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The Dissoluteness of Vengeance-Hiatus
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Hey, I've been a lurker for nearly 2 years. Though I was kinda nervous, I've decided to post my first serious fan-fiction here. After some urging from a friend of course. This story is influenced by the game Injustice, and after seeing the story, I began thinking, could anyone go bad in Gensokyo? I decided to make Reimu the "Superman", but Yukari could easily fill that role as well.  I'm open to criticism, and I hope you enjoy!

[EDIT 5/19/15: I've changed the title from Touhou Injustice to The Dissoluteness of Vengeance. Why, you may ask? It's just.. I don't feel like it's my own original story if I put Injustice in it. Of course, I've gotten an idea from the game Injustice. But I am doing this completely different than what actually happened in the game. It may sound a little petty and selfish, but it was just something that bothered me for a while. Pretty much the only similarities are that someone goes bad, and someone tries to stop them. As for the new title, I've sorta based mine on Reimu getting vengeance rather than ruling the world with an iron fist. She becomes immoral and completely breaks any moral restraints she might have had. Well, I hope you guys aren't too bothered by this change and I hope you enjoy the story!]

[EDIT 6/14/15:Okay, I?ll start off by saying that it?s likely I?ll come back to writing and updating this fanfic. I really did enjoy writing it. However, right now I just don?t feel that drive and inspiration that was fueling me in the first few chapters. If I continued writing now, it?ll probably be very half-assed. I feel like I did learn a lot from writing this fanfic though. Honestly though, I feel like I definitely should?ve started off with shorts or something. Also, I feel like this fanfic has really improved my writing in general, though it may not have been to some other people.
Damn though, two months and I already feel like this. I really wanted to try and finish this, but I just can?t right now. I?m sorry if you enjoyed reading this story. Hopefully though, when I return to writing this, I?ll be a lot more experienced. Don?t think I won?t write anything else though. I might open up a shorts thread sooner or later. Well? I guess that?s it for now everyone :\. Have a good day!]

It was a beautiful day at the Hakurei Shrine as Reimu sat down on the entrance. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, and a light breeze of wind swept across the shrine. Closing her eyes, Reimu began to bask in this rare moment of serenity, thinking nothing can ruin this moment.

Until a certain black-white witch interrupted her.

Reimu opened her eyes and watched as Marisa flew and landed in front of the entrance to the shrine.

Setting her broom aside, Marisa asks, ?Hey Reimu, got any tea?? For a brief second, a feeling of great irritation swept over Reimu, but she shook it off and stood up.

Shaking her head and sighing, Reimu walked back into the shrine and called back, ?Yes Marisa, come in, come in.? Reimu was already preparing the tea as Marisa came in and sat down near the kotatsu.

?By the way Reimu, have you heard? Seija was seen by a few humans collapsed and bloodied somewhere in the forest. Dunno how I haven?t found her there though. She scared them off but didn?t manage to stop them from telling everybody.?

Reimu scowled. ?Yes I?ve heard. I was going to go search for her but then you came barging in for tea.? Marisa barks with laughter and waits for Reimu to finish preparing the tea.

When she sets down the tea on the kotatsu, Marisa takes a sip and says, ?Tea isn?t the only reason I came here Reimu. Why don?t you and I go together to find her?? Reimu froze for a split second, hateful thoughts popping in her head. Why did Marisa have to come barging in every incident? Shaking her head, she reaches for a cup of tea and takes a sip.

After that, she sets it down and says to Marisa without looking up, ?No, I don?t need your help. With her injured, taking her down shouldn?t be difficult for me.?

Looking a little disappointed but not angry, Marisa surprisingly agreed, ?Kay? Reimu. I guess you can do it alone.?

After she finishes the tea, Marisa rose and began to leave the shrine. ?See ya Reimu. Good luck.?  Reimu watched and felt a strange feeling of relief after Marisa flew away on her broom. Shaking her head once again, she prepares her gohei, ofudas, and her signature Yin-Yang Orbs.

Stepping out of the shrine, she flies up and heads towards the Forest of Magic.  On the way there, more thoughts of resentment towards Marisa began to surface. She?s beyond irritating and a thief, why did Reimu consider Marisa her best friend?

Grasping her head, she stood there in the sky until the thoughts abated. Lifting her head up, Reimu continued towards the Forest of Magic.

When she finally reaches the forest, her thoughts and feelings became haywire again. Gritting her teeth, she entered the forest and began to search for Seija. Countless trees surrounded her and seemed to go on forever.

Feeling a presence behind her, Reimu quickly turned and swung her gohei towards it, hitting nothing. Raising an eyebrow, she found that the presence was Seija standing several feet in front of her.

What was she doing here? Why didn't she look injured? And why wasn?t she able to do anything? Reimu simply watched as Seija picked herself up and looked in Reimu?s eyes with a hypnotizing gaze.

Seija sneered at Reimu. ?Reimu, why are you going after ME? You know I?m not the problem. That Marisa girl is. She takes your possessions, interrupts every incident you?re trying to solve, and is the most annoying person you?ve ever met.?

Despite her best attempts to resist, Reimu?s thoughts were consumed by hatred for Marisa. Her face began to contort in anger as Seija continued to speak. ?End her, Reimu. She?s a terrible friend and is a threat to Gensokyo.?

After Seija was done, Reimu?s eyes started to glow red and crazed. She exclaimed, ?Yes... I don?t need her! I?ll show that annoying witch!? Reimu shot up and began to race towards Marisa?s house in the forest.

Seija laughed maniacally as Reimu flew away. ?That was far too easy? these fools don?t know the full extent of my power! Soon.. Gensokyo will be plunged into chaos!?

Just as Marisa entered her house, her door flew open to a very angry looking Reimu.

?Eh? Reimu? What?s the matter? Need help with Seija after-? Marisa was interrupted by a push from Reimu. She stumbled and looked at Reimu with surprise. ?What was that for!? Reimu??

It was then that she noticed the slightly crazed eyes of Reimu, and that they were glowing. Red.

?Marisa? YOU WILL DIE!? Reimu summoned her Yin-Yang Orbs and sends them straight towards Marisa. Still gaping in shock, Marisa took the hits directly and was sent flying towards the wall. *SLAM!* Gritting her teeth, she picked herself up with some difficulty and readied her Mini-Hakkero.

Aiming it at Reimu, Marisa yelled out, ?Love Sign ?Master Spark?!? A giant laser of light was fired from the Hakkero towards Reimu. Dashing towards the side, the laser still grazed Reimu slightly and destroyed the entrance of her house.

Picking herself up, she summoned several Yin-Yang Orbs and aimed them at Marisa. Marisa managed to dodge all of them, but it was only a distraction as Reimu bolted towards Marisa and drove her gohei into Marisa?s chest with surprising strength. Letting her gohei stay in Marisa, she watched with glee as Marisa fell to the floor, clutching her chest.

Coughing up some blood, Marisa looked up into Reimu?s face and whispered, ?R-Reimu.. why? What.. what happened.. to..? She didn?t finish her sentence as Marisa?s eyes rolled back and her body went limp.

The joy from Reimu?s face disappeared as soon as the glow her in eyes faded.

?What? Where? Marisa! MARISA! NO!? Collapsing on both her knees, she held Marisa?s limp body and cried into it. ?I.. I?m so sorry. I? MARISA! Please! Come back!?

Back inside the border, Yukari sensed something was very wrong. Slowly, Yukari began to stir from her nap. Once she woke up fully, she called for Ran.

Ran appeared almost immediately in front of Yukari and bowed, ?Yes, Mistress??

?Mmm? Something isn?t quite right. Do your chores while I?m gone Ran.? Yukari was already going into a gap saying this.

Raising an eyebrow, Ran bowed again and said, ?Yes, Mistress.?

Landing at the Hakurei Shrine from her gap, she began to walk towards the entrance. Entering, she began to search for Reimu.

Finding her no where, she called out, ?Reimu? Are you here?? No response, not even a sigh or a ?Go away Yukari?. Opening her fan, she covered her mouth and began to open a gap to where the disturbance was. Once she arrived at Marisa?s house, she stepped out of her gap and began to survey her surroundings. Yukari let her gaze settle on Reimu kneeling over Marisa.  Eyes widening on the gohei sticking out of Marisa?s body, Yukari said nothing as Reimu looked at her with grief-stricken eyes.

Speaking through sobs, Reimu said, ?...Yukari. FIND SEIJA! SHE? she?. made me do this. She?s.. somewhere in the.. forest.? Still shocked, Yukari nodded slightly and entered another gap. A few seconds later, Seija was thrown from the gap and Yukari followed soon after.

Reimu looked at Seija struggling to get up and glowered at her. ?YOU! YOU MADE ME KILL MARISA! ..Marisa?.?

Cackling, Seija smirked at Reimu. ?The feelings were already there. I just? increased the intensity. You should blame yourself for being unable to resist! Hehehe! HEHEHEHEHE-?

Reimu walked up, grabbed Seija by the throat, and threw her across room. After Seija hit the wall and slid down towards the floor, Reimu screamed, ?YOU... WILL? DIE!?

Seija merely laughed even more. As Reimu took the gohei from Marisa?s body, Yukari took hold of her arm and shook her head at Reimu.  ?No, Reimu. Let me take care of her.? Yukari tried to take away the gohei from her, but with surprising force, Reimu tore away Yukari?s hands from her gohei and smacked her with it, sending Yukari flying. She landed on the floor and picked herself up.

After she caught her breath, Yukari cried out, ?No, Reimu! Don?t kill-? It was too late. Reimu began to smack Seija with her gohei repeatedly, each hit breaking bones.

Seija continued laughing.

Then with one final hit on her skull, blood began to pour from her head and the maniacal laughing ceased.

Reimu turned towards Yukari. ?You?re next Yukari! ALL YOUKAI WILL DIE!? Widening her eyes as she realized the surprising surge of power and anger from Reimu, Yukari immediately opened a gap. Tossing herself into it, it closed before Reimu could follow.
Staring at where Yukari was, she turned her head to Marisa?s body and knelt down next to it. Letting one final tear land on her cheek, she picked up her body and walked outside to bury her.
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Re: Touhou Injustice
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A little rushed for a prologue, one would say.  Other than that, I think you should outline the story out first before you write more.  That way, it'd be a bit less wacky and keep consistency with artistic flow.

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Re: Touhou Injustice
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Ninja575- Thank you for the criticism. It felt so much longer and not rushed when I was writing and rereading it. Then when I posted it here, I realized just how short it was. I actually did outline the story, but it wasn't really that.. great of one. I'll have to work on that.
As always, please tell me if there's something I can improve, such as if this chapter still feels kinda rushed. Well, enough of me rambling. Let's get started with Chapter 1, shall we?

Chapter 1

To say that Yukari?s kitchen was neat would be an understatement. Although it wasn?t very large, pans, pots, bowls, and plates were stacked orderly inside several cabinets. There wasn?t a speck of uncleanliness due to Ran?s cleaning abilities. The stove was occupied by Ran who was cooking some tofu. A big round table with three chairs was set to the right of it. One of these chairs was taken by a brown-haired, two-tailed youkai.

?Awwww, tofu again? I want some fish!? Chen looked at Ran with pleading eyes, standing on the seat with her knees bent and her hands on the chair.

Ran sighs and flips the tofu inside the pan, a sizzling noise beginning to form. ?Chen, how many times do I have to say this? It?s not good for you to eat so much fish, especially fried. Tofu is very healthy for you and-?

Ran stopped her cooking when Yukari suddenly gapped into the kitchen and stood there, looking very worried. ?Mistress! What?s the matter?? Putting her fan over her face, Yukari then opened another gap and entered it. Chen, sensing something was up, jumped off her chair and exited the kitchen. Minutes passed as Ran watched all sorts of people get gapped into the kitchen of her Mistress?s home.

?Damn you Yukari!? Remilia fell from a gap that was high up in the hair and face planted the floor... on to her steaming hot cup of tea. One might wonder if that was done on purpose.

Patchouli was also not so fortunate. She fell from a gap onto the table, causing her face to slam into the book she was reading. Picking herself up with some difficulty, she began to have a coughing fit and cursed Yukari in several languages.

Sakuya had it the worst out of the mansion residents. One moment she was carrying some dishes to give to Remilia, the next, she was falling towards the floor. Screaming, everyone watched as plates and glasses broke and shattered on the floor. Food landed everywhere and a delicious looking rare steak lay on top of Sakuya?s head. Face up, she clutched the steak and placed it next to her, her face looking quite flushed and embarrassed. Ran groaned at the mess she had to clean.

Eirin fell from the highest gap, beakers and flasks of chemicals crashing and breaking on the ground. She landed on all of the possibly shady chemicals and could hardly pick herself up. Ran wished her mistress could have at least not made a mess if she was gapping all of these people here.

Kaguya and Reisen had it slightly more easier however, as they merely landed face planted the floor from high up. Reisen picked herself up first and rushed towards Eirin to try and help her up.

?AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oof!? Satori also fell from high up and landed on the floor on her hands and knees, gasping for breath.

Suika and Yuugi were gapped much closer to the ground than the others, but they still fell down. They were red in the face and sake spilled all across the floor.  ?A drinnnnk for every timeeeee Yukariiiiiiiiiiiiiii gaps you somewhereeeee!? They both burst out in laughter and, predictably, drank some sake. Ran watched with dismay as more and more sake spilled on the kitchen floor. 

Finally, Yuyuko and Youmu were transported very comfortably, as they walked from the gap and landed on the floor with no incidents. The eye-filled gaps closed as Yukari came out of one final one. Composing herself, she surveyed the disgruntled crowd calmly.

Suika stood up and was the first to speak up. ?Ey? Yukari, Yuugi and I wereeeee having a drinking contest! Why?d you bring us hereeee? Nice kitchen by the waaaaay. Never seen it beforeeee.? Burping, she took a huge gulp from her gourd, and spilled even MORE sake all over the floor. Ran nearly fainted at the mess she had to clean.

Remilia picked herself up and clutched the part of her head that landed on the tea cup. ?D..damn you Yukari. I was in the middle of something important. This better be good, gap hag.?

?My my, no need to be so rude, Remilia.? Yukari lowered her fan slightly to reveal a mocking smile.

?Just tell us what you brought us here for.? Remilia snapped and began to search something to dry her face and hands with, to no avail. 

?This? this isn?t good. How could she do that?? After Satori picked herself up, she figured out what was wrong in an instant as she read Yukari?s mind.

Glaring at Satori, Yukari sighed and closed her fan slowly. ?Instead of telling why I brought all of you here, it?d be best if I showed you.? Yukari?s hands began to grow violet as she lifted her hands shoulder-high. An image formed in front of her as Yukari closed her eyes. The image showed Reimu kneeling over Marisa, gohei still in her chest. After a few seconds, it shifted to a scene of Reimu holding up the laughing Seija by the neck. Everybody in the room gasped as they saw Yukari being pushed back effortlessly. They then went silent again as they saw Reimu delivered the finishing blow on Seija, blood pouring out of her skull. 

?ALL YOUKAI WILL DIE!? A chill went through Yukari when she heard that again. Her hands slowly stopped glowing.

Lowering her hands again, Yukari opened her eyes and spoke with a surprisingly solemn tone. ?I?m afraid that the combination of Seija?s manipulation and Marisa?s death by her hands has rendered Reimu unstable. But she seems to have to gotten much more powerful as well. I don?t know how, but it?ll be likely that Reimu will start-?

A new, shaky voice interrupted her. ?Yukari. This.. this is indeed very tragic. However... we would like to stay out of this... conflict.? Eirin stood up with shakily and tried to wipe off the chemicals off her dress and face.?We don?t wish for Reimu to come after Eientei and the princess with the intention to harm. You may also want to know that the Bamboo Forest will now? be a bit more dangerous to go into.?

Remilia raised an eyebrow at this. ?Isn?t your ?princess? immortal? Aren?t YOU immortal? You do know you house rabbit youkai, yes? Do you really think Reimu will just ignore you if she really has gone mad? I would think the so called ?Brain of the Moon? would be more intelligent than this.?

