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Updating Problems with Fantasy Maiden Wars ~ Complete Box
« on: September 03, 2019, 12:20:08 pm »
Hey, so I recently bought Fantasy Maiden Wars Complete Box. The .exe file I got was with the version of, but I have been neglecting the updates Sanbondo posts on his twitter feed.

Currently, I'm stuck at version (latest as of today is
I have purchased the previous editions of FMW1~4 and I'm familiar with the hassle of updating from one version to the next.
I know you need to run the .exe with Japanese Locales to run it.

His website only updates 1.0.0 to

However, I tried updating the game today but it still remained stuck at
It appears to be updating the data files at first, but the progress always remained at 0%

Apparently it appears to have just "fly" quickly onto the following version up to and my game version remained unchanged.

If anyone can address this issue of what I'm doing wrong, please do so. I spent $56.25 getting this, so I don't really just want to leave the possible bugs disrupting any of my gameplay in this version  :(

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