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Zent's Shorts [NEW 4-9-16 - Just Practice (Touhou)]
« on: February 24, 2015, 11:40:18 pm »
A Kingdom hearts oneshot that also doubles as a bit of background elsewhere. This thread may turn into a oneshots and shorts thread later on. May. Well, looks like it became one after all.

A Meeting for Tolled

The Realm of Darkness, where no light shines and the fell power gnaws on those who are not denizens of its power, black-booted feet step across the roads in the dark depths. The rest of that body lays hidden in a black, hooded coat over the rest of their outfit, the only think on its design that does not meet those bleak standards are the charms that adorn its strings.

Elsewhere in this realm, another figure walks, their body of a different build, but their outfit is all the same, with the major exception of one last detail. Instead of darkness beneath that hood lies an enormous, sharp-toothed grin.

Both of them are coming closer to a meeting point, neither one knowing of the other’s presence; one has things to do and accomplish, machinations to place and activate, the other has been wandering for several eons, lamenting over the mistakes of the past. They do, however, have something in common, other than their clothes...

The two suddenly come to the same crossroads, stepping into each others’ view. They simply stand there for a moment before the grinning one raises their head. An unnatural grin, as it would look that way if it was actually on their face and the fact it’s painted onto a mask, seven rectangular holes in a hexagonal patten, seeming to represent eyes, though only two of them seem to cover actual ones.

The other figure’s posture hardens, going from light to tightly-wound in a near instant, arms snapping back a little as a long, blue energy blade suddenly appears in each one, in a reverse-handed grip. Their masked reflection just stands there, pose staying casual, although their head does tilt to the side, and they finally speak, asking “Is that really necessary? I’m not here to cause you any problems, although there is... something... about you.”

“Out of my way,” the unknown with the aggressive stance snarls, the voice of a young man coming from the black shadows of the hole in his hood. The masked unknown thinks about it for a moment, rubbing the lower portion of his facial covering. He hums, seeming to read the young man instead of getting out of the way as asked.

He obviously needed motivation to shove off, so the boy with the swords decides to give it in a quick and brutal fashion, letting go of both blades and then bringing them back in his grasp forehanded and makes several rapid, precise swings, fully intent on cutting the masked man down to size.

None of which make any impact as the masked stranger completely blocks every single swing of the boy’s without pulling out a weapon, the only show of power being the sudden glow along their arms. He goes back into his passive-aggressive posture, takes a deep breath, growls, and tries stabbing his blades into the masked man, first with a forehanded thrust towards the head, followed by slash from the other sword that swings it back into a backhanded grip and then a stab for the heart.

The other figure’s head snaps aside to avoid the thrust. He takes the slash, though it doesn’t seem to do much, and as for the stab to his heart after that, he grabs the blade before it can reach that far, the energy output causing billowing smoke and a sizzling as it burns through the black glove on his opponent’s hand.

That sizzling stops all of a sudden, as the masked figure’s hand glows bright. Vibrant orange eyes widen at what happens next, the figure yanking the boy forward with one hand while the other grabs his other blade to help gain some leverage and get him to send his knees into the sword user’s torso and slam him backwards, letting go at the same time. Stumbling back but not falling, the boy regains his balance, tightens his grip, and prepares to counter with another assault.

He doesn’t get the chance, the masked man’s arms glowing, palms held outwards as his fingers splay, explosions of light mingled with darkness bursting from his hands and towards the unknown swordsman. He runs to the side, but the explosions suddenly fragment and turn in the boy’s direction and strike true, sending him reeling. That masked figure takes a few steps towards him, and then stops to “look” down on him.

Yelling angrily, the boy jumps back up alongside his kiai, and charges the masked one, slashing rapidly. It’s guarded with a glowing arm, but it does push his opponent back and a little it down onto his knees as the boy keeps hammering his swords down. He then puts his blades back into backhanded positions and stabs both downwards, sinking them, one each, into the figure’s shoulders.

“Beg for me you spare you and I will probably do just that... I just wanted you out of my way so I could continue minding my own business, and you yours, but you just had to be difficult,” the mysterious boy boasts. He doesn’t actually plan on killing the masked man unless he dies of blood loss or tries anything, but the threat and the intent are there. Such was giving in to one’s dark side.

“Not bad young man,” the masked unknown says between pain-gritted teeth. Whether or not they look like they do on his mask is something only known to the man and those he deemed worthy to show his face to “But I can feel it within you, and myself, the way the bells ring that this will end with both of us still standing. You will show mercy on this day, boy.”

