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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #60 on: October 21, 2010, 04:10:43 pm »
Name: Zun Mamamamama (萄  真魔目益馬)  (surname: horse advantaged with eyesight of true demons)
Tittle: Pentahorse
Species: Okami
Ability: Manipulation of 42
Location: Horse Pentagram
Age: Infinite
Occupation: Keeping the universe together
Description: You look around. The strange green-faced man told you to enter this cave to find the beast, yet you see nothing. It should be here. As you look upward, you see you are actually standing on its toe. Its toe is so huge, the creature itself must be bigger than the mount everest. But then, why didnt you see it when you entered the cave? The mountain isn't as high as the mount everest! After a while of thinking you remember what the sparkplugman told you: The cave leads to a place outside of regular timespace. You look down, and see a line. The line is part of a pentagram. You are in the right place. You look up. What do you see? You see a wolf. A wolf with long silver hair and monk's dress. That's odd. He seems to be wearing what appears to be a cap. The silver hair blinds you as light enters the cave. The wolf's bright yellow eyes stare at you. Looking in his eyes, you see planet Earth. You ask, "Are you Mamamamama?". The wolf answers, but the sound is so loud you lose consciousness.

You wake up, and try to move your arms. As you open your eyes you find yourself in the middle of the pentagram, the horse pentagram. You are tied to the ground. Worms with human faces appear, singing Celtic folk songs in Brezhoneg. This must be a nightmare. The wolf looks down and says something, and again, you lose consciousness. What the hell?

As you wake up again, you are in a white room of seemingly infinite size. There, the wolf is again. He aims eye lasers on your forehead, speaking with you subconsciously. "I... y- yes, I am Mm- m- Mamamamamamama" The wolf facepalms. A grin appears on his face. "I WAS PUT IN THE CAVE YOU JUST WERE IN, TO KEEP THE UNIVERSE FROM EXPLODING. I HAVE BEEN HERE SINCE GOD KNOWS HOW LONG AGO. I GOT BORED SO I LEFT THE UNIVERSE EXPANDING, BITCH. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE", he says. He throws a horse at you. A shetlander. It's cute. But a direct hit will probably kill you. So you dodge. But why did he throw a horse. What's with those worms? Where the heck are you? He raises his arms, horses appear on the ground. All around you. You are sandviched by two zebras. As the wolf prepares to throw another horse, you scream "NOOOOO!" but it's too late. Everything becomes dark. When you wake up, you see a bunch of trolls and the sparkplugman beating you up with wooden clubs.

You got tricked into doing this. Yet for some reason, you can still feel the presence of the Pentahorse.

Yukari Yakumo (slave)
Atama Nou (unknown)
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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #61 on: October 21, 2010, 09:40:00 pm »
I'll use a few youkai my friend and I made for our Touhou Iseibon project.

Name: Nemuri Unaesareru
Title: Timid Dreamer
Species: Baku
Ability: Manipulation of Good Dreams, Devourer of Nightmares
Location: Youkai Realm
Age: 120
Personality: Nemuri is a gentle soul. Perhaps it's her young age that allows her to see things in a carefree way. Or perhaps it's her lazy lifestyle that allows such. Nemuri is about as lazy a youkai as Yukari; she is always asleep and speaks in a lax, drowsy drone. Her power to eat nightmares and replace them with good dreams makes her a preferable youkai to be around.

Name: Kin Bonshou
Title: The Everlasting Bell that Tolls
Species: Waniguchi
Ability: Unknown
Location: Youkai Realm
Age: 580
Personality: Kin is a "justice freak". A strange one among youkai, believing that you will be rewarded in life for doing good deeds. However, she hates humans, seeing them as creatures with no love in their hearts, only choosing what is wrong over what is just. It is rare for her to trust a human, but  when she does you know that that human is special in her eyes. The sole thing she hates is evil.

Name: Kasame Mizuago
Title: Great White Youkai of the Deep
Species: Shark
Ability: Detection
Location: Youkai Realm
Age: 230
Personality: She is a glutton, like any shark is. Kasame is usually well-mannered, but once she grows extremely hungry, it's hard for her to differentiate friend from food. She has no qualms about devouring humans and youkai alike, and to some, this might make her dangerous. Despite such, she is incredible loyal. Befriend her and you're together for life.

Name: Taika Itoguruma
Title: Fearsome Wheel of Flames
Species: Katawa-guruma (a woman riding on a flaming wheel)
Ability: Manipulation of Fire
Location: Youkai Realm
Age: 450
Personality: Taika is more or less a hothead. She assumes a leader role and demands her orders to be followed. She does have potential as a fighter, but she let's her temper get the best of her one too many times. She has pride in her ability to control fire and she easily gets riled up in a duel.

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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #62 on: October 21, 2010, 09:46:17 pm »
Great characters Savory... Though, to be honest, I found their personalities really...obvious. It's really good to go with the design, but, one has to have creativity for these kinda things.
Well, it is just my opinnion, and I usually find mistakes even in perfect things so I suggest that you don't listen to me xD


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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #63 on: October 21, 2010, 11:38:33 pm »
I think I may take a crack at this. I have a character I used for an Anime D20 game based in Gensokyo that was pretty fun.

Character name: Kameko Hisoka

Title: Death's Scowling Face

Species: Shinigami (was half-shinigami in teh campaign due to technicalities of the system)

Ability: Ability to rend souls from the living (yes I know, obvious, but she IS a shinigami)

Location: Muendzuka

Age: Not young. Probably somewhere around 700-800 years old.

Occupation: Reaper of Gensokyo (currently suspended)

Description (not only what you wear or how you look like, your personality too): Kameko is a small-statured girl, and is not exactly intimidating to someone who has never seen her before. Standing at only 4' 8", she's often missed in head counts. She has a similar uniform to Komachi, except she wears hakama instead of a kimono, and the colors are much more focused on purple and gray. She has fiery orange hair, and an ahoge on the right side. She uses dual kama as her soul reaping weapons. In personality, she is basically Komachi's opposite: very hardworking, goal-oriented, hard headed, and never really takes any breaks. Unfortunately, she's not very good at her job, as is evident by no deaths in Gensokyo recently. For being so bad at her job, Shikieiki has suspended her work until she can have an evaluation from the Ten Kings about her future. She considers Komachi her rival and greatly dislikes the slacker, and will go out of her way to beat her at anything she can think of. But she usually fails.
Komachi Onozuka (Cooworker, rival)
Shikieiki Yamaxanadu (subordinate)
Any Celestial (Grudge)
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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #64 on: October 22, 2010, 02:01:33 am »
I'm thinking of a Hisoutensoku moveset for Ayumi. Really tempted to wipe the dust off my tablet and sketch her.

