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Hey there, this is Ryann1908 from Team Magnitude Manipulators.
Many may know us (or me) from developing UaUP, aka Unstable and Unimaginable Power. That fangame definitely had some harsh critics and we learned our mistakes and are since then developing a massive update to fix all of the issues reported by the players. Figured I should also share this fact here to get some more coverage as well. Take a look in our blog to get more info, specially this one article:

And yes, if you're interested in playtesting the game, send me a message here, in Twitter, or contact Aby#1481 in Discord.

Anyway, now for the more exciting part. We are now developing a new fangame called "東方儀式城 ~ Magnificent and Ancient Record" a game that has an Aztec culture orientation behind it's plot. Read more about it here:

To quote directly from the blog: "The game is about a rumor spreading over Gensokyo about youkai making strange and machiavellian rituals to absorb human souls. The hypothesis is that they are being manipulated by weird aztec statues that suddenly appeared throughout Gensokyo.

The playable characters will be Reimu (one of the statues landed next to her temple), Marisa (after seeing blue leaves in trees in the Forest of Magic, spoke to Alice and got interested in the occurrence) Orin (Wanted to gather all the corpses from the humans who lost their souls) and Youmu (Yuyuko told her to see what is happening with the human souls).

However, do not expect a trial version so soon, it’ll take some time but we’ll make sure to work hard on it."

The game is being developed in the LuaSTG Engine, and is in the way for being the 2nd project ever made in LuaSTG in the west.
If you have any knowledge with using this engine, please, very please get in contact with us, we're in need of a little bit of help regarding this project.
Thanks for reading! I'll update this post when whatever thing new appears.
Can someone help me decide who's better - Sese or Sukune?
Also, take a look at my Marine Benefit English patch
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I didn't  know both games, but they look pretty nice!

A plot with the Aztec culture seems very interesting! I'll keep an eye on the updates!

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