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Someone on the old forums made a topic (in the fanworks forum, for some reason) about this for me. Thanks, I guess. Now it's finished, so I guess I'll make the topic.

Touhou Mother is a Japanese RPG Maker 2000 fangame created by S(-chan, -teru, or just plain S). From the title(s), you should be able to guess the basic idea: Mother/Earthbound with Touhou characters. I found it on Nico one day as a popular Games video, and later, I figured I could translate some of it pretty easily since it's all kana (Mother-style). It ended up becoming a pretty huge project, but now it's done!

S made a series of videos of him playing through the game as he made it. (There wasn't actually a public version at all until Video 17 of 30.) I did the same thing as I translated it. You can see my videos here. Keep in mind that some of the videos, especially earlier ones, are outdated in some ways. Mostly quality of translation.

I released 1.0 a few days ago, but I didn't really do any testing because I'm impatient with myself I guess. After doing a full test playthrough and a significant amount of retranslation, I've just released 1.1.

Download Page

Happy Mother's Day!

May 20th: Updated to 1.11. Not many changes, so you can download just the changed files and "patch" 1.1 with them.

July 20th: Updated to 1.111. Mostly going through and finally making sure I was satisfied with the translation of all major conversations. Way more changes than 1.11, but I still made a patch that'll work with either 1.1 or 1.11.

August 5th: Updated to 1.1111. I finished transcribing everything for the script, so absolutely all translation should be acceptable. I swear this'll be the last one unless I REALLY messed something up.
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Did you also do 東方-a-Live?

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Oh, hey VGPerson!  (Yes, same guy as Touhou-a-Live).

Cool that the full version is out.  May have to play it sometime.


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Touhou-a-Live itself is being made by a different guy (Koki), but the translation on Youtube is done by vgperson, yes.

Anyway, congratulations :V I might actually have to get around to playing this... maybe.


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I watched the entire thing already lol :(

Gonna have to play.

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Dude, I had a problem with the game.

It restarts my PC whenever an enemy attacks or when I exit the game. Can you check on this?

Well, that's weird. I don't know how things could go that far wrong.

But I should mention that due to RPG Maker 2000 not being all that flexible, parts of S's battle code are hilariously inefficient. Namely, going through over 100 if statements to check which attack to use. This actually causes a noticeable pause before an enemy attacks, and it's probably related to why it screws up for you there.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how either of us can deal with it. I haven't noticed any reports of the Japanese version doing anything that extreme, and it's not like I redid the battle system...


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Well, that was the tip of an iceberg. (I'm okay with the pause, but I just don't understand why the sound must screw up.) At full screen mode, the colors are really screwed up. I can only play at windowed screen (smallest). Also tried the new version and it doesn't help anything.

My money's on my PC. If it restarts on my laptop too, I don't know what to do. (Considering I can't run RPG Maker 2000 in my Win 2000 SP4 PRO PC as well.)
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