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Touhou Railroad Tycoon 3 Map
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Gensokyo RT3 Map

Over the weekend I have cobbled together a map of Gensokyo in Railroad Tycoon 3, the scenario involves the construction of a railway amongst the different locals of the Touhou Project series.

Gensokyo is a land severed off from the rest of the world by the Great Hakurei Barrier. However, goods and [human] people are having difficulty navigating Gensokyo safely and as such ~*~~*~~*~the economy~*~~*~~*~ suffers. This is where you come in. To win Bronze, you have to connect six cities (locations) within 30 years; to win Silver, you have to transport 1,500 loads of passengers; to win Gold, you'll have to connect all 21 cities and haul 900 loads of goods within 25 years.

In order to facilitate the Touhou world within a Railroad Tycoon 3 map, some creative liberties had to be taken. Single buildings have become cities (Alice's House, Marisa's House, Kourindou, and Hakurei Shrine to name a few), to not make the map as barren, new locations had to be made (Oni Village and Gappy Settlement), and Hakugyokurou and Senkai are now in Higan. Also Gensokyo now has industry (because its Railroad Tycoon 3, it'd be boring if it was all farms). Despite the minimum start date being 1885, locations that haven't existed before their respective games are anachronistically present.

The minimum start date is 1885 (Gensokyo's creation) and the maximum start date is 2015, but the default is 1955. Events happen from time to time (and more will be added with each new update of this map), the currently available ones is when you connect the Human Village (which increases passengers), connect Kappa Valley (You can choose between getting the F3, decreased load\unload times, increased locomotive speed and pulling power or increased reliability),
 connecting the Moriya and Hakurei shrines (you have a choice of supporting either shrine: supporting the Moriya Shrine gives you cheaper locomotives and the Hakurei Shrine gives you cheaper stations), connecting Hakugyokurou increases the prices of all food cargo ('cause Yuyuko). From time to time, Eiki Shiki will come about in a randomized event (you can either bribe her with 250K of your own money or listen to her, which lowers productivity for a year). The locomotives that are available are a mix of Asian, European, and American locomotives (so you can get the A1 Pacific, a GG1, and the Shinkanshen to name a few). As of Version 2, Youkai Incidents can randomly happen with a negative effect (Reduced Passengers\Factory productivity, having to pay Reimu), Also newspaper pop-ups will appear around the times of certain events (The creation of the Great Hakurei Barrier, events of the Windows games).


DOWNLOAD LINK (Version 3):

Updates will be made and suggestions for improvements and content is appreciated. I also have plans to make more RT3 maps (such as one about Former Hell or a repurposed Gensokyo map)
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Re: Touhou Railroad Tycoon 3 Map
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Here is some gameplay footage of the map:

So here are a few things appearing in the next update:
  • New events for connecting Oni Village and Komachi's Ferry.
  • Newspaper pop-ups concerning events such as the construction of the Great Hakurei Barrier and events of the Windows games.
  • Youkai Incidents can happen which either decrease passengers, reduce factory production, or have to pay Reimu money.
  • The passenger and goods count in the ledger would now be fixed.

I'm still open to suggestions, especially for location ideas as the map (relative to its size) is quite spare with cities.

Re: Touhou Railroad Tycoon 3 Map
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So even though its odd to make a Touhou themed RT3 map  for the minority of people (as far as you guys are concerned) who have this game, I have made  a strategy guide for this map.

  • Pause the game and look at the farms, mines, and camps strewn across the map. I recommend choosing between rice\grain farms (for breweries) or logging camps (for lumber mill). Farms are found in the Gensokyoian countryside while logging camps are found in places like the Great Youkai Forest or the Forest of Magic. Find at least two of one type and build either a brewery or a lumber mill in the nearest city. In the version currently available you'll be strapped for cash (press . and type in "subsidy"), but don't get bonds just yet. In the next version you'll get enough money at the start to establish an industry. Now build a rail link between your farms and factory.
  • Unpause and watch your train pick up goods between the two stations. Over time your choice of factory will generate income, wait for a few ingame years and build up your credit rating. Once you have reached a credit rating "BBB" or "A", spam bonds until you feel like you have enough money to connect your first town to the next. REMEMBER! You can't build unconnected track in this map.
  • Once you've connected at least three cities, build up your cash reserves and continue to connect cities. Don't forget to buy\build industries to obtain a more stable income.
  • Buy the fastest locomotive available and set its cargo to "All Express" (basically passengers and mail). Set the stations to cities that are 1.5 stars or higher. This will help out with completing the silver goal. Do this as you go along.
  • Eventually you'll reach the Moriya Shrine and the Oni Village. Build Steel Mill(s) in Oni Village and Tool & Die(s) in Moriya Shrine. This will help out with the gold achievement. Ship goods to the Human Village, Kourindou, and then any other large city.
  • By now you will have enough money to buy operating rights in Higan. Higan has many large cities, connect to Hakugyokurou (I know that's an inaccurate placement). When you have built a station there, the cargo prices for all food based items will increase (because Yuyuko).
  • Repeat adding goods trains and express trains until the 30 years or you've won gold.

Here are also some tips:
  • Use electric trains when possible.
  • Once you've connected the Moriya and Hakurei shrines, you'll get a message were can chose between for support. Chosing Hakurei can lower station building prices while Moriya reduces engine prices.
  • Connecting Kappa Valley will get you a multitude of choices. Getting the F3 will give you a big advantage (depending on when you start). Supercharging engines will increase their speed and pulling power.

I'm still working on the next update (which contains heavy rebalancing)

Re: Touhou Railroad Tycoon 3 Map
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Version 3 of the map is now active. On top off the stuff previously mentioned on the last post. The goals have been reduced again and a fatal flaw in the event programming has been fixed! (You can ACTUALLY beat the map!) I know not many of you have RT3, but I figure this would be a cool fan-thing. Its unorthodox but cool.

I've also added support for more engines including some included in mod and the fanmade 1.06 update.


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Re: Touhou Railroad Tycoon 3 Map
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This is such a specific thing, and it's what I love about the touhou fandom. I actually love early 2000s tycoon games but I've never played railroad tycoon 3. This might inspire me to pick it up on the next steam or gog sale.
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Re: Touhou Railroad Tycoon 3 Map
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If you do pick it up, if you have Vista\8\10 then you have to put in a thing to keep it from crashing, but that can be done pretty quick and easy. Here's the link:

My next Touhou Railroad Tycoon 3 will be "The Former Hell Electrification Project" and it will be about making shipments to power the nuclear furnace.