Author Topic: Like Action/Strategy games that take place on WW2 ? Try Steel Ocean  (Read 647 times)


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Steel Ocean is a Arcade-style Warship Team Battle game similar to World of Warships, but with many twists.
It consists of you controlling an WW2-era ship and battling for victory versus a enemy team in styles like Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Last Team Stand playstyles.
It isn`t very realistic, but it is a lot of fun to try a ship and have with it (Sinking Battleship behemoths with your tiny sub, depth charging the shit outta subs with Destroyers, barraging Destroyers with a rain of shells with Cruisers, making Cruisers go 100-30~0 in few seconds with a Battleship, or be a Micromaster and beat the shit outta everything with your planes as a Carrier while being a sitting duck if found).

Although the graphics aren`t the best they are decent, and the team is quite competent (they are Chinese and allowed players to use the Rising Sun flag, so i think they aren`t going to be biased, that`s a good sign).
Hope someone finds this helpful and likes the game. (^-^)

Available on Steam :