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Ordinary Days of Gensokyo, by Shadow1176
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A/N: It's a pleasure to meet you all. My name is Shadow1176, and this is one of my stories from
For a link to the original, meaning where I first posted the stories, head here:

Without further ado, please enjoy!

A/N: This piece of fiction is devoted solely to random ideas and oneshots of the world of Gensokyo. Also, I think I may have been half asleep when I wrote this. Please enjoy. Cookies to whomever recognizes the scenario. Hint: It?s a parallel universe.

?If you were able to clone yourself, would you make out with yourself??

The question, posed to Reimu Hakurei and sent by Marisa Kirisame, had been met with confusion from the former.

Marisa enunciated, ?I said, if you were able to clone-?

?Yes yes, I got what you said, but why would you ask a silly question like that?? Reimu responded, suspicion and dread creeping up as to why Marisa was asking something so strange.

Scratching her head sheepishly, Marisa answered embarrassed, ?Ehehehe... Nitori sent over a new invention that you could use to create a perfect clone with just a lock of the person?s hair... And-?

The door slams open as a cheerful voice calls out, ?Marisa-Chan, I?m home!?

Reimu walks into the room while looking at an embarrassed Marisa and shocked Reimu, as she yells upon seeing her counterpart, ?Why hello dear!?

The second Reimu skips over to the original, still in shock, as she hugs her before giving a kiss on the cheek.

Blushing profusely, the original Reimu pushes the second away while yelling, ?Marisa, what the hell did you do!??

Still blushing in embarrassment, Marisa responds, ?I needed someone to test it out on, and we could always use another Incident resolver, right? Besides, I don't think two Spark masters would be good for Gensokyo?s health, da ze~?

With her face in her right hand, Reimu turned to the clone of hers and asked, ?What should I call you??

The second Reimu brightened up and responded enthusiastically, ?Just call me Reima!?

As the girl attempted to hug Reimu once again, in a sign of affection, with Reimu holding the girl back with a hand, Marisa laughed and shed a tear before saying, ?Did I mention that she loves you for some reason??

Reimu froze in shock, and turned in a whirlwind of anger to Marisa, before yelling, ?Why you little no good-?

The rest of her words were cut off as Reima kissed her counterpart deeply and passionately, even as Reimu protested weakly, as she melted into the kiss.

Marisa rolled around on the ground laughing, before stumbling to the door in a fit of giggles as she closed the door on a scene of the two of them passionately making out on the floor, leaving behind a question,

?I suppose the only question now is whether it?s self incest or normal lovemaking, da ze~?
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Re: Ordinary Days of Gensokyo, by Shadow1176
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A/N: I'll just post two chapters at a time. Or on the same day at least. Please enjoy.
For a link to the original, meaning where I first posted the stories, head here:

A/N: This suddenly came upon me while I was listening to the Yakety Sax and browsing Touhou pictures as well as their music. Please enjoy Ordinary Days of Gensokyo.

Summer had settled upon the land like a haze, covering everything in its warmth and gentle rays of light. Contrary to many summer seasons, this one was quite mild, not that the people had complained. Most everyone enjoyed the less scorching temperature, while one certain Youkai enjoyed it immensely.

Strolling through her place of residence during the Summer season, known simply as the Garden of the Sun at a leisurely pace, a female Youkai enjoyed the warmth that summer brought both herself and the flowers.

With moss green hair set to flow around her neck that ended at her shoulders, and bright crimson eyes, the woman posed a cheerful and friendly figure towards those who had seen her at this time. Her attire consisted of a light red plaid skirt, a simple white blouse, and a waistcoat of the same color and style as her skirt, with a small yellow handkerchief attached to her collar. On her feet were a pair of simple red shoes, and a small tan straw hat lay on her head, while on her back rested a pink parasol with elegant floral symbols, ready to be drawn at a moment?s notice.

Walking about with a soft smile on her features, the woman sighed in content saying, ?What a pleasant day.?

The woman was known as Yuuka Kazami, the Flower Master of the Four Seasons. A migrator of Gensokyo, she went to where the seasonal flowers grew. In Summer she resided within the Garden of the Sun, during the Spring she resided within the Garden of the Flowers, and so on and so forth.

Making her way to the strawberry patch that she so lovingly cultivated, she witnessed a pair of fairies stroking the plants, and speaking to them with kind words.

The first, known as Cirno, the Fairy of Ice, had aqua colored eyes filled with confidence and hair of the same color. Her attire consisted of a cool blue ribbon, a light pink blouse, a sky blue jumper dress, and a pair of icicle toed dark blue boots. A pair of icicle shaped wings could be seen on her back, each edge long and lethal.

The second, known as Daiyousei, the Great Fairy of the Misty Lake, had short green hair with a yellow ribbon attached, and warm friendly blue eyes. Her attire consisted of a modest sky blue dress with a white trim and sleeves. A pair of pleasant golden wings could be seen on her back extended.

Still stroking the plants with care and love, Daiyousei commented with cheer in her voice, ?Aren?t these plants gorgeous? They?ve been cultivated so well.?

Smelling the plants instead and inspecting their harvest, Cirno said with contentment in her own voice, ?Yeah, they?re really pretty. I wish we could take some of the strawberries too, they look really good...?

As Cirno remained in a conflicted sense of mind, Daiyousei lightly patted Cino on the shoulder saying, ?Now now, we can?t take someone?s crops without asking permission.?

A hand plucked a singular strawberry from behind them, as the duo jumped in shock as they looked up at the owner of the hand toss a strawberry in their mouth, savoring the taste.

Yuuka finished the strawberry and asked the duo of fairies kindly, ?Would you two like some strawberries to eat??

Cirno looked shocked at the offer, and jumped up excitedly with glee, saying, ?Can we really??

With an amused look on her face, Yuuka said, ?Of course you can. Just pick a few of them delicately.?

As Yuuka procured two small baskets while nibbling on another strawberry, Cirno and Daiyousei began the process of delicately picking the strawberries, as they were respectful of both the garden and nature, placing a dozen strawberries in each basket.

Picking two out for themselves to eat, the duo of fairies nibbled on their respective strawberries with happiness, savoring the sweet taste.

With a strawberry still being nibbled in her mouth, Yuuka looked curiously at Cirno?s ribbon, before lifting the two parts up, making them appear as cat ears as she thought, ?Just like a nekomata.?

Daiyousei smiled happily and giggled at the sight of Cirno?s shocked expression while she enjoyed her own strawberry, as the latter exclaimed, ?Nyaa!?

Letting go of the ribbon, Yuuka burst out laughing, her voice clear as a bell and as wonderful as a the tinkling of a triangle. The two fairies joined her laughter, adding their own chorus of joyful, childish laughter to the mix, the three forming a wonderful tune of joy and happiness.

As the strawberries were gathered into the baskets and secured so none would fall out as they flew, the duo of fairies bid their farewells to Yuuka.

?Arigatou Kazami-San!? Daiyousei said while bowing, as the two prepared to leave.

?Yeah, thanks Yuuka!? Cirno exclaimed with gratitude in her voice, as she too bowed in thanks. Their farewells completed, the duo took off with a slight wind, a testament to their growth as powerful fairies.

As Yuuka walked off to yet another section of the Garden of the Sun, namely her Sunflower field, a slight shimmer in the distance could be seen, as a purple gap, with red eyes inside tore itself into existence, with a certain Gap Youkai and Celestial heir getting out...

Dozens of Keystones appeared from the heavens, each one streaking down like a comet before impacting into the earth with tremendous force, each boulder producing a small vibrating shift in the earth, each one felt as Yuuka hurried to the source of the commotion. At the same time, a trio of midnight black armored military trains hailing from the outside world appeared, each one crashing right into the Sunflower field?s most concentrated areas of flowers, all three tearing apart massive streaks in the earth and destroying a small portion of her flowers.

As Yuuka gazed upon the scene of destruction with her eyes wide open and in utter shock, she noticed two figures grinning ear to ear in the center of the chaos.

Long blonde hair was coiled upwards into her red ribbon adorned mob cap as dark golden eyes gleamed with mirth and mischief. The woman?s attire consisted of a purple Chinese style tabard with various Trigrams over a pale pink Western style dress. Her title was Yukari Yakumo, the Gap Youkai, and the Founder of Gensokyo.