Said boy growls, desummoning his blades and helping the masked man up. He then concentrates, the flow of time in their bodies bursting backwards and healing their wounds as if the fight had never happened. The masked man simply nods to the cloaked boy and takes a few steps back, holding his hand towards the way he’d been going “Go, if you wish. But if you want to stay here for a moment, please do. I have not had company in some time.”

“Why should I stay and talk to you, we have no business! None!” is the response, the boy gesturing in the air for a moment as he speaks, seeming to reach out to grab at nothing. The other figure takes note of this, but doesn’t bring it up. The boy begins to leave, but is stopped by the masked man’s next words.

“Because I have come to know what you seek and am curious just what methods you care to take to get what you want to cause another event like that.”

“Meaning what?” the boy asks, turning on his heel to face the mysterious masked man again. He would just go, but now he’s curious. And curiosity could lead to learning, and thus, knowledge.

“Perhaps I was wrong, perhaps you know nothing of which I speak yet. But your... unique abilities tell me you already know, but without explicitly saying it, I doubt you would understand it. You see, my boy... one who knows nothing--”

“Can understand nothing,” the boy finishes, and then chuckles a little “That’s an interesting saying, isn’t it? Mm, I suppose I can give you a few minutes. So tell me, what do you know and how do you know it?”

“Let me just say that I’m... aware of a certain conflict that happened long before your time. A conflict that you have pored over and will, as the bells of darkness continue to toll, become obsessed over. Heheh, as well as a certain artifact from back then.”

“No idea what you are taking about, sorry.”

The masked figure laughs, as if the other unknown person has told a very hilarious joke “I suppose it is none of my business, even if I know you are fully aware of what it is that I speak. Feign ignorance, but  as long as one knows, that’s all that matters. In fact, the bells are already tolling, child... I caught the most... interesting sight a little while ago of two more in outfits of our make - a young man, a little younger than you in fact, and a mouse.”

“So that’s where I am about now, then,” the boy replies “The time is rapidly approaching, so stop wasting my time.”

“With your powers, right now, you have all the time you’ll need, o Great One. And the bells toll for me as well. It is almost time for me to meet the one I will call my employer, for the very first time.”

“‘O Great One’? ‘The bells toll’? You are a strange man. So, before I go and do what must be done for myself and you do the same for yourself. What is your name?”

“The one who hears the bell toll for a world or a person’s descent into darkness and inklings of their path to that point, and I am someone long-forgotten” the masked man replies, vague but an answer nonetheless. Whatever his real name is, he’s either forgotten it or doesn’t feel that the mysterious boy needs to know.

The boy gives a frustrated growl, thinks things over, for a moment, and then nods. There’s no more words from him as he begins to walk away. Well, at least until the bell-hearer says something “The Dark Knell is my short answer. So, what about you, boy?!”

He gives his answer, muttered yet clear as he heads off into the dark, not to be seen in that form again by the man he had just met “Xehanort...”

When he’s out of sight, before he continues walking, the Dark Knell says two words:

“I know.”

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Re: Zent's Shorts [NEW 3-3-15 - Untitled]
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2015, 08:06:57 am »
Running. Footsteps beating loud and fast, the dry underbrush and twigs crunching underfoot.

Running. The faint sound of the same coming from behind, and edging closer, more simultaneous.

Running. Time itself is doing just that, and it’s about to run out.

Running. They’re right behind now.

Running. Speed up just a little, avoid getting grabbed by the pursuer.

Running. Something that can barely be done anymore, and that’s about to stop.

Tripping. Whether it be from your own feet or a root or a rock, down you go.

Falling. You’re going to land flat on your face, you just know it.

Falling. You continue to do so. Is everything in slow motion because of the tension?

Falling. You’re pretty sure you should have landed on your face by now and your pursuer would be on top of or at least grabbing you, but you’re not.

Falling. Did you go over a cliff or something? No, that can’t be right.

Falling. You get a little more aware of your surroundings. You’re still falling, but there is nothing but darkness.

Falling. Is this going to happen forever?

Landing. WHAM. You finally hit something solid, and everything goes black. Well, guess you had a nice life, despite what had brought you to this point in the first place. Well, guess this is how it all ends.

Silence. Your thoughts end.

Death. Well, it was bound to happen--

Birds . --eventually? Seriously, that sounds like birds chirping.

Warmth. Hmm, you seem to be bundled up nicely. Wait, these are blankets. So, wait, that means you’re not dead, you just fell unconscious. That’s good.