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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #65 on: October 22, 2010, 04:10:15 pm »
I'm thinking of a Hisoutensoku moveset for Ayumi. Really tempted to wipe the dust off my tablet and sketch her.

Well, awesome, I'd like to see her :3


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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #66 on: October 22, 2010, 05:22:32 pm »
Name: Warusa Warugaki
Title: Wicked Trickster Oni
Species: Amanojaku
Ability: Tactical Genius
Location: Youkai Realm
Age: 330
Personality: Warusa could make Tewi jealous: she is the ultimate prankster. Understandably, this gives her  a bad rep among youkai, but what makes her special is her tactical mind. Warusa can use various surroundings and instances to her benefit, making the probability of falling for one of her traps 100%. Warusa's just a little trickster looking for some fun: even at the expense of others.

Name: Majii Karadatsuki
Title: One Who Seeks to Create
Species: Daidarabocchi
Ability: Manipulation of Nature to Create
Location: Youkai Realm
Age: 1080
Personality: Majii is a straightforward and blunt youkai. She stands firm in what she believes in and refuses to waver.  At first glance, you would not be able to identify her as a daidarabocchi, but she has the power to grow twenty times her size. Her most prominent ability is her power over nature, being able to create lakes and mountains. Being somewhat of a hermit, she travels about and uses her power to expand the land and formulate new landscapes.


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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #67 on: October 22, 2010, 07:25:42 pm »
I'm working on her, here's some of Ayumi's win quotes.

"Thanks for telling me about the world above. It beats being attacked by spirits all of time."
"Why are you having a hard time gathering money? People bribe me not to destroy their souls in the afterlife, but that doesn't do anything for them. They just waste their money on me and I'll still destroy them if their spirits don't behave."

"I'll take my stuff back. Thank you!~"
"Banes beat sparks, look it up."
"I can't wait for you to pass away! Your soul will be mine!"

"That's a lot of knives! Too bad they disintegrate before they make contact with me."
"Your powers allow you to take care of the mansion by yourself? What's the point of the other maids then?"

"Does being the strongest involve melting into a puddle when I'm around?"
"Blah! You melt before I can rip out your soul!"

"Your skills never cease to amaze me! Your speed and stance is perfect!"
"I wish Satori-sama was your mistress, we would have a lot of fun sword-fighting."

"What are you doing here? Wouldn't the Yama yell at you for slacking off?"
"How's the Yama doing? I would check on her myself but she'll lecture me if she sees me. Her lectures are booooring! ...Please don't tell her I said that!"

Satori (Mentally talks to her due to their unique bond)
(That was really fun Satori-sama! I hope we can do this more often!)
(Sorry if I didn't hesitate enough, are you hurt?)

"Surely, you did not think you could win..."
"You're lucky to be alive. You would be dead right now if I was fighting at full power."
"Don't resist, your soul will be mine soon enough."


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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #68 on: October 22, 2010, 08:24:12 pm »
Ooh, win quotes and such! Sounds like I should try some for Pato. First, spellcards.

Mind's Eye [Wither and Bloom]
Normal: Patorikku sends out four servants in four directions, quickly laying down an inescapable circle of stationary bullets, along with some slow-moving bullets which approach the center of the circle, where Patorikku stands. The servants gradually make their way inward after 15 seconds towards the center until they are about half the distance away from Pato in comparison to the start. They eventually move outward again, and repeat until defeated or time runs out. Lasts about 90 seconds.
Hard/Extra: There are six servants instead of four, increasing the amount of slow-moving bullets. The slow-moving bullets move slightly slower, too. Pato also begins shooting slow bullets towards the player's position.
Lunatic/Phantasm: There are eight servants, increasing the amount of slow-moving bullets even more, and the circle and slow-moving bullets begins to move slightly slower, in order to increase the density.
Fighter: The player is surrounded with circling bullets that move inward towards the player's position upon launch. Each circle appears about three seconds after the last one disappears. Pato also attempts to take out the player with aimed bullets.
"Though the rose eventually wilts as autumn passes by, there is hope that the fragile flower shall bloom again. So too, does the human mind, in which its peaks of imagination work like the rose."

Fear [Deathly Illness]
Normal: Five lasers shoot outwards in five different directions, releasing servants that launch six bullets at a time. The bullets move slowly, and fill the screen steadily. The lasers are shot again after the servants have shot eight rounds of bullets, in order to produce new servants. Pato stands in the middle of the screen to fire these lasers.
Hard/Extra: The laser and servant count becomes six, increasing the density of bullets. Pato also begins to shoot eight bullets at a time outwards, but at half the time of the servants.
Lunatic/Phantasm: The laser and servant count becomes seven, and the bullets being shot outward increase to eight at a time. Pato continues shooting bullets at the same pace as Hard/Extra.
Fighter: Pato sends out purple clouds in three directions, and proceeds to attack the player normally. The clouds will shoot out slow bullets at the player's position, and will drain health if the player is touched by the clouds.
"Even through the toughest of times, and the most extreme of illnesses, humans always carry onto hope. Hope that they will live to see another day? This hope carries them to heaven's door, regardless of the outcome."

Now for some win quotes.

vs. Reimu
"As usual, you're just slacking off, not even playing around. Don't tell me Gensokyo is a boring place to you!"

vs. Marisa
"You know, I have to admit, our first meeting was really awkward. Nice to see you've gotten over it."

vs. Alice
"I apologize if I hurt you. If I may recommend, actually use some of your own power for once."

vs. Remilia
"I suppose this is one way of showing that hope can prevail over fate. No offense to you, of course, Remilia."

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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #69 on: October 22, 2010, 09:07:28 pm »
So.  Stage three boss, and things take a darker turn (hopefully >.>).  As for spellcards/win quotes/what-have-you... That's an idea for later, I guess.