At her side, the second woman had dark crimson eyes and long blue hair that extended to her mid back. Her attire consisted of an elegant white button up blouse with a red bow at the collar, a sky blue dress with a light blue bow on the back, and brown lace up styled boots, while an apron could be seen on her dress. The apron had a rainbow patterned shard link surrounding it, and a black bowler hat decorated with two peaches and aloe leaves was resting upon her head. Her title was Tenshi Hinanawi, Girl of the Sphere of Neither Perception nor Non-Perception.

As Yuuka finally registered her surroundings correctly, the duo had already begun skipping away a spring in their step, happily running along with their mischievous laughter floating away upon the wind, both of their hats having fallen off and begun floating away on the wind.

?Would you kindly come over here dearies?? Yuuka yells, as she took off full tilt towards the duo of trouble makers with her parasol out in its closed form, hungry for blood, as a sadistic smile of wonderful joy claims her face even as the duo of Gensokyo?s most famous trolls respond by speeding up their escape.

For several minutes, Yuuka chased the duo through her entire garden, using several Spell Cards to unleash hundreds of Danmaku bullets that homed onto the duo, even as many of them crashed into the ground harmlessly with the agility of the escaping trolls, all three of them running through ravines, two rivers, flying over a lake, traversing a corn field, running through a massive field of vegetables, even her own mansion before finally making it to the entrance of the Garden, where Yuuka saw an opportunity and took it without hesitation.

Opening her parasol with a quick draw, Yuuka intones, ?Trinity Spark!?

A duo of clones phased themselves into existence, as a trio of massive laser beams erupted into existence from the Yuuka?s parasol, all three heading straight for the Gensokyo Trouble Duo, even as just before the beams made contact, Yukari and Tenshi turned around with a grin, and opened a gap, phasing the duo into the world of boundaries as all three sparks were dissipated upon cancellation.

With a disappointed sigh, Yuuka looked back on her garden and examined the damage inflicted by their chase and prank, sighing as she began making her way towards the destruction for repairs, as a certain scythe wielding gate guard lay smoking on the ground, nearly unconscious as her wounds healed ever so slowly, having been hit directly by one of Yuuka?s Sparks.

With her eyes in swirls, Elly said dazedly as she fell into the land of dreams, ?Yuuka-Sama? Is that you..??
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Re: Ordinary Days of Gensokyo, by Shadow1176
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Very interesting. And oh Marisa, you troll. I don't really think Reimu minds though :D.

I really like your depiction of Yuuka. I always see her being written as some bloodthirsty youkai that will attack anyone that approaches her or her flowers/plants. I really like the scene where Yuuka allows Cirno and Daiyousei to get some strawberries. And again, oh Yukari and Tenshi, you trolls :D. And poor Elly too!

Keep on writing, I'll be reading :).


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Re: Ordinary Days of Gensokyo, by Shadow1176
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A/N: I suppose I'll upload another two today. Please enjoy.

A/N: Sword Art Online 2, Episode 24. That?s all I?ll say.

The dying screams of Youkai General Antarius tore through the island, his wounds having overcome his body, death finally claiming the man who killed so many innocents.

As his body melted away into the earth, two figures could be seen next to him.

Blood matching the fresh shade of red that was her hakama running down her body, the first woman had messy brown black hair, her ribbon only barely hanging on as her downcast eyes revealed no emotion, as her deep breaths signified exhaustion. A bloody Gohei fitted with two white Shidei had been broken, its stems in half.

A modified Shrine Maiden?s dress had been soaked by blood, both her own and the enemies, as behind her, thousands of Youkai bodies continued to melt into the earth, each having been slain by her own hand, as well as the one beside her.

Dark burns and blackened hands could be seen on the second woman?s, even as her black witch dress showed signs of intensive damage to the inner areas, several stab wounds making their presence known with extreme bleeding. One of her eyes shone out from underneath her messy blonde hair, a single eye filled with exhaustion and hope, a bright spark within.

The remains of the Mini-Hakkero had been scattered about the area, its final Spark having been the largest Laser in history.

Limping towards the massive tree residing in the center of the island, the two women leaned against it, before looking to the sky and its bright orange shade, the sunset having begun.

Pulling out a piece of candy from one of her pockets, the first slowly chewed the sweet, strawberry flavored candy, savoring its taste while her own wounds continued to degrade.

Handing a second to the other woman, the blonde haired woman chewed on her own strawberry candy.

The smallest of smiles appeared on both of their faces, as the first commented, ?We did it.?

The second responded, ?Yeah. We did it ze.?

The two pairs of eyes, one brown and the second golden, both gleaming with triumph and joy, each of them content with their results.
?Reimu! Marisa!?

A quick glance up revealed Alice, the seven colored Puppeteer, a dear friend and ally of the two injured woman.

Her bright blonde locks whipped about in the gentle wind that was slowly dying, her baby blue eyes filled with worry and determination.

?Konichiwa, Alice!? Marisa greeted cheerfully, all of her old confidence still present.

Marching right up to the duo, Alice yelled, ?Honestly, the nerve of you two! Do you have any idea how worried we?ve been for you?!??

?Don?t worry, we?ll be fine.? Reimu said, her stance straight, her posture perfect.

?Let me just sit down...? Marisa said, as the duo sat against the tree, their breaths deep and peaceful.

Sighing with exasperation, Alice murmured as she sat down as well, ?Honestly you two... You?re always making trouble, but even so, you?re still our leaders.?

A tear ran down Alice?s cheek, until she began crying, her quiet tears streaming down her face as she whispered, ?Why? Why did you two have to go so far forward in the assault..? We were almost there with you, just a few more minutes and-?

A hand clapped down on Alice?s shoulder, jolting her out of her stupor, her worried blue eyes connecting with Marisa?s confident golden ones.

A grin of embarrassment and determination was set on Marisa?s face as she said, ?Antarius was almost done with the Boundary Destroyer, and if he gained access to that power, he would have been able to even defeat Yukari, who was already running interference to buy us time. Had we waited, we would have been too late. That?s why... We had to forge on.?

To the side of of her, Reimu added, ?Antarius has had over a thousand years to develop the spell, and his power was already too great... That?s also why we faced him down alone, we didn?t want any of you hurt.?

?You bakas...? Alice whispered, after wiping her tears away, before putting Reimu and Marisa?s hands together commenting, ?Now you two look like a couple.?

The trio laughed a bit, their chuckles sounding out through the area briefly before dying down.

A small wind gusted through the area, the vibrations from the flying squad overhead dropping down as they landed. The squad of eight rushed over, kneeling down in respect as Marisa said, ?Huh, how did you guys get here so fast? I thought his forces were still holding you up ze...?

?Oh spare the thought book thief, did you honestly think that such rabble could h-hold us up?? Sakuya retorted, her own voice cracking slightly despite her attempts to remain stoic.

All around them, Sakuya, Flandre, Patchouli, Yukari, Yuyuko, Youmu, Sanae, and Suika kneeled, each one walking up to comfort the duo, many of them crying.

A far larger gust of wind blew through the air, as the group looked up, to see the entire population of Gensokyo flying through the air.

Thousands of humans and Youkai flew through the air, rushing to reach the island quickly as possible as Reimu said, ?Heh, who ever knew that we deserved such a large pass away audience..??

As scores of people landed on the island to pay their own respects, Marisa chuckled, ?All this time, I always questioned our existence, as to why we were alive, as to why we were chosen for what we?ve done. But now I realize, that I don?t care. I realize that no matter what life has chosen for us, that we control our own fate. We dictate the path that our lives take, and I can say that I don?t regret it. We, don?t regret out paths.?

Reimu added her own words, ?Ever since I was little, I always knew that we would be fighting for Gensokyo. That some day, and Incident would occur that would result in casualties, would result in death. But just Marisa said, we don?t regret it.?

Alice spoke up again, her tears flowing down as she said, ?We?ll see you again one day, alright? No matter where you go, no matter what happens, I?ll find you, and give you the biggest scolding of your lives, got it??

With a grin, Marisa laughed and said, ?Got it mom. We?ll be waiting for you guys. So we?ll see you all again one day, okay??

With the same grin, Reimu smiled and spoke, ?Farewell to you all. One day, we?ll all see each other again. And when I do, I?m going to beat every single one of you into the ground, got it??