Pain. Well, you did fall, and for a while, so you were probably hurt after all. Even so, you might as well do one thing: open your eyes.

Opening. Get your eyes open and see where you wound up.

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Re: Zent's Shorts [NEW 3-3-15 - Untitled]
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2015, 01:03:19 pm »
A short tale blending PMMM and KH in a rather non-evasive way. Like A Meeting for Tolled, it serves as a little bit of backstory for something elsewhere - mainly the two OCs that pop up in this.
WARNING: Contains SPOILERS for the Madoka Rebellion Story film due to its focus on a rather spoilerriffic character, so read at your own risk. Also, semi-graphic Incubator abuse near the end.

Les Filles, Diable et Sans Cœur

In a place where darkness runs rampant, a ruined world most bleak and almost surely where nothing should live, something lives, keeping their eyes on the place. A young woman who had lived countless lifetimes to save a friend, bordering on if not being outright obsession. She stares at the jewel created from her “love”, the item that has given her the form she had now.

And then, the sound of footsteps and a mocking giggle breaks her from her reverie, purple eyes immediately narrowing as she turns to the source of that voice. She knows it, a voice that has visited her every so often“You again, why are you always coming here? There’s nothing for you.”

“Awwh, don’t give me that, my fiendish friend,” the other girl mocks, stepping into the proverbial spotlight, her dress of crimson, black, and white drifting slightly in a nonexistential breeze, as does her flowing red hair. Piercing yellow eyes look at the person she calls fiendish, and she gives a sneering smile “Somebody’s gotta visit while you wallow in your obsession, Homes. So, how is you-know-who doing in your care, hm?”

“Do not call me that, we’re not on such close and casual terms that you can just throw around nicknames.”

“Sure thing, Homes! Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t, maybe we should ask for a second opinion. Oh, I know who can convince you. Time to speak up! What do you think I should call her, M--”

She’s cut off by the glare of those violet eyes intensifying, black feathers drifting off her outfit and wings for a moment as the pest is frozen in time midsentence. The other girl can feel herself trapped in that point of reality, unable to move or speak. It wears off, but she doesn’t say anything.

Well, until she starts laughing, anyway, just giving a sly grin in the end “Oh, that’s right, no one’s allowed to speak her name in this twisted realm except you. I’m always seeming to strike that nerve whenever I visit! Love really is a powerful force, as utterly lame as it is... well, your definition’s a little cooler than all the other dweeb-os in the worlds. Mainly ’cause of how you show it.”

“You have no idea of what you’re speaking of, you don’t even know the feeling or the significance of the word, it’s always disdain with you,” says the so-called Homes in a completely blunt manner as she stands, or rather floats, upright. The black fur and feathers of her dress rolls about, crimson ribbon in her head shifting around as her power rises “Pitiful girl. Why do you bother coming here...?”

“Ahahaha! Why, because, we’re alike, you and I. We betrayed our friends to get what we wanted, we’re now powerful forces of nature, complete and utter mistresses of the darkness!!! You and your timey-wimey fun, me with the power and pleasure of absolute annihilation!

“Alike? You’re a cruel malcontent, I’m doing what I’m doing for the greater good. This power was born from love, yours was born from nothing but wanting to destroy,” the feathery girl retorts “I saved my friend, and I’m saving her loved ones from themselves, I’ve given them a world of zero pain. You? from what you’ve said in the past, Miss Baretta, you just murdered all of your fiends and allies for fun. We’re very little alike.”

“A~ke~mi~” the redhead singsongs, hair whipping out everywhere, flowing and waving like tentacles, bit glinting sharp like multitudes of red blades “That’s bullshit, you did what you did so you could have your, ahaha, Buddhadess all to yourself. That’s greedy. That’s creepy. At least I gave my friends an end, ahaha! You, Homes? You’re just prolonging their suffering. As fun as that is, the way you do it is self-righteous and utterly boring!”

The two of them come to a standstill now, the dark-haired girl’s violet eyes continuing that glare while the other girl just smirks.

“Hmm, maybe we aren’t that alike at all,” she finally concludes, crimson hair going back into an idle state “Anyhoo, Homes, as fun as pissing you off is, I’ve got things to do, heroes to slaughter. I could just smash that jewel of yours, but you’d just throw me back in time if I tried. We may see each other again, we may not. Especially if she breaks through your illusion and comes to kick your ass. it may be the latter.”

“You still remember the other times you tried, good. But I have what’s mine and the world I made for my friends is stable, and out of your reach. Just go already.”