Name: Setsuna Itamiko
Title: The End of All Hope
Species: Amalgamation of the souls of those who committed suicide near her tree
Ability: Induces despair in anyone who is in close proximity to here.  Prolonged exposure almost invariably leads to the victim losing all hope and commiting suicide.
Location: In the depths of the Forest of Magic, near a large, sturdy tree infamous as "The Tree of Gallows", a popular suicide spot.
Age: Unknown, even she can't remember how old she is.
Occupation: Vengeful spirit, inducer of suicides

Description: Incredibly pale, with long white hair that's styled to cover her right eye (the trickles of blood that drip down from that area give most people the impression that they don't want to see what's behind the hair).  Her one visible eye is a pale, sickly green.  She wears long white robes that are criss-crossed all over with long red streaks that look as though they've soaked in from underneath (the wrists of her robes are an especially deep red...), and a rotting, moss ridden rope noose around her neck.  On close inspection, her jaw has several stitches in it, as though it was reattached after being blown off.  She never seems to show any emotion, addressing everyone with the same blank expression and a hushed whisper devoid of any feeling.

Long ago, so long ago that Setsuna can't even remember herself, a young girl, broken by the weight of the world and a series of heavy emotional tragedies, made her way into a deep, dark forest until she couldn't bare to run anymore.  Utterly distraught by what had happened to her, and unable to cope with the pressures of life anymore, she hung herself from the tallest, strongest tree she could find in the hope that in death she would finally be able to find some semblence of peace.  But it was not to be... Maybe it was because she still had some attachment to the world, maybe it was because suicide is a sin, maybe it was just because the thick magic permeating through the forest prevented her from leaving... Whatever the reason, her soul was unable to pass on.  Just when she thought nothing could happen to make things worse, it did, and that was the final straw.  She decided that, if she can't find her peace, no-one should be able to, and began to inflict her suicidal feelings onto anyone who passed near enough to the tree she hung herself from.  But not only does she make them kill themselves, she feeds upon their souls as they leave their bodies, absorbing their very being into herself so that they suffer as she has had to.  She's done this so much, however, that her original identity has been lost in the process, leaving her as little more than an amalgamation of angry, bitter souls who wish nothing more than to make others feel their pain and know the true meaning of despair.

Relationships: Generally keeps to herself.  However, due to her very nature, she is heavily disliked by those involved in the regular process of death and the afterlife, such as Yuyuko and Shikieiki (although the two are somewhat sympathetic towards her plight due to her past, neither can condone the actions she has taken after her death).
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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #70 on: October 22, 2010, 09:09:31 pm »
Win Quotes! Let's see...

General: Sara: 'Are you scared of me? is that why you lost *giggles*'
                 Shinku: 'My predictions were right, you were gonna end up on the floor begging for my mercy!'

Sara/Reimu: 'Are you scared of having no money? or are you scared of losing to a little girl?'
Sara/Marisa: 'Hmph! Being flashy will make you more predictable... Being silent and nerve-wrecking is the way to go!
Sara/Remilia: 'Did you have fun? if you're up for it, let's play again!'
Sara/Sakuya: 'Knives...Predictable I have a maid who hurts people more with mere playing cards...'
Sara/Cirno: 'BOO! I'm an oven! Here to melt your frozen frogs and your strength!'
Sara/Komachi: 'Wow you forced me to go all out... Shinigami are scary even for me...'
Sara/Utsuho: 'Are you scared that if you forget me I can scare you again?'
Sara/Suwako: 'Uwah! Snakes and Frogs?! I hate them!!!'
Sara/Sara: 'Ehh... Wow, this place is weird'

Shinku/Reimu: 'Hmm... I thought you were gonna try harder han this... Disappointing.'
Shinku/Marisa: 'You're nothing but an overpowered torch... Tomorrow you're just gonna use the same tactic on my mistress'
Shinku/Remilia: 'I can't change someone's fate... but I can predict it'
Shinku/Sakuya: 'Maid vs Maid, and I knew I was gonna win!'
Shinku/Cirno: 'Looks like you tried to put predictions into your own hands... No, you will never be the strongest if you keep up like this'
Shinku/Komachi: 'My mistress comments on your strength, and I knew that I would be doing the same *smiles*'
Shinku/Utsuho: 'I can only say one thing... I knew the god you would absorb was the Yatagarasu'
Shinku/Suwako: 'Unfortunatley I don't my mistress would go easy on you... seeing you're accosiated with the two things she hates the most'
Shinku/Shinku: 'I always knew I'd fight myself, just I never knew who was gonna win'
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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #71 on: October 22, 2010, 11:11:12 pm »
Some more of Ayumi's win quotes.

"Tonight, we will have roasted crow. What? Don't look at me like that! I was just kidding!"
"You fly fast, my fireballs fly faster!"
"Yay! Does this mean I get the front page of the Bunbunmaru?"

"Your mind tricks won't work on me if I incinerate everything around me."
"Aww, a rabbit! So cute."
"Thanks to you, I have a massive headache."

"Fate has brought me to this world. Fate has brought us into battle. Fate has deemed me victorious."
"My strategy against vampires: Vampires are weak against the sun right? So why not use my Nemesis Bane as a makeshift sun!"
"You're not taking a sip of my blood!"

"Okay... I'm gonna walk away and pretend this never happened."
"You try to break me, I'll break your soul!"
"Being locked in a basement is not good for one's sanity."

"You're body is so weak from all the reading you're doing. You need to get out more."
"The elements don't even compare to the wrath of Hell!"
"*Sigh* I'm bored. Does your library have any manga?"

"Gah! I don't remember you being this powerful!"
"Remember! My. Name. Is. Ayumi! Ugh! I give up!"
"I wish your mind was as bright as your attacks."

"Please come back to the palace. Satori is worried about you..."
"If only you didn't close your eye, I could've talked to you the same way as your sister."
"Looking at your closed eye saddens me. I don't know what I would do if Satori's eye was closed..."

"Um.... What are you doing...?"
"Wow. That's a cool looking umbrella. Where did you get it from?"
"I know of a few ways of surprising people, Satori doesn't like it when I try do it though."

"My flames are hotter and brighter than yours."
"Damn it! Why can't I rip your soul out!?"
"You're right in saying a fight against an immortal is unfair. I just dominated you."

"Hey! You're from the outside too? We should talk to each other more."
"Did you get sucked through a portal too?
"Do you know anything about my father?"

Yamaxandu Shikieiki
"Ah! I'm so sorry! Please accept my apology!"
"Um... does beating the Yama count as a sin?"
"The evil spirits are repenting well. They don't rebel as much as they used to."

"Yay! I won! I get to borrow Youmu from you!"
"Your manor is pleasing to the eyes, beats the constant sight of Hell's fires."
"Your power is to invoke death, mine is to destroy souls. What would happen if we did a lethal fight?"