Yukari chuckled behind her fan, her eyes shining with tears as she said, ?I, we?ll be looking forward to that. I?ll be sure to beat you, Reimu.?

?We can finally end our journey... Right Reimu?? Marisa whispered, her words sounding out through the island clearly.

?Hm. Our journey can finally end Marisa, so we?ll... See you all later.? Reimu whispered, her eyes closing against Marisa?s shoulder.

As the duo?s eyes slowly closed while leaning on one another, a final thought made itself known from them, ?Death isn?t the end. So see you all later. For it is in death that we achieve peace, but in death that we cause sorrow. but before we leave...

We just wanted to say...

Arigatou, everybody...?
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Re: Ordinary Days of Gensokyo, by Shadow1176
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A/N: And here's the second for today.

A/N: After thinking about death for a little while, this idea suddenly sprung to mind. Do note that there may be some mildly disturbing content here. Please enjoy.


It was the first thing that registered in my mind, the first stimuli that made me react.

Pitter patter went the rain, its small yet steady torrent of droplets falling over the area that I had woken up in.

But there was no drowsiness, no yawning, no early morning rituals which had become commonplace to myself.

In the darkness that were my closed eyes, the rain continued to fall, as I simply lay upon the ground, resting under the cover of rain that continued to douse the area.

It was peaceful, to simply lay on the ground, enjoying the simple comforts of a light rain and no sunlight to speak of, to enjoy what little nature I could before waking up to whatever was around me, whether it be my room or a battlefield, and perhaps neither of them.

A soft rhythm of footsteps sounded into my ears, as as a voice teased, ?Well then, it looks like someone likes their relaxation.?

Loud, cheerful, and overly enthusiastic, I could tell that whoever the sweet voice belonged to was indeed a character befitting of all three traits, same as her voice.

My eyes fluttered open at last, to finally analyze my settings.

Massive rainclouds of grey filled the sky in numbers too great to count, as several rock formations rested among the treeline residing but a few steps away. I can hear the calming flow of a river nearby, as it soothes my mind with past memories of afternoons spent resting near rivers. A massive mountain nearby towered above us, too far to make out any details.

And on one of the nearby rocks, sat a young woman, sharpening her enormous scythe with a wispy ripple at its end, the fearsome farm tool turned weapon automatically making me realize where I was.

?I?m dead, right?? My voice moves of its own violation, before I reign in my impulses while the young woman looks cheerfully at me with a grin.

She says, ?Yep! Dead as a fairy caught in a Spell Card Duel.?

I slowly stand up, stretching as I do so to remove the chink in my shoulder, only to realize that it was muscle memory, as my physical body no longer functioned. Instead, my body was a wispy, ethereal form, much like the ghosts of childhood stories.

Satisfied that I still had all of my bodily functions working properly, I turn around only to see the beaming, joyful face of the woman once again, as I cocked my head in confusion.

Her hand was stuck out for a handshake as she announced, ?By the way, I?m Komachi Onozuka, pleased to meet?cha!?

I shook her hand, and felt a strange sensation at the feel of her hand, warmth and cold mixing together in a blend of comfort as I pulled my hand away and glanced around once more at the surrounding area.

Much like before, rock formations lay scattered amongst the area, many of them in the flowing river that we stood next to. Upon closer inspection, the water was a wondrous black, pure in its shade and untainted by nothing else. Despite its look of water, it was surely something else entirely.

Reaching a hand out to perhaps caress the water lightly, Komachi says, ?I wouldn?t do that if I were you. Course, since I?m not you, I can?t stop you, but it?s the thought that counts right??

Her explanation left a smile on my lips as I asked while standing up, leaving the water?s surface undisturbed, ?Why not??

Shink. Shink.

Continuing to sharpen her scythe, my ears thoroughly enjoying the melodic scrapes, Komachi replied, ?Well, I should probably start at the beginning, but take a seat on my boat, the Titanic.?

A rowboat sat snugly against the riverbed, a plain black matte finish with its own set of oars, still left inside and unused. Various knicknacks sat in the boat, ranging from whetstones to...

?Firearms? What on earth were firearms doing in a boat?? I thought to myself briefly.

Shaking those thoughts off, I asked before stepping in, ?Don?t I need to pay a toll fee? This is the Sanzu River, right??

With wide eyes and a grin on her lips, Komachi laughed while saying, ?Sharp and educated, not to mention open minded. I like you.?

Bowing my head slightly, I responded, ?Thank you.?

With a twirl of her scythe and a short hop into her boat while still standing, she said, ?Your fee?s already been paid for, since I collect when you first show up. Now come on.?

Stepping in with one foot, before swiftly bringing my other in while we pushed off, we began our journey down the Sanzu River...

Massive rocks jutted out of the river, as the overhead clouds remained the same as ever, gloomy and dark. A thick fog had descended over the area, neither cold nor warm in its temperature. Slick black water rushed past, both from Komachi?s scythe and my rowing.

I had offered to help her out when I noticed the oars, and she happily accepted, complaining about the distances needed to traverse the entirety of the river, as I laughed, a deep, baritone chuckle that wouldn?t have been out of place with military troops.

As we rowed for a bit, Komachi turned around and said, ?Let?s take a break.?

I responded, ?Sure.?

Though I felt no exhaustion, and suspected that Komachi didn?t either, I acquiesced to her request, locking in my oars as she sat down, letting out a sigh of relief.

She began speaking, ?Thanks. Now I?m sure that you have plenty of questions, but I?ll explain what?s going on first.?

Her hands gestured to the area around her, as she said, ?First off, as you already realized, you?re dead.?

As she stretched a bit and let out a relaxed sigh, I couldn?t help but smile and say, ?Cute.?

As soon as she heard me, a blush formed on her face, ears tinged red in embarrassment as she muttered, ?I?m not cute...?

I laugh a bit, and once we?re calm, she continues, ?You died somewhere in Japan, since you showed up at the Sanzu River as opposed to one of the other places, like the River of Styx, or the Chinese Passages.?

Pondering the information briefly, I asked, ?Do all souls head to the same location??

A waggle of her finger and a wink answered me as Komachi responded, ?Now, now, how do you think a single judge would be able to handle so many deceased? Each region of the world is sectioned off into several different jurisdictions. For Japan, we have the Sanzu River, and I?m the ferrywoman, whereas my boss is the High Judge.?

?Who is your boss?? I asked, curiosity overcoming me.

Komachi happily replied as the river gently led us on, ?That?d be Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu.?

A brief silence resided but for a moment, until I said, ?Do you mind if I talk about my life? I feel like before I?m judged that I should at least spill my guts to someone, and you?re pleasant company.?

Laughter came from Komachi, who said between laughs, ?Not at all! I love hearing about the lives of different people. Go ahead.?

As we both settled into various positions of rest, I began my tale.

?I was born on October 30th, 1998, born into a upper middle class family, with quite the strange makeup. We had my parents, my grandmother, and 3 older sisters. Growing up in such an environment, I became slightly feminist, learning to enjoy more gentle hobbies, such as cooking and cleaning, but also of more violent ones, fighting, shooting, so on and so forth. On and on, I bonded with my family, but not in a good way...?

I took a deep breath as Komachi continued to watch me, her eyes betraying no emotions, but a kind and patient listener.

I continued.

?Our family was always different. At first I never noticed it, but we were always the odd ones out, the ones who tried to be normal but couldn't, the ones who were backwards in both thinking and morals yet pushed ourselves to be normal. My parents always drilled into us that we had to become normal, simple citizens, not wanting us to pursue dreams of greater and higher things, or more dangerous and daring lines of work. All they wanted to just go through life successfully, unwanting of us becoming more than a cog in the machine that is normality. And it was that forced ideal that caused much of my depression early on in life.?

?Go on.? She gently nudged, encouraging me to continue my tale.

?Throughout the childhood, I can?t claim to be subject to the horrors of the world, living a rather spoiled life to be honest. I did what I could to help, always enthusiastic about helping others, something that remained in my morals even into adulthood, but ultimately failing in what my parents wanted. For them, normality was the only thing they wanted. Good grades, plenty of friends, no random or disturbing behavior, no nothing out of the ordinary. They wanted to eradicate any sense of strangeness in their children, especially me. Unfortunately... We were anything but normal. But when has that mattered in the eyes of others??

