Author Topic: NINETIES THROWBACK SNUFF FILM FEVER DREAM (Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number thread)  (Read 960 times)


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Nobody else has threaded this game, even if it DID just come out seven days ago, so  :V

So yeah basically it's more of the first game, which isn't a bad thing, and now most things are clarified, which was originally intended when this was just extra DLC.

For people who do not know how this game works, you basically have to traverse through many levels and kill enemies in any bloody and gory way possible in order to get to the next area. The faster you kill people, the more of a combo you get and the more you points you get as a result of said combo.

Because this game is NOT, in fact, focusing on the previous MC, Jacket, you instead change characters throughout the storyline. These other characters have various abilities that can be used to get through levels easier, or score more points. If you don't think how it's described above is enough for you, which I bet it probably is not, then go purchase this game in order to try it out for yourself, as located in the above links.

Sooner or later this may also become a list of users who have created custom levels once the editor comes out.