“Fine, fine, underestimate bluehair whatsherface, Homes. I’m gone.”

With that, a crack of inky darkness suddenly gets torn into existence in the air and the girl steps through, vanishing.

“Irritant,” Homura Akemi sighs, floating back into a sitting position. She thinks about the world of her making for a moment and shakes her head. Don’t underestimate Sayaka, she says... Irritant and troll that Audri Baretta was, her advice may have just been something to take under advisement.


Meanwhile, in another realm of bleakness with living conditions that could barely be called that, Homura’s visitor walks down an obsidian and slate road. Yellow eyes of assorted sizes slink, drift, and otherwise move through the shadows around her and beside her, but never pursue her. What they crave, she’s already lost...

Then, something they could track appears by the girl; long, floppy ears adorned with floating obsidian rings trailing on the ground behind it, long, bushy tail waving back and forth. They still don’t go after it, they know better, even in their ever-hungry, mindless state. It’s with her, under her protection. Besides, that thing was immortal and untouchable.

In a squeaky, aged voice, it speaks to her “You’re finally back, Audri! Where were you this time?!”

“Visiting a ‘friend’, Old Man. One of your peoples’ works of art.”

“You met with the Akemi girl again, didn’t you? And don’t speak of her like I take any pride in what ‘my people’ caused. Super-logical imbeciles, so damned focused on their self-righteous mission to save existence from its eventual destruction...”

“Little did the fuzzballs know that it would not be heat death, but dark... HA! ...death that awaits everything,” Audri replies, slamming her bootheel when she goes 'ha’ right down on her companion’s skull, skewering and crushing it. She laughs, yanking her foot away and smearing parts of the critter’s head in its traveling path, and then goes back to walking.

“You know, that still hurts, Audri!” comes a growl from behind the woman, her companion shaking his head as it reforms back to normal, as if she’d done nothing to it, the gem-eyed cat smile etched on his face attempting to glower.

“I know, that’s why I do it, Naarbey! Especially when you try and glare at me with that cute widdle face afterwards. Now, come on, we need to get back to my ship and get back to, ugh, business! I can’t keep slacking or the Doctor’ll never appreciate me over the rest of his dweeb squad.”

Naarbey the Sable, Naarbey the Exile, Naarbey the Emotional, does one thing. He sighs, and dashes after his owner.

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Just Practice (Touhou, MariAri)
« Reply #3 on: April 09, 2016, 07:44:15 am »
A short that's been in the work for at least a year, some parts were written after others.

Just Practice

It was just another day in the Forest of Magic. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming... perfect day for a spot of tea. Which was exactly what was happening in a rather fancy house within the forest, home of the doll-making-and-using Youkai magician known as Alice Margatroid.

The homeowner and who you could say, her friend; the ever studious, and to Alice, ever annoying human magician, Marisa Kirisame, were finishing up doing just that. Of course, much to Alice’s chagrin, their teatime conversation about their crafts had turned to a direction she didn’t really like it going into “No, in all of my life, I’ve never really had a romantic relationship, if even one that went anywhere. Not everyone can be like you, Marisa.”

Marisa hums, glancing aside as she ponders what to say. What comes out is something that slightly lacks in tact, but she figures it‘s the best way to ask without having to break things down into too many chunks “So, I take it that means you’ve never kissed anyone before? Ever?”

“Marisa!” Alice says with a huff, crossing her arms over her chest and turning away from the other blonde magician. She just stands there for a moment, and Marisa sighs. Way to go. She thinks of apologizing, but suddenly gets an answer as Alice nods, still turned away “That’s right. I’m not particularly the type to just go right out and do something like that, or allow someone to so easily.”

“Yeah, there’s no denyin’ that, ‘Risu. But don’t worry too much about it, there ain’t nothing wrong with being like that. I’m just particularly, well...”

“Inconsiderate and insensitive? A gauche boor?”

Marisa sticks her tongue out at Alice for a second, and then smirks “Yeah, those. But the point is, I’m not all that good at that sort of thing, so gimme a break yo!”

“The moment I give you a break, I’ll have already lost, Marisa,” Alice says, rubbing the bridge of her nose. Gods, the woman could be such a headache sometimes. Such a pretty, intelligent headache... That following thought right there made her head hurt all the more. In the back of her mind, she just wanted to grab Marisa and make that never kissed someone fact dead and buried. Thank goodness she was more rational than that!