I laughed, a maddening, yet also humor filled laugh, both painful and hilarious memories playing out in my mind?s eye.

?My sisters... so good in academics, so many friends, such good work ethics and what wonderful daughters they were. They were but a public face against what happened at home. We are dysfunctional, when you take into account that our parents do nothing but argue, sisters conflict regularly over the most mundane things, how life is simply strange, incomprehensible in its nature.?

?Myself... I am a terrible child. Not smart, not strong, not social, I could fulfill none of the expectations society demanded of us. Where they asked for grades, I played video games. Where they asked for horror at terrible events, I showed a calculating, analytical mind, accepting the horror with little fuss as others watched me in terror. They demanded normality, and they received insanity. For most of my childhood, my conflicting wants, my subjective desires constantly fought against one another, unrelenting in its battle for dominance in my mind. And through all of that, I continued to attempt to live life, as others wanted it. But what did I have, when I grew up? How did I live to the ripe age of 76? I brought with me into adulthood...?

A small smile, tinged with regret yet happiness could be seen on my lips, as Komachi continued to listen, her emotions never changing, her expression unfaltering.

?A naive, absolutely ruthless assassin.?

I sighed, my memories playing out in my mind, too vivid were they to be forgotten so easily

?My mental state a wreck, I entered a military academy, in hops of pursuing my dream of becoming a soldier, despite the protests I received from my family. For 2 years I lived in the military, constantly improving myself, continuing to become stronger in hopes of pursuing my dream to reach the top of the military command. I rose through the ranks, my calculating mind able to execute missions with maximum efficiency, my natural gift for tactics allowing us to escape hazardous situations with minimal casualties, my drive to kill defeating many and inspiring others to join me. All this time, my mind was still a mess, as I engaged in the few hobbies that I still had. I was a writer, imagining fantastic worlds and creating new universes from different media, mainly anime and games.

Two years after I joined the military, World War III broke out. It was here that I reached my prime.?

My eyes closed as I kept speaking.

?Previous connections and my rank as a Colonel allowed me to become something that I had dreamt about for so long, but never found realistic. To create a Private Military Company, small in size, but of the highest caliber in the world. Able to kill anyone without hesitation, to revel in war as a business, to become the shadows hired by only the best. It was here that the new wave of cybernetics had came into being, as I allowed mechanics, all of them friends to me, to modify me to the greatest extent possible. It worked, and I was a mix of organic flesh and a mechanic carapace.

For the next 50 years, I fought, recruited, and trained the greatest elite force in the world.  All throughout the time, my mind continued to deteriorate, and for once, I was happy. Happy that insanity had won out against the normality of the world, that I became something other than another cog in the machine. Instead, I became both a supporting beam and a hammer, both supporting the world and destroying it. Through another 2 world wars and many conflicts, we became the shadows of the world, the boogeymen sent to kill both governments and rebels, assassins and targets, presidents and terrorist leaders. And it was those 50 years later, that I met my untimely end to two people. No... people is the wrong word. They were a demon and an angel, their power overwhelming my squad and an entire UN Army Group and thus bringing an end to the Alpha Squadron of my PMC.?

I opened my eyes, to see Komachi staring at me, with wonder in her eyes, as I said, ?That?s everything. Even though my life was cut short, I mattered, and made my mark on history.?

Komachi leaned back as she said, ?You had an interesting life for sure. But you?re content now? Even though your life was cut short??


A bump interrupted my answer, as Komachi stood up, and with a stretch offered a hand to me while saying, ?We?re here. Lady Shiki?s waiting for you.?

As we stepped off the boat, Komachi led me inside the structure that we had entered, as the sight of a massive courtroom met my eyes.

The central area was blank, not a single object residing within, as to my front, a voice spoke out.

?Please stand in the middle, soul.?

Authority rolled off the voice in droves, its power compelling me to follow its instructions as I performed them.

I looked up to meet the eyes of my judge.

Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu.

Komachi stood to the side as one of Eiki?s hands rested on the Cleansed Crystal Mirror. Eiki spoke out after a moment, ?You have sinned much soul. Countless lives have been taken both by your hand and word, much of your life has been spent in warfare, and your morals have become corrupted beyond belief. What say you??

A grin appeared on my face, as I responded simply, ?I accept my death. Now that I have died, I can accept whatever will happen, regardless of its outcome. Do as you will with my soul, for I shall accept whatever it that you choose.?

A crease appeared in Eiki?s forehead as she muttered, ?So you will choose subservience then..? Very well.?

The Rod of Remorse struck the table Eiki sat at, as she ordained, ?[REDACTED], for the many sins that you have committed in your life, I sentence you to the Yama?s Blade Program.?

A jump of surprise came from Komachi as she yelped, ?Lady Shiki, are you sure? Do they really look like they-?

She was interrupted, ?Yes Komachi. They shall undertake the course. Explain it to them.?

My head swiveled to Komachi as she sighed and said, ?Wow, it sucks to be you kid. I thought that you would have been sent to Hell, but to drafted into the Yama?s Blade Program... Yeesh.?

I ask, ?What does it entail??

Komachi starts, trepidation in her voice, ?Well, your death has been either postponed or nullified entirely, and you?ll become a Yama?s Blade, sent to undertake all sorts of tasks, may they be grocery shopping or killing a Youkai army. The only issue is that... nearly an exact 100% are either killed or too injured to continue. There?s no quitting, and finishing it is nearly impossible...?

?Is that so..?? I say, before turning back to Eiki.

?If that is your wish, it shall be done Lady Shiki.? I bow deeply, showing the utmost respect for the judge.

Her gaze unwavering and unforgiving, she replies mildly, ?You?ll change your tune when you begin the course.?

I smile, yet speak not a word.

Eiki turns to Komachi and orders, ?Komachi, bring them to the starting grounds for the program.?

As we take our leave towards another door that appeared on the other side, I turn slightly and maintain my smile and say, ?Perhaps, perhaps not.?

The doors close behind us, as I can almost hear the judge speaking,

?Then I wish you luck, soul...?
That time, is breakfast time!
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Re: Ordinary Days of Gensokyo, by Shadow1176
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A/N: I think I'll upload anything else left, thus I'll leave the last three chapters that I wrote a while back here. Please enjoy.

A/N: This piece is mainly dedicated to fellow fans of Touhou from the RWBY Wiki Chat. Please enjoy.

The Forest of Magic.

A wooded area filled with immense trees that were centuries old, and normal Youkai going about their daily business.

Although not many dared to venture into the forest for fear of their lives, some brave few ventured within in search of valuables and ingredients.

And in a massive clearing near the middle, was a peculiar sight.

A simple house, as large as an Outer World two story urban building occupied the large clearing, its build seemingly inconspicuous to the outside view, with no notable features, besides the picnic table, blacksmithing station, and garden outside.

Inside however, a far different story unfolded.

The kitchen contained a dozen appliances, each powered by magic, while the furniture was of a simple mahogany, sturdy yet comfortable. Strangely enough, a rack for shoes had been placed inside, as had a welcome mat. The dining room contained cushions and even a kotatsu, a hot plate residing in the center of the table. Bedrooms in varying degrees of cleanliness lay scattered throughout the house, each belonging to a specific person. A large computer took up a small portion of the living room, which was outfitted with modern electronics such as a TV and game console.

Most curious of note however, was the armory room, where a Shadow Gate led to a room designed as a pocket dimension, utilizing an infinite space area. Weapons of all varieties resided within, ranging from blades, maces, bows, spears, to more modern equipment such as firearms, explosives, even directed energy weapons.

Most of the house was quiet, except for the kitchen, where a young girl was at a cutting board, organizing her ingredients.

Long blonde hair flowed down her back as her warm emerald eyes were furrowed in concentration, her mind occupied by thoughts of what she would make, what she would utilize in the meal, how she would prepare it, and various other related musings.

A white apron with a symbolized sun lay over a simple purple shirt and blue slacks, her attire functional yet simplistic.

Known as Terra Rose, she was a human Incident Solver, one of the few who coordinated closely with notable figures such as Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame.

?Hm, what to make??  She wondered aloud, still contemplating what to make.

In the corner of her eye, she spotted a black tendril in the wall near the front door that was quickly growing, its shape molding into that of a door. Darkness seemed to cling to its very form, black and unseeable that invoked a sense of despair, yet comforting to those that knew of what darkness truly meant.