"*Pant* *Pant* So strong..."
"Can I take a sunflower home? We don't have many plants in the Palace."
"Oops... Sorry about accidentally burning down your sunflower field.

"Tell me, are you the one responsible for the portal that separated me from my father?"
"You're plotting something aren't you?"
"Your mastery over gaps raises suspicions over my past."

"Everyone has skulls in their closet. Want me to add yours to mine?"
"Dad, I wish you were here right now. I miss you..."
"I can take people down, but I can't take sake. Why is that?"


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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #72 on: October 23, 2010, 03:16:34 am »
Alright, time for some more spellcards and win quotes.
[Parasol of Safety]
Normal: Patorikku disappears, leaving a large circle in his place. Bullets begin to fall from the top of the screen at an alarming rate. The circle deflects the bullets, and is to be followed until the end of the spellcard. At times, the raining bullets will begin tilting to the left or right, and the player must adjust their position around the circle accordingly.
Hard/Extra: The rain curves slightly more than Normal, and the circle is slightly smaller.
Lunatic/Phantasm: The rain will come directly from the sides, at times, and the circle is slightly smaller than Hard/Extra. The end of the spellcard will also change, as all the bullets on the map suddenly target the circle at the middle, and slowly close in. The player must weave through the bullets to survive this final onslaught.
Fighter: Doesn't exist, however uses a similar card called [Hopelessly Drenched in Crimson Rain]. The opponent will have large amounts of red bullets shot at them from directly above Patorikku. These bullets are fired in clumps, and must be swiftly dodged.
"Many hope to keep themselves dry, in order to prevent themselves from becoming ill. Covering their heads, the parasol is an incredible source of hope and safety for many."

Imperishable Dream
Normal: Bullets are mercilessly fired from the top of the screen, with some bullets aimed at the player and others randomly shot. The bullets gradually begin to fire at different speeds, getting both slower and faster, creating pandemonium. No order is to be found anywhere on the screen. The end of the spellcard occurs after 90 seconds have passed.
Hard/Extra: Same as above, however the bullets are more dense. The end of the spellcard takes an extra 15 seconds to arrive.
Lunatic/Phantasm: The bottom of the screen collects some of the bullets and creates a sea of white bullets that slowly swallows up the screen. The end of the spellcard is a whole two minutes away from the beginning.
Fighter: Absolute chaos. The bullets surge towards the player at random intervals, while Patorikku fires off bullets in circles as the fight goes on. The player has to either outlive the timer of three minutes, or take the direct approach.
"A world shaped by the visions and images collected from inspirations of another world. Constantly being rebuilt, the dream never ends, and will only continue growing, so long as there is someone who can build it further."

vs. Sakuya
"As usual, you seem to be going all-out. Perhaps you're afraid that I may replace you?"
"I always had an unnatural love for knives. You seem to be quite a fanatic yourself."

vs. Youmu
"Cut apart the barrier that separates worlds. Let the people have hope for their growing world."
"That sword seems rather dangerous. I suppose you must be a true master to wield it."

vs. Patchouli
"Now, about dedicating one section of the library to being a manga studio..."
"So many books, yet you can't seem to find any that tell you how to cure your bad health."

vs. Yuyuko
"I suppose you're a ray of hope for those pleading for death. Something like that, anyway..."

vs. Yukari
"That first day we met... You knew I would become this today, didn't you?"
"Your power... Maybe it was what I was looking for this whole time..."

vs. Reisen
"A rabbit's foot is a symbol of good luck, and good luck is like a sort of hope, so does that mean I can control your foot?"
"Mokou told me to tell you to tell Kaguya to quit slacking off... Man, that's a mouthful..."

vs. Aya
"With that kind of speed, you'll end up running right into a tree..."
"Tell me, do you think you could help me with publishing a manga?"

vs. Komachi
"Some people have hope that death will free them. What do you say to that?"

vs. Iku
"I brought a parasol, but I guess that wouldn't have changed much."

vs. Tenshi
"And I thought I had too much pride..."

vs. Sanae
"So are you still connected to the outside world? Know anything about recent anime?"

vs. Cirno
"There's no getting through to you. No hope for fairies, really..."
"... Idiot..."

vs. Meiling
"That martial arts can't be very useful in a magic-run world."

vs. Utsuho
"The sun brings hope for a new day or the end of the rain, so what does a false sun bring?"

vs. Suwako
"Frogs, frogs, everywhere! Can't you come up with something that idiot WON'T freeze?"

vs. Self
"What could I possibly achieve by defeating myself, anyway?"
"I have to admit, I look too good to beat up. Nonetheless..."

"You must've slacked off. Hold a little hope, and maybe you wouldn't falter."
"Do I talk about hope too much? I kinda seem like it, don't I?"

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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #73 on: October 24, 2010, 07:08:15 pm »
nobody has posted here in a while so here are the characters I made

In case you can't see my guy character is say GRAZE THIS YOU BITCH!!!

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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #74 on: October 24, 2010, 08:44:04 pm »
xD awesome pic draganuv!
Lesse, I want to do win quotes too!
Vs Reimu
"Heheh...Even if I make it seem like there is money in that box, everyone would know it is not true"
Vs Marisa
"Wow, Marisa, I never thought I would be fighting you, as you were who taught me most of the magic I know. Though of course I knew I'd win"
Vs Alice
"Alice, you are not in wonderland"
alt. "We have the same problem, my friend. The only difference is that I know how to handle it"
Vs Sakuya
"The whole point of your strategy is me being surprised. And I won't get surprised only by a bunch of knives"
Vs Remilia
"So you are a vampire? Mh....nostalgic"
Vs Patchouli
"Well, that was fun for a while, Patchy. I'll try to come around whenever Marisa tries to steal something from you!"
Vs Yukari
"My illusions won't fool you; but you keep fooling around, and that's not a way of winning..."
Vs Cirno
"When I was...young, we used a ruler to hit idiots in their heads"
Vs Aya
"If you don't give me those photos you took from me I'm going to hunt you down in your dreams and steal your head every night..."
Vs Flandre
"Try to "kyuu" me once more and I'll make your stay in this basement worse than what it really is"
Vs Satori(n)
"I'm already sleeping with a trauma that leaves me sleepless"
Vs myself
"Many people end up tricking themselves. I'm not that kind of person"
More stuff coming soon xD 
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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #75 on: October 24, 2010, 09:00:05 pm »
We're making spellcards and win quotes now? Because if we are, I have a few for Kaisou...

