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Ice Cold Flames.
« on: December 14, 2010, 04:13:07 pm »
A quick thing I wrote up about what happened to Cirno before she got to Gensokyo. If you've read any of my other stuff before (not likely I suppose, it's on here though) I have two requirements for being in Gensokyo. You have to have a reason to be there, and some magical potential beforehand.

This is a one shot chapter to tell the story. I might also do one for other characters if this one get's good response.

A girl in bright red cloths who looked quite distressed stood on the scorched half of completely barren mountain with quite a large peak area to stand on, the other half of this mountain was completely frozen, snow all around and there stood a girl in bright, light blue cloths and an orange scarf with large circular gusts of wind surrounding her. The girl in blue seemed completely calm, almost a bit annoyed by the girl standing opposite, but otherwise looked as if she almost couldn't care less.

"It was never fair!" yelled the girl in red balling her fist at her side, a small ball of fire surrounding it. "You were always stronger, even though I was older." She tilted her head down and looked to the side, refusing to look the girl across from her in the eyes. "And what? You took it easy on me? You pitied me? Tsk, what a joke."

"That's not true Achi," the girl in blue said with a calm voice, "I never went easy on you. It's true I'm stronger then you, my magic is also ice and I'm sure that makes it harder for you. But how much power you posses isn't everything. We were put in charge of one job, and you do yours just fine."

"See there it is again! Look at you all calm and confident. Look at your self looking down on me again. You think there is no chance I'd ever win against you don't you? What if I do? What if I win against you and go set that entire village to flame. That's what I'll do Cirno, I'll set the entire village to flame, and then the whole world. What would you say to that huh?"

The girl in blue closed her sighed, closed eyes and shook her head. "I would have no choice then Achi," she reached her arm out and grabbed at the air, a spiky dark blue sword formed in her hand. She positioned her self with both hands on the sword and faced it toward Achi, "I would then have to stop you."

Achi charged toward Cirno and threw a large torrent of fire towards her. Cirno extended her hand and a small circle appeared below her and in front of her blocking the fire. Achi threw a kick at Cirno was quickly appreheneded and slammed to the ground, Cirno's sword just grazing her ear as it came down near Achi's head.

"Are you sure you want to do this Achi? Won't you just come home safely with me and we can talk about this?"

"You have no idea how much I hate you dear sister. I want to see you bloody and dead on top of this mountain before we leave her today. I want..."

Achi kicked at Cirno's stomach, with all force of her leg and the help of some flame sent her into the air and put her hand on the sword stuck in the ground, it turned into water and Achi jumped up to Cirno's point in the air, balled her fist up into fire and punched Cirno in the stomach " see you dead!!"

Cirno slammed into the scorched ground with such force she bounced back up and then down before finally stop at the edge of the mountain. Achi landed and started running toward Cirno as she got up, Cirno pointed to the ground and lined up a slide in Achi's running path, causing her to loose balance and slip backwards. Cirno walked slowly toward Achi sliding trying to keep balance, pulled her fist back and punched Achi in the face with as she slide past her putting her into the ground and causing ripples  and waves in the ground of the mountain.

Cirno picked Achi up by the collar of her dress and held her out in front of her. Achi smirked and put her hands on Cirno's arm, a stream of blood flowing down from her hair going down past her eye. Cirno wound her arm back, slammed Achi into the ground, materialized another sword of out ice and stuck it threw Achi's stomach.

"I'm sorry, Achi. I'm sorry if you hated me, I'm sorry for whatever I did to cause that. I hope you all the best in the after life ok." Cirno bent down to kiss Achi on the cheek and  walked away.

Cirno suddenly noticed her own blade had gone threw the stomach.

"First, you should never turn your back on your enemies." Achi yanked the blade so Cirno spun in her direction and grabbed Cirno's throat and lifted her up. "Second, you don't get to leave here. If I'm going to die her, so are you, dear sister."

Achi tossed Cirno down, rushed toward and kicked her in the stomach to keep her flying, ran past her and grabbed her boot and began spinning her around until she had built up enough momentum to lift her up over her head and slam her into the ground.

Cirno picked her self up, her vision was becoming blurry, she could feel burn marks on her stomach leg, she could see her sister standing on the other side of the mountain. Both of them were covered in blood, she weakly grabbed the air and formed another sword in her hand but before she knew it Achi's fist was already her in stomach and she coughed up a large chunk of blood and stuck her sword and two smaller ice daggers into Achi's back as her head was over her shoulder and fell to the ground.

With Cirno and Achi both on the ground in a pool of blood, Cirno turned her head towards Achi, who she could see was dieing. Achi for her part, was looking at Cirno with a huge smile her on face.

"Goodbye, dear sister."

"Goodbye, Achi."


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Re: Ice Cold Flames.
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2010, 07:28:41 pm »
Short and touching. And a story with a serious Cirno, what a rare breed!

I'll just note that you have the occasional odd sentence here and there, but nothing that does the story any major damage! ;)

So yeah, I'm actually quite interested to see some stories of other characters. It's fun to read something that has a character behaving diffrent than usual!

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