For there cannot be light without dark, just as evil cannot exist without good.

Once it fully materialized, the Shadow Gate swung outward into itself, a black fog covering it as a figure strode through, their feet never touching the wooden floor through levitation.

Described only in how indescribable they were, their cloak only allowed others to see a glint of an eye, midnight black in its shade. Their legs, body, arms, even face were hidden, unable to be observed.

 ?I?m back! Anybody here??

As a friendly voice emanated from the cloaked figure while it floated over to the coat stand, Terra responded, ?Welcome back Shadow! Wagashi?s outside working on a construction project, and I?m making Lunch.?

As the cloak was hung up and removed from the now named Shadow and their shoes were left in the front, they said once unmasked, ?Want some help??

With the cloak off, one could see that Shadow was of a male gender and human-like at that, his dark, midnight colored eyes gleaming with apathy, yet also kindness. A black muscle shirt and black sweatpants could be seen on him, while he walked into the kitchen.

With her tongue stuck out, Terra teased, ?What, so you can make a disaster of my cooking??

Deep, baritone laughter followed the friendly jab, as Shadow responded with, ?On the contrary, my cooking is excellent, unlike most men.?

A quick glance around the room told him all he needed, murmuring aloud, ?Egg and tomato dish, spinach, and some rice... I?ll do the spinach for you.?

As Shadow?s hands began to cut the spinach into their readied states having switched his hands to Shadow Blades, Terra commented while slicing several tomatoes, ?I remember when my older brother would walk in, and ask if I needed any help. When I told him what to do, he couldn?t tell the difference from a tomato and an apple!?

As several tendrils of darkness, known as Shadow Arms extended from Shadow?s body, retrieving ingredients to prepare them, he responded with, ?Hah! My family was different, whereas they always asked me to help out. Mostly because they were lazy, but I digress.?

Terra had begun humming a tune, her voice sweet and high, as Shadow asked, ?Know where Yuki and Himmel are?

A few tomatoes were deposited into a frying pan as Terra said, ?Yuki?s in the Human Village hanging out with Keine Sensei, and Himmel?s-?

The front door banged open as a voice called out cheerfully, ?I?m back!?

A male figure, garbed in a black overcoat with silver lining stepped through the front door, leaving his boots behind as he walked in, the door closing behind him. Black hair accompanied a pair of cobalt blue eyes, his features friendly and cheerful. A simple longsword, remarkable only in how unremarkable it was rested in a sheath on his back, while a pair of black crow wings folded upon themselves upon his entry.

Known as Himmel, the half Crow half human hybrid was one of several others who lived in the house, typically busy with his work.

A trio of eggs were flipped in a pan as Shadow said, ?Welcome back. Any good bounties in the Outer World??

Himmel placed his longsword onto the weapon rack instead of the weapon deposit system which led to the armory and hanged up his black and silver overcoat, his black wings still folded.

Himmel responded, ?Decent enough. Got a job from some Brits to eliminate a terrorist cell in England, good pay.?

Dropping into one of the chairs at the kitchen table, Himmel asked, ?Anything interesting on your end??

Shadow reported casually, ?Assassinated the President's would be assassins, and protected the White House from a coordinated terrorist strike. US is in our debt, so we can vacation there some time.?

A glance over at the numerous tasks being performed by Terra and Shadow had Himmel asking, ?Need some help??

Simultaneously, Shadow and Terra yelled with panic in their voices, ?No!?

Covering one of his ears, Himmel complained, ?Ah jeez, what did I do??

?You nearly burned down the house!?

Several weeks prior...

Himmel had just completed cooking a terrible mess of waffles on the stove which were completely burnt, and forgot to turn off the fire magic valves as he said, ?Breakfast is ready!?

And as he walked outside with a smile on his face, the valves continued to feed power into the stove, terrible sounds emanating as its pressure continued to build...

Several minutes later...

After the rather questionable meal that Himmel had prepared was consumed, terrible as it was, Yuki?s nose perked up suddenly, as she sniffed the air, saying with a hint of confusion, ?Something?s burning-?

A screeching yell rent the air as someone yelled out, ?OH GOD THE KITCHEN IS ON FIRE!?

Himmel scratched his head embarrassed, muttering, ?Eheheh...?

Terra jumped a bit, as she said, ?That?s right, we?ll be having some guests over, and they should be-?

A mighty crash resonates from the outside, as a cheerful voice yelled out, ?Hey, anybody home ze??

Terra sighed before muttering, ?That would be them.?

A Shadow tendril opens the door while he says, ?Welcome. Please take a seat inside, lunch will be served shortly.?

Reimu and Marisa, the two guests walk through the front door after removing their shoes.

With a grin, Marisa said, ?Ooh, lunch. What?s on the menu chef??

A smack to the back of the head by Reimu left Marisa rubbing the hit spot, the former scolding, ?Oi, be polite.?

With a bow to the residents, Reimu said, ?Apologies for troubling you, arriving here unannounced.?

The trio all laugh, their amusement at the scene evident as Terra says after calming down, ?Oh its fine, don?t worry so much Reimu. And Marisa, it?s just some eggs and vegetables.?

With a fist bump into the air, Marisa joyfully exclaimed, ?Sweet! I?ll look forward to it then ze~?

Shadow and Terra continue cooking, the sounds of frying and cutting overlapping the conversation held by the other three, whom had all taken a seat.

Marisa leaned back in her chair with her feet propped up, as she asked, ?So, how?s the forest been treating you guys? Gotten used to all the magic residue and miasma??

Himmel replied, ?Oh yeah, we?re fine. The magic residue has been good for some of us, but the others don?t mind it, since it doesn?t affect us.?

In the midst of cooking, Terra asked,?Where on earth did the mushrooms all come from? There?s far too many varieties and quantities, even after taking into account nature?s higher power content here and her behavior.?

Marisa nods and says, ?I grew some of those species myself, and introduced a few from other areas. Both the fast growing nature of some of them and nature?s power around here cause most of the species to grow exponentially, not even counting the residue let off by my experiments ze.?

As they spoke, the wall nearby almost seemed to morph inward, as five figures stepped through, landing right on the welcome mat before the gap closed behind them.

The first was known as Wagashi, who was an androgynous-appearing female, their attire being a construction worker?s outfit complete with a hard hat who had taken off their shoes and was already hanging them up.

The second was a werewolf known as Yuki, her green dress shirt and jeans concealing her more animal like characteristics, as her grey combat boots were left on the welcome mat.

The third was known as Hatty Hattingmon, who was dressed far more formally, a western styled tuxedo complete with top hat and monocle adorning the third man, as he left his dress shoes by the makeshift door and walked inside.

The last two figures were both a common sight in the Human Village, Keine Kamishirasawa and Fujiwara no Mokou both stepping in, curious at Wagagshi?s power of manipulating construction materials before they too stepped inside with the former saying, ?Please pardon the intrusion.?

Yuki greeted everybody cheerfully, showing a few sharp teeth as she exclaimed, ?Yahoo, Yuki here!?

Similarly, Wagashi greeted them as well with, ?Hello!?

Himmel simply called back, ?Sup? Lunch is still being prepared.?

Keine bowed once more as she said, ?Sorry to trouble you.?

With a head scratch, Mokou also bowed awkwardly and said, ?Er, yeah. Sorry to intrude.?

Shadow laughed a bit and reassured them, ?Worry not. We made extra in anticipation.?

A few moments later with the completion of the dishes, Terra goes to set the table outside quickly and efficiently with no wasted movement nor time, while Shadow uses his tendrils to throw all the dishes, still in their pots and pans into the air at once, slightly cooling them down while having them all land in plates that were already grabbed by another dozen tendrils, and sets the dishes onto the outside dining table through the already open windows, each area already perfectly set. It had become a tradition for the duo, their cooking routine having become second nature as they shared a grin.

With scrapes of chair legs and stretching by some, everyone proceeds to relocate to the outside dining table, and make their own pre meal preparations.

A gust of wind whirls through the area, as Aya Shameimaru flies in from above, her notepad and camera still out and already snapping a picture.

Aya playfully chirped, ?Ayaya, is this a picnic? Why wasn?t I invited??

