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Hello everyone.

I am Eredom, Main Danmakufu Developer and Team Lead of a Team consisting of currently 9 people. We are developing Touhou Danmakufu Fangames, our first game, "The Shattered Sky", will release in a few Weeks.
For our second project we want to increase the production quality, therefore we increased our team size from previously 4 people to now 9. You see, we're going for a professional approach, trying to make our next game as professional as possible.
For our current project, I don't want to give out too much information since its not announced yet, but here is a sneak peak for the Character Selection Screen:

Since we already developed a game, we all have some experience in our respective tasks.
Some known People working on the Project:

Programming: Eredom, Badz
Music: DjAbner
Effect Graphics and Additional Stuff: Naudiz
Story: Minogame
Playtest: Minogame, morth

Of course we have even more people in the team, but this are probably the most well known ones.
We however have one big issue: We have nobody to do Pixel Art, like enemy and boss sprites.

About the game:
It will be a classic Touhou game with 6 Stages and 1 extra stage, following a story inspired by japanese folklore.

What do you get for helping us?
- Your name in the staff roll, combined with a link to advertise yourself
- A Printed copy of the game (this is very special since we are not going to sell the game, we will distribute it as a download for free) - shipping worldwide
- The awesome feeling of working on a fangame

Note however that there is no payment involved. Its 100% a dedication project and everyone in the project is working without payment (since we can only release it for free due to fangame rules and Danmakufu EULA).

If you are interested, feel free to leave a post here =)


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Re: [Request] Looking for Pixel Artist for Danmakufu Fangame project
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This seems really interesting. if you haven't found a sprite artist yet, I would love to contribute. Though, that depends on the level of detail you'd want for the sprites, mine would be around the level of the sprites from Concealed the Conclusion.
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