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Thank you for your feedback =3

Thank you for pointing out that bug in the menu. Also, URA is not planned to get a practice mode since its some kind of "Extra" ish thing and the last piece of content the game has to offer, so once you beat it, you basically beat everything the game has. So similar to the EX stages it will not get a practice (okay, EX doesnt need practice but you know what I mean).

The suggestions for the marisa shottypes are good, I will change that. About that display bug on marisas bomb: I know it exists, BUT I just never managed to figure out what causes it. Its a very very weird glitch when loading the images and I havent found a workaround yet (and I am searching for 4 months now, so it could be that I can't find a workaround). I think it has sth. to do with HOW the game loads the images and that the memory gets kinda messed up.

No one complained about those sayuri lasers before, since you can learn how they will go down from the position they are spawning in.
Her URA card will probably get changed.

About that stage 3 vortex: Some of them are in kinda mean places on purpose. You can still use them, but you have to do that correctly.

Thanks for pointing that thing with the kodamas out, I will change that.

About the spell names: Some of them, especially URA are placeholders. I am just very bad with coming up with spell names, so we will do that as a team once the rest of the game is finished.

Thank you for your feedback =)

I was curious and I played a bit. So, I'll try to give you some feedback.
I will not comment the graphical part (it's already enought impressive that you make all by your own alone) but I think it lacks a bit of animations. Especially on menus and for the bosses moves.

Players are nice but I played with Sanae A and i found her shot really weak. I try a bit Reimu A (on Ura) too and... same thing. It take an eternity to kill Cirno. And Marisa A stars are near to invisible. But aside that, players are cools. And I like ReimuA's shot type.

About the menus:
-When you're on a sub menu and go back on the main title menu, the cursor go on "Quit" instead of the previous choice. It's not a bug but it can be really annoying.
About the stages (I try it on normal and just a little try on Ura but I died on Reisen's first nonspell).
Nothing to say on stage 1. Just, Cirno have to many life and her nonspell is not really exciting. But aside that, it's decent for a stage 1.

Well, I know I say I don't speak about graphics but... thoses gray lines are... what is it in fact? It's just disturbing and ruins the background.
For the Sun effect on Flame Sign "Glowing Sun", just avoid Laser for the sun. The animation for it's spawn is... not good. Really. Insted, you may use just a bullet with ADD blend and then change his scale. If you don't know, you can use all( or almost all) the ObjRender function on a bullet object (since it also have a render).
It's just a delait and don't change the spell but small details like that are really important to get a good looking game.
And the spell was a bit hard with really low bullets.

And Same thing as Badz for the curvy laser. They are deadly and it's hrd to deal with. It's espacially true with all danmakufu curvy lasers.

Stage 3:
The first red vortex is hard to get with all these lasers and aimed bullets. But if it will be used well, it can be a good place for it. Maybe you should couple it with a blue vortex. More risk, more reward.
The stage itself was not bad. But I don't found it less memorable as the second one.
On the other hand, the boss is really cool and I enjoyed the fight. There is just two issues:
The kodama curvy lasers cause lags and the last spell is too longwith SanaeA. It take an eternity and become boring. But I like the spell. I do it with Reimu and it was far better.

Also, two other issues:
The life and bomb parts are too dark and it's hardto see them behing the bullets. And some of the musics names pass under the gauge thing on the right. It's the case of Sayuri's theme name.

Well. It was nice and good luck to finish it ^^

Thank you for your provided feedback.
I would love to make animations, but without the resources its basically impossible. I am not that good with spriting and I am already happy with how the static images look.

You are the first one complaining about the stage 2 background. I will look into it, but probably not change it. But the effect is disabled with reduced bgs.
I WILL change the 1st spellcard of sayuri though since I actually HAVE a sun bullet sprite I can use... why didnt I think about that before... me is stupid.

...also maybe I will buff SanaeA again. It used to be the strongest shot until I nerfed it.

To fight any kind of lag you can always put everything to "reduced effects" or turn them off.

About the stage 2 background, it is good. The only problem is these gray stripes. I don't even know what is supposed to be. I'll not force you to change them but at least, tell me what is it   :(

For the animation, you can use my super secret ZUN-like ninja technique! Make a basic sprite whit flat colors, add some shadows and lights by adding other colors, change some pixels to make something poorly animated and add a crapy-shitty blur on the sprites to melt the colors. Youwill have something animated and usable with absolutly not spriting skill. And for moves, you can use rotations on some body parts.
I hope that can help you.

Its SUPPOSED to be fog. But getting looping fog is hard, so the fog is a lot thicker where it loops, creating that stupid stripe effect. MAYBE I can change that, even though I tried before and it didnt really look better


You can now apply for participating in the beta: The game is mostly finished and we're now about to polish the game. You can apply for the beta process to help the game become better.

Beta application Form:

The full game is now released. This is to push the thread one final time to the top.