With an amused smile on his lips, Shadow responded, ?In that case, welcome. Would you like to join us??

A gracious smile appeared on Aya?s face as she said, ?It?d be my pleasure.?

Aya takes a seat, and Shadow grabs one of the spare plates before handing it to her.

As everyone settled in, they all said at once, ?Itadakimasu!?

Taking bites of their respective dishes, there was cheer all around as everyone conversed.

Keine commented, ?What wonderful cooking!?

Mokou admitted, ?Huh. This is really good.?

Marisa grinned with a mouthful of tomatoes in her mouth, ?Delicious ze!?

Aya also commented in wonder, ?Wow, this is stupendous cooking, simple yet comforting.?

Reimu ate some with a contemplative look on her face as she observed, ?Interesting use of the spice arrangement and amounts. Do you always use spices in these increments for egg dishes??

Shadow responded with good nature, ?Our dishes vary, so most of the time, it changes a lot for each one, considering the numerous different dishes that we prepare.?

Himmel laid back in his seat and said, ?Delicious as always.?

Yuki smiled and said, ?Totally awesome food, woof!?

Hatty chewed his food and pondered aloud after swallowing, ?I wonder if something was changed today? It seems like there?s a bit more spice mixed around... But it keeps things interesting.?

Wagashi murmured, ?Great food, but pastries...?

Terra smiled and patted Wagashi on the head before comforting them by saying, ?I?ll make you some pastries later, okay??

Shadow chuckles, his quiet tone unheard by others.

As the food was slowly finished and the sake was brought out, Aya found herself asking as her crow familiar showed signs of curiosity, ?I was sort of curious... Himmel, was it??

With a mischievous grin, Himmel replied, ?Yes, my name is Himmel, why do you ask Aya??

?Are you truly descended from a crow god from the Outer World??

As the other conversations died down and everybody listened in, Himmel took a moment to think, before saying, ?Yeah, but his name?s been lost to time already. Nobody remembers who he is, even myself, but his legacy lives on in me.?

Aya continued in her questioning, ?How was it, living in the outside world as a Crow Tengu??

Himmel answered, ?It was alright, life wasn?t painful or anything. Even though I had to live on my own to hide my wings and other crow features, I lived simply... Until I met these maggots.?

A playful wink and grin accompanied himmel?s teasing which had been directed towards the rest of his household, who responded with gusto.

Hatty yelled back with a drunken slur, ?What did you just say about me? I?ll bash ye skull in mate, swear on me mum!?

Shadow narrowed his eyes as he said, ?The same to you prick.?

Laughter sounds out from everyone at the banter, until Himmel speaks up again.

Himmel began, ?Well, I first met Wagashi back in 2010 while in Japan, since I was her designated bodyguard for a construction job.?

Wagashi rubbed the back of their head before murmuring, ?That one didn?t end so well, huh? We had a youkai infestation, and they chased out the other workers before we put them down...?

Himmel continued their tale, ?Afterwards, we met up with Terra and Shadow, since they were a duo solving crimes when we crossed paths following the same target.?

Terra asked aloud, ?Who ever did get the bounty anyway??

Shadow responded, ?We split it remember??

Himmel pointed an accusing finger at Shadow before yelling, ?Objection! We defeated you though, so wouldn?t we have gotten the bounty??

A sweatdrop appeared on Wagashi?s forehead as they said, ?If you call losing nearly all of your blood and both of us being brought to Death?s door while making them retreat only because they didn't want to have to slaughter the incoming police forces as beating them, sure.?

A dejected look made itself known on Himmel?s face as he sighed and muttered childishly, ?No need to tell the others that...?

Shadow smiled and said amused, ?I registered a threat, and responded appropriately.?

Terra poked Shadow in the cheek, humor on her face as she lectured, ?To which I had to force you to realize that they weren?t hostile.?

Something resembling embarrassment could be seen on Shadow?s face as he said, ?... Fair enough.?

Looks of wonder and amazement, and as well incredulity could be seen all around as Reimu voiced their thoughts, ?So you met through...?

Marisa finished, ?Almost killing each other??

Terra gave a dazzling grin as she claimed, ?You know what they say, ?The best of friends are forged through combat.?

Shadow interjected, ?Only we say that though-?

A still burning frying pan sailed through the hair to make a very intimate acquaintance with Shadow?s face as he said muffled, ?That was quite unkind, madam Terra.?

Terra pouted as she whined, ?Well you?re also being unkind Mister Insensitive!?

Himmel, Wagashi, Yuki, and Hatty all laugh before Terra lifts her frying pan menacingly while saying, ?Shadow may not feel pain easily, but I?m sure you four will...?

Their laughter dies down instantly, and Shadow speaks, in detailing his own tale, ?I first met Madam Terra in the United States of America, New York to be specific.?

Terra continued for them, ?We were on a train together, and when he saw that I had a magic amplification necklace, he signalled for us to talk privately with mind speech.?

Shadow picked up, ?Once we introduced ourselves, we became fast friends, and eventually our similar ideals on the world caused us to form a partnership as Incident Solvers, ranging from fighting crime to helping the public, in secret of course.?

Terra continued, still cheerful as she said, ?We managed to stay under the radar for a few years, defeating crime syndicates and shutting down illegal businesses, until one day...?

Both of their eyes fell as Shadow said with sorrow, ?Gapdamn it, the government found us...

Yuki interjected as she said, ?That?s when I met them, I was one of the special PMC forces sent in to eliminate the dangerous duo that had the power to influence entire nations, maybe even the world. The UN sent us in, the Alpha Squadron of our PMC, alongside the entirety of the UN First Army... And we were obliterated.

Terra explained, ?Yuki was the only one who managed to survive until the end, and then she asked to join us instead.?

Shadow continued, ?We agreed, and soon enough, we introduced them to Himmel and Wagashi whom we met beforehand in Japan, and our team was formed.?

With a drunken slur and his breath reeking of sake, Hatty yelled, ?Hey, what about me??

Shadow laughed slightly, before saying, ?Eheheh, that?s right. Before I met Madam Terra and everybody else, I first met Hatty when I was traveling the world, eventually meeting him in China a few decades ago. I?d used his Hat business as a hideout while I was in Asia, and we became good friends.?

A bottle was pointed at Shadow by Hatty as he yelled, ?Don?t think that flattery will get you anywhere with me old man! Considering what my shop went through...?

Shadow sighed as he said dejected, ?You?re still hung up about the assassination attempts..??

Hatty?s bottle slammed into the table as he yelled, ?You?re damn right I?m still bitter!?

Aya discreetly finished up writing in her notebook and taking as she closed her camera with a snap just as she put her notebook back into its holster. ?Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.?

Terra bowed as she said, ?Thanks for the interview, and feel free to use whatever you want in the newspaper.?

Aya froze as she prepared to leave, stuttering, ?H-how did you tell??

Shadow answered, ?I saw you writing it down in your notebook. Although those questions did come from your heart, which is a good thing.?

Aya sighed in relief as she cheerfully called out as her wings extended, ?Well, thanks again. Goodbye everyone!?

With a burst of wind gusting about the area, Aya flies off, returning to Youkai Mountain.

Reimu stood as she left her dishes in the piled cleanup area, ?We may as well be taking our leave as well. Would you like some help cleaning up though??

Yuki waved her hand as she picked up several plates and empty dishes, ?We?ll be fine, don?t worry.?

Marisa waved her hand as well, as she said gratefully, ?Thanks for the food, ze!?

As the groups prepared to leave, whether for cleaning or to leave, Mokou spoke to Shadow, saying, ?I?d be interested in fighting with you one day Shadow, how about it??

Shadow held out his hand as he said, ?That?s a promise.?

Mokou takes the hand and shakes it, as the two smile, both predatory and friendly.

Keine bowed once more as she said, ?Thank you for the food. We?ll be leaving then, so farewell!?

The four fly off as well, and everybody leaves the table to assist in the cleaning, everyone picking up plates and dusting away food scraps into the garden nearby as food for the plants.

As everybody finishes the cleanup, chatting amicably as they do so, they ponder what else to do afterwards.

Terra perks up with an idea and proclaims, ?Ooh! Let?s go Flower Viewing!?

With agreement all around, the five leave the house after setting up their security systems, going to enjoy a session of flower viewing...

Several hours passed, and the five figures stumbled back into their house, one still with plenty of energy.

