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Matteo's Laboratory
« on: July 14, 2018, 10:09:08 AM »
Hello, i'm Matteo.

Maybe someone still remember me and my scripts

After many, many years away from Touhou i'm back again.

The purpose is always the same, making battles as close as possible to pc-98 ones.

The biggest problem will be learning again all the things i have forgot in all these years, but i have time.

That's all, for now.

For any question, i answer here or on my email

My scripts will be uploaded on Bulletforge, but updates and link will be posted here.

And now... i have to study again how to code in danmakufu. Wish me good luck. 


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Re: Matteo's Laboratory
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It's been a *long* time since we've seen you around. Welcome back!


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Re: Matteo's Laboratory
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It kind of confused me why I had to approve your message. I vaguely remember you actually had deleted your account in the past.

Re: Matteo's Laboratory
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Thank you Sparen, yes it had been a long time.

Yes, Helepolis. I do not remember why, but in the past i did things like that. If i stopped being interested in something online, i would delete everithing, accounts on forums included.


I found a old project of mine. I am going to heavily cut / edit / delete whole scripts / making new scripts.

Subject will be a battle against a kitsune (if an artist i contacted will do the sprite sheet) , else it will be Ran.

Oh, i plan to do it long but interesting. With long i mean that i plan like 20 spellcards (but short time inside).

I will need playtesters i guess....if someone want to be a guinea pig.