Ice Magic [Frozen Star]
Normal: Looks like circles appearing in a clockwise pattern while periodically he shoots bullets in a star pattern.
Hard: Star bullets shoot out and then a random number of them freeze. He'll still shoot at you.
Lunatic: He throws a bubble to a wall and it implodes. When a bullet spawned from the explosion touches the other wall, it freezes and scrambles downward.
Phantasm: Lots of star shapes shot out, a random freeze, and goes in reverse.

Electric Magic [Energy Blast]
Easy: Shoots random array of bullets and shoots some with a laser. The ones shot with a laser explode into 2-5 bullets.
Normal: Now with two lasers.
Hard: Random array, bullets switch direction, and shoots with three lasers.
Phantasm: Bullet rain, sweeps laser on top of screen, bullets hit with laser turn into streaming bullets.

Dangerous Magic [World's End]
Phantasm: Starts with a 5-spiral. Every ten seconds a new pattern is added. In order: reverse spiral, QED circle, streaming flowers, stardust bullets (pattern from Marisa's PoFV), ocean wave. After ocean wave's 10 seconds, the remaining 30 are just like this (only high-speed bullets) with a 8-petal flower bullet design (slow-moving). Since it sounds super-hard, this can only be accessed by capturing all Phantasm card in one run. You can still bomb during the time, and it will work like a regular spellcard. Looks like he's been taking lessons from someone else?

I don't have any other ones, so I guess win quotes?

vs. Reimu
"I'm sorry, Reimu!"
"Do I still get to live here?"
"Mystic Oriental Love Consultation? Touhou Yourendan? Sounds like a game."

vs. Kogasa
"AAAAAAAHH! Oh my gosh, you scared the hell out of me!"

vs. Alice
"When's the next lesson?"
"Shanghai doll? I want one!"

vs. Yuka
"Now tell me... What happened to Mima?"
"Wow~ Flowers everywhere!"
"Do you know of Mugetsu?"

vs. Cirno
"Hahaha! And I did it without frostbite!"
"Huh? What's with the water? Where'd she go? Why are her clothes in the water?! Oh wait, ice fairy...?"

vs. Hong Meiling
"That's so mean, people calling you China..."
"Orange! You came back! Oh, wait. You're not her..."

vs. Self
"Hello, my name is Kaisou! What's yours?"
"Cool wings! Where can I get them? Oh, wait..."
"I always knew I was crazy, but not THIS crazy!"

"Nice theme, by the way."
"So... There's nobody here from the time Mima was around besides Alice and Yuka?"
"All this battling makes me hungry..."
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Hi. Might put something new here but idk.


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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #76 on: October 24, 2010, 09:04:30 pm »
thank you :3, i guess i'll do Shinji win quotes naow

Shinji/Reimu: 'I don't know why you just use your dimension ability to phase and steal everyone's money, just a suggestion'
Shinji/Marisa: 'Heh... I could summon a whole ball of that energy and ram into your face'
Shiji/Sakuya: 'Whoa, calm it with the knives or you'll end up stabbing yourself!'
Shinji/Yukari:'...*very angry look*'
Shinji/Flandre: 'I wonder if I say kyuu, you'll explode instead of me!'
Shinji/Remi: 'What's with the noise in your basement?! all I hear is exploding!'
Shinji/Komachi: 'Your master is a judge? what a coincidance, so am I!'
Shinji/Sikieiki: 'I say we team up and find Yukari so I can finish her once and for all!'
Shinji/Okuu: 'Stars aren't just balls of energy to toss around at people! each star has great important meaning to it and has story that is there even when it's born!!!'
Shinji/Suwako: 'You're pretty playful, for a god'

as an extra here's a quote if Elis won against Reimu~

'Why are you on the ground? don't blame me I'm innocent~'
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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #77 on: October 25, 2010, 01:38:55 pm »
I managed to upload a picture of Shinku

it's not good since i've only begun uploading pics here  :ohdear:

sorry for double posting >< got to stop >:(
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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #78 on: October 26, 2010, 11:13:52 pm »
I guess it would be alright if I done my first post here. Well I may have messed up on it...well anyway~
Name: Legion

Tittle: The Phantasmal Armory

Species: Poltergeist

Ability: The manipulation of a vast amount of weapons, including forming them into shields or projectiles.

Location: Formerly between Makai and a distorted form of the Hakurei Barrier. Now wanders Gensokyo out of interest.

Age:  Older than Gensokyo itself

Occupation: Unemployed; looking for an available lord.

Description:  A girl who served in one of the last assaults against Makai in the old days leading up the the creation of the Hakurei Barrier. After her death, the leader of the group whom was her father, decided to create a spirit based off of her as he passed away. She is eccentric but kind, more noticeably towards children and those whom she respects. Most of her old memories has long been forgotten from the long stay within solitude. Now she carries the name "Legion" for those she has fought with, possessing the weapons used on that day with the pride and soul of the army.

Her stock of weapons were first formed from the equipment of over four thousand fellow companions which slowly grew from weapons which fell from a spacial tear which may have been created by the barrier's creation and the war which was fought underground. Legion's current weapon count is somewhere in the millions.

For reasons unknown she holds a grudge against Yukari Yakumo.

Relationships: Residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion (Allies), The Prismriver sisters (Fellow Poltergeist), Aya Shameimaru (Constant annoyance), Shinki (????), Yukari Yakumo (????)

[Win Quotes]

V.S. Reimu:
"Damn...Had to go all out on that..."
"H-Hey watch it...I don't want my head to explode!"
"How about you lend me one of those orbs~?"

V.S. Marisa:
"Alright so I won...uh...can you stop eying my weapons?"
"You should control your kleptomania..."

V.S. Alice
"I used to play with dolls...ah the good old nostalgia..."
"Gunpowder isn't a good mix for toys!"
"You're...alot like a way."

V.S. Cirno
"Nice try, but aim forward more~"
"Hmm, that was some good harmony!"
"D-D-Dammit...blanket... I need a blanket!"

V.S. Remilia
"A lady of war, worthy of the highest praise~"
"Gungnir? Is that like Gae Bolg?"
"Stay still!"
" you have openings at your mansion?"

V.S. Utsuho
"Self control must be more than a virtue for you, eh?"
"So...your place has any job openings?"

