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Gensoumaroku Has anyone played this yet?
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The Devil of Decline is a Touhou RPG released at C81 developed by Strawberry Bose with contributions from Hachikuma and AQUASTYLE. It shares some mechanics with Genius of Sappheiros such as the land meter but, also has new features such as shikigami. Youkai and buildings around Gensoukyo are disappearing. The youkai that are starting to lose their physical form can only use their powers through a medium, rendering them shikigami. Multiple people in Gensoukyo seem to be looking for the cause, and when they meet they are accusing the other party of knowing more than they're letting on. Playable characters are Reimu, Meiling, Byakuren, and Yukari.
I'm currently playing as Reimu. Shikigami raise stats and let you use more attacks (it's pretty much the Djinn system from Golden Sun).

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Re: Gensoumaroku Has anyone played this yet?
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Oh yeah, this game is fun! I've beaten it a few different times, using self-imposed restrictions on the later plays. It's not too long of a game when you play it casually, so it's good for that. <3 We have a translation patch for everything except the dialogue, for the normal expansion and also the Banquet version.

Banquet Patch:,19674.msg1267811.html#msg1267811
Normal Non-Banquet Expansion:,18295.0.html
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