Trying to stop Kaguya from talking by putting her chemical-stained hand on her mouth, Eirin managed to lock eyes with Remilia. ?It doesn?t matter if we?re immortal. It?s my duty to protect the princess no matter what. Even if Reimu goes after us, we?ll be better prepared if we stay in the Bamboo Forest. I merely act on the best interests of the princess, whether she realizes it or not.? Kaguya shook her head furiously and struggled to break free. Reisen looked at the crowd around them with an apologetic face.

Remilia said nothing in response and they continued to glare at each other until Yukari said mysteriously, ?If Eirin wishes to stay out of this, she?ll soon find out what will happen.? A gap formed under the Eientei group, and Yukari watched as they all fell into the eye covered hole and closed it soon after.

Sakuya cleared her throat and began to speak shortly after the Eientei group left. ?With all due respect Yukari? we find it very hard to believe Reimu would do any of this. After all, you?re not the most trustworthy of people.?

Remilia clucked and nodded to what Sakuya said. ?Yes, how can we believe you all of people, Yukari? Reimu would never kill anybody. She herself enforces the Spell Card Rules. You probably made up the scene.?

Yukari?s expression turned to that of mock horror. ?How very rude, you two! Now why would I make up the scene? What do you think I?ll get out of it? I take the defense of Gensokyo very seriously.? Yukari?s face hardens. ?But if you?re so insistent on seeing proof, gapping Marisa?s body here shouldn?t be so hard.?

Mutterings began to form as the crowd discussed whether they wanted to see the body.

However, it was Yuyuko who spoke up. ?No need to gap her body here, Yukari~. We could always bring her ghost. I?m sure she wouldn?t mind, and in this particular case, neither do I.? All mutterings ceased as Yukari considered this. Meanwhile, Patchouli muttered something about how Marisa didn?t go to Hell.

Nodding sagely, Yukari opened a gap and gestured for Yuyuko to come. Yuyuko nodded and walked elegantly over the mess that was made in the chaos of the youkai being transported here. Youmu hung back, unsure if she were to follow or not.

About halfway towards the gap, Yuyuko turned back and raised an eyebrow at Youmu.
?What are you doing back there Youmu? Come with us!? Nodding in compliance, Youmu rushed to Yuyuko?s side and they walked the rest of the way there.

Arriving at the gap, Yukari takes Yuyuko?s hand and entered the gap with Yuyuko and Youmu following soon after.

Hakugyokurou?s cherry blossoms drew many ghosts towards it. When the trio arrived at the gardens, they were surrounded by what seemed like hundreds of ghosts. Cherry blossom petals fell gracefully from the great trees, and littered the ground with pink. The Saigyou Ayakashi was as bare as ever and no ghost dared near it. It was, however, a humongous presence which left the ghosts crowded near the smaller and less eerie cherry blossoms.

Yukari closed her eyes and began to bask in the beauty and calmness of the place. ?Hakugyokurou never ceases to amaze, Yuyuko.

Yuyuko smiled gently and nodded. ?Indeed. Youmu does such a brilliant job here. Such a talented girl.? Youmu blushes as Yuyuko ruffles her hair. The three began to view their surroundings for a little while, none of them wanting to break such a peaceful moment.

Opening her eyes again however, Yukari turned to Yuyuko and asked, ?Would you happen to know where Marisa is currently??

?Right behind ya Yukari.? All of them spun around to see Marisa sitting on a pile of cherry blossom petals in front of them. One could mistake her for a real living human being if they weren't paying enough attention. Her hat was sitting right next to her on the pile, letting her hair run free. She was holding her chin with her hand, looking up at the magnificent trees around her. Her broom was nowhere to be seen and she played with her Mini-Hakkero with her other hand.

Wading through the petals, Yukari came to a stop in front of Marisa and knelt down in front of her, her fan dangling from one of her hands, ?Marisa, I?m sorry for what Reimu did to you.?

?That wasn?t Reimu. No way. She.. she would never do that. And she had red glowing eyes. You?re lying.? Marisa turned her gaze away from the cherry blossoms and glared at Yukari. She stopped playing with her hakkero.

A concerned expression formed on Yukari?s face. ?Marisa??

?I don?t want to hear it Yukari. Leave me alone.? Looking straight back at Marisa, Yukari yanked her up and began walking towards Yuyuko.

?H-hey! Let me go Yukari! I told you to leave me alone!? Marisa was flailing and trying to break free of her hold. Some of the ghosts turned to see the commotion happening, and some were forced to step aside as Yukari walked back to Yuyuko.

?Yuyuko~, time to get back.? Opening a gap, Yukari walked inside with Marisa, with Yuyuko and Youmu slowly trailing after.

Ran and Sakuya were cleaning up the mess that was made when everybody was being gapped. The crowd watched as Yukari stepped out of a gap, carrying a struggling Marisa. Yuyuko and Youmu came right after, and the gap closed behind them.

Sakuya widened her eyes at sight of Marisa and nearly dropped the broken plate she was holding. ?No.. it.. it can?t be true! Reimu would never kill Marisa!?

Marisa stopped struggling and nodded, ?Yeah, she wouldn?t. That wasn?t Reimu, it.. it was just a fake! Reimu doesn?t have red glowing eyes, and she would never kill anyone. The real Reimu will take care of her soon.? The youkai looked at each other and shook their heads as they heard her denial. Satori was seen concentrating on reading Marisa?s mind and saw that deep down, she knew that the true Reimu killed her. She very nearly blurted it out until she saw Yuyuko shaking her head fiercely at her.

?Satisfied, everyone?? The residents from the mansion nodded solemnly. Suika and Yuugi started to sober up a bit, and nodded as well. Satori looked deep in thought with a troubled look on her face. Remilia looked like she just realized something as she looked around, and Marisa had a look of slight confusion on her face.

Finally, Satori spoke up and asked, ?Yukari, what about the others from the Underground? What will happen to them? I can?t leave my pets alone, especially Okuu and Orin. And my sister? surely you brought her??

?Now, Satori, you have to understand. I will not have a youkai who can manipulate nuclear fusion in my home. Perhaps your cat may be able to come, but even I have trouble detecting your sister, Satori.? Satori frowned, but nodded her head slightly.

Next, Remilia asked, ?And what about my sister? Flandre??

?Remilia, I thought even you knew that bringing her here isn?t wise. Letting Flandre out of her basement when the Spell Card Rules are broken wouldn?t be such a good idea now would it?? Remilia scowled at that, but said nothing in response.

Adding to that, Marisa asked, ?If this is supposed to a gathering of youkai or something, where?s the buddhists? And.. where?s Alice?? 

?The buddhists? I?ll have to gap them here soon, but they should be fine for now.? Yukari blinked at the second question. ?Alice?? Yukari looks around and realizes her mistake. ?Oh dear. I forgot about her. And since she lives near you Marisa, Reimu might go after her first?? Quickly, Yukari opened a gap and hastily went into it.


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Re: Touhou Injustice
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Chapter 2
Inside Alice?s house, dolls covered every space on the walls and shelves. Small dolls, big dolls, combat dolls, servant dolls, Alice?s house was covered with them. Despite this, the house is rather neat and organized, unlike Marisa?s. Magical artifacts are ordered neatly into several containers and cabinets and no room was messy. Inside an unlit room, the puppeteer was carefully and tediously creating dolls to serve her.

Alice was sewing the last doll she planned to make today when she heard loud noises coming from outside. Deciding that the only probable thing was something Marisa was doing, she decided to take a little break and see what she was up to. Setting the uncompleted doll carefully on her desk, she stood up and began to prepare going out. Shanghai floated by next to her, looking bored. Walking past the rooms towards her door, Alice jumped up when she heard some loud knocking.

?Who could that be?..? Alice muttered. Once Alice arrived at her door and began opening it, a certain red-white shrine maiden kicked down the door, sending Alice stumbling backwards.

?Reimu! What do you think you?re doing?! You?re paying for the repairs! You?re almost as bad as Mari-? She was cut short by Reimu throwing ofudas at her. Quickly, Alice ducked and began to summon her dolls.

?If you wanted to fight, Reimu, then you could?ve at least warned me!? Dolls carrying all sorts of weapons began to surround Reimu, stabbing and slashing at her. Bow-carrying dolls fired arrows with pinpoint accuracy. Reimu responded by throwing Yin-Yang orbs all over and formed a barrier around herself.

Suddenly, the barrier started to expand and blasted away all the dolls surrounding her. The barrier disappeared as she began to slowly walk towards the puppeteer. Dolls stood up again and tried to attack Reimu, but she seemed nearly intangible.

Slowly, Alice backed away, realizing that Reimu was going to do more than just fight her. ?Reimu, what are you doing? What happened??

?What happened? WHAT HAPPENED?? Reimu teleported in front of Alice and grabbed her by the neck.

?Marisa died, that?s what happened. You.. you youkai killed her!? Reimu?s face began to seethe with rage as she summoned her Yin-Yang Orbs.

?W..what? She? died?? Alice was attempting to pry Reimu?s hand from her throat, to no avail. ?Reimu.. wait. I.. I.. didn?t.. kill her. I.. would.. never.. do that! Spell? card? rules...?

?Those rules don?t exist anymore! You youkai are all the same, die!? The Yin-Yang orbs were sent flying towards Alice. One hit.

?Reimu, ple-? Three hits.

?Be reason-? Another three hits. Reimu let go of Alice on the last Yin-Yang Orb hit and Alice was sent flying towards the wall, hitting it with a loud *CRACK*. Struggling to pick herself up, a gap appeared in front of her. A hand shot out of it, pulling Alice into safety.

?No! Damn you Yukari!? Reimu glared at where Alice was a short moment ago. Suddenly, she felt something pricking her in the back. Reimu spun around and grabbed Shanghai. Concentrating for a moment, the doll combusted, material flying all over the room. Dusting herself, Reimu exited the house and began to make her way towards the Human Village.

Back at Yukari?s home, a gap opened in front of the crowd. Yukari came out, carrying a battered and bloodied Alice.

?Alice!? Marisa shot towards Alice. She took her from Yukari?s hands and cradled her gently.

?M..Marisa? You?re.. you?re not dead?? Alice seemed to be on the brink of unconsciousness, looking at Marisa with unfocused eyes.

Marisa looked away slightly and said, ?Yeah, I?m still alive, don?t worry!? Alice smiled slightly, and closed her eyes. Marisa?s eyes widened in panic, and she frantically checked for a pulse. ?Is? is she still alive??

Patchouli walked towards Marisa and looked at Alice with a professional eye. ?Yes, she should be fine. I still sense a faint pulse and traces of magic on her. It?s unfortunate that Eirin left before Alice came here.?

Yukari chimed in, ?Let?s give her some time to rest, Marisa.? Marisa nodded. ?Ran! Bring Alice to one of the guest rooms and treat her injuries.? Ran nodded and went over to Marisa, carefully taking Alice from her.

As Ran walked out of the room, Sakuya asked, ?Yukari, what do you suggest we do now??

Putting her open fan over her face again, Yukari said, ?We?ll need somewhere where we can discuss and prepare without Reimu coming to us. None of you should return to your homes, Reimu is too dangerous.?

Remilia flew in front of Yukari and spoke in an angry voice, ?What?! What do you mean we can?t return to our homes??

Satori looked troubled once again, ?Yes, I understand that Reimu might come after us, but I can?t just leave my pets.?

Yukari regarded both of them calmly. ?Remilia. Satori. Reimu is beyond everyone here in terms of power. If you were to return, Reimu would come to your homes and kill you all.?

Remilia became even more angry. ?You don?t allow us to go back, but you allow the Eientei fools to? Do you think we?re so weak that we can?t even put up a fight against that shrine maiden!? You are gapping us to our homes RIGHT now, gap hag, or I won?t even consider aiding you.? Crossing her arms, Remilia glared at Yukari defiantly.
Yuyuko speaks up as well, a conflicted look on her face. ?Yukari, I?ll be very glad to help you but.. Youmu, Marisa, and I aren?t able to stay very long here. You can visit us at Hakugyokurou anytime, though!?

Suika nods her head and says with a slightly less slurred speech, ?Yeah Yukari, it?s not like we?re helpless little ants! Reimu?s strong, but she can?t take down all of us at once.?

Yukari looked down at everyone in the room and shook her head mysteriously. ?Very well. Don?t say I didn?t warn all of you when Reimu comes for you.? Concentrating, Yukari sends everybody back to their homes via gaps and slumps on a chair in the kitchen.

?Even when the entirety of Gensokyo?s youkai are threatened, they cannot overcome their pride..? Yukari sighs and lets go of her fan, not watching as it hits the floor.

?Oh Reimu, why?? She says before closing her eyes to rest. While Yukari slept, Ran was tending to Alice to the best of her ability. Many of her bones were broken, but at least the bleeding stopped. The only piece of furniture in the guest room was a small bed. Alice laid on it motionlessly and Ran was standing up, looking quite helpless.

The door opens to reveal Chen crawling her way towards Ran. She stares at Alice with horrified eyes. ?R-ran? Will.. w-will everything be okay?? She turns her frightened eyes towards Ran and began to shake with fear.

Ran couldn?t bear seeing Chen like this. ?Yes, Chen. Everything will be fine. Let?s go back to sleep, okay?? She knelt down and patted Chen on her head, putting on a reassuring smile. Both of them knew that everything wasn?t okay however. Together they watched Alice for a bit, before going to their rooms to rest.
Chen woke up many times from her bed sweating and panting. Nightmares were plaguing her dreams. In the end, Ran was required to stay awake for a while, comforting Chen by singing a little lullaby she overheard a mother say to her child when she was visiting the Human Village.

Sleep, little one,
Don?t be afraid,
Let go of all your worries,
Look at the stars twinkling so brightly in the sky,
Sleep, little one,
I?ll always be here for you.

Finally, Chen fell asleep peacefully on her bed. Ran took her blanket sheets and put it gently over Chen. Walking back to her own bed, she began to wonder if they can actually stop Reimu.


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Whew, this took me a bit to write. Especially the third part. As always, criticism is welcome. Hope you enjoy!
Chapter 3
?People of the Human Village! Gather around! I have an important announcement for all of you!? Reimu stood on top of a raised platform in the middle of the Human Village. Children, adults, and merchants crowded around the shrine maiden, curious as to why the lazy shrine maiden was suddenly making an announcement now in the village.

?A youkai by the name of Seija Kijin has killed Marisa Kirisame, a dear friend of mine.? The crowd of humans gasped, didn?t the Spell Card Rules forbid that?

?She has broken the Spell Card Rules and soon, all youkai will become feral and dangerous!? Reimu slammed her fist onto her hand. ?We must exterminate all of the youkai, permanently. They are a threat to Gensokyo and the well being of humans.? Anti-youkai supporters started to nod in agreement and cheer as Reimu talked.

?First, we must-?

?B-but.. miss shrine maiden, a-aren?t some youkai good?? A little girl interrupted Reimu?s speech. She seemed to be about nine years old and carried a black cat who was glaring at Reimu.

?Miss Keine is very nice and teaches us a lot of things! A-also, there?s this other girl who plays with me sometimes, she gave me Neko here!? The girl lifted the cat up, causing it to let out an annoyed meow. The more light-hearted adults chuckled a little.    

Reimu was not amused. ?Little girl, these youkai only seem to be good people so that they can gain your trust. Sooner or later, they?ll betray and kill you.? The girl shook her head furiously, ?No! Miss Keine wouldn?t do that! She?s the bestest person ever!? Some of the other kids in the crowd began to nod their heads in agreement.

Reimu raised an eyebrow, ?And what about the other??

The girl cocked her head, trying to remember what the name of that friendly youkai was. ?U-um.. She never told me her name, but she wore a really cute black hat and had these really weird l-lines around her holding some sort of closed eye. But she?s really
nice! She wouldn?t hurt a fly!?

Koishi? Reimu muttered under her breath. Speaking up, Reimu said, ?That youkai is extremely powerful and can be very dangerous, child. Stay away from her and let us exterminate her.?

?N-no! You won?t hurt my friend!? The girl dropped her cat and rushed towards the platform Reimu was standing on. Scrambling to the top, the girl threw herself onto Reimu and began hitting her, to no effect.

Calmly, Reimu placed her hand on the girl?s head, picked her up, and began to slowly crush it. ?Disobedient children will be punished.? The crowd watched in horror as Reimu?s fingers slowly but surely dug into the girl?s head. Her screaming filled the air for a minute as her skull began to break and her eyes popped out of their sockets. Finally Reimu dropped her and the girl?s head hit the ground where the crowd stood on with one final crack. A pool of blood began to form under the girl?s crushed head and shattered skull pieces.

?Anyone else?? Reimu called out. The crowd was beginning to shake in fear with some beginning to run away.

?REIMUUUUUU!? The crowd parted way for a charging Keine. Putting her hands on the platform, Keine pushed herself up, rolled, and leapt towards Reimu. Taking her down, Keine clutched Reimu?s neck with both her hands and began to suffocate her.

?What?s wrong with you Reimu? Why did you kill an innocent child like that?!? Keine?s hold on Reimu began to tighten.

Reimu took hold of Keine?s arm and threw her off of her. Picking herself up, she responded, ?Like I said, disobedient children will be punished.?

Keine growled at Reimu as she struggled to stand up again. ?Punished? You killed her! You?re no better than the youkai if you can kill an innocent girl like that.?

Reimu walked towards Keine and pushed Keine?s head down with her foot. ?Shut up.? Taking out her gohei, she brought it down on Keine?s neck.

Reimu looked down on Keine, ?Die!? At the last second, the gohei was intercepted by a hand that shot from behind Reimu.. Reimu watched as the wooden stick burnt to a crisp by the hand taking hold of it.

?I don?t think so.? Mokou picks up Reimu by the arms and began to smash her body on the wooden floor repeatedly. Finally with some effort, she threw Reimu and watched as she skidded to the edge of the platform.

?Don?t you DARE touch her again.? Mokou began to help Keine up and they both watched as Reimu struggled to stand up.

Reimu glared at Mokou. ?You?? Mokou?s eyes widened as Reimu teleported in front of her and kicked Keine away from her, sending tumbling towards the ground. Turning towards Mokou, she began to launch a series of well timed punches and kicks. Barely dodging them all, Mokou leapt back and began to surround herself with fire. The wooden platform below them began to burn and the remaining humans ran away from the scene.

Chuckling, Mokou smirked, ?I didn?t know you could fight that well unarmed. Too bad that won?t save you.? Covering her hands with fire, Mokou charged Reimu and grabbed her by the neck. She began lighting her body on fire. Reimu clutched the hand holding her and broke it with a sudden effort. Letting go of Reimu, Mokou winced in pain and shot a fireball towards her with her other hand. Sidestepping it, Reimu ran towards Mokou and drove her fist into her chest. Grabbing Mokou?s heart, Reimu tore it out and crushed it. Blood coated her hands as she watched Mokou stumble back and fall towards the floor.

The elixir began its work. The hole in Mokou?s chest began to knit itself together and her broken hand began to repair itself. A new heart was beginning to form. Fully recovered, Mokou jumped up from the ground and landed on her feet.
?It?ll take a lot more than that to take me down!? Pillars of flame started to shoot from the ground and surround Mokou.

?Take this!? Fire began to circle Mokou?s hands as she shot beams of fire towards Reimu. Reimu flew up and began to dodge the beams effortlessly.

Reimu smirked, ?This is nothing compared to Shou! Let me show you how it?s done? Forming a barrier around herself, she stopped midair and began to summon hundreds of Yin-Yang orbs. Just when the barrier looked like it was about to be broken by the fire beams, Reimu sent down the hail of Yin-Yang orbs down on Mokou.

Concentrating, Mokou stopped firing the beams and began to surround the area around her with walls of fire. The Yin-Yang orbs were burnt in the fire before they reached her. Seizing the opportunity, Reimu flew into the wall of fire and tackled Mokou. They both rolled onto the floor and tried to get the advantage on each other.

Reimu managed to get on top of Mokou however and she began to place her hand on Mokou?s forehead. ?Your immortality won?t save you from me?? Closing her eyes, an orange vapor began to come out of Mokou.

Unable to move, Mokou managed to croak out, ?What.. what the hell? are you.. doing... to me??

Reimu opened her eyes again and stared down at Mokou. ?I?m expelling the elixir from your body. After that, I?m going to kill you.?

Mokou grinned, ?You.. do know.. that?s what I want? don?t you? To.. finally? be able to.. die..?

?I won?t only kill you. Your precious Keine will die as well.? Mokou?s grin quickly evaporated. ?Now, I?ll spare Keine on one condition.? Reimu takes her hand off of Mokou and stands up. ?Join me on my hunt to exterminate all youkai.?

Mokou was conflicted. She really wanted to finally be able to die, for all her suffering and pain to come to an end. But... Mokou turns her head to look at Keine, collapsed on the ground with her a few yards away.

?Fine. Fine I?ll join you?? Mokou picks herself up and scowled at Reimu. ?For now.? The two glared at each other for a few seconds, until Mokou turned and walked towards the fallen Keine.

?Come see me at the shrine in three days time.? Reimu called out. Mokou reached Keine and knelt down next to her. Picking her up, Mokou looks back on Reimu one more time before she turns around and walks away.


The Moriya Shrine was massive, much to the chagrin of Sanae. It was on top of a hill and a long line of stairs led up to it. The shrine itself was very orderly and well-kept, unlike the Hakurei Shrine. The roof was held by wooden pillars to create a typical shrine entrance. The green haired shrine maiden was cleaning the ground with a broom when she saw Reimu flying down. Stopping her cleaning, Sanae looked up with her hand slightly covering her eyes at Reimu. Walking back to the shrine and putting her broom away, she turned to see Reimu landing on the spot she just cleaned.

Annoyed, Sanae asked, ?What do you want, Reimu?? She crossed her arms and tapped her foot impatiently. Reimu walked the rest of the way over to Sanae and stared at Sanae with blank eyes. ?Ermm Reimu? What?s the matter?? Sanae was concerned now, usually Reimu would ignore her and walk inside uninvited.

Face contorting in anger, Reimu managed to croak out, ?Marisa? Seija killed Marisa.? Clenching her fists, Reimu repeated, ?Seija killed Marisa. She killed her.? Collapsing onto the ground, Reimu cried out in grief and buried her face into her hands.

To say Sanae was shocked would be an understatement. ?What?! Marisa?s dead?? Kneeling down, Sanae began to try and comfort Reimu, but she didn?t know what to say. I?m sorry for your loss sounded so fake...

Reimu shakes Sanae off of her and stands up abruptly. ?Yes? she?s dead.? Reimu looks down on her hands and shakes her head furiously. ?Seija killed her. I? exterminated her. Sanae, may I ask you something??

Sanae stands up again and nods her head. ?Of course Reimu, ask away.?

Reimu takes hold of Sanae?s hands and looks straight into her eyes. ?The Spell Card Rules are broken, Sanae. The youkai are going to rise up and go on a rampage. We must band together to exterminate all of them. All of them. Permanently. Will you join me??

Sanae thought for a moment, but shakes her head. ?All? But.. EVEN I think some youkai are helpful. Most youkai won?t actually attack humans, and the youkai that do are taken care of. Look, Reimu, I know Marisa was your best friend and Seija was a youkai, but you can?t just up and kill ALL of-?

Reimu interrupted by taking her hands away and pushing Sanae into the ground. ?All of them. ALL OF THEM WILL DIE! Join me, or die with them!? Taking out her gohei, she began to prepare a downwards strike on Sanae.

Sanae widened her eyes and began to crawl backwards. ?Reimu! What are the hell are you doing!? You?ve gone completely insane!?

A new voice came from behind her. ?Yes, I agree!? A powerful gust of wind sent Reimu flying away from Sanae.

As Reimu landed on the ground with a thud, the wind goddess stepped out of the shrine and looks down at Reimu disapprovingly. ?Do not take out your anger on others, Reimu.?

Reimu picks herself up and glares at Kanako. ?Don?t tell me what to do!? Summoning a circle of Yin-Yang orbs around her, she fired them at the two Moriya Shrine residents. Without even batting an eye, Kanako creates a wall of wind in front of her, causing the Yin-Yang Orbs to lose all momentum and drop on the ground as they passed through.

Kanako laughs mockingly, ?Is that all you can do, Hakurei?? Shrieking with anger, Reimu teleports in front of Kanako and lunges for her face. Reimu took hold of her head and lands on the floor with Kanako. She began to repeatedly slam Kanako?s head on the floor. Suddenly, Reimu?s hand slipped miraculously and she was sent stumbling backwards as Sanae?s gohei hit her across the stomach.

?Get away from her! In fact, leave the shrine, NOW! I?m giving you one last chance here, Reimu!? Sanae glared daggers into Reimu, readying her gohei.

Reimu sneered as she righted herself. ?A chance I won?t need!? The two shrinemaidens charged at each other and begun a fierce melee clash. At first, the fight seemed to be quite even, as Sanae was driven with the desire to protect her shrine.

However, Reimu?s sheer power won out and pushed Sanae on the defensive as her gohei rained blows down on Sanae?s. Desperate, Sanae lunged and swung her gohei onto Reimu?s. Both of them struggled to either push it in or to push it away.

Reimu forced Sanae to step back however, and eventually to fall onto one knee. ?Reimu? you have? to stop.. this? now!? Gritting her teeth, she struggled to keep the gohei from her. Just when she was about to break under the pressure, a strong gust of wind started to support Sanae?s gohei in the clash. Kanako was on the ground with her bloodied face up, holding her hand to produce the wind. Sanae stood up again and began to push Reimu back.

Sanae began to speak with more confidence now. ?I have my deities to support me, Reimu. Who do you have on your side?? The clash continued for a few seconds, until Sanae finally pushed Reimu back and smacked her across the head, sending her tumbling down the stairs. Kanako smiled slightly, then collapsed back onto the ground.

Sanae rushed back to Kanako and helped her up. ?Kanako! Are you alright?? She nodded slightly, unable to speak at the moment. ?I can?t believe Reimu would.. would be able to fall so low..? Sanae shakes her head and walks back into the shrine with the goddess supporting herself on Sanae.

A kick on the back of Sanae?s head made her go tumbling towards the ground with Kanako. Sanae managed to roll herself face up to hear, ?Don?t let your guard down, Sanae.? Reimu walks and kneels down to Sanae, looking down on her with a evil smirk. There were little to no injuries on her and she seemed barely affected by the fall on the stairs.

Sanae spluttered out, ?H-how!? How are you not even injured? That fall must have at least knocked you unconscious!?

?You underestimate me. Now, back to my deal... ? Reimu?s face hardens. ?Join me to exterminate all the youkai or?? Reimu readied her gohei. ?Die with them.?

Sanae spat on Reimu, ?In your dreams! Maybe you shouldn?t have tried to kill me and Kanako if you wanted us to join you so badly!?

?So be it!? Reimu grabbed Sanae?s neck and began to bring down her gohei. Sanae had both hands on the arm holding her, trying to break free of it, to no avail. Just when she was about to give up, two huge boulders slammed into Reimu on both sides, making her release Sanae and her gohei and causing her to collapse on the floor in surprise. 

The two boulders faded away to reveal Suwako standing on a huge floating piece of rock, slowly moving towards where Reimu was at. Once she was a few yards away from her, Suwako lowered and fired the rock she was standing on straight towards Reimu. The rock struck her and sent her crashing through the wall and off the hill.

Setting herself on the ground, Suwako quickly turned and knelt down next to Kanako. ?Kanako, Kanako! Are you alright?? Suwako had her hands on Kanako and began to shake her.

Kanako opened her eyes slightly with an annoyed look and waved away Suwako. ?Yes? Yes I?m fine.? Kanako stood up and held her head in pain, cursing. ?Damn...damn that shrine maiden! How could she have gotten so much more powerful??

Sanae sat up as well and shakes her head. ?I don?t know.. I.. I actually don?t think she?s gotten more powerful at all? in a way.? Both of the goddesses look at her, eyebrows raised. ?I just think that Marisa?s death triggered her full power, breaking down any mental barriers Reimu might have had.?

Suwako nods. ?Hmm, perhaps. I always got the feeling that even though Reimu takes her duties seriously, she?s never really hit her full potential. But nevermind about that. Let?s go check up on-?

She was interrupted by a hail of Yin-Yang Orbs coming straight towards the trio. ?Behind me!? Concentrating, Suwako summons a wall of earth in front of her to block the incoming projectiles. Gritting her teeth, she struggled to maintain the wall against the relentless assault. An orb broke through the wall however and hit Suwako in the face, causing the wall to fade away.

Stumbling backwards, Suwako saw Reimu gliding down towards the shrine in her peripheral vision. ?W-what? How are you-?

?How am I still conscious? There?s an easy answer to that. It?s because you aren?t even near my strength.? Reimu landed on the ground and began to walk towards them slowly.

Kanako stood up with some difficulty and snarled at her. ?We?ll see about that, Hakurei.? Raising her foot, she stamped on Reimu?s gohei, breaking it in half.

Raising her head and laughing, Reimu disappeared and reappeared again, this time holding Sanae by the neck. ?I?ll say this one last time before I kill you all. Join me on my youkai hunt or die. You know you won?t be able to defeat me.?

Kanako and Suwako turned to each other, and a silent agreement was formed by the two. ?We?ll consider it if you let go of Sanae right now.? Smirking, Reimu tosses Sanae towards them and crosses her arms confidently, daring them to fight her. Both of them began to run towards Reimu with a hand outstretched, Kanako?s hand summoning a ball of wind and Suwako?s hand summoning a ball of water. Just when they were about to strike Reimu on both sides, Reimu grabbed both of their arms and slammed them into the floor.

?You two had enough?? The two goddesses were unable to pick themselves up and nodded reluctantly on the floor. ?Good, good! Come see me at the Hakurei Shrine tomorrow. We have important matters to discuss.?  The three residents of the Moriya Shrine watched as Reimu jumped into the air and flew away, wondering just what they had agreed to do.


?Where was it.. where was it? ah!?  Reimu knelt down near a crack in the ground and peered into it. She looked around to see if anyone was following her then turned back to the hole and started to lower herself into it. After some struggling, Reimu finally dropped down and entered the world of Senkai. Falling from the sky, Reimu landed on the ground on one knee and looked up. Good, she landed near the Divine Spirit Mausoleum. Standing up and dusting herself, Reimu surveyed the dojo.

The building was built in a very eastern style and was quite large. The yellow rooftops were well adorned and the sides of the dojo made it look much more bigger and imposing. As Reimu walked towards the dojo on the stone floor, she could not help but grudgingly admire the place.

Snapping to attention, Reimu caught a plate midair and scowled as she heard, ?Stop right there, fiendish scum! Who dare trespasses here?? Futo emerged from the entrance of the shrine and raised an eyebrow at Reimu. ?I do not recall the Crown Prince inviting you to the mausoleum, shrine maiden.?

Reimu continued to walk menacingly towards Futo. ?She didn?t.? She crushed the plate that she held, letting the small pieces fall towards the ground. ?I don?t need permission to enter this dojo. Lead me to your ?prince?, I need to speak with her.? 

Futo glared at her and began to glow slightly blue, ?I am afraid you need permission from any one of the residents to enter here. The Crown Prince does not simply see everyone. Walking in here uninvited will have consequences, Hakurei.?

Once Reimu reached a few steps in front of Futo, she summoned three Yin-Yang Orbs and sent them flying towards Futo. ?Very well! Fight me at your own peril!? Summoning three plates, Futo sent them towards the orbs and watched as the projectiles crashed into each other. Running, Reimu took out her gohei and began to unleash a barrage of furious blows that Futo easily dodged. After Reimu made a clumsy horizontal swing, Futo knelt down and knocked Reimu off her feet. Jumping in the air, Futo summoned a boat and crashed into her, causing a slight gasp of pain from the shrine maiden. As the boat disappears, Futo lands on Reimu and began to punch her repeatedly in the face.

?Pathetic!? Standing up and carrying Reimu by her hair, Futo threw her several yards away. As Reimu landed with a thump and struggled to stand up again, Futo summoned dozens of more plates and sent them towards Reimu.

A barrier formed around Reimu and the plates shattered upon impact. ?Time to stop holding back!? Teleporting behind Futo, Reimu kicked her on the back of her head and sent several Yin-Yang Orbs to hit the recovering Futo.

?Gah!? The orbs sent her tumbling towards the ground and she watched as Reimu teleports in front of her. Reimu plants her foot on Futo?s chest, stopping her from getting up. As she readies her gohei, the ghostly form of Tojiko began to sneak up on her. She ignored Futo shaking her head slightly at her, urging her to run. Electricity begins to form on her hands.

Finally, as Reimu brought down her gohei, Tojiko shouted out, ?TAKE THIS!? Raising her arms to the sky, she lowers one and points at Reimu. A large bolt of lightning strikes the surprised Reimu, disintegrating her gohei and ruining her hair and clothes.

?AHHHHHHHHHH!? Reimu falls to the ground, unable to pick herself up. A small cloud of smoke began to form above her. Tojiko flies towards the fallen shrine maiden and simply stares down at Reimu.

Finally, Tojiko picks her up and begins to charge up her attack, ?This is what you get you stupid shrine maiden!? With a yell, Tojiko begins to electrocute Reimu. Screaming, Reimu formed a barrier around her that pushed Tojiko back slightly. Tojiko laughed as she watched Reimu stumble away from her.

Righting herself, the frazzled Reimu snarled, ?You.. you pesky ghost!? Reimu charges towards Tojiko and jump kicks the hermit in the chest. Reimu hits the ground, rolls towards the flying hermit, and lunges toward Tojiko. Tackling her, she takes an ofuda and stuffs it in her face, knocking her out.

Suddenly, a sword was at Reimu?s throat. ?Your desires are clearly not pure, Hakurei. For harming my faithful subjects?.? The sword disappears and Miko materializes in front of Reimu with her sword pointed at her. ?You will face the same treatment!? A
beam of light shoots from the sword and hits Reimu off of Tojiko. As Reimu steadied herself, Miko teleports in front of her and begins to unleash a barrage of precision strikes and slashes.

Reimu barely dodged them all and forms a barrier around herself in a desperate attempt to stave off the attack. Concentrating, Miko strikes the barrier and summons three more gigantic swords to impale it. ?Cowering behind your little shield, Reimu?? Miko smirked. Small cracks began to form on the barrier.

?No? no? I? will... have? my? revenge!? The barrier suddenly goes inward to Reimu and expands again, pushing Miko back. Seizing the opportunity, she lunges and takes down Miko.

?Hear me out.? Reimu pins Miko?s arms down. ?Seija has killed Marisa. The Spell Card Rules are broken. Join me on my hunt to eradicate all youkai from Gensokyo or?? Reimu?s hands tightens around Miko?s. ?Die with them.?

Miko glares back at Reimu. ?Now you decide to do your duty?? Miko kicks Reimu away and picks herself up. ?And you dare threaten me!? After you have so brazenly entered our home and attacked us? I don?t think so!?

Reimu picked herself up with a crazed look in her eyes. She looked absolutely insane with her tangled hair, torn clothes, and blood coming out of her injuries. ?Time to do this the hard way?? Reimu raises one hand towards Miko and summons hundreds of Yin-Yang Orbs. ?Die!? Gritting her teeth, Miko teleports at the last second to dodge the orbs. Composing herself, she charges towards Reimu with her sword.

Reimu grinned, ?Behind you.? Miko quickly turned but it was too late. The Yin-Yang Orbs followed Miko and went directly for her. Reimu watched as Miko was attacked on all sides by the Yin-Yang Orbs. When the last orb hits, Miko falls to her knees and hands. She looked up as Reimu walks towards her.

Reimu stops in front of her and kicks Miko in the face, sending her flying backwards. Breathing heavily, Miko attempted to pick herself up by putting the point of her sword on the ground with both hands on the hilt. She pulled herself up only to fall back down to the ground a few seconds later. Giving up, Miko lays down her sword and takes off her earmuffs. She listened to the desires of Reimu more clearly. Avenge Marisa. Kill all youkai. Make everybody submit to her. Kill anyone that doesn?t share her ideals or attempts to resist. Miko shakily puts her earmuffs back on.

Reimu picks up Miko by her neck and looks straight into her eyes. ?Have enough?? Miko glares right back at her and spits at Reimu again. ?Very well! Prepare to-? Reimu was interrupted by an injured Futo tackling her.

As Miko fell back to the ground, she yelled out, ?No! Futo!? Hitting the ground with a thump, she turns her head to see Futo punching Reimu repeatedly on the head.

Futo was almost delirious right now. ?You will not harm the Crown Prince! You will not harm the Crown Prince! You will not-? Reimu grabs Futo?s head with both of her hands and begins to crush it slowly.

Turning slightly to Miko, Reimu shouts out, ?Will you join me now? Or will you let your precious Futo die in your place??

Miko clenches her fists, willing herself to say no. ?...Yes. I?ll join you! I?ll join you! Now let her go!? Reimu throws Futo a few feet in front of her and picks herself up.

Laughing, Reimu walks towards Miko and looks down on her. ?Good, I knew you would say that. Come see me at the Hakurei Shrine two days from now. I?ll be looking forward to seeing you.? With that, Reimu turns to leave Senkai, leaving the battered and bruised hermits behind.

When Miko heard Reimu leave, she quickly picked herself up and rushed towards Futo. Once she reached her, she kneels down and picks her up, cradling her. ?Futo! Futo! Are you alright!??

Futo opens her eyes slightly, murmuring, ?Are? are you well? Miko??

Miko tries to smile and says, ?Yes, I am. Now rest, Futo. Rest.? Futo smiles faintly and closes her eyes.


In the darkness of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, two red eyes open. ?Death await those who oppose the Devil.?


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Re: Touhou Injustice
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EDIT: I know it's proper to only provide criticism when accompanied by compliments. Unfortunately, I don't know the characters well enough to judge whether they're being portrayed accurately, but you at least seem to have good drive to write. Going up to three chapters is an accomplishment! I know that's kinda lame as far as compliments go, but I dislike dishonesty. I like it enough to want to provide commentary, though, so rest assured I like your story.

You tend to go from one tense to the other, in a jarring way.

Sanae thought for a moment, but shakes her head.

Starts out in past tense (thought), then goes into present tense (shakes). Consistently stick to one tense, if you would; either present or past, but not a mixture of both in this manner.

Also, look at the following:
Reimu picks herself up and glares at Kanako. ?Don?t tell me what to do!? Summoning a circle of Yin-Yang orbs around her, she fired them at the two Moriya Shrine residents. Without even batting an eye, Kanako creates a wall of wind in front of her, causing the Yin-Yang Orbs to lose all momentum and drop on the ground as they passed through.
This has Reimu doing something, then saying something, then do something completely different. Then Kanako does something. It'd be better to write it as such:

Code: [Select]
Reimu picked herself up, glaring at Kanako. "Don't tell me what to do!"
She summoned a circle of yin-yang orbs around her, and fired them at the two Moriya Shrine residents.
Without even batting an eye, Kanako created a wall of wind. When the orbs collided with the wall, they lost their kinetic force and fell to the floor.

Generally, you start a new line when:
  • you skip to a new time (later that day, they waited, minutes turned to hours, etc)
  • you go to a new location
  • the speaker changes
Code: [Select]
Reimu snorted. "As if you could defeat me!"
"Just watch─I'll win this 9th bout," Cirno grinned confidently.
"Bring it on, pixie!"
  • one actor responds/communicates with action. Mind that "communicates with action" also implies ignoring. Any kind of body language counts for this purpose.
Code: [Select]
"Did you think that would've changed anything?" Reimu asked, with the air of a victorious maiden.
Cirno looked away and shrugged.
"That's the difference between us," Reimu continued, "and it'll be better for all of us if you remember it!"
  • you want to be dramatic. Basically, whenever you want to slow the action down or call attention to a specific something.
Code: [Select]
Cody was the kind of guy who would always smile. The sort who'd easily forgive you if you wronged him. The kind of person who'd happily help you even if you punched him just five minutes prior. It was almost unthinkable to think of Cody and not see a face of kindness and happiness.
Unless you were Cartman.

    Hopefully that helps!
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    Re: Touhou Injustice
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    Oh boy, this took me way longer than I thought to write. Sorry for the long wait guys haha. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this chapter! As always, criticism is welcome!
    Bardiche-Thank you for the praise and criticism. Yes, I actually did notice the tense problem but I didn't think it was that big of a deal. As for the my new line problem.. yeah I kinda messed that up haha. Although I probably won't be able to perfect those right away, I thank you for pointing that out. Please inform me if I still make these mistakes or if something new pops up.

    Chapter 4
    Reimu returned to her shrine at around midnight. A visitor might comment on how.. silent everything felt. The rundown shrine gave a feeling of fear to any who might come. It seemed much more unwelcoming now, especially in the dead of night.

    Concentrate. Reimu stood in front of the Hakurei Shrine with her eyes closed and her hands up.

    A dull, red mist began to seep out of Reimu and slowly cover the area around the shrine. If a youkai were to try and come near Reimu at this moment, they would soon find themselves collapsed on the ground unconscious from the mist.

    Not knowing this, the ancient gap youkai exited a gap and looked at the fog that was starting to surround the shrine with curiosity.

    ?What is she doing?...? Yukari wondered. She risked a few steps towards the mist and reached a hand toward it.

    She regretted that.

    Immediately bringing her hand back and shrieking in pain, Yukari staggered back and watched Reimu to see if she noticed her.

    The shrine maiden continued to stand there with her eyes closed, not showing any signs of noticing Yukari?s scream.

    Clutching her hand, Yukari closed her eyes and muttered a few words to numb the pain. After a few seconds, the pain faded and Yukari opened her eyes again.

    ?I have to stop her somehow?? Opening a gap towards Reimu, Yukari went into it only to find herself thrown out of it almost instantly. She landed on the ground with a thump and began to cough as she picked herself up.

    Suddenly, Reimu opened her eyes and shot a stream of the red mist towards Yukari.


    Eyes widening, Yukari formed a gap under her and fell just in time to dodge the attack. Another gap formed a few feet to the left of the mist attack, from which Yukari exited and closed.

    Yukari regarded Reimu calmly. ?Reimu. Whatever you?re doing with that mist... I suggest you stop it.? Yukari takes out her parasol and points it at Reimu.


    Reimu laughed and shook her head. ?I don?t think so Yukari. With this? no youkai, not even you will be able to pass through here!?

    With her laughing becoming slightly more crazed, Reimu began to shoot more streams of the mist at Yukari.

    Taking a deep breath, Yukari opened a gap and dived into it. With the hole of eyes still open, a huge purple beam shot from it toward the red fog.

    All the beam seemed to do however was make the fog expand farther and farther. Reimu yelled suddenly and the red mist expanded quickly around the shrine exterior.

    The gap disappeared just before it was hit and Yukari fell from the gap toward the floor of her room.

    Grumbling, Yukari stood up and remained at the same spot for several minutes, still trying to process what just happened.

    Shaking her head, Yukari looked up at the ceiling, thinking that maybe some god or goddess might come to her aid and stop Reimu.

    Oh wait. Reimu beat them too.
    Day 1
    ?Tch, I swear Reimu will pay for this..? Kanako grumbled. ?How dare she??

    Kanako walked with haste down the route toward the Hakurei Shrine. She decided not to bring Sanae or Suwako for their safety. Fairies and lesser youkai backed away from the imposing figure, and for good reason. To say that she was irritated would be an understatement.

    Enraged and humiliated would be a better words to describe her mood.

    As Kanako neared the stone pathing leading to the shrine, she noticed that the area around her was strangely silent.

    ?Curious? usually there?s some annoying youkai or fairy here.. even if I scare most of them off...? She said as she looked around, finding nothing.

    Kanako shook her head and began to walk on the stone floor when she suddenly stumbled. Her heart began to beat faster. Faster. Faster. Goosebumps were forming as her arms began to shake uncontrollably.

    Kanako stuttered, ?W-what?s happening? W-why.. do I.. feel so? so? frightened??    

    Clenching her fists, she continued her walk towards the Hakurei Shrine, feeling as though she was walking in water.

    When Kanako finally made it to the entrance of the shrine, she no longer looked like the imposing and strong goddess she was before. Instead, there was a trembling and frightened woman with a haunted look in her eyes.

    The mist has done its work.

    Inside the shrine, Reimu set down her cup of tea on the kotatsu gently as she sensed the presence of the goddess.

    ?Time to get to work..? Reimu said as she stood up and began to walk toward the exit.

    When Reimu exited the shrine, she smirked as she saw Kanako trembling in fear. The mist had worked wonders.

    Reimu laughed, ?How are you doing, Kanako? You don?t look so good..?

    ?Y-you.. gah... ? Composing herself with one final effort, she desperately lunged towards Reimu before she was completely taken over with fear.

    Laughing even harder, Reimu sidestepped and watched as Kanako landed inside the shrine with a thump. Groaning, Kanako got on her hands and knees and attempted to pick herself up, to no avail. The fact that her arms and legs felt like jelly didn?t help either.

    ?Just.. just tell me why you told me to come here.? Kanako whimpered. It pleased Reimu to see the once imposing goddess reduced to this state.

    ?My my, no need to rush things here, Kanako. But if you insist??  She walked in front of the disgraced goddess and knelt down in front of her. Reaching her hand under Kanako?s chin, Reimu pushed her face up and looked straight into the eyes.

    Reimu grinned. ?I plan to attack the Scarlet Devil Mansion in about three days. I want you to meet me at the Misty Lake as soon as possible at that day. Bring Suwako and Sanae if you wish. Mokou and the hermits will be there as well.?

    ?Got that??

    Kanako nodded shakily and began to stand back up.

    Reimu slapped her and pushed her back down. ?Did I tell you that you could get back up? No. Disobey my orders and there will be?? Her face hardened.

    ?Consequences. Now stand up and leave! Get out of my sight!?

    Reimu stood up and watched as Kanako shambled out of the shrine. ?Soon? soon I will avenge her.?
    Day 2
    Inside a room in the mausoleum, Miko shook her head at Futo and said, ?You must rest, Futo. Let me handle this on my own.?

    Futo attempted to stand up again from her bed but Miko gently pushed her back down. She looked up at Miko with a pleading look in her eyes.

    ?No, no! Going to the Hakurei Shrine is too dangerous, Crown Prince. Please, let me accompany you!? Futo attempted to stand up again but clutched her head and collapsed back on the bed, groaning in pain.

    Miko sighed, ?You?re clearly hurt. I?ll be back as quick as I can, alright??

    Futo nodded reluctantly. ?Be safe, Crown Prince.? A few seconds later, she fell asleep.

    Looking down at Futo one last time, Miko turned and exited the room. When she reached the entrance of the dojo, she found Tojiko meditating on the stone floor.

    Without turning to Miko, Tojiko called back, ?Good luck. You?ll need it.?

    Miko nodded. ?Thank you.?

    Taking in the calm and peace of the mausoleum, Miko closed her eyes and teleported near the Hakurei Shrine. 

    Opening her eyes again, Miko found herself near stone pathing toward the shrine. Noting how silent her surroundings were, she proceeded with extra caution.

    Suddenly, Miko stopped at the beginning of the path. Focusing, she sensed huge amounts of energy in front of her. Muttering a few words, Miko?s right hand was covered with light. When the muttering was over, Miko reached her hand out in front of her to determine what was in front of her.

    Almost immediately, Miko saw the red mist that covered the entirety of the shrine. ?I see..? She surveyed the mist for a while before taking her hand back.

    Miko closed her eyes and began her muttering again. After a few minutes, she was covered head to toe with a golden glow. Opening her eyes again, she held her hand out and made the glow almost impossible to see.

    Now she walked down the stone path, unaffected by the red mist. As she walked, the mist around her began to clear, but it quickly came back as Miko moved away.

    Reimu sensed Miko approaching the shrine and walked outside to meet her. She rose an eyebrow as Miko calmly walked toward her, showing no fear.

    Reimu turned and walked back inside her shrine, calling back, ?Come in Miko. We have a lot to discuss.?

    ?Very well.? Miko entered the shrine shortly after Reimu did and surveyed her surroundings. It was quite bare, with only a few wooden kotatsus and chairs. There were a few sliding doors that led to other rooms, but Reimu beckoned for Miko to sit in a chair across from her.

    Once Miko sat down, Reimu grabbed a teapot and pour a cup of tea for Miko. As she handed it over to her, Reimu watched closely to see what was making Miko immune to the mist. Was it because she was a hermit? No.. it affected a goddess.
    Taking the cup of tea and sipping it, Miko put it on the kotatsu and looked at Reimu with a cautious gaze. They stared at each other in silence for a while.

    Miko broke it. ?Why have you asked for me to come to your shrine??

    Reimu continued to stare intently at Miko.

    ?Reimu? Please don?t tell me you brought me here for a staring contest. I have more important things to do.? It was then that Reimu finally saw a faint flicker of the light aura surrounding Miko.

    ?You?re here because I need to tell you about my plan in two days.? Reimu poured a cup of tea for herself and set down the teapot on the kotatsu.

    ?In two days, I plan to attack the Scarlet Devil Mansion and exterminate all the youkai there. Permanently. I want you to meet me at the Misty Lake at that time.? Reimu said as she studied Miko?s expression.

    Perhaps not surprisingly, Miko was not opposed to this. ?Very well. I would think that you would be strong enough to handle them on your own.

    Reimu shook her head. ?It?s best not to take chances with them.? The two fell silence once again, the only noises coming from the sipping of tea.

    Miko finished her cup of tea and stood up. ?Are we done here then? 

    Reimu nodded her head. ?Yes. You may go.? Miko turned and walked away after Reimu said that.

    Reimu watched her walk away and muttered, ?She could be a problem...?
    Day 3
     ?Let me come with you, Mokou. I? I have to talk to her.?

    Keine and Mokou sat across from each other on a wooden table. History books were stacked neatly across the room, with shelves covering the walls. The two each had a hot, steaming cup of tea that spread a calming and relaxing aroma in the room.

    ?No, Keine. It?s too dangerous. I got this, don?t worry.? Mokou smiled to reassure Keine.

    It didn?t work.

    Keine sighed, ?Whenever you say that, I do worry. The only difference this time is that you?re going to meet an insane Reimu instead of Kaguya.?

    Mokou shook her head. ?Still, you?re not going. I can?t lose you Keine.?

    Keine slammed her fist on the table. ?Damn it Mokou! I?m not some defenseless damsel in distress. What kind of atrocities do you think you?ll commit in Reimu?s name? Killing more innocent children? Help Reimu rule Gensokyo with an iron, tyrannical fist? I?m going with you and that?s final!?

    A silence fell between the two.

    Mokou relented eventually and stood up from her chair. ?Alright, alright. But at the first sign of Reimu getting angry, run. Got that??

    Keine finished her cup of tea and stood up soon after. ?Let?s go now and get this over with.? The two made their way out into the busy streets of the Human Village. Several of the the more knowledgeable residents waved and wished them good luck.

    As the duo began to exit the village, a small boy ran toward Keine and stopped in front of her, panting.

    Catching his breath, he said, ?Miss Keine! U-um..? The boy shifted uncomfortably.

    Keine rose an eyebrow. He wasn?t in one of her classes? Nevertheless, Keine knelt down and smiled.


    ?T-that? that shrine maiden? she? she killed my sister. She.. she w-was the only person left with me?? He clenched his fists in anger. ?P-please.. get? GET THAT SHRINE MAIDEN! WAAAAH!? Before Keine could react, the boy ran off in a hurry.

    Keine stayed at her kneeling position for a while, eyes brimming with anger. ?Reimu will pay for this!? Quickly, she stood up again and rushed down the way toward the Hakurei Shrine.

    ?Wait for me Keine!? Mokou quickly caught up with the rampaging school teacher. She stopped Keine by putting her hands on her shoulders and turning Keine to her.

    Very slowly, Mokou said, ?Keine. You have to calm down. We can?t afford to take any risks here. You got every right to be mad but don?t make things worse by blindly rushing into the shrine.?

    ?This is coming from you, of all people.? Keine retorted.

    ?Lot more at stake here.? A silence fell between them.

    Finally Keine sighed and said, ?Fine. Let?s get going.? The two traveled at a much more relaxed pace toward the shrine.

    Once they reached the shrine, they stopped in front of the stone pathing and looked around.

    ?I.. I feel something in front of us Mokou. And it?s so silent??

    Mokou turned to her and asked, ?Do you want to stay here??

    ?No, I?m going with you.? With that, they stepped through the invisible mist together.

    Keine screamed and stumbled out of the mist. She collapsed on the ground and writhed in pain. Smoke started to rise from her body as it was burned.

    Mokou on the other hand simply stood in the mist, transfixed with fear. She looked at her shaking hands and the goosebumps forming all around her.

    ?D-damn it.. what?s going on? Keine?? Mokou finally looked back and finally saw what happened to Keine.  ?Keine! G-gah..?

    ?Go?. g-go?. without? me? Mokou?? Mokou nodded shakily and continued to shamble toward the shrine.

    When she finally reached the entrance, she found Reimu standing there with a smug look on her face.

    ?Something wrong, Mokou? You don?t look so good??

    Mokou growled at her. ?W-what did you d-do to me? W-what have you done with Keine!?? Sparks of fire were beginning to form around her.

    ?Why so quick to accuse, Mokou? I haven?t done anything.?

    Mokou screamed with anger, ?GAAAAAAH!? Wings made of fire sprouted from Mokou?s back as she flew towards Reimu, temporarily ignoring the the mist?s effects.

    Smirking, Reimu caught Mokou?s arm midair and slammed her into the ground.

    ?Now now, Mokou. We have many things to discuss.? Dragging Mokou with her, Reimu went back into the shrine and threw her across the wall.

    Mokou attempted to stand up, but quickly fell back to the ground. ?G-gah? what do you want!??

    Reimu walked toward the fallen Mokou and looked down on her.

    Suddenly she threw her head back and laughed, ?Oh I just want you to meet me at the Misty Lake tomorrow. I plan on invading the Scarlet Devil Mansion and I?d like you to be there.?

    Mokou glared back at the shrine maiden and snarled, ?And what if I don?t?? Reimu sighed inwardly, the mist doesn?t seem to work on many non-youkai.

    Kneeling down in front of her, Reimu looked at Mokou with a threatening gaze.

    ?If you don?t come..? She inclined her head slightly to side and turned back to Mokou. ?I will add a were hakutaku to the list of youkai I will kill.?

    ?You? you?re gonna pay for this.?

    ?How so?? Mokou simply glared at her, saying nothing.

    ?That?s what I thought. Now get out of my sight!? Reimu watched as Mokou picked herself up slowly and walk out of the shrine.

    ?That was much easier than I thought.. Remilia? I?m coming for you!?
    Day 4
    Deep inside the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Yukari and Remilia sat across from each other on a table decorated with various types of embroideries.  The room itself was quite spacious and had all different kinds of fancy furniture. Across the entire floor was a scarlet colored carpet that was free of any uncleanliness, thanks to Sakuya of course. Portraits of Victorian styled people covered the wall.

    Sakuya entered the room carrying plates filled to the brim with well cooked food, a steaming teapot, and the cups to go along with it. Once she arrived at the table with her mistress and Yukari, she set the plates down and bowed. A second later, she disappeared.

    Remilia took the teapot and poured some red tea into a cup and handed it to Yukari.

    Pouring another cup for herself, she looked at Yukari and asked, ?So, what brings you here??

    Picking up the cup but not drinking it, Yukari responded, ?I have a feeling Reimu will attack you soon. Since I was unable to enter the shrine itself, I monitored the outside to see if anybody would enter. Kanako, Miko, Keine, and Mokou visited her.?

    Putting the teapot down, Remilia asked, ?Why couldn?t you enter??

    ?Reimu has set up a.. haze around the shrine that blocks my entrance. When I felt it, the mist nearly burned my hand off. I am not sure what it is, but it must be gotten rid of.?

    Remilia took a sip of her tea and put it down on the table gently. ?Okay. So what about that makes you think that she?ll attack my mansion soon??

    Yukari sighed. ?I don?t think Reimu has anyone else to recruit to her.. cause. Now that she?s finished recruiting people, I predict that she?ll begin attacking youkai. As for why you first? I just have a feeling.?

    Remilia grinned slightly. ?My my, I didn?t think the great Yukari Yakumo would worry this much. I?m sure there?s noth-?

    Meiling opened the door loudly and ran toward Remilia. Once she reached her, she stopped and bowed.

    ?What is it Meiling? We were busy-?

    ?Reimu! Reimu and some of her friends are gathering near the Misty Lake! I have closed the gate and await further orders!?

    Remilia scowled. ?Damn. I was hoping for a few more days.. what do you propose we do now, Yukari??

    ?You must come with me to my home. Reimu on her own is extremely powerful. With allies, they?ll annihilate your entire household.?

    Remilia stood up and looked Yukari straight in the eyes. ?I don?t run Yukari. Don?t mistake me for some kind of weakling. We?ll be fighting them head on!?

    Yukari gaped, ?Are you insane? You have to-?

    ?I?m not going with you Yukari. That?s final.?

    Yukari shook her head slowly in disapproval. ?Very well. Your pride will be the end of you, Remilia. I am not sure why you asked for my advice if you were going to be that brash.? She stood up and looked down at Remilia. ?Don?t say I didn?t warn you.?

    With that, Yukari turned away from the vampire and entered a gap, leaving only Remilia and Meiling in the room.

    ?Meiling, inform Sakuya and Patchouli of this now!?

    ?Yes mistress!? Meiling bowed again and ran out of the room hastily.

    Remilia grinned and sat back on her chair. ?Just you wait Yukari... I?ll stop Reimu right now and here.?     

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    Re: Touhou Injustice
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    game2011- Oh wow, I really need to research this more. I actually thought I was the only one with the idea haha. I guess I was dead wrong. I find it interesting that you made Eiki the Regime, but it does make sense. I haven't had the time to read much of your story, but if I do, I will! I hope you enjoy my story as well!

    Personal Comments-Woot, my 10th post! I really wanted to make a story update my 10th post so like, I really wanted to get this done quickly. So on the first day I posted the intro part. The second day I did like the part after that, and today i finished the whole chapter. That.. was fast. But nevertheless, I REALLY enjoyed writing this and I hope you guys enjoy! As always, criticism is welcome!

    Chapter 5

    Ten little girls went out to dine;
    One choked her little self and then there were Nine

    Nine little girls sat up very late;
    One overslept herself and then there were Eight

    Eight little girls travelling in Devon;
    One said she?d stay there and then there were Seven

    Seven little girls chopping up sticks;
    One chopped herself in halves and then there were Six.

    Six little girls playing with a hive;
    A bumblebee stung one and then there were Five.

    Five little girls going in for law;
    One got in chancery and then there were Four.

    Four little girls going out to sea;
    A red herring swallowed one and then there were Three.

    Three little girls walking in the zoo;
    A big bear hugged one and then there were Two.

    Two little girls sitting in the sun;
    One got frizzled up and then there was One.

    One little girl left all alone;
    She went and hanged herself

    And then there were None.~

    Flandre set down the only book that was given to her gently on a nightstand next to her bed. It was in terrible condition, kept together only by the powerful preserving magic seal Patchouli placed on it, but even that cannot overcome hundreds of years. The cover was worn and the title and author?s name were no where to be seen. One might see that some of the pages were ripped slightly and had some wet and dried stains on it.

    To no one in particular, Flandre called out sadly, ?Is? is anyone out there? Big sis? Sakuya? Patchy?... Marisa??

    No one answered her.

    Crying out in loneliness, Flandre curled into a fetal position and cried into her clothes. When will she be able to leave? When will her sister trust her?

    Suddenly, Flandre heard a loud scream of pain followed by the sound of a person falling from a high distance.

    Flandre looked up with her eyes widening and shouted out, ?That?s my sister! What happened? I?m coming!? She quickly jumped off her bed and crashed into the door of her prison, easily breaking it.

    Turning to her right, she concentrated and destroyed the second door by clenching her fists and crushing an eye-like object. When she stepped out of the doorway into the big circle room, what she saw shocked her.

    A bloodstained Reimu stood above a fallen Remilia, her gohei ready to deal the finishing blow on the vampire. Sakuya was collapsed on the ground with a glassy look in her eyes and several places with huge amounts of blood coming out. Still conscious but dizzy, Remilia smiled slightly as Flandre slowly took in what happened.

    Screaming, Flandre summoned a giant flaming sword and rushed toward Reimu, shrieking, ?GET AWAY FROM MY SISTER NOW! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!?


    ?Hmph, I see.? Reimu and her allies stopped in front of the closed gate of the mansion. Meiling was no where to be seen.

    Mokou sneered, ?Need someone else to break it down?? Mokou spat out the word with disgust. ?Mistress?...?

    Reimu smirked and shook her head, ?No. I?m perfectly able to do this myself. Watch.?

    Closing her eyes, Reimu summoned a horde of Yin-Yang orbs that surrounded the area around her. Her allies backed away slowly as it took more and more space.

    Then with a sudden effort, Reimu opened her eyes and sent the orbs flying toward the gate. Each orb made a dent in it and it was only a matter of time before they formed a huge gap in the middle of the gate.

    Before Reimu could celebrate however, Sakuya stepped through the gate carefully, looking straight into her eyes. She carried three knives in each hand and was no doubt ready to throw them.

    Stopping in front of the crowd, Sakuya said, ?Please leave the mansion now, Reimu. We do not accept uninvited guests.? Sakuya broke her stare off with Reimu and scanned the crowd with accusatory eyes.

    ?...Especially guests who intend to invade our home.?

    Reimu glared at Sakuya, ?Why do you serve that vampire, Sakuya? Why not join us? Together, we will wipe out the youkai of Gensokyo. You would be very helpful.?

    Sakuya glared right back at Reimu, ?That is none of your concern. Leave now or be ready to face the might of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.? Silence ensued as those words were spoken.

    It was Miko who walked up to break the tension between the two however.

    ?Let the maid stay in service of Remilia. True loyalty like that can never be broken. Perhaps you should take care to remember that. She will soon see what will happen to her mansion.?

    Reimu turned her head back to Miko and asked angrily, ?Are you suggesting something, Miko??

    Miko shook her head, ?Oh of course not?? Miko winced. ?Mistress? but you may want to see if the maid has run off or not.?

    Reimu looked back at where Sakuya was and saw only a knife in her place. She knelt down and picked up the knife, examining it. There was parchment paper wrapped around the handle of the knife.

    Taking it out, Reimu read the message in it silently:

    Do not do this Reimu, for your own sake. If you invade? I will not be boastful like my mistress and say we will easily repel you. No doubt you and your allies will easily destroy us. But you will also destroy yourself, Reimu. Stop this madness. I too mourn Marisa?s loss and it is NOT your fault! Nor is it every youkai in Gensokyo?s fault. It is Seija?s fault, no one else?s. If you attack now.. prepare to pass the point of no return of your conscience and making an enemy of every youkai. As a friend? please reconsider your actions here. ~Sakuya Izayoi 

    Reimu crumbled the note in anger and threw it to her side, not watching as it vanished into the grass.

    Watching through a window, Sakuya shook her head as she watched Reimu and her allies enter the mansion.

    ?No luck, Sakuya?? Remilia too stood in front of the window. She was watching Sakuya like a hawk as she went out to speak to Reimu on her own.

    Sakuya sighed and shook her head, ?No, I apologize mistress. I.. I.. don?t know what?s gotten into Reimu.?

    Remilia flew up and patted Sakuya on the shoulder to comfort her. ?Don?t worry Sakuya. They will see what will happen if they invade our home.?

    Sakuya stood there until the last person entered the mansion. ?I just.. didn?t want it to come to this. I hope you understand, mistress.?

    Remilia backed away from the window as well and said, ?Nobody wanted it to come to this, Sakuya. Not even I wanted it to. Seeing Reimu like this is... disheartening. But nevermind about that. Go prepare the fairies.?

    Sakuya nodded and bowed, vanishing a short moment after that.

    Remilia raised one of her hands and watched as a red, glowing spear materialized in it.

    As she exited the room, she sighed, ?Yes? not even I wanted it to come to this. But Fate demands it. Fate hungers for Reimu?s blood.?   

    ?Miko! Kanako! Mokou! Come with me! The rest of you, handle the fairies!? Reimu barked out orders as the horde of hundreds and hundreds of fairies came crashing into them, carrying objects like pots and pans.

    The three people Reimu called followed her as she cut through a path through the fairies. They certainly didn?t make it easy however. The fairies constantly hit the four and giggled as they winced in pain.

    Once they were clear of the fairies, Reimu turned to them and said, ?First, we will take care of Patchouli. She has a lot of defenses in her library so be on your guard!?

    Suddenly, hundreds of knives surrounded the four and went directly for them. Reimu summoned a barrier around them and the knives were easily repelled. She looked around for Sakuya, but could see no traces of her.

    ?And watch out for Sakuya! I have a feeling she?ll continue to do this as we make our way!? Gesturing for the group to follow her, Reimu continued to twist and turn around the many hallways of the mansion. It felt much longer than before, and she knew it was Sakuya?s doing.

    ?Damn that maid?? But she continued to rush toward the path to Patchouli?s library, knowing that Sakuya couldn?t do this forever.

    Finally, they reached a seemingly normal-looking door, which looked no different than the doors next to it. Putting her hand on it, Reimu closed her eyes and muttered a few words. A huge, white blast of energy broke down the door with ease.

    Stepping over the pieces of the door, Reimu stopped suddenly and looked around.

    ?Something?s not right? proceed with caution.? The group followed Reimu into the library and looked around, marveling at the vastness of it. Shelves after shelves after shelves after shelves of books covered the entirety of the room. It was very quiet and eerie, and the books gave off an? unusual feeling.

    Suddenly, three shouts of surprise came from behind Reimu. She turned back as quickly as she could but it was too late. An intricate magical circle stood under the three, rooting them down to the ground. It glowed purple and spun around the trio, enveloping them in it?s light. 

    Slowly but surely, they sunk into the seal until no sign of them ever entering the library were seen.

    ?Well well well? Remilia has given me the honor of dispatching you myself.? The floating form of Patchouli stood above the bookshelves. She carried an open book that glowed the same color as the seal and closed it promptly.

    Reimu sneered, ?Do you really think you can defeat me, magician? I?ve bested the strongest beings in Gensokyo easily, what makes you think you?ll do any better??

    Patchouli laughed, ?Don?t underestimate a magician in their own territory. Especially since I am no longer binded by the Spell Card Rules. And those strong beings... ? She pointed to the book she was carrying.

    ?Right here. I barely had to try to contain them.?

    Reimu began to fly up slowly to meet Patchouli. ?I don?t need them to kill you. I?m perfectly able to do it myself!? Once she rose up to Patchouli?s height, she rushed toward her, ready to pummel the frail form into the ground.

    Patchouli merely shook her head in amusement, ?Watch where you?re going, Reimu.?

    ?What do you- GAAAAAAH!? Reimu ran headfirst into a huge, red magical seal that exploded in her face and sent her tumbling to the ground, rolling to get rid of the flames.

    ?You?.? Reimu stood up after the flames were gone and shot straight toward the magician again.

    And again, Reimu ran straight into a blue seal, which caused a huge torrent of water to push back Reimu all the way back to the entrance.

    And again, Reimu stood up, and rushed toward Patchouli, and again, she hit a grey seal that caused a huge block of metal to fall on top of Reimu, crushing her underneath.

    She slowly lifted up the block of iron with some difficulty and dragged herself out, panting.

    ?Foolish, foolish. I?d had thought you would give me a fight worthy of my time? but it seems like this will end quickly.?

    Raising her hands, Patchouli clenched them tightly and watched as two giant hands of rock grasped Reimu and began to choke the life out of her.

    ?Goodbye, Reimu.? Slowly, the earthly hands began to twist Reimu?s body. Bones were breaking slowly and it was only a matter of time before Reimu was ripped in half.

    Clenching her teeth, Reimu muttered, ?N-not? yet?.? Raising her voice, her body began to glow a very bright white, ?NOT YET!? The hands of rock began to slowly crack as Reimu began to glow more vibrantly. 

    ?I-impossible! How are you..? Patchouli didn?t get to finish her sentence as she watched the hands finally shatter.

    ?YOU WILL DIE!? Reimu shot straight toward Patchouli and grasped her by the throat.

    Patchouli screamed in surprise and dropped the book she was carrying, losing it in the endless abyss of the library.

    Grunting with some effort, Reimu shot straight towards the bookshelves, breaking through them with Patchouli?s body. She laughed in glee as she heard her bones break and the life being beaten out of her.

    Finally, when she toppled the last bookshelf, she turned around and threw Patchouli into the large pile of fallen books. Her body sailed toward the ground like a rock and hit it with a light thump.

    Surprisingly however, she was still alive.

    Patchouli was too broken to even think about standing up. As she coughed up blood, Patchouli looked straight up at Reimu and said, ?You? you? will... die? a? painful? death? whether? it? is? by? my? hands? or? not? hahaha?. HAHAHAHA!?

    Her laughing caused her to cough more and more blood out, but she wasn?t stopping. In fact, as  the pool of blood under her became bigger, she merely laughed even harder.

    Reimu glowered at her, ?You?. DON?T YOU DARE LAUGH AT ME!? Howling in anger, she soared down to where Patchouli was and picked her up by the throat with both of her hands. Slowly, she began to choke the life out of her.

    ?You?? will??. not??. win?..? Finally, Patchouli?s body went limp in Reimu?s hands.

    Still carrying her, Reimu exited the library, murderous thoughts coursing through her mind.

    ?Remilia? you will die just like your friend here! I swear that you will!? The words echoed in the hallways, and it eventually reached the keen ears of the devil herself.

    Remilia froze where she was, haunted by those words.

    ?W-what? Patchouli?... Dead? No! No! It cannot be! You?ll pay for this Reimu!? Eyes blazing red with anger, Remilia?s wings spread out and carried her as fast as she could toward Reimu.

    ?And I swear? I swear that I will rip your heart right out of your chest and throw the rest of your body to Hell!?


    Reimu?s intuition led her to the room where she first fought Remilia. As she stepped through the doorway, a large red spear hit the scarlet wall next to her.

    Remilia landed on the ground gracefully and glared at Reimu as Gungnir once again materialized in her hand.

    ?You? what have you done to Patchouli!??

    Reimu smirked and threw Patchouli?s still body in front of Remilia. ?I merely? put her in a deep, deep sleep. She?ll be waking up somewhere else.?

    Remilia rushed toward Patchouli and knelt down, checking for any signs of her still being alive.

    There were none.

    Remilia stood up shakily, still looking down at Patchouli and growled, ?You? YOU WILL DIE REIMU!? Remilia?s eyes blazed red and she flew up and dived toward Reimu, her spear over her head.

    The spear stopped as it hit the barrier, and huge amounts of scarlet energy came from the impact. Remilia gritted her teeth and continued to push the spear in, determined to break it into a million pieces.

    Finally, the barrier shattered and Remilia dove straight toward Reimu, yelling out, ?DIE! DIE! DIE!?

    Reimu stepped back quickly however, panting heavily from the effort required to keep the barrier up.

    Remilia wasn?t done however. With her spear stuck in the ground, she pulled it out and somersaulted toward Reimu, once again aiming the point of it to her.   

    Reimu narrowly dodged it and backflipped away from Remilia, cursing how fast and strong she was.

    Dropping the spear, Remilia bolted toward Reimu and grabbed her by the neck. Shrieking, Remilia ran toward the wall and smashed Reimu into it, causing a gasp of pain to come from her.

    She smashed her into the wall again, and again, and again. Blood was pouring out of Reimu now and that only made Remilia even more delirious and insane.

    Finally, Remilia took hold of Reimu with both of her hands and smashed her into the wall one final time. As Reimu slid to the ground, she went down and starting to claw her, causing more and more blood to pour out of her body.

    Reimu raised a hand in feeble defense and formed a weak barrier around her, pushing Remilia back slightly.

    Summoning Gungnir again, Remilia drove the point of it on the barrier, breaking it easily. Taking the spear away, she yelled with all the energy she had left and impaled Reimu in the stomach.

    Reimu shrieked in pain and clasped her hands on the spear. That only burned her hands however and she quickly drew them away, desperate to do anything to stop this pain. The pain, the pain!

    Yeling with one final effort, a huge blast of white energy was emitted from Reimu, sending Remilia flying backwards. With the spear still stuck in Reimu?s gut, she put both of her hands on the handle, ignoring the burning sensation.

    Slowly she began to pull it out, screaming in agony all the while. Once it was finally out, Reimu quickly threw the spear to side and shakily stood up. It was the first time she had ever been this close on the verge of death ever since the Spell Card Rules were implemented.

    Remilia quickly righted herself and laughed maniacally, ?Blood! Blood for the Devil! Fate hungers for your blood Reimu!? With a crazed look on her face, Remilia lunged toward Reimu, ready to deal the finishing blow.

    Concentrating, Reimu caught Remilia by the face just before she was about to be skewered. Muttering some words, her hand began to glow a very bright white.

    ?LET GET OF ME! WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING TO- GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!? Reimu?s hand let out a blinding flash of light, right into Remilia?s eyes.

    Remilia shrieked in agony and pushed Reimu away. She fell toward the ground and clutched her eyes in pain. When she finally took her hands away, all she saw was black.

    ?What? what have you done to me!??

    Reimu laughed, ?I blinded you. Isn?t that obvious, Remilia? And now? now you?ll die.? Slowly, Reimu began to take out her gohei and walked toward Remilia.

    Remilia looked around blindly, opening her mouth for no apparently reason. Then suddenly, her eyes locked in at Reimu and she charged at her, one last desperate attempt to kill her.

    Reimu raised an eyebrow, ?How?...? Shaking her head, Reimu kicked the charging Remilia in the face and watched as she sprawled toward the ground, defeated.

    Reimu began to walk toward the fallen vampire, gohei at the ready. When she finally reached her, she raised her gohei above her head and shouted as she brought it down, ?Today, a devil dies!?

    Suddenly, someone tackled her and shouted out, ?No, Mistress! Get away from her Reimu!? Sakuya and Reimu both rolled on the ground, each trying to get the upperhand on the other.

    Finally, Reimu pinned Sakuya down and readied her gohei.

    ?Any last words, Sakuya??

    Sakuya glared up at Reimu and said, ?Don?t call me that. You?re not Reimu, just an empty shell of vengeance. I will protect the mistress with my life.?

    Reimu shook her head, ?Very well!? Yelling, Reimu impaled Sakuya in the stomach with her gohei. Sakuya?s eyes widened, but she did not yell or scream.

    ?S..Sakuya? Sakuya?! What?s happening to you?!? Remilia struggled to stand up, but fell back on the ground every time she tried.

    Reimu took out the gohei and drove it in Sakuya?s chest, finally eliciting a shriek of pain from her.

    ?SAKUYA! SAKUYA! NO!? Remilia finally got up on her feet shakily, and began to open her mouth again, trying to find out where Sakuya was.

    Reimu stood up and took out her gohei from Sakuya?s body. Before she could send Remilia back on the ground, Remilia flew past her and picked up Sakuya. After that, Remilia flew away from the room into the long hallways of the mansion.

    Reimu growled and chased the fleeing vampire, ?You won?t be able to run away from me!? Readying a few homing amulets and ofudas, she sent them flying toward Remilia.

    Remilia was fast however, too fast. She quickly maneuvered around the twists and turns of the mansion. She knew where every place and room was blindfolded, which came in handy now.

    The chase continued for a long while, until Remilia stopped in front of a huge door with magical seals and locks covering it.

    Setting Sakuya out of the way, Remilia turned and took the homing projectiles head on, screaming in pain. She fell toward the ground with a thud and was unable to stand up.

    Reimu entered the room shortly after and walked up to Remilia, not paying any attention to the door in front of her.

    ?Any final words, Remilia?? Remilia merely looked up and spat at Reimu, too weak to talk.

    ?Very well then! Prepare to die!?

    ?GET AWAY FROM MY SISTER NOW! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!? Reimu quickly turned away to see the door being shattered to pieces and Flandre with a huge flaming sword coming straight toward her.

    Too surprised to move, Flandre?s sword directly hit Reimu, sending her flying toward the wall. The wall cracked as Reimu hit it, and she slid down gasping in pain.

    Dropping her sword, Flandre quickly dashed toward Reimu and took hold of her throat. She began to repeatedly smash her in the wall, showing no sign of stopping anytime soon.

    Finally, Flandre took hold of Reimu with both hands and kneed her in the back, causing some bones to create a cracking noise. After that, Flandre took hold of both of Reimu?s arms and smashed her against the wall again.

    Letting go of her, Flandre somersaulted away from Reimu and closed her eyes, concentrating. Slowly, an eye-like object began to form inside her hand.

    When it was finally finished forming, Flandre clenched her hands with her full power and attempted to crush it.

    It wasn?t crushed.

    Looking at her hand in confusion, Flandre attempted to crush it again, to no avail.

    ?W-what? What?s..?

    ?You better look up!? Flandre looked up to see the clearly in pain but determined Reimu flying toward her and bringing her down to the ground.

    Taking out her gohei, she began to strike Flandre repeatedly. Even with all her strength, Flandre couldn?t break free no matter how much she tried.

    ?Re-AHH!.. Sis-AHHHHHHH!..... Remi? help-GAAAH!? Each hit of her reinforced gohei caused a loud cracking noise that Remilia winced at.

    Swallowing her pride, Remilia managed to choke out, ?...Y....Yukari?. help...can?t? stand? having? my? sister? being? hurt???   

    An instant after she said that, a gap formed a distance away from Reimu to reveal an angry looking Yukari. Yukari rushed toward Reimu and pushed her away from Flandre. Closing her eyes, three gaps were formed under herself and Flandre, Remilia, and Sakuya.

    As they all fell through them, Reimu cursed and stood up with some difficulty.

    ?Damn.. damn you Yukari! DAMN YOU!?

    The only thing that answered Reimu?s anger was silence.
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    Re: The Dissoluteness of Vengeance-Chapter 6 Up!
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    This chapter was actually much harder to write than I thought. I feel that it's harder to write the peace and subtle scenes. Well whatever the case, I hope you enjoy! Criticism is welcome!

    Chapter 6

    ?What are you going to do with the book, mistress??

    ?Leaving the three inside here would be the safest route.?

    ?Are you sure? They could be very helpful.?

    The book fell from Yukari?s hands into a gap.

    After the gap disappeared, Yukari looked up at Ran, with the slightest hint of stress and tiredness.

    ?Yes? I?m quite sure.?


    Two vampires made their home in one of the guest rooms of Yukari?s house. There were only two beds and a chair as the furniture. The walls and floors were all white, almost blindingly so.

    Remilia sat on the chair with her hands on her lap. Her back was straight and she sat in a very regal and noble position. Her eyes were closed, and if one didn?t look closely, might have thought that Remilia was dead.

    Remilia?s mind was a mess. Patchouli was most probably fatally wounded. She didn?t know what happened to Meiling, but she guessed she didn?t go unscathed either. And Sakuya?

    But the thing that broke Remilia was her shattered pride. She thought she could handle Reimu. She boasted of ending Reimu?s rampage. Now look at her.

    She opened her eyes and saw only darkness. Fitting. It?s not like there was any hope or light against Reimu anyways.

    Remilia couldn?t even muster anger at her current situation. She didn?t care anymore. She didn?t care she had to beg for help from Yukari. Everyone she cared about are dead or dying.

    And what did she do? She went and got absolutely decimated, made a fool of herself. Her own pride brought the death of everyone. She was stupid, weak, and worthless. She was-

    Flandre, not being able to stand this any longer, went up to Remilia and took hold of her hand.

    ?Remi? Are.. are you okay??

    Remilia replied in an apathetic tone. ?Yes, I?m fine Flandre.?

    Flandre looked at Remilia doubtfully. ?Are you sure? I-?

    ?I?m fine, Flandre. I?m fine.?

    Flandre held Remilia?s hand for a few more moments before letting it go and jumping back on her bed.

    A few more moments of silence passed between them.

    Remilia broke it. ?...Come here Flandre.? She said.

    Surprised, Flandre stood up from her bed and strolled over toward Remilia, looking at her with a confused expression.

    For the first time since they came here, Remilia smiled, if only slightly. She gestured for Flandre to come sit on her lap.

    Flandre froze for a split second, but smiled as well and sat on her sister?s lap.

    There they stood in silence, until Remilia felt for and played with Flandre?s hair.

    Flandre let out a surprised yelp at the contact, but did not tell her to stop. For a few moments, the two sisters were once again united as family.


    Ran has constructed a makeshift infirmary in one of the guest rooms. Multiple beds were stacked up against the wall and various medical supplies were on a stand next to them. There wasn?t much, just some bandages, herbs, and creams, but anything helped.

    Sakuya, Meiling, and Patchouli laid on the beds unmoving. Once in a while Sakuya would stir, but she quickly went back to rest.

    Ran was treating Sakuya when Yukari stepped in. As she checked the wounds and bandages, she did not notice Yukari creep up behind her.

    It was only when Ran ran right into Yukari as she went to get more supplies did she notice her.

    ?O-oh! Mistress! I apologize. What brings you here?? Ran quickly steadied herself.

    Yukari smiled slightly, but it quickly faded away.

    Taking a moment to look at the occupants, Yukari asked, ?How are they? What are their chances of survival??

    Ran sighed, ?Not good, mistress. Patchouli is dead, there is no doubt about that. It would take divine intervention, a miracle, and an Eirin to recover her. Meiling was badly beat up by Reimu?s allies when defending with the army of fairy maids. She is hanging on barely, but I do not think she will make it.?

    Ran looked down on Sakuya. ?However? Sakuya has a slight chance of survival. Her wounds would have meant certain death to any other human, but I doubt she would give up that easily. No vitals were damaged, surprisingly. She stirs every once in a while, and I think with proper care, I?ll be able to get her through this.?

    ?Two dead?? Yukari trailed off. She sighed and opened her fan, covering her face with it. Nothing was said for a while as they sat staring at Sakuya.

    Suddenly, Sakuya opened her eyes and attempted to sit up, only to fall back due to her wounds.

    Ran immediately rushed over. ?Don?t overexert yourself, Sakuya. Just rest for now.?

    Sakuya managed to croak out, ?...M..Mistress??

    Yukari walked toward Sakuya and said, ?Remilia is fine, Sakuya. Now rest.?

    Sakuya nodded and closed her eyes, already looking relieved and at peace. If one looked carefully, they would see a faint smile upon her lips.

    Ran looked troubled however. ?Mistress... may I ask a question??

    Yukari looked quizzically at her shikigami. ?Yes, you may. What is it??

    ?Why? why can?t you just use your powers to gap Reimu to a different place? To imprison her? To.. kill her??

    Yukari stayed silent for a moment, but finally responded, ?...Two reasons, Ran. One, I hope we can convince Reimu to stop this madness without resorting to those means, no matter how unlikely that is.?

    ?Two, she seems to have this? inner barrier that prevents me from directly using my powers on her. It seems that I cannot gap within five feet around her. It also prevents me from using my border manipulation on her? if I ever decided to do that.?

    Ran looked questioningly at her mistress. ?Why wouldn?t you do that??

    ?Border manipulation is.. tricky. Even I might make a mistake and ruin everything. It?s best not to tamper with too many things. Especially with the mind. One mistake can cost a person to lose all thought processes.?

    Silence reigned between the two after Yukari finished her explanation. Ran nodded and began to make her way to where the medicine was and pick up a few items.       

    Suddenly, the door to the infirmary opened to Flandre helping Remilia find her way without the echolocation. Remilia had a worried expression on her face, anxiety overcoming her.

    ?Are? will they make it??

    Yukari looked at the sisters regretfully, ?Sakuya will make it provided nothing unexpected happens.? She said nothing about the other two.

    Remilia raised an eyebrow, ?And what about Patchouli and Meiling?...?


    That single word caused the temperature in the room to drop. Remilia stood, unable to move or walk forward. Flandre looked down on the floor sadly.

    ?No? NO! They.. they can?t be dead! They?ve been with me for so long? we?ve been through so much.? Remilia tore away from Flandre and walked toward Yukari, guessing where she was based on her voice.

    Yukari shook her head sadly as she saw Remilia walk toward her. ?I?m sorry Remilia. Patchouli is beyond all repair. Meiling is on the brink of death, her injuries are just too severe.?

    Remilia cried out in anguish. ?No? GAAAAAAAH!? Remilia collapsed on the ground, sobbing into her hands.

    Flandre immediately knelt beside Remilia and tried her best to comfort her. ?Remi? it?s okay? it?s not your fault??

    Yukari watched this all with tired eyes. What could she do against Reimu? Think? think? An idea immediately formed in her head, but she quickly dismissed it.

    Too risky? I would prefer not to do that unless I had no choice.

    Yukari continued to think as Flandre helped Remilia up and left the room with her. Reimu could no doubt match her in physical combat easily. She couldn?t do anything to her with her border manipulation directly? unless?

    No... I will not resort to that. There has to be another way. There has to be another way!


    Reimu cursed in the library of the mansion searching for the book that sealed Miko, Mokou, and Kanako. There were too many books? and too much magic that was mixed in so that she couldn?t just sense where it was.

    Giving up, Reimu stood up and kicked a few books out her way as she exited the library. As she entered the hallways, she wondered if her other allies deserted her.

    Her suspicions were confirmed as she entered the room where they fought the army of fairies. Nothing was on the floor of the room except blood.

    Figures? they?re probably finding a hiding place to hide from me?

    Reimu stopped in front of the exit of the mansion, looking back one last time. She reflected on the time she first entered here, solving the incident of the scarlet mist. Was she doing the right thing?

    Of course I am! Don?t listen to those fools Reimu? Marisa would want this, right?

    Laughing a bit crazily, Reimu closed her eyes and began to summon a big, white, and shining arrow that seemed to have been made by the heavens itself.

    Exiting the mansion, Reimu continued to walk until she reached the gates. Turning back, she aimed the arrow at mansion, ready to throw it.

    Yes? YES! She would want this!

    Yelling, Reimu threw the arrow at the mansion, watching as it sailed through the air.

    *BOOM!* The arrow exploded in a huge white light on impact. Reimu was forced to close her eyes due to how bright it was, but once it was gone, Reimu opened her eyes and laughed like a madman.

    There was nothing left there, not even a single piece of the building was on the ground. Turning back, she easily punched through the gate and strolled out, whistling in satisfaction.

    I am the strongest being in Gensokyo now! Nothing will stop me! Haha?. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


    In the middle of no where, four beings struggled to run away from Reimu. Sanae and Suwako took hold of Futo by putting her arms on their shoulders. Tojiko floated in front of them, leading the way. There were many trees surrounding them, and the mud under the feet slowed down the four. Heavy rain fell down past the trees and onto the runaways, soaking their clothes, skin, and hair.

    ?I.. I must return to the mansion for the Crown Prince! Unhand me!? Futo struggled to break free of Sanae?s and Suwako?s hold.

    Sanae cried out, ?We can?t go back to Reimu, Futo! Besides, you?re too hurt to go back.?

    It was true. Before Meiling went down, she thrashed Futo easily. Several of her bones were broken and blood covered her clothes. Sanae and Suwako managed to defeat the rampaging gate guard after a hard fought battle however.

    Tojiko floated in front of the trio, going in aimless directions. ?Where can we go? Reimu would search our homes for us once she finds out we ran.?

    Suddenly, a gap opened in front of the runaways to reveal Yukari leaning on the edge of it, surveying the four calmly.

    ?Well then. What do we have here? I wonder why Reimu?s allies are running away like this? Surely it?s not because she?s a complete lunatic, is it?? Yukari joked.

    Sanae yelled out, ?Yukari! You have to help us out! Please! Reimu is probably chasing us this very minute!?

    Yukari regarded Sanae with mischievous smile. ?Why should I? How can I trust any of you?

    ?This is serious Yukari! Stop fooling around! You-?

    Futo looked up at the gap youkai intently, ?The Crown Prince? do you perhaps know her whereabouts, gap youkai??

    Yukari stared back at the injured hermit. ?Yes, I do.?

    ?Then please inform me on where she is then.?

    They stared at each other for a few more moments until Yukari opened another gap and caught a book that fell from it.

    ?Before Reimu fought Patchouli, the magician trapped and sealed your Crown Prince, Mokou, and Kanako inside this book. And before you ask?? Yukari threw the book back up at the gap and closed it.

    ?No, I will not release them yet.?

    Futo was enraged. ?You? you will release the Crown Prince at once!? Finally breaking free of Sanae?s and Suwako?s hold, she began to run toward Yukari but collapsed back on the ground due to her injuries. The two hurried to pick her up again.

    Yukari was amused, ?I can however, transport all of you to somewhere safe.?

    Suwako spoke in a strained voice as she helped support the once again struggling Futo, ?And where is that, Yukari??

    ?I know someone in the Human Village who will keep you safe for a bit. I don?t trust any of you at my home, but I also don?t want the four of you to go back to Reimu.?

    With that, Yukari opened one big gap under the four and watched as they screamed and cursed at her for not giving them a warning.

    ?Hmm... yes... I?m sure Keine would love to have them....?


    Keine entered her house with a stack full of papers and reports and kicked the door behind her to close it. Whistling, she suddenly stopped as she saw four soggy people fall from a gap onto her favorite carpet.

    She dropped her papers in shock and screamed,

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    Re: The Dissoluteness of Vengeance-Chapter 7 Up!
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    Whew, this took a while to write! I've quite enjoyed writing it though, and I hope you guys will enjoy reading it! As always, criticism is welcome!

    Chapter 7

    After the attack of the Scarlet Devil Mansion?
    Yukari Yakumo stepped out of her gap and closed it behind her. The sunlight was harsh, forcing her to open her parasol to block it. The white stairs leading up to the temple reflected the sunlight, causing even more strain on her eyes. The temple itself was quite large and grand, but not overly so. The roof was built in a traditional eastern style and was held up by several wooden pillars.

    As Yukari walked up the stairs, Kyouko was seen sweeping the main gate, looking quite bored.

    Once Kyouko saw Yukari approach however, she stopped sweeping in surprise and simply stared at her.

    Yukari seemed amused. ?Oh continue your sweeping, yamabiko. I have no business with you.?

    Kyouko shook her head and approached Yukari, sweeping along the way. ?THE TEMPLE IS NOT OPEN TO GUESTS CURRENTLY!?

    Kyouko clamped her mouth with one of her hands in embarrassment at her outburst. ?Sorry? but Hijiri is kinda busy at the moment- HEY! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU?RE GOING??

    Yukari was already walking past Kyouko as she was talking. ?I?m sure Hijiri will have enough time to hear what I have to say~?

    Kyouko stomped her feet and swung her broom at Yukari, gasping in surprise as the gap youkai caught it with one hand and snapped it in half.

    ?Now now, Kyouko. There?s no need to make this ugly, is there??

    Kyouko grumbled as she picked up the other half of her broom.


    ?Good girl. I promise I won?t tell Hijiri about this.? With that, Yukari continued to walk toward the temple.

    Once she entered, she found herself in a large hallway with doors leading to rooms on each side. Various youkai peeked out of their door and quickly closed it once they saw Yukari. At the end of the hallway, it leads to two other hallways that contain even more rooms.

    ?Stupid Shou and her pagoda.. always losing- Hey! What are you doing here?? Nazrin quickly walked toward Yukari and glared at her.

    ?My my, so aggressive.?

    Nazrin pointed a rod at her and said, ?I have a reason to. You can?t be trusted in this temple. Tell me why you?re here, now!?

    ?I have an important message for Hijiri. That is all I will disclose to you.?

    The two stared at each other for a while, until Nazrin sighed and turned around again.

    ?Fine, but I?ll be leading you there. Don?t want you to do anything suspicious.?   

    The two youkai walked through the numerous hallways, doors closing quickly as the youkai residents caught sight of Yukari.

    Finally, they reached a large entryway without a door. Once Yukari entered the room inside, she looked behind her to see that Nazrin was already gone.

    Looking back at the room, she saw around a circle of youkai meditating. Several candles surrounded them, creating a few lines of smoke. Byakuren sat in the middle, her eyes closed. If she knew that Yukari was in the room, she showed no signs of it.

    Yukari stood at the entryway for a while, observing the meditating youkai, until Byakuren and the youkai finally rose up. They stretched and chattered with one another quietly.

    However, once they saw Yukari, everyone went silent. They quickly left the room through another door until only Byakuren and Yukari remained. 

    Byakuren sat back down cross-legged and said, ?What brings you here, Yukari??

    Yukari walked toward Byakuren and sat down in front of her in a seiza position, putting her parasol to the side of her. ?I have some important news to tell you Hijiri.?

    ?Just Byakuren is fine. What do you have to tell me??

    Yukari took a moment before responding, ?Seija manipulated Reimu into killing Marisa. Once she was free of the influence and looked down at Marisa?s body, she flew into a rage and killed Seija as well. She was about to attack me but I managed to gap away in time. However, her parting words were that all youkai would die.?

    Byakuren frowned. ?That? is tragic. But why didn?t you stop Reimu, Yukari??

    Yukari sighed. ?She was too strong. I have no idea how she suddenly got so much more powerful, but she was able to effortlessly push me away and send me flying. I also came too late? I only came when Reimu just killed Marisa.?

    ?What do you suggest we do about her??

    ?First of all, the youkai must overcome their pride and work together to find a way to defeat Reimu. She was powerful enough to force Mokou and Keine, the Moriya Shrine residents, and the hermits onto her side. With them, Reimu and her allies attacked and destroyed the Scarlet Devil Mansion.?

    Yukari sighed. ?Even though her allies were either sealed or deserted her, she is still so overwhelmingly powerful. I can't use any of my border magic on her, nor can I gap within a few feet from Reimu.?

    Byakuren placed a hand on Yukari?s hand and said, ?I can talk to her. It seems the best way to solve this.?

    Yukari shook her head. ?No, she?s beyond reason. She would attack you in a heartbeat.?

    Byakuren stared right into Yukari?s eyes. ?Trust me, Yukari. I?ve reasoned with plenty of youkai-haters. I?ll stop her rampage.?

    Yukari shook Byakuren?s hand off, picked up her parasol, and stood up. ?That?s what Remilia said too. Look what happened to her. Blinded. Two of her servants dead. One of them on the brink of it. Reimu barely needed her allies to take the mansion residents down. She destroyed the mansion completely in a single hit. She could?ve done that when they were still in there as well. Please Byakuren, don?t do this. Come with me.?

    Byakuren stood up as well and shook her head. ?I will reason with her, Yukari. Force will not solve anything.?

    Yukari clamped her hands on her parasol, the first signs of frustration creeping up on her.

    ?Very well. When your friends are dead and your temple is destroyed, you will regret trying to ?reason? with her.?

    With that, Yukari opened a gap and exited the temple, leaving Byakuren shocked at Yukari?s sudden outburst.


    The next day...

    It was a very bright morning when Kyouko woke up. Yawning, she stood up and rubbed her eyes, trying to clear the sleepiness away. Once she was fully awake, she left her wooden mat in search for her broom.

    The room was very ordinary and was bare of any personal decorations. The only furniture in the room was a wooden mat and desk that had a chair that might break at any minute.

    Picking up her broom that was leaning on her desk, Kyouko sighed, ?Another day of sweeping the main entrance... great. I hope I can talk with Mystia today...? 

    Leaving her room, she closed the door behind her and began to traverse the numerous hallways of the temple. Several other youkai waved at her as she passed by.

    Finally reaching the main entrance, she began sweeping the floor with her broom, whistling. The white floor had barely anything needing cleaning. Eventually Kyouko simply sat down at the top of the stairs to the temple, bored out of her mind.

    Suddenly, Kyouko felt someone sitting next to her. When she looked to both sides of her however, no one was there. Standing back up, she began to hold her broom like a baseball bat, ready to attack any intruders.


    ?GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!? Kyouko dropped her broom and began flailing her arms, until she saw Koishi staring at her.

    Kyouko scratched her head in embarrassment, ?Oh Koishi.., it was just you? haha? sorry.?

    As Kyouko bent down to pick up her broom, Koishi cocked her head and asked, ?What are you doing??

    Kyouko stood back up, broom in hand, and replied, ?Oh! I?m? I was just cleaning the main entrance.?

    ?Do you like doing it??

    Kyouko answered that question almost immediately, to her surprise.

    ?No! I hate it! I wish I could just do something actually useful! I-wait? Wait wait wait no I didn?t say that please don?t tell Miss Hijiri-huh??

    Kyouko looked around in confusion as Koishi suddenly disappeared. Shaking her head, she went back to sweeping the entrance, hoping that Byakuren doesn?t find out about her outburst.

    After several minutes, Kyouko heard someone walking up the stairs of the temple. No not someone, a lot of people. Curious, Kyouko walked to the top of the stairs and looked down.

    Reimu walked up the stairs with a horde of villagers from the Human Village carrying pitchforks and torches and screaming war cries.

    Kyouko quickly stepped away and attempted to run back in the mansion but she was suddenly rooted to the ground by several seals. She tried to yank herself out of it, to no avail.
    ?Where do you think you?re going, youkai?? Reimu stood at the top of the stairs triumphantly. Behind her, the humans started to shout out profanities.




    Kyouko continued to struggle, eventually breaking of the seals and stumbling forward. Catching her breath, she looked behind her to see Reimu and the mob of humans slowly approaching her.

    Turning back, she began to run into the temple again. She had to warn the rest of the youkai in the temple before it was too late!   

    However, Kyouko ran into Reimu as she teleported in front of her. Stumbling back, she was suddenly encircled by angry humans, all looking down at her with hateful eyes.

    Kyouko spoke in a very frightened voice. ?R-Reimu? What? WHAT ARE YOU DOING??

    Two humans made way for Reimu as she approached, gohei in hand.

    Reimu snarled, ?You?ll find out soon enough.? Raising her gohei, she swung it down at Kyouko.

    ?HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP-Huh?? The gohei stopped at her throat as Reimu looked down at her in confusion.

    Where did she go?

    Suddenly, two humans collapsed on the floor and an invisible Koishi picked up Kyouko, running away from the temple with her.

    It took only a second for Reimu to figure out what happened.

    Shaking her head, Reimu turned back to the temple and said, ?EVERYONE! CHARGE THE TEMPLE!?

    Total chaos spread rapidly. The humans swarmed the temple like ants and put it on fire with their torches. The youkai practitioners cowered as the humans beat them with their clubs and pitchforks.

    Reimu watched this all with satisfaction. As she entered the temple, a man rushed up to her.

    He said, ?Miss Hakurei! We have found the location of the witch!?

    Reimu grinned evilly. ?Lead me to her.?

    The man nodded. ?As you wish Miss Hakurei!? The man turned back and started to move into the numerous hallways.     

    Reimu followed quickly behind him. She began to take out her gohei and several needles in case anything happened.

    Suddenly, an anchor went flying toward the man. It was a direct hit, and sent him flying toward the other end of the hallway, smashing him against the wooden wall. When the anchor disappeared from his body, his head was crushed and bleeding in multiple places and his arms and legs were bent in all the wrong places.

    Murasa walked confidently toward Reimu and called out, ?You?re not getting past me, crazy shrine maiden!?

    Reimu threw a handful of needles at the captain and growled, ?I?m not crazy!? 

    Using her ladle, Murasa created a small shield of water that stopped the needles. Laughing, Murasa spun her anchor around a few times before throwing it straight at Reimu.

    Raising her hands, Reimu created a barrier that took the hit from the anchor directly, leaving huge cracks in it. Panting, Reimu yelled and slowly that barrier started to envelop the anchor in a rainbowish light.

    Murasa looked at her anchor in confusion. ?What the hell are you-?

    The anchor started to move until it was pointed at Murasa. It took Murasa too long to figure out what was about happen as it soared toward her and hit her body directly. She took hold of the still glowing anchor in her hands and threw it slightly in front of her.

    Clutching her stomach with one hand, Murasa looked up at Reimu and said menacingly, ?You?re going to pay for that red-white??

    Shouting out a war cry, Murasa prepared to leap toward the shrine maiden, only to find her feet stuck to the ground by several seals.

    ?W-what? What did you-?

    Reimu teleported in front of the ghost and threw an explosive seal at her. It exploded right on her face, shutting her up.

    ?Just shutting you up, captain.? Taking out two handfuls of needles, Reimu threw them one by one at the helpless ghost, each of them causing a scream to be elicited. Instead of blood coming out, Murasa's body began to slowly become more transparent.

    When Murasa began looking like a pincushion, Reimu stopped her relentless assault and raised her hands. Slowly, she began chanting a few incomprehensible words.

    Murasa knew what those words meant. ?No... NO! LET ME GO! STOP!?

    Reimu didn?t stop however. After about thirty seconds of chanting, an elaborate sealing circle began to form under the ghost. After a minute, it started to circle under her and envelop Murasa in a white light.

    Murasa stopped her panicking and looked down at the circle that would exorcise her. She then turned her gaze toward Reimu and glared at her.

    ?Hijiri?s going to give you hell once she finds out about this, Reimu.?

    Reimu continued chanting.

    Clenching her fists, Murasa can only watch once her body starts to get sucked into the seal. Crying out in anger, she glared at Reimu one last time before she was gone. Once Reimu stopped chanting and the circle disappeared, only the anchor left any clue that the captain was here.

    Smirking, Reimu continued on her way to Byakuren, trusting her intuition to lead her. The screams and cries of the youkai made her feel like she was on top of the world. She closed her eyes briefly to better listen to them.

    It was because of this that Nazrin managed to sneak up behind her and smash both of her dowsing rods onto Reimu?s head. As Reimu collapsed on the floor, Nazrin jumped on her back and started to smack her relentlessly with her rods.

    ?You?ll pay for sealing away Murasa!? Nazrin snarled.

    As she was about to impale Reimu?s head with her rods, Reimu grabbed them and smashed Nazrin on the ground in front of her.

    Standing back up, Reimu dusted herself and smirked, ?Is that all you got, you little rat? I?ve been impaled by Remilia?s Gungnir! Your rods are nothing!?

    Placing the end of one her rods on the floor, Nazrin picked herself up shakily. Once she was standing up, she turned back and ran away with surprising speed into the endless hallways.

    Reimu rushed after her blindly. She thought the hallways would never stop. After several more minutes however, she came to a large entryway that lead to the room Byakuren was in.

    As she entered, a calm voice called out, ?Reimu. I must talk with you. Now.?

    Byakuren sat in the middle of the room in a meditating position. Shou and Nazrin stood on each side of her, ready to defend Byakuren. Ichirin and Unzan stood behind the monk, looking angrily at Reimu.

    Reimu walked slowly toward Byakuren and said, ?About what, youkai??

    Byakuren stood up and looked Reimu in the eyes. ?You said it yourself. Reimu, you must stop your rampage. We mourn Marisa?s death, and we know how much it pains you to know that you killed her, even if you were manipulated into doing it.?

    Byakuren took a few more steps toward Reimu. ?But that is not a reason to go and kill every youkai in Gensokyo. It was Seija, Reimu. Not us, not the mansion residents, not the underground, it was purely Seija. It is your duty as a shrine maiden to take down the youkai that are actually harmful and beyond redemption.?

    Finally, the two stood face to face. ?Do you understand, Reimu??

    A few seconds of silence passed as the two continued to stare at each other.

    With a yell, Reimu suddenly swung her gohei at Byakuren?s head. It hit her hard and sent her stumbling back.

    Byakuren, still clutching her face, looked at Reimu with disapproving eyes. ?I see? Yukari was right? you are beyond reason.?

    Reimu laughed and teleported in front of Shou and Nazrin. Faster than the eye can blink, Reimu drove her gohei into Shou?s gut, causing her to scream.

    Nazrin shouted out, ?NO! BACK OFF!?

    Shrieking in anger, Nazrin kicked Reimu away, along with her gohei, which caused Shou to collapse on the ground.

    ?Shou? Shou!? SHOUUUUU!? Nazrin immediately knelt on the ground and began shaking Shou?s body.

    Byakuren rushed toward Reimu and grabbed her from behind. Grunting, she threw Reimu on the ground, causing the shrine maiden to faceplant the floor.

    Grabbing her by the neck, Byakuren threw her again and watched as she hit the wall on the other side of the room.

    Looking up, Byakuren yelled out, ?YUKARI! TAKE EVERYONE AWAY! I?LL HANDLE HER!?

    Gaps formed under the buddhists and closed as they fell into it. The sounds of battle quieted away as Yukari gapped the humans and the youkai practitioners to different places.

    Closing her eyes, Byakuren began to chant a few words under her breath. Outside of the temple, a huge magical barrier surrounded it, preventing anyone from coming in or going out.

    Once she was done, Byakuren opened her eyes to see Reimu coming at her with her gohei. Getting into a combat stance, she blocked the incoming gohei with her arm, causing it to break in half.

    Reimu looked down at her half of the gohei in shock. ?H-how? I reinforced it-?

    Byakuren took a few more steps and punched Reimu in the stomach, causing Reimu to drop her half of the gohei and stumble back.

    Reimu clutched her stomach and coughed out blood. Gasping in pain, she summoned a barrier to protect herself against Byakuren?s onslaught.

    Eyes burning with righteous anger, Byakuren kicked the barrier, shattering it in a single hit. Grabbing Reimu by the shoulders, Byakuren kneed her in the chest.

    Reimu screamed in pain and tried to break free. She managed to kick Byakuren in the leg, with released her from the angry monk?s hold.

    As she fell on the floor, Reimu attempted to crawl away from the monk, to no avail. Byakuren grabbed the back of Reimu?s shrine maiden outfit and forced her to look at her.

    ?All we wanted was peace. We were never going to endanger humans. But you? you attacked the temple, killed countless youkai, and injured one of my closest friends, even after I tried to reason with you. Humans never change, do they?? 

    Reimu spat at the monk, causing her to be thrown across the room again. She hit the wall hard, and as she slid down toward the ground, Byakuren was already walking toward her.

    Standing back up very shakily, Reimu began to chant a few words under her breath.

    Byakuren stopped, curious at what the shrine maiden was doing. It proved to be her undoing.

    Suddenly, Reimu was covered head to toe with a rainbowish light. With renewed vigor, Reimu charged Byakuren and roundhouse kicked her in the face.

    Byakuren quickly recovered and attempted to punch Reimu, but she dodged it like it was nothing. The monk began to unleash a flurry of punches and kicks that would?ve hit any other opponent, but Reimu evaded it effortlessly.

    Reimu caught one of Byakuren?s legs and twisted it, causing the monk to wince in pain. Picking up her body by the leg, Reimu spun around in circles and threw Byakuren at the wall.

    *CRACK* Byakuren hit the wall hard. As she slid down toward the ground, she struggled to stand back up.

    ?Any last words, youkai?? Reimu walked confidently toward the fallen monk, knowing victory was near. She was no longer glowing.

    Byakuren looked up at Reimu and said in a surprisingly calm voice, ?Reimu. Would Marisa really want this??

    The question took Reimu off guard. ?...Yes? she??

    Byakuren stood back up and put her hands on Reimu?s shoulders. ?Are you sure? Would she want you to kill every youkai in Gensokyo??

    Reimu?s face was conflicted. ?I? SHUT UP!?

    She kicked Byakuren in the chest, sending the monk tumbling toward the ground once again.

    Reimu was furious. ?You think you can just talk with me and make everything all right.?

    She picked up Byakuren by her throat and stared right into her eyes.  ?Let me tell you something, Byakuren. You think you understand. You think you know everything that?s wrong with people. You think you can just fix everyone.?

    Byakuren took hold of Reimu?s arm, slowly breaking it. ?No? I never said that.?

    ?Perhaps, but I?m sure it?s what you think!? Before Reimu?s arm was broken, she smashed the monk onto the wooden floor, causing the planks to break.

    Fueled by desperate energy, Byakuren jumped up feet first and landed in front of the crushed wooden planks.

    Yelling, Byakuren and Reimu charged each other and began to fight each other with all their strength. Byakuren?s body crackled with golden energy. Using a combination of both her physical enhancements and magic, she had the upper hand most of the time in the fight.

    Reimu however, glowed only slightly with rainbowish light. She no longer had the energy to become totally intangible, but she still kept up with Byakuren?s sheer power. She threw needles and ofudas to keep Byakuren at bay and barriers to protect herself.

    Byakuren backed Reimu into a corner and began unleashing a barrage of attacks that broke every barrier Reimu attempted to summon.

    Suddenly, Reimu summoned a Yin-Yang Orb and fired it at Byakuren. It hit the monk on the head and caused her to stagger back.

    Seizing the opportunity, Reimu summoned five more Yin-Yang orbs and sent them flying toward the recovering monk. Two of them hit the head, another two hit the chest, and the last one hit Byakuren in the gut, causing her to clutch her stomach in pain.

    Throwing a few explosive seals in a circle around Byakuren, they all detonated at the same time, causing the monk to be lifted into the air.

    Flying, Reimu rushed toward Byakuren and elbowed her in the ribs, cracking a few of them. Byakuren was sent falling down toward the floor, cracking the wooden planks under her.

    Reimu landed on the ground next to the monk and stared down at her. ?Any last words, youkai??

    Byakuren sat back up shakily, coughing up blood all the while. ?Don?t? do? this??

    Reimu simply laughed as she took out a couple more needles, ready to finish the job. ?Time for you to- gah!?

    Byakuren suddenly leapt toward Reimu and clung on to her, muttering a few words. Golden light began to surround her, and when she was done, she was almost blinding.

    ?YOU WILL NOT HURT ANYMORE YOUKAI!? Byakuren yelled out.

    Air started to blow into the room, causing their hair and clothes to be blown back.   

    With one final yell, Byakuren exploded into a mass of golden, magical energy. The sound was deafening, it was like a bomb was dropped onto the temple. The golden energy destroyed the entire temple and a huge cloud of smoke was left as the light cleared.
    The temple residents watched this all as Yukari created a magical image of what was happening.

    Shou cried out, ?No! NO! She can?t be??

    Yukari closed the image and began opening a gap, ?I have to check the temple. Stay here everyone.?

    With that, the gap youkai disappeared into her gap and closed it behind her.

    She walked out of another gap onto what was the main entrance of the temple. As the smoke cleared, she could see Byakuren on the ground, motionless. Reimu was no where to be found.   

    The gap youkai rushed toward the monk and knelt beside her. Her clothes were torn and part of her hair was singed. Yukari picked her up and opened another gap in front of her.

    As she walked into it and reappeared in her house, Shou immediately rushed over to Yukari and took Byakuren from her. The temple residents placed her on the bed they were all sitting on and began to check if she was still alive.

    Ichirin said, ?I can feel a pulse? but it?s faint. Extremely faint. I don?t know??

    Shou interrupted her, ?We can bring her back. We brought her back once, we can do it again. We-?

    Yukari walked over to the buddhists and looked down at Byakuren. ?She?s in a magic coma. She let out so much magical energy that her body is beyond exhaustion. Byakuren?s body will need years to recover.


    ?Never if you don?t take care of her properly while she?s in that coma. I?ll be going now, I have? other matters to attend to.?

    With the temple residents gawking at her, Yukari left the room in search for her own room. On the way there, unanswered questions kept popping in her mind.

    How did Reimu survive that? I know she?s still alive, I can feel it. That blast? it would?ve killed anyone, even me. And why? why can?t I find where she is now?

    Once Yukari opened the door to her room, she went inside and got onto her bed.

    Sleep? I haven?t had sleep ever since Reimu killed Marisa. Maybe it?ll help-

    The moment her head hit the pillow, she was already snoring.

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