Topic: Is it possible to apply two different fonts to th14.5 with thcrap?  (Read 735 times)

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This is a screenshot of ULiL with korean patch which is not made using thcrap.
This patch is very well-made, except for one problem: the dialogue is still printed out vertically. This is quite annoying.

Therefore, I'd like to make a new patch using thcrap applying the data extracted from that patch.
But as you can see, the font used for the dialogue is different from the other used for the menu.
I think this is not possible for thcrap for now. Because the file 'global.js' in script_latin plugin defines a font uniquely, not distinguishing the two cases.

So could you please tell me if there is a way to use two fonts?
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Re: Is it possible to apply two different fonts to th14.5 with thcrap?
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Oh, I got an information about using two fonts from thpatch center FAQ.
As the last sentence says, It's not possible currently.

But after further searching, I finally figured out how to use two or more fonts.
This link is a documentation about the "fontrules".

And I tried out. It works.

Maybe the answer of the patch center is outdated.
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