Author Topic: Who do you think is more Mary Sue-like than other in Touhou?  (Read 6895 times)


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Re: Who do you think is more Mary Sue-like than other in Touhou?
« Reply #60 on: July 24, 2017, 04:12:48 PM »
None of the characters in Touhou are Sues. "More Mary Sue-like" is not quite a power-level argument since personality and relationships in Touhou are much more defined than powers and strength.

Yeah I should definitely qualify my earlier remarks on this by saying that I don't actually think this is a thinly-veiled power level discussion. Having tremendous, unbeatable power might be a facet of Mary Sue-ness in a Touhou context but it isn't the only thing, of course.

Although it is refreshing that ZUN has decided to imbue his characters with flaws, there is a strong case to be made for Yukari and the Moon Sisters being closest to what being a Mary Sue is anyway.

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Re: Who do you think is more Mary Sue-like than other in Touhou?
« Reply #61 on: August 13, 2017, 11:43:41 AM »
Sorry to bring this dumb thread back from the dead yet again.

But i changed my mind about Yukari's sue-ness. If Yukari was the main character, she'd absolutely be a sue.

But, she is almost always depicted as being mysterious and distrustful, everyone in the series hates her, at best ran blindly follows her as a slave like being, yuyuko and akyu are friends i guess, But Reimu and everyone else visibly shows their annoyance at her all the time.

A Mary Sue isn't just a really powerful character, its a character who is shown to be completely ideal to the authors wishs. ZUN stated clearly that Yukari is a "nasty" character, and alot of her sueish traits derive from that, really. It gives the empression of someone who is very secretive and strange. At best, she's maybe a Villain Sue, but thats the most i can think of.

And seriously, when does any character in the touhou project get bit in the ass by their flaws? At most, they'll get beat up by Reimu/Marisa, and then drink tea with them at the end. No one ever really gets punished for their crimes in gensokyo. True injustice.

Okay, you can close this thread now mods.
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