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夢界幻魔伝 ~ chain of lucidity
« on: October 21, 2018, 01:02:07 am »
Rumors tell of another world detached from reality as we know it − a world of dreams.
Inaccessible to most, but a new arrival is causing unrest among the natives.
What is its secret? Only the tower holds the answer...
This is the first chapter of a story of that world and the space that separates it from ours.

夢界幻魔伝 (Mukai Genmaden)~ chain of lucidity is a heavily Touhou/Len'en inspired shmup made by Popfan of Team Gaijin Alex. Was released about a month ago but figured I would make a thread here since nobody had done it yet.

The game contains 5 stages, 4 difficulties, and an entirely original cast and setting.
Players can choose between two separate shot types, a basic spread type and a basic homing type.
The game features a Lucid mode mechanic, which is effectively a hyper type mechanic that allows you to gain extra shot power for a time if you activate it with the 'C' key while your Dream gauge is above 50%. If you activate the Dream gauge while it's at 100% however, you can obtain bombs from running out the full duration of Lucid mode without getting hit.
Also featured in this game is a time mechanic similar to IN, tied to the Dream gauge, if players finish the stage with 80% Dream gauge or more then time doesn't advance as much, letting you clear the game by midnight if you can do this on every stage (which may unlock secret things ;) )

You can find the game here.

A high quality playlist of the OST is also available on YouTube
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