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There's another new Marine Benefit spinoff album being released by MB's composer, Kuroha. Once fully released, it'll have over 20 tracks in game-soundtrack style, plus a written story accompanying it. As with the previous album (Servants of the Feast), I'm translating the story and related materials at this tumblr here.
1-1. A Wide Variety of Kaikeidou Tales
1-2. The Goddess's Capricious Shrine Migration
1-3. New Land Inquiry ~ Sea of Stratagem
1-4. Miss Shrine Maiden of Watatsumi

2-1. Kaikeidou Ibun
2-2. Just Who Are These Maritime Incidents For?
2-3. Indolent Sea Guardian ~ Lazy Siren
2-4. Seabed Search Party ~ Curiously Deep Field
2-5. Inequitable Enthalpy
2-6. The Kaikeidou's Tenpyō-Era Thoroughfare
2-7. An Unheard-of Kaifūsō ~ Oumi's Lost Page
(More to come as the release schedule progresses. Girls are now diving...)
It's A Pretty Good Music once again, if you ask me! And I like it a lot and want it to get more attention.

Now: another thing that I like about Kuroha's story albums is that they include "user participation" fourth-wall stuff. Servants of the Feast, for example, requires you to access the Extra Stage via something hidden in the accompanying story. (...Or it used to, at least, since the original setup on Kuroha's blog has been deprecated and the Extra Stage text is now publicly available. I really liked the setup, though-- it's the reason went so far as to replicate the blog-post structure in the first place-- so there's still an equivalent version on my translation blog for readers to find.)

Migration to the Conceptual Sea goes one step further: the written story will be posted on its own, but in order for the accompanying videos and music downloads to be posted, viewers have to help out the story's protagonist by providing her patron god with faith. ...In the form of views, comments and faves on Nicovideo. It's like a fun little pseudo-game with "bosses" and "spell cards" and everything. I've translated the details of it in these two blog posts.

(The 'user participation' thing is, uh, also part of why I'm making this thread despite the previous album's thread hardly getting any attention lol. I'm proselytizing!! Convert to Lord Watatsumi now and get a one-week discount on rad tunes!!)

(also, like, i get how the nicovideo faith might come across as a 'hold the music hostage in exchange for attention' sort of thing but A. honestly i can relate lol, and B. it's got fun set dressing on it!! it's like a little mini touhou game, come onnnn, play in the spaaaace)
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Nice!! I love these guys' music.  Thank you very much for posting Gilde, I'm always happy to see your threads!  Will definitely give this a listen and post my opinions later!

Edit:  WHOA.  You weren't kidding, this is quality music here!  They're all pretty great so far, and I'm really digging the tralsated posts you've got too.  However the URL you provided is slightly broken; just a small formatting issue. 
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I'm bumping this thread on account of the music up to Stage 6 has been posted (and I'm just about done translating the Stage 6 story posts, woohoo).
(also on account of it'll probably give a little popularity boost to help deal with the Last Spells posted today lol)

2-8. Dragon Palace of the Modern World
2-9. Faithful Hound
2-10. The Jovial Strategist, and the Dancing Spectators
2-11. A Cacophony's Wavelength and a Tidal Wave
2-12. Bohemian Ringleader
2-13. A Festival Orchestra that Ends Today ~ Climax Benefit...?

the URL you provided is slightly broken; just a small formatting issue.

Oh lol whoops, I was formatting tumblr html for so long I forgot not to put quotes in these ones too. Thanks for the heads up. (Also thank u for ur support & comments!! its real good to know that ppl like these)

edit: lmao im like "oh!! the last spells are unlocked! i should update the thread so the videos get more views" but now that i calculate the view totals, stages 1~4's were already cleared and stage 5 only has like 25 views to go anyway :V
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Re: [New MB spinoff album] 海恵堂異聞 ~ Migration to the Conceptual Sea
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First of all, thanks for letting us know Gilde about Kuroha's work. Without you and your translations I would probably just be listening to Marine Benefit's OST without realizing the author did anything besides that. Already shared both albums with friends, kind of wish more people knew  or gave attention to these.

Also I'm bumping because Kuroha seems to have updated their list on Nico with the Full final boss theme, ending theme, extra stage and boss themes now!

Re: [New MB spinoff album] 海恵堂異聞 ~ Migration to the Conceptual Sea
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I'm glad you like the albums too! :D
Thanks for bumping. I haven't updated the thread in a while, but this makes for a good opportunity to report that: the album is essentially done! The Extra and Another Extra stage themes are all available on NicoCommons now. (1 2 3 4) The EX stories were also posted to Kuroha's blog a few months ago (although I..... haven't translated them yet........ because ive been slacking........... they're p.neat though, tsukushi visits some friendly feisty neighborhood youkais)

It seems that the video portion for Another EX won't be posted though, due to technical difficulties. (kuroha did a clean install of windows 10 and lost the video data, i think? whoops) The two remaining songs (Tsukushi's theme(?) and credits) also haven't been posted, possibly for the same reason. Welp, what can ya do :V

Also Kuroha's doing a couple 'adventure fantasy'-style writing and music projects ATM, separate from Touhou stuff. So that's cool too

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