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Re: Touhou Project 16.5 「Secret Sealing Nightmare Diary ~ Violet Detector」
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Touhou debuting on Steam was pretty hype, which gave HSiFS a really big push in of sales and reviews. In fact for HSiFS the review push was so big that the game became the #1 hidden gem on Steam for a few weeks. It helped that HSiFS was a pretty good game.
16.5 is a side game so I'm not surprised if it doesn't sell as well. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if side games were less popular than the main games in general.
Though it's also possible that there's people who, uh, previewed the game and decided not to buy it on Steam.
I do agree with Drake that it doesn't really matter whether the game sells well or is reviewed well. What matters is that people are buying VD on Steam.
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I got a new Update for it.

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