkness falls upon our kingdom and in this scroll I've got layed out here; you're supposed to defeat a dragon, Alice."

"But...I'm not the real Alice I thought?"

"Oh it doesn't matter we'll take any help we can get, times are hard and the seeds of rebellion have already sprouted. The enemy has arisen from their depths and is seeking revenge
 on this so called "Wonderland". You must do your best to find a certain sword and slay the dragon, you cannot be seen by the enemy!"

" who is the enemy, might I ask?....Ms. Wriggle?"

"The enemy's name is......................Fujiwara Mokou, what is so dangerous about Mokoko? She can NEVER -die! Legend has it that about 1300 years ago she drank some weird
potion that makes her lifespan infinite. So therefore we can never truly get rid of the enemy, we can only repress the Mokoko's power by putting her spirit to rest."

"And how does me slaying a dragon put a Senior Hotty to sleep?"


So Alice set out on her adventure to destroy the evil being known as Mokoko.
What will happen in the next edition of, Alice IIN Wonderland.
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