V.S. Yukari
"Stay down...Gap Monster!"
"Do you have any jo-Wait...what am I saying!?"
"You've meddled in the lives of others too much! Prepare yourself!"

V.S. Self
"We are Legion, for we are many."

V.S. Mima
"Your too dangerous"
"I've heard that you haven't been seen in a long time." (smirks) "I guess we both need more training."

V.S. Yuka
"Mugenkan...? Never heard of it."
" pain is in pain right now..."

V.S. any of the Prismriver Sisters
"It's always a pleasure to have a match~"
"Fellow Poltergeist, lend me your ears...and some money."
"Hey, maybe I could join up...I could"

V.S. Suwako
"For a God you seem sort of...lacking."
"I should add trees to the list of things I hate..."

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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #79 on: October 27, 2010, 05:58:56 am »
Ah~ I just thought of a new spellcard and win quotes.

Lunar Magic [Moonlight Glow]
Phantasm: A spellcard that summons a moon to shoot at you. It's slow moving so you have a chance to avoid it while dodging. What you will be dodging is a rotating circle pattern (Mercury Poison) with a laser halfway above the screen obscuring your view of the bullets. This spellcard is a phantasm level because if you bomb, the moon moves faster every time. To me, it's so evil.

PC-98 Win quotes, because nobody made them yet AFAIK.

vs. Sariel
"Let's all die together~ Wait, WHAT?!"
"Cool wings~"

vs. Shingyoku
"Uhh... Okay...?"
"Um, am I supposed to call you a him, her, or it? Sorry for being rude for this..."

vs. Konngara
"Reimu, do I still get to live at your shrine? Wait, you're not her! IMPOSTOR!!!"
"Tribal music???? Wait, what?"

vs. Gengetsu
"*cries* No more, no more!"
"Mega-dream demon!"

vs. Mugetsu
"Oh my gosh, you're Mugetsu!!! I am a HUGE fan of you!"
"Mugetsu!! Can I get a hug?~ I feel like the only one that misses you..."

vs. Shinki
"A goddess? Cool! Can you make MY dreamworld and make me the ruler of it? Oh, wait... Never mind!"
"Meow~ Wait, what? Wow, I say that a lot."

vs. Yumemi
"Liquid nitrogen ice cream, raspberry please!~"
"OK, OK, just for you... THE POWER OF SCIENCE!!!!"

vs. Chiyuri
"Cheater!!!! I don't know how, but you cheated!"
"Sailor of Time? How are you a sailor of time if you can't time-travel or control time yet?

vs. Elly
"Bad Apple? What are you, Snow White?"
"Cool scythe~"

vs. Orange
"I'm hungry... Hey, where'd she go?"
"Why this version? I like the unused version better..."
Hi. Might put something new here but idk.


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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #80 on: November 03, 2010, 04:36:43 am »
Out of boredom, I made up some Hisoutensoku spellcards.

Level 1 Spellcards

Soul Rip
Ayumi's hand bores into the opponent's chest, ripping out a portion of the opponent's soul. Disables a Spirit Orb on successful hit. A nice end to a combo and it hinders the opponent.

Level 2 Spellcards

Scorching Wrath
For 10 seconds, Ayumi's attacks will ignite the target, placing a DoT that deals 30% additional damage. Each successful attack resets and strengthens the effect.

Nemesis Bolt
Ayumi launches a large explosive fireball. Good for ending combos.

Blast Nova Prime
Ayumi engulfs her left hand in Wrathfire and punches the ground, creating a fiery explosion.

Skyflare Barrage
Launches 8 homing fireballs diagonally upwards. Homes in on airborne opponents, useless on ground targets. Stops following when opponent has contact with the ground.

Level 3 Spellcards

Death Phoenix
Ayumi squats down while fiery wings sprout from her back. She then leaps upwards exploding into a pillar of fire. She then lands gracefully resulting in a huge recovery time. What a showoff...

Infernal Descent
Aerial spellcard. Ayumi performs repeated spinning slashes until she hits the ground. Does more damage the higher Ayumi is.

Level 4 Spellcards

Supreme Blast Nova
Ayumi engulfs Hell's Guidance in Wrathfire and plunges it into the ground, releasing a massive fiery explosion.

Unyielding Wrath
Ayumi shrugs off her hesitation and strikes with killing intent. All attacks do 60% chip damage for 15 seconds. Cannot K.O. except from an unblocked attack.

Level 5 Spellcards

Nemesis Bane
Ayumi launches a large fireball at the opponent, explodes causing massive damage.

Soul Sunder
Ayumi infuses Wrathfire into Hell's Guidance and impales the opponent, tearing apart the opponent's soul. Unblockable melee attack and disables 2 Spirit Orbs.

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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #81 on: November 03, 2010, 05:43:12 am »
New spell cards~

Solar Magic [Sunlight Beam]
Hard: A stream of bullets shoots towards you while he shoots a few lasers and other bullets. A white circle covers where he is, so pay attention to the enemy marker; or as he calls it, the "locating-person-enemy-finder-thingy!"
Lunatic: This time, you are going to need to stay focused, because the circle is always around YOU this time. Bullet density increases every second.

Magic Sign [Abstract Reality]
Phantasm: A bubble is shot out bursts into many bullets that bounce off the walls. Every time you bomb, he shoots faster and the burst gets larger.

Nature Magic [Flower's Quickly Withering Vines]
Easy: Just a trail of bullets collapsing.
Normal: Growing vines that collapse.
Hard: Bullets form from the wall and create a ribbon of bullets to fall.

Last Word
[The Ultimate End to One Dimension]
This is Kaisou's Last Word. A ripple is created making a black hole effect. Those bullets do not dematerialize and they shoot outwards as well. Familiars are shot towards you and fire a circle of bullets. An eight laser array is fired, but rotates slowly to add an evil effect. Periodically, the lasers shift directions. At a certain point, Kaisou takes a break and makes a reverse double-rotation pattern and starts the main pattern again. The last 30 seconds are a combination of all his spell cards set to the highest level.
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Hi. Might put something new here but idk.


