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Penumbra (be afraid, be very afraid).
« on: November 17, 2009, 11:30:26 PM »
A little sample:

Penumbra is a series of first person horror-themed adventure games developed by Frictional Games. The series includes Penumbra: Overture as well as Penumbra: Black Plague and it's expansion, Requiem.

Penumbra combines a variety of clever physics-based puzzles and horror elements. There is very little fighting in Penumbra and you are very defenseless for the most part. Combat consists of little more than improvised melee fighting in Overture and none at all in it's sequels. Gameplay has a strong focus on stealth and puzzle solving.

Without giving away too much about the story, you play as a thirty year old physicist named Philip who goes to an underground facility in Greenland after recieving a mysterious letter from his dead father.

While it kind of depends on the sort of person you are, in my opinion both Penumbra: Overture and Black Plague are two of the scariest games to be released recently. While they're technically more adventure games than survival horror games, they're easily more frightening that most of the horror games that have been released as of late. If you couldn't stand Doom 3, FEAR, or any of the Silent Hill series then Penumbra will probably make you piss yourself.

These games also have some of the most fun well thought out puzzles I've seen in a game. They're not as difficult as Myst puzzles that take hour to solve or anything like that, but many of them are VERY clever and make a lot of sense in context such a way that they add to the game's already immersive atmosphere.

Both games are available on Steam.

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