Please keep in mind that this is our first project, our next project will have a much higher production quality since we all learned in the meantime.

Thank you for reading =)

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Just played it and it's amazing! Loved the music, characters and the vortex system is pretty darn cool! The only complaint I can think of right now is how big the Kodama sprites are(They're supposed to be lolis I think, but they're as big as An), you should scale them down a bit. Other than that, great job!


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I have to say, I've never seen a fangame that gives me just enough resources to get by before.  I've seen ones that give me too little, and ones that give me too much, but this game only managed to give me resources when I absolutely needed them, and it kept me on my toes.  Nice work with the vortex system.
The difficulty is kinda strange but for a first fan game it seems pretty good.  Stage 1 seemed much more difficult than the other 3 stages on my first playthrough (I didn't 1cc my first time) but that may have just been me.  The patterns, for being a self-considered novice coder, are pretty good!  I'm guilty for having not-so-great creativity in a fair amount of patterns so I think you did really well!
I'll definitely return to this fangame and try to 1cc it.
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I really like this fan game. The vortex system is good with how you either have to go for lives or bombs (and I always like it when the gimmick makes you have to choose what type of resource you get) though if you want to just focus on dodging you can get a reasonable amount of resources without having to worry about vortexes. It's also more original than having a meter that you have to charge up somehow that makes you powerful once it's full, which is way too common of a gimmick in fangames.

 The danmaku is designed really well. There are a lot of fangames that I just don't like due to bad danmaku design, but this is not one of those fangames.

The music is pretty good. It's not as memorable as the music in the official Touhou games, but I've only seen one fangame that had a good enough soundtrack for me to remember almost every track and the music in the game sounds a lot like Zun's music so the music is definitely not bad in any way. The art is not great but with every other aspect of this game being really good it's okay for the art to not be great.

Thank you all for the positive feedback. Seeing all this positive reaction is a big motivation boost for our next project.
It's not time for an official forum announcement post yet, but you can already follow the development of it on twitter:

For the next game, we will improve on our two big weak points of "TSS":


While TSS used an edited default DNH default system and was overall pretty messy when it comes to code structure.
For the next game we are focusing on a better structured system where we can actually change stuff easily and that runs clean and fine.


We have 2 new Artists that create dedicated images for the project, one of them produces images in "Anime-Style" Quality, as well as someone for visual effects.

Look forward to our next game =)

Normal cleared.

To collect a life fragments from vortexs. It is rather hard to play without homing shot.
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Saw your game on Minogame's channel and decided to try it for myself. The danmaku is really well designed and this is really impressive especially for your first game, definitely looking forward to the next one :D

On a side note, does anyone have any on idea how to unlock Phantasm? I cleared Extra with ReimuB but it still appears locked, do you have to 1cc the game on any particular difficulty to unlock it?

On a side note, does anyone have any on idea how to unlock Phantasm? I cleared Extra with ReimuB but it still appears locked, do you have to 1cc the game on any particular difficulty to unlock it?
You need to clear Extra and 1cc Hard mode to unlock Phantasm; similarly, you need to 1cc Lunatic if you want to unlock Heaven.


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I just played this game now and I have to say it's a very wonderful job, especially considering it's your first fangame. The system is a really neat idea and it's executed really well, the bullet patterns are wow and from the perspective of lunatic they're balanced really well for the difficulty. The music goes really well with what's happening at any time. I had a lot of fun playing this.

If I could offer some suggestion though, maybe it was just me but I found the resource system to be a tiny bit abusable in the maingame on Lunatic. If I could suggest a solution I'd say maybe either slightly reduce the percentage gain from being in a vortex, or alternatively in the maingame only you might be able to get away with reducing the amount of pieces dropped by bosses. The resources are really well balanced for the extra stages however, so nothing needs to be changed there.

Another thing of note is that I'd personally wish the thin laser lines to be slightly thicker, as they often end up completely transparent in many parts of the line and visually in certain situations (e.g. Ex/Phan boss survival) where there's a lot going on it's extremely easy to miss a laser that will spawn on you.

The Heaven stage is really really cool idea, and I very much enjoyed playing that.

Excitedly awaiting the next one, can't wait to see what's next :)

Another thing of note is that I'd personally wish the thin laser lines to be slightly thicker, as they often end up completely transparent in many parts of the line and visually in certain situations (e.g. Ex/Phan boss survival) where there's a lot going on it's extremely easy to miss a laser that will spawn on you.

Yep, but this was an issue with danmakufu being danmakufu (=stupid).
Danmakufu by default spawns the traj.Laser with a width of 1 which just disappears sometimes. But it became an issue really late in development so fixing it wasnt that easy. For the next game, we have a custom laser spawn function that will create better traj.Lasers that are better visible.

Development has already started and if you want to stay up to date with the development process, this is our Twitter: @TH_Dreamcatcher