“Haha, true. Plus, it wouldn’t be very fun for either of us for me to win so easily. Besides, I already won, my curiosity has been rewarded. Although...!”

“‘Although,’ what?” Alice is hit with a twinge of dread. What was Marisa going to say now?

“I wonder what would happen if we remedied the whole ‘never been kissed’ thing?”

DAMMIT. The dread had been warranted, because as soon as those words come out of the magician’s mouth. She knew that was probably what Marisa was going to say. Why the hell did she even ask?! “Marisa. No.”

“Sorry, I just had to put that out there,” Marisa says with a nervous grin “I knew you’d just probably say no, but I might as well try anyway. Because me not trying? That’s how I lose.”

“Hmph, noted. So, who, praytell, were you going to suggest I go out and kiss? Just curious.”

“Go outside and kiss some random stranger or someone we know? Nah, don’t be silly. You go and do that, and you’ll be on the Bunbunmaru’s front page. I meant me.”

Oh, of course it was Marisa. Her almost constantly annoying sorta-friend and rival and deep-down in the pit of her stomach crush was the one she should kiss. Ugh, it was tempting, so tempting. She had to say something to nip it in the bud, but that’s not what happened “If I did even go through that asinine suggestion, what’s stopping you from telling someone else I allowed this?”

Marisa... bowed her head, closed her eyes, and sighed “Alice. I would never do that. It would just be between the two of us. No one else would have to know. Just think of it as me giving you a little courage for the future, if it ever comes up. Look, if you say no... I won’t ask again. Ever.”

“You promise?" What Alice had said only moments ago about giving breaks and losing? She forgot all of that the moment she decides to say those words.

“Promise. So, anything else going on?”

“I mean, do you promise that if I do this, you won’t tell anyone.”

Marisa’s eyes go wide at that, to her, unexpected response. “I... yeah, of course I promise. If anyone found out about this, you wouldn’t be the only one being the talk of the town. Whatever you decide, I’m still your friend.”

“Alright, Marisa,” Alice says in response, giving a small nod to confirm her agreement “Just practice, right?”

“Yeah, just practice. No more than that. I promise, on my magic, and on my soul.”

Alice couldn’t believe she was going to do this. But, might as well get it over with. After all, once this was over, this would never be brought up again. That, and it would get that deep-seated tension a bit of a release. Then she could stop worrying.

Marisa steps over to her friend, coming almost face-to face with Alice, smiling, and maybe even blushing a little. Alice is just outright blushing, the rest of her expression outright neutral “It’ll just be one, ‘Risu. No more than that, promise.”

“J-just do it already,” Alice says, grumbling a little as he leans forward, Marisa doing the same, until...

Their lips came together slow and soft, not putting too much pressure on each other as they shared the lighest of kisses, the both of them pulling their heads back a little after the fact. They looked at each other again, blue eyes blinking while gold shift from side to side a few times.

“See?” Marisa chuckles, smiling at Alice and looking generally pleased with herself “That wasn’t too bad, now was it? I think you’ll be fine now, right?”

“I will, Marisa. Thanks.”

The dollmaker nods with her reply, the other woman smiling before she turns around and begins to go for the front door, hands preparing to turn the knob. Before she can, however, a pair of hands not her own suddenly cover hers with their own warmth.


“Wait. Just one moment, alright?”

“What is it, hmm?” Marisa asks, slightly perplexed as she turns to face Alice again. She’d made good on her promise to get Alice to be able to have the courage to kiss whoever she’d been falling for, so what could it be? Had she forgotten something? No, she still had her hat on and everything so that couldn’t be it. What did she...

Her thoughts were interrupted when the dollmaker knelt down slightly and touched her lips against hers again; only this time with a bit more pressure than that practice kiss just moments before. By the time ‘...want?’ popped into her head, it was already over. The magician’s cheeks immediately warmed, and she managed to murmur out “Alice, I...”

“Just to show you that that really helped do what it was supposed to. Let me be able to kiss the person I was falling for. pretty sure... you know who it is.”

Marisa couldn’t help but laugh. It most certainly did. Pushing herself up onto the tips of her toes again, she gives Alice another brief peck, before nodding and heading outside for real this time, the other girl making no move to stop her. Her movements flutter, feet skipping as she grabs her broom off of the porch and puts it into its riding position, and takes off with a small wave and a smile, the latter of which doesn’t vanish from her even once she’s out of sight.

Alice leans against her doorframe and watches her take off and disappear over the canopy and the horizon, her smile not vanishing even when she closes the door.

Did you bring a light?

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