Shadow, even with several bags filled with empty sake bottles and snack boxes walked in through the front door quickly, while saying ?A refreshing sight indeed.?

On Himmel?s back rested Yuki, the former of which who said, ?She?s already asleep, and I?m exhausted.?

Terra yawned and murmured, ?So sleepy...?

Shadow deposits everyone?s belongings onto the kitchen table and sorts them, while everyone else heads off to bed. Upon return to their rooms, they noticed that everything had already prepared beforehand by someone, as Shadow says from the kitchen, ?I had some clones prepare the rooms, so have a good rest everybody.?

As several of the others shuffled into bed, having changed into their nightwear, Shadow called out with mind speech, ?Good night everybody, see you in the morning.?

Terra responded with humor, ?I still find it funny how you don?t sleep.?

Shadow smiles briefly, before going into the living room.

Shadow pondered his options for a moment, thinking aloud, ?Hm... Perhaps I should visit Mors... But she?s busy. Some games then.?

With a few clicks, Shadow turns on his supercomputer, a highly advanced piece of machinery from the Outer World, and plays games various video games, including one about a young shopkeeper and her fairy companion into the long night...
That time, is breakfast time!
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Re: Ordinary Days of Gensokyo, by Shadow1176
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A/N: It just hit me, but... I?ve been observing the night skies recently... And they?re quite the sight to be beheld.

It was a quiet night at the Hakurei Shrine, all the bustling excitement of the earlier party having dissipated, many of the guests having fallen asleep at the shrine after the festivities, each one snoozing away in dreamland. The sounds of snoring and mumbles accompanied the crowd of youkai and humans currently sleeping, ranging from Oni to Tengu to Wolves to humans and so many others.

Except for one.

Reimu Hakurei, the owner of the shrine that had just so recently been trashed, had taken to resting on her Toril, simply watching the night skies move past, just as they always had.

Today, she had created a Weather Barrier to keep the falling snow away from the shrine in lieu of none at all, manipulating certain variables within the Barrier field in order to ensure maximum comfort for the many people resting in varying states of slumber all over the shrine. Its range extended only to the Toril, for she she felt none of the comfort the barrier provided, preferring the natural frost and freezing temperatures.

The snow had layered out beautifully, the full moon casting an ethereal blue glow upon its pristine white shade, almost as if the snow were glowing in luminescence.

?It?s pleasant, huh??

A voice emanated from her left following a light tap of shoes, as Reimu responded, ?Yeah, tonight?s a good night for moon gazing, Marisa.?

The aforementioned Marisa took a seat with a sigh, proceeding to join Reimu in watching the moon and surrounding landscape, as the two sat quietly, basking in the moonlight?s soft embrace.

The sounds of slumber were the only sounds in the night, the wind having died down completely with silence reigning supreme as Reimu and Marisa continued to observe the landscape, and all of its beauty.

Overhead, the night skies shifted and merged, morphing colors ever so slightly as blue faded to black, and as black rose to blue once more. The few stars, as well as the full moon that had begun to show themselves slowly shined, their luminescent glow casting light over the world.

The trees swayed as the winter wind whistled through, it?s chilling breeze sweeping over the duo.

Marisa sneezed, as Reimu sighed, scooching close to share their body warmth.

Beyond the Shrine, the Human Village remained dark yet not desolate, as the faintest signs of life could be seen. A few lights on, the yells of a few drunkards, life continuing on, even into the quiet of the night.

Towering above it in the distance, Youkai Mountain loomed, not ominous yet resolute in its own fashion.

As time passed, and the two Incident Solvers remained leaning against one another, Marisa asked, ?Hey Reimu??

Reimu gave a simple answer with, ?Hm? What is it??

Marisa shuffled a bit as she whispered, ?How long do you think it?s been since we last looked at the stars like this??

Taking a moment to recall her memory, Reimu responded slowly, ?I?d say about, what... when I first met you and Mima??

A quiet laugh came from Marisa as she said, ?Heh, you?re right. As I watched the skies that night with you, I decided to try incorporating stars into my magic. Mima-Sama wasn?t all too much of an expert on them, but she supported me all the way, training me in similar tactics that she knew to help me further grow. And the same goes to you, right??

A sigh from Reimu was followed by, ?That?s right. As Mima calmed down and decided to settle down here in the Shrine, we trained together in various techniques, ranging from countering magic to proper Yin Yang control, even going so far as to assist in flying and spiritual manipulation.?

Marisa sighed as well, before she said, ?Yeah. She?s taught us so much...?

A pair of hands clapped down on their shoulders as a voice from behind teased, ?Of course I taught you two a bunch, you?re practically my kids! Hah hah!?

From behind them, Mima had floated up and spoke cheerfully, remaining in the air between the two, resting her head on their shoulders.

The trio laughed quietly so as to not disrupt the others in the shrine still sleeping, as they grew quiet, continuing to observe the night sky.

As dark turned to black, the stars shined ever so brightly overhead, even when their shine began to fade in favor of the specks of color slowly, but steadily rising from the east.

As the trio untangled themselves from their stargazing, Reimu held her hand out for marisa, as they both took the other?s hand, jumping off the toril in a bout of fun, landing on the ground with nary a sound nor injury, their athleticism and innate powers allowing for such feats.

As Mima floated down to ground level alongside the duo, the three went inside, bringing out the various cleaning materials in preparation for the after party cleanup-

Only to see their maid, Ruukoto already done with the entirety of the interior and already working on the outside.

With a quick sip of oil, Ruukoto sighed in satisfaction before noticing the trio of dumbstruck women, quietly greeting, ?Hello Mistresses!?

With a collective sigh the trio go out to assist Ruukoto with her already near done job, as Mima commented, ?Oi, those are your sisters, and I?m your mom remember??

Ruukoto?s eyes widened as she responded, ?Oh right! Well then, just leave it me sisters and mom! I?ll have this place done in no time!?

And so, the four residents continued cleaning into the early morning hours, and as the sun rose up to greet their faces, they were interrupted by various residents beginning to awaken.

Leaving the last touches to the other three, Reimu walked back to the various areas in which the others had fallen asleep, one of which had Remilia moaning for a parasol.

Sighing with a smile, Reimu proceeded to awaken the various party comers, rousing them as they all got up to greet a new day.
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Re: Ordinary Days of Gensokyo, by Shadow1176
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A/N: Do I do my homework or write? Yeah, let?s write. This was spawned from boredom.
Please enjoy.

A simple little underground room met her eyes, her wandering of the Outer World eventually leading her here. Cluttered but fairly clean, the makeshift living room was filled with various contraptions, ranging from a TV with its game console, to desks with computers sitting atop them, even chairs of varying sizes and proportions placed around the room in a haphazard fashion.

To the dark green eyes of Koishi, she remained hidden while observing the scene with curiosity.

To her right, she spied a young male teenager, his back straight as he typed away at his laptop, his glasses and black clothing signifying him as a nerd, as one might presume. A set of headphones sat over his ears below long black hair, left alone to show a messy style, charming yet also silly.

But to her surprise, a glance around the room gleaned even more shocking revelations.

To the boy?s left was a girl, human seeming but in reality actually Nue Houjuu in disguise, her time spent in the household making the Nue accustomed to human life in a modern setting.

Another glance around revealed a pair of Magicians, their names being Marisa Kirisame and Alice Margatroid sitting nearby in a pair of chairs, looking at the computer the boy sat at with interest.

With a quick glance at Nue?s computer, something about math that she didn?t understand, Koishi instead moved onto the boy?s computer, joining the pair of Magicians.

With a short nudge to their subconicinesses, Koishi alerted Nue and the pair of Magicians to her presence, not alerting them and instead only notifying them.

To that, Nue remained at the computer, sending a short spark of magic as a greeting to Koishi, not preferring to speak within the mind, while Marisa and Alice greeted her politely with mental speech, pulling up a chair for her to sit down upon.

Taking the seat graciously, the trio looked at the computer to read the boy?s computer screen, the words of their conversation being typed out across the screen with a shocking accuracy.

Across the screen, the words, ?Across the screen, the words,? could be seen typed out, their eyes following the new lines of text appearing, synonymous with their thoughts with terrifying efficiency.

