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Tales From the Gensokyo Railway
« on: November 11, 2017, 12:34:27 am »
Based off of the Gensokyo Railway Series (to describe the GRS, think what Thomas would be like if It took place in the Touhou universe). Come a series what if Gensokyo had a railway populated by mechanical youkai. Well this it. Filmed in Mittonme (Or wooden-walfas vision as in the intro), as Touhou characters are superimposed onto a model background. Featuring a sizable cast of engine OC's such as Ichihiro the tank engine or Hiroto the JNR C51 Express engine, as well as the usual Reimu, Marisa, Yukari, Remilia and so forth.

Episode 1: Gensokyo's Strongest Engine
Yuugi Hoshiguma is sometimes hired to do yard work by the GR as she one of strongest oni around. But a zealous Dizeru wants to show her up and prove that he's the strongest in Gensokyo. But the Three Fairies of Light intervene and throw a wrench in Dizeru's plan.

Episode 2: Leaves on the Track
Its autumn in Gensokyo and the leaves are falling from the trees. The railway takes great care in dealing with the leaves but Reimu disregards this and dumps leaves onto the track. She realizes her error when Hiroto speeds in with an express and slips on the leaves, causing an accident.

Episode 3: Shiro's Reitaisei Exploit
Retaisei convention goers are treated to a railtour on Gensokyo's railway. But Shiro has great difficulty in pulling the heavy train. Things get worse when the weather changes into a rainstorm, can Shiro get the Reitaisei people home?

Episode 4: Cobol and the Beloved Tomboyish Daughter
Cirno and her friend Daiyousei freeze part of the mainline on Hiroto's Hill to go sledding, but when Cobol comes down with a train of empty frieght cars from the Moriya Shrine things quickly go bad for the poor baka.

 Episode 5: Ichihiro, Meiling, and the Birthday Surprise
Remilia Scarlet wants to do something special for Hong Meiling's birthday and abuses her power as controller of the GR to do it, as Ichihiro becomes a pawn in her plan.

Episode 6: Cobol and the Ghost
Cobol is a JNR DE11 Diesel-Hydraulic and is unique because of this. But he becomes ill the next day and tries to pull a train to the Hakurei Shrine station whilst a hungry Yuyuko Saigyouji is trapped inside his engine compartment.

Episode 7: Oni's Horn
Chrysanthemum the diesel railcar thinks its easy to get youkai off the line by just tooting and looking them in the eye. But a chance encounter with Suika changes all of that.

Episode 8: Tengus, Tenders, and Turntables
The big tender engines, Hiroto, Kenta, and Akemi are forced to shunt due to a lack of motive power because of an upsurge in railway traffic. Aya Shameimaru is having a slow news day and decides to play a trick on the engine by making the wind manipulate the turntable.

Episode 9: Revenge
Hiroto acts upon his plan for revenge after Aya humiliated him and Akemi. But Hiroto's plan goes too far and a youkai incident occurs because of it.
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