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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #82 on: November 03, 2010, 07:44:02 am »
I'm feeling like making a character that has the ability to manipulate alcohol...
but mabye later, awesome spellcards nema, i'd like to see Ayumi if she was in hisotensoku

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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #83 on: November 03, 2010, 06:46:04 pm »
I'm feeling like making a character that has the ability to manipulate alcohol...
but mabye later, awesome spellcards nema, i'd like to see Ayumi if she was in hisotensoku

There IS someone who can control alcohol. ZUN, duh xD


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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #84 on: November 03, 2010, 08:14:58 pm »
I guess I'll post a couple. One will be blatant a self-insert. The second is a character my mind made up one day randomly and the concept has not left me alone since, but is one that seems strange enough to appear in Gensokyo. If either of the ideas have been done before, I apologize. I looked through the thread, but I may have missed things.

Name: Jochem Shunjou

Title: The Genius Anomaly

Species: Human (Of German and and Japanese descent, or their Touhou equivalent. I'm not sure of the areas outside Gensokyo.)

Ability: Manipulation of his own matter, gravity, and position in space

Location: Human Village

Age: 18

Occupation: Scientist; Studies most sciences, but specializes in physics and quantum theory

Physical Description: Average build, stands at 5'8". Pale skin. Unkempt brown hair, long for a man. Brown eyes. Wears glasses, thin-rimmed that match hair and eye color.

Personality: Jochem is, above all else, quiet and studious. He rarely leaves his home except for research and the occasional wanderlust. Doesn't engage in conversation often, though he tends to act polite and self-deprecatory when forced into it. (The exception being when the topic at hand is something he is well-versed in, in which case he becomes arrogant and lecture-prone.) Enjoys wearing a lab coat over his clothing, if only because he thinks it makes him look cool. Sometimes acts single-mindedly when faced with an interesting prospect, such as testing the limits of an individual's unique powers, whether they wish it or not.

In short: usually quite friendly, but cold and inquisitive once SCIENCE! is involved.

That's all for now. I'll post that second idea later, along with more detail on Jochem.

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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #85 on: November 03, 2010, 09:57:25 pm »
I'm feeling like making a character that has the ability to manipulate alcohol...
Manipulation of (the rate of) fermentation? That would be fascinating as hell to see. Go for it.

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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #86 on: November 04, 2010, 01:17:59 am »
Name: Dook

Title: Why I'm So Great

Species: Human, probably.

Ability: Mighty Boot

Age: 19, looks older

Occupation: Asskicker, Wiseguy

In the original two games Dook barely spoke and was portrayed as a self-proclaimed hero, initially hired by the CIA to save earth from Dr. Proton. However Duke's personality in all his games since the third game in the series, Dook 3D, has been that of a wise-cracking, hyper-masculine, egotistical, chauvinist, machismo-filled, womanizing tough guy. It should be noted that in Dook II he starts to move more into the direction of a traditional action hero. His missions generally involved killing aliens that had invaded Earth. He is apparently sexually adept and irresistible to women, and circumstances generally find him surrounded by many buxom women. He does however frequently mention an estranged love named "Lani" in numerous games, although she is never elaborated on and seems to be the butt of many of his jokes. (Indeed, in Dook 3D, it is shown that he has a tattoo of her name on one of his buttocks.) This is widely believed to be a reference Lani Minella, a voice actress that has done several voices for Dook 3D.

Dook's character is a pastiche of a number of Hollywood-action heroes, such as those played by John Wayne, Charles Bronson in Death Wish, Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando, Sylvester Stallone as Rambo, Bruce Willis as John McClane in Die Hard, Kurt Russell's character from Big Trouble in Little China, Roddy Piper's character from They Live, and Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams from the Evil Dead series. His appearance resembles characters played by Dolph Lundgren and Jean Claude Van Damme.

Voiced by Jon St. John in all incarnations in which the character speaks (with the exception of Dook II), Duke's voice is based on that of Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry.[3]

Like the characters often played by Schwarzenegger and Stallone, Duke is a confident, aggressive, and frequently politically incorrect muscle-man, who, although not superhuman, nonetheless manages to achieve incredible physical feats of violence and conquest through sheer machismo and expertise with automatic weapons. (However, there is evidence in Dook 3D that he may have been genetically engineered.) Other than a wide array of automatic firearms, explosives, and energy weapons, Duke is best known for his trademark jet pack, which gives him the ability to fly short distances in quick bursts. He is also known for his golden Desert Eagle pistol and sunglasses, which completely conceal his eyes and which he has not been seen without (even at night) since Dook 3D, his leathers, his motorbikes and his platinum blonde, military-style haircut, which is existent since the first game. In every game, he traditionally wears a red tank top and blue jeans. In all of the games, Duke has a melee attack known as the "Mighty Boot", which is basically a strong kick to the face.

In Dook II, it is shown that Duke wrote an autobiography entitled Why I'm So Great.

Like the character played by Bruce Campbell, Nukem is also a smart-mouth (although Duke's humor is somewhat less sarcastic and more straightforwardly aggressive, a few of Dook 3D's phrases are taken directly from the Campbell vehicle Army of Darkness; Campbell has expressed anger at not being consulted or paid for the use of these phrases[4][5]), and his sneering visage is often found speaking one-liners while slaughtering his enemies.


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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #87 on: November 04, 2010, 02:03:38 am »
Name: Dook
This could easily be the greatest character ever made. Why has no-one thought of this before?!
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[22:57] <Roukan> you are literally the stuff of nightmare


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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #88 on: November 05, 2010, 01:30:07 pm »
Manipulation of (the rate of) fermentation? That would be fascinating as hell to see. Go for it.

It's moe than just that, he can also control how strong it is from really weak to liver fail lol.

Ok nere it goesa :D

Name: Kyousei Takisake (loosley translated to Great Sake Waterfall XD)

Species: Hermit (nobody knows :derp:)

Title: The human with Oni's Scent

Age: Unknown, suggested to be very old.

Ability: The power to control alchohol (like potency and how long it takes to make it :P)

Appearance: Apeears as a young male with brown hair and a slightly drunk look on his face, and blue eyes. wears and Edo era kamishimo set.
carries a giant gourd, probably filled with sake.

Personality: Although he looks drunk, he seems quite sober and easy to get attention of. but is easily angered like a drunk and can make your sake really strong without you looking :]

Storytime: Rumored to be the original creator of the Ibuki Gourd, Suika 'borrowed' it and never gave it back, so he made a bigger one for himself. He owns a bar in the center of the Human Village which is immensley popular and is visited by Humans and Youkai alike.
He is best friends with Yuugi, who always orders sake for him to bring to the former Hell.
People also take him very lightly, thinking of him as a very weak 'HUMAN', until they up getting extremley drunk by making his sake lethal to humans and some youkai, Oni only get knocked out by it.
No one knows where his origins are from, but udging by his outfit, he probably came from a long line of Edo era people and carried there traditions, which he didn't since he's from the Edo era...
He's known to be rough if rubbed the wrong way and could probably beat some lesser Youkai in battle.