Within the four way mental speech link as connected by the four in the room, Alice said, ?Curious, no? Everything that we say, everything that we do, everything that we even think is being written down by this boy, as if he were writing history.?

In response, Marisa replied, ?Even if we try to go off in random directions with our train of thought, he still writes down what occurs without fail, as if he could see the future. Like, tigers like bikes and elephants. See? He still writes it down with perfect accuracy, and we?ve only been observing him for a few days. Speaking of, they?ve got some decent ingredients in the fridge, so that?s cool. Even though Alice scolded me for it... Ehehe.?

A short glare from Alice directed towards Marisa had Koishi giggle.

A thought was transmitted from Nue who interjected with her own commentary, ?I?ve known this kid for about a year and a half, and in all that time, he?s been able to predict me perfectly. Not in speech, no, but rather when he writes about us, about Gensokyo residents. Although, he is a good conversational partner, able to to accept my ideas of bloodlust and gore and randomness with little fuss and actual enjoyment of the topics. He?s interesting, I?ll give him that.?

With those thoughts, Koishi continued to ponder the words being written by the young boy, who remained oblivious to the supernatural beings around him, even though he believed in magic and fantasy wholeheartedly, as Koishi saw within his subconscious.

?I wonder...?

With the short thought from Koishi, she brought out the katana that she had picked up recently in her travels, angling the blade to sever the boy?s head, even as the trio stood to protest her actions.

Disregarding their words, Koishi brought the blade across, the sword slicing the air on its path towards the boy?s neck, as it to
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Re: Ordinary Days of Gensokyo, by Shadow1176
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A/N: If anyone was curious about the last chapter, here's the rest of what would have happened.

ok off his head, the human part rolling to the ground quickly as the trio looked at the body with a mixture of curiosity and annoyance, Koishi herself muttering an apology.

Alice sighed a she gestured with a hand, saying, ?Oh well. Clean up crew, you?re on point. Triage the boy and bring him back to Gensokyo. I?d like to study his mind, see if I can learn why he was able to predict our thoughts.?

Multiple dolls came out of hiding spots, cleaning up any traces of blood and moving the body into a storage unit created with magic, a gap belonging to Yukari opening up nearby to accept the body as the trio vacated the scene, Nue included who decided to return to Gensokyo.

The next day, reports of a missing boy and girl in a household came up on the local news, their bodies never seen again.
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Re: Ordinary Days of Gensokyo, by Shadow1176
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A/N: So, I?ve got finals in a few days, several projects to finish, and one may ask, what am I doing right now? Writing about Touhou because I can?t study. Also because of procrastination. Please enjoy, even if it is very short.

?Remember Reimu, even though our job is youkai extermination, our overall goal is to maintain order.?

With that lesson in her mind from long ago, 15 years later in the midst of a flower viewing event at the shrine with youkai all around her, Reimu could only sigh and say, ?Well mom, making friends with youkai seems to work pretty well.?

A call for her had Reimu rushing off to answer it, a smile on her lips and her heart light as a feather at the companionship that she had gained over the years.

A little girl was running through the woods.

A little girl tripped over some roots.

A little girl was crying yet joyed.

A little girl had run away from home.

A little girl wanted to learn magic.

A little girl found a house in those woods.

A little girl who?s name was Marisa Kirirsame.

The growls of a dozen youkai emanated from the bushes around them, Reimu and Marisa having walked straight into their nest while exploring.

Faced with overwhelming numbers and experience of several centuries, the duo faced down the pack with determination, ready to fight for their lives.

Initiating the first strike, Reimu and Marisa joined together to unleash a flurry of magic as the pack jumped at them, before a pat on Reimu?s shoulder alerted them to a newcomer.

Floating off the ground ever so slightly, was Reimu?s mother, garbed in her Miko outfit, the Yin Yang Orb glowing with power as Marisa could only stammer,

?.. Huh??

The tea leaves steeped quickly, Reimu and Marisa sipping at the piping hot beverage with a sigh of content. The discovery of tea had the duo drinking it often, their enjoyment of the beverage similar to coffee.

In synchronization, the duo announced, ?Delicious.?

As the duo stood before a grave, inscribed only with the name of Hakurei, Reimu goes to caress the cold stone while saying, ?I miss you, mom...?

With a tip of her trademark witch hat, Marisa payed her own respects to the woman that she had come to know as an aunt.

As the two remained that way for several minutes, both wiped their tears away while standing up as Reimu said, ?We should get going. Mom would want us to solve Gensokyo?s Incidents, not grieve for her death.?

Marisa responded, ?Yeah. Let?s continue her job. We?ll keep solving Incidents, and make her proud. Right??

Marisa opened her arms, and Reimu moved into the offered hug while saying with a smile, ?Right.?
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Re: Ordinary Days of Gensokyo, by Shadow1176
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A/N: It?s Cirno day, and here?s my own contribution! Please enjoy!

Picture link:

I was born... I?m not even sure how long it?s been. Years, decades, centuries, millennia, I?m much older than all of them.

I was born when this planet was born. I remember the boiling surface that was once earth, the impact of the rock that became the moon, and how I was born in that heat, as a tiny piece of ice that thrived.

Then life began to sprout. I observed the first animals walk the earth, and I got to see the first humans as well.

That was billions of years ago.

And now I reside in, where you may ask?

In Gensokyo.
?Cirno-Chan! Cirno-Chan!?

Cirno blearily opened her eyes, only to find the face of her close friend Daiyousei staring into her eyes.

With a yawn, Cirno mumbled, ?Morning Dai-Chan...?

As Cirno got up from her bed, a self made wooden frame with a cotton bed purchased from the human village, she rose from bed, gradually moving her weary body as she mumbled, ?What is it Dai??

Daiyousei giggled and said with a wink, ?It?s a secret~ Now, let?s get you up and moving!?

As Daiyousei lifted Cirno up by her arms, the latter blearily blinked her eyes, as she stumbled towards the pipe system in her house, connected to the Misty Lake to allow for fresh water.

Scrubbing her face and brushing her teeth, Cirno prepared herself for the day. Her customary blue primary dress went on as she laced her boots together, Daiyousei patiently waiting for her.

Her 10 winged ice crystals sprouted from her back, each as long and lethal as nature?s finest weaponry. Within each crystal shone torrents of power, each of the crystals marking the end of an eon and its energy accumulated during that time.

The power contained within each crystal could create and destroy entire galaxies, yet none save Cirno knew of the power within them. Even so, as Daiyousei settled close behind Cirno, she couldn?t help but feel comforted, Cirno?s presence a soothing sensation, like a gentle giant.

As the duo left Cirno?s abode, she asked, ?So Dai, where are we going??

Daiyousei only laughed again as she said, ?I told you already, it?s a secret!?

And so, the duo continued flying...

The Hakurei Shrine was quiet, its inhabitants having gone out for other matters. Though the shrine had just recently been sweeped, Reimu herself was nowhere to be seen.

Cirno and Daiyousei landed gently before the stairs to the toril, the latter extending a hand to the former.

With a smile on both of their faces, the duo ascended the stairs, just as normal humans might.

With a gentle push, Daiyousei said, ?Go on.?

As Cirno walked onwards through the toril, she was met by the eerie silence of the winter day.

Cirno glanced upwards and murmured, ?Today?s the 9th of September, huh??

As she glanced towards the shrine once again, she couldn?t help but notice something glimmering at the donation box.

Something just like-


A blinding light filled her eyes all of a sudden, as Cirno lost sight of the cloaking magic field, forcing a retina reset as her eyes cleared and she saw the shrine once more.

Crafted out of ice and various other elements, was a massive assortment of tables and chairs, as above the celebration resided a sign that said, ?Happy Birthday Cirno!?

As Daiyousei?s bright smile met Cirno?s own, the former said in unison with the rest of the party guests, ?Happy Birthday Cirno!?

Cirno smiled back, her own smile clear as the ice on a snowy day as she said, ?Thanks everyone!?

Walking towards the party, Cirno let out a sigh of remembrance as she thought, ?How many years has it been since I last celebrated my birthday with so many others..??

Pushing the thoughts away, Cirno grinned as she celebrated with everyone, relishing in the surprise birthday that everyone had put together for her.

And so, the celebration of the Strongest Fairy lasted well into the night, as sake and food flowed freely and Cirno?s happiness radiated for her birthday...
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