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My first Touhou story....maybe
« on: October 09, 2010, 11:10:14 AM »
You know, I been thinking of this idea for a day now and I thought I should post a teaser about it while I flesh the story out. If I decide I can't write the story I'll post the whole plot so other people may actually write my idea out.

Anyway here's the character sheet first as of the first..season?

MMRH (Guess the title)

Reimu Hakurei: An ordinary girl living at family shrine in Gensokyo. She was orphaned very young and is currently being taken care of by a old friend of the family called Genji Gama. Has a pet turtle also called Genji that lives in the shrine backyard, though he doesn't really do much. The shrine itself houses a family heirloom called the 'Yin-Yang Orb'. Legend has it that the mikos and priest of the shrine used to keep peace between the humans and the youkai that lived in the area.
Age: 12

Genji Gama: Reimu's guardian, he runs an shop in Gensokyo that deals in herbs and antiques that he uses to help pay for the upkeep of the shrine ever since the Reimu's parents died. Has a turtle named after him or is it the other way around...
Age: 53

Ellen: Reimu's friend in school. Is a fan of all things Magical girl.
Age: 12

Ran Yakumo: Principal of Gensokyo Educational Institute. Somewhat distant with the students but cares about them all very much. Looks remarkably young for her age.
Age: 36

Keine Kamishirasawa: Vice-principal and one of the history teachers of Gensokyo Educational Institute. Is a very strict teacher and woe to those who don't hand in there homework. For some she seem more at edge on nights of the full moon and has rumors flying around that she is a werewolf.
Age: 26

The idea itself actually came to me while thinking of what would happen if a Touhou character became Shirou's servant instead of Saber. In the end I thought Sakuya is best as a kinda historically genderbent Jack the Ripper. That has nothing to do with this story however....maybe.

Edit: Aaarrrggg, I got my background and plot done but I'm stuck on how to start it. Any suggestions?
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