毒性のサイン、酒の空想的な霧 (Toxic Sign, Fantastic Mist of Sake): He takes his gourd and spills sake into the air and instantly makes it mix in with the air, making people drunk by inhaling it.

特別なヒョウタン、伊吹ヒョウタン (Special Gourd, Ibuki Gourd): Takes his own Ibuki Gourd and jams the top into the ground, which makes giant ruptures of sake burst from the ground.

フェスティバルサイン、100万Oni集会 (Festival Sign, Million Oni Gathering): He blows into his Ibuki Gourd which makes a very painful noise to humans and youkai but can attract Oni to help him in battle.

最終的なワーズ、不明瞭に発音された死 (Final Words, Slurred Death): This ability is quite brutal, he takes his Gourd and jams it into his opponet's throat and  Suika comes to jump up and down on it, not know why she's doing this. He tries to get her off but only makes her angry and into a siisy fit and keep kicking the gourd into the opponents throat. At the end, the opponet had either died of choking or had been fatally drunk.


Suika Ibuki (Theif, Customer)
Reimu Hakurei (Customer)
Marisa Kirisame (Customer)
Reisen U. Inaba (Customer)
Yuugi Hoshiguma (Friend, Customer)
Sakuya Izayoi (Customer)
Yukari Yakumo (Customer, Regular)

Win quotes

Reimu: ' Geez, after a few drinks the great Hakurei Maiden is downed...'
Marisa 'Hey! watch were your aiming that thing! your not that drunk!'
Suika: 'Give it back... now'
Sakuya: 'So you can make things happen instantly, I can only age good sake instantly... you make me jelous'
Remilia: 'Did you know your maid drinks?'
Flandre: 'Now I know why they don't give youngsters sake!'
Yuugi: 'Come on! you can take more than that! I know you can!'
Utsuho: 'Never seen you before, but Yuugi talks about you a little... do you like sake?
Suwako: 'Oh! a God? We should have a festival up here some time!'
Sanae: 'Good girls need to take it easy sometimes, pop down when your feeling overworked.'
Yukari: 'Wow your strong, but unfortunatley your drunk too...'
Yuka: 'Eep! *runs away*'
Reisen: 'Little bunnies can drink alot can't they? So have some more!'

yays done  :]

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Re: Rebirth!(not the spellcard) Make your own touhou!
« Reply #89 on: November 07, 2010, 07:28:15 pm »
im bored again, so its time for more bullcrap!!! :D:D
Name: Hanachi (花千)
Tittle: Ghostly Saviour
Species: Boat Tsukumogami
Ability: Manipulation of the tides, telekinesis
Location: Anywhere
Age: 805
Occupation: Rescuing drowning humans
Kublai Khan (unknown)
Description: Having escaped from the trolls that were beating you up, you run, with the wind blowing you towards your fate. It seems as if the world is slowly fading away, melting like ice. You don't look back, for you can hear demons closing in. As you see the road end, it appears you are trapped; behind you is a cliff. Is it worth to jump? Whatever. You jump. Your life flashes in front of your eyes, from your birth up to this moment. And all of a sudden, you see a glowing boat. You thought you were going to die, but you land on the boat. The glowing boat. The glowing boat looks old. As if it's from past times. The glow must come from the fact that it's not really there. Are you dead? No, the boat is. As it floats away from the cliffs, you can see the world behind you fade away, melting like icecubes. You can see a goose trying to catch up with the boat. Honk honk. It's as if you are approaching a waterfall, yet that isn't supposed to be, in a sea. The glowing boat falls off the edge of the earth, and so do you, since you're in the boat. Galileo was wrong after all. As you float in nothingness, the boat suddenly transforms into a human-like being. A beautiful girl with long blue hair appears in front of you. Her long blue hair shines in the moonlight, like a shattering mirror. She seems to be carrying a compass and a spirit banner. For a second, you are lost in her dark blue eyes. A faint smile appears on her face, yet you don't notice it. Some of her clothes seem a bit torn, and as she gazes upon the earth above you, you can see a necklace with an anchor on it.
She stands about 6'2" in height, and her long blue hair shines in the moonlight. She wears a white hat decorated with blblue trimming, and a white dress with blue and black trimming and signs. You hadn't noticed you were floating in nothingness because you were lost in her deep blue eyes. The spirit banner she is carrying you have never seen before. It has a strange aura around it from ancient times. For a moment, you think back about what has happened to you. Maybe, this girl was less lucky? Her long nails click upon eachother, with a wind blowing as she does. She raises the spirit banner, and the ghostly aura engulfs you.
You look around. It appears you are in Korea, at a shipyard. Men are working hard on ships, warships to be precise. They are almost finished. You take a look at a boat, with a strange vertically written Mongolian name engraved in it, translated as "Thousand Flowers". It looks familiar. Something urges you to step on board. Nobody can see you, you can touch nothing; it is all an illusion from the blue-haired girl. She might be trying to tell you something.
A white flash. As your eyes recover from the white flash, you feel the boat is moving. It's moving very quickly, the men on board are shouting. The boat, along with three hundred other ships, is heading towards southern Japan. You're in the middle of an invasion. The men, seemingly speaking Mongolian, row and ready the cannons for attack. A warrior is carrying the very spirit banner the girl was holding. As the wind changes, the boat slows down. The blue sky becomes gray, thunder telling the captain to go back. Japanese ships approach, but before they can come in firing range, your ship is engulfed in a huge wave.
Another white flash. Sharks swim around, you seem to be floating in a sea of blood. Wood is everywhere, wood from your boat. Everything around you seems to be melting again, just like before. Then, you're back in nothingness, with the long-haired girl. Suddenly, everything becomes clear. You wipe a tear. The girl holds your hand, and she raises the compass, which gives off a mist before it pulls the girl and you up, towards the fleeting eternal world. As you approach land, you can see her features. Her skin is pale, she looks like a good person despite her origins. The years of dwelling and despair have purified her soul.
She puts you back on land, and disappears back in the mist of the sea. She seems to have lost her necklace; you put it around your neck, gazing at the endless horizon.
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