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My List of Touhou fangames
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So I made some games relating to Touhou project:

These two were based off of some self-insert fanfiction that I had once made. The plot involved me owning a gaming company in Gensokyo having the guy in charge of my old school as the villain. The fanfiction itself was kind of odd, but mostly because I had made it several years ago. OGMS is a spin off involving a matrix like system, featuring me and Yukari, it was also my first 'collectathon RPG' game. Aerohou 6 was a continuation of my fanfic in RPG form, it involved the main villan invading Gensokyo using things like the iPanzer, also Broli Diamondback as a general of his.

The Legend of ZUN series is a Touhou fangame on the meta side, as it involved ZUN  as a focal character. Whether its being kidnapped by Jack Tramiel to be forced to make Touhou games for Commodore or escaping the murderous grasp of lawyer Jack Thompson (who is killing the other game developers). ZUN does get to be in game where you play as him straight from the get-go, this being the unfinished yet released anyway, Legend of ZUN 3, which involved ZUN being unfrozen and its him wandering the post-apocalyptic wastes of Japan (which has been split between the youkai and humans) and North America, where he tracks down the mysterious masked man.

I'd like to hear what you guys think of them.

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In Dungeontopia, Marisa Kirisame and Sakuya Izayoi cameo in this game. Sakuya appearing in two levels (As portrayed by an actor in MTT Studios, and appearing as herself in the Scarlet Devil Mansion level), and Marisa appears in numerous levels giving you challenges (mostly having to do with mushroom hunting and a Touhou quiz, she also appears in the Unfinished Dungeon and her dialogue changes depending if you went all genocide or not)


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Re: My List of Touhou fangames
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I'm just reading the descriptions of the projects on and laughing inside. :)

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I'm planning on making a new Touhou RPG, I'll make an official thread for it later...

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Here's the game page for my latest fangame: