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Re: 南米狂悪夢 ~ Rise of Suicide Nightmares [0.5a Soon!]
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M.....Multi Language System?

seems pretty good??
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Re: 南米Project (Nanbei Project: RoSN) [Cancelled.]
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I guess I took a long time to actually write about what happened to this and why i never released the next demo overseas.

First of all, while I had most of the demo already done by my last post, I was focused on finishing the soundtrack. I did, ending with a 18 track OST. I was so happy that the music was done. The only thing I needed was the art.

By request of the artist, Unet Crimson, he asked me to not release a new version before finishing the "remastered" art, which, he never did and left the developement of the game, leaving me with no portraits of the final or phantasm (now extra) boss.

Next thing who affected the developement of this was the constant delays. I was lazy to finish this, I felt like i couldn't continue working on this, and also got so underwhelmed to the results I had with the stage 5 boss(es). I was desesperate and couldn't get ideas for the final boss' danmaku. One of the biggest delays was last year, because college was making me depressed. I couldn't get any enjoyment out of developing this game, so it felt like a long time chore.

Another reason why I never delivered was the long time developement problems. This game started in 2013 as a danmakufu 0.12m joke between some IRL friends. But once i got better at it and I moved to ph3 I turned it into a "serious" thing. I remember it was still called Project Gusano by that time. A lot of changes were made to make it look less of a joke, but the story was always the same. Nowdays I feel like I'm doing an "cringy edgy game trying to be serious". Not only that, more than 80% of the non danmaku code was borrowed from various sources, including Gore (I still have the coolier link where he posted an HLSL effect for wave distorsion). Everything was working but it's limited to various extents. It just carries part of my dark past in danmakufu and I felt like remaking it from the ground up wasn't worthy at this point.

All of these things just lead to me confirming that this game is cancelled. I've moved to another project and I hope I can show more stuff soon.

I've published the latest version before it's cancellation to Bulletforge, here's the link.

My very apologies for this.

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Re: 南米Project (Nanbei Project: RoSN) [Cancelled.]
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I'm sorry to see that the project has been cancelled, especially after so much time and effort was put into it.

I wish you the best on your next project though.


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Re: 南米Project (Nanbei Project: RoSN) [Cancelled.]
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Happens to the best of us. Don't beat yourself up over it.

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Re: 南米Project (Nanbei Project: RoSN) [Cancelled.]
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Thank you for your report of how it went down. Developers can benefit from reading stories like this from others, reminding us all that a Vanishingly Small Percentage* of game projects actually do get completed -- you just keep moving on and making new stuff.

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Re: 南米Project (Nanbei Project: RoSN) [Cancelled.]
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Both as mod and as fellow Danmakufu person I appreciate and respect your announcement. You didn't make up any (to me sounding) weird excuses or anything non-serious on why you're canceling this project. And as 'not ZUNs wife' mentioned, reading such stories is only a good thing.

As several already said and I will repeat: Don't worry about it and definitely don't feel guilty about it. You won't be the first one, nor the last one.

Don't forget that fan games, which we all create here, are done with passion. And when that passion slips or inspiration disappears, things go down the hill quickly resulting often in severe delays or cancellation.