Author Topic: Touhou 14.5: 東方深秘録 ~ Urban Legend in Limbo. is HM sequel, demo at Comiket 87  (Read 529223 times)


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Aaaaand, it's nothing. What's the point?


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For real? Did they really change nothing at all?

Of course they changed stuff, but it's all balancing and nothing obvious:

A few major things were changed. While playing I noticed that Koishi's occult attack now rings and increases it's radius automatically without having to activate it. Kokoro's occult attack also received an adjustment so now you only have to counter once to put her in knife throwing mode and it lasts the whole match instead of until you get hit again. (Additionally, depending on the number of occult balls you have the knives will become other sharp weapons commonly associated with Kuchisake-onna like scissors and sickles.) They're might be other changes as well.

Also, has anyone had any problems getting the original .exe to run after the latest ver. 1.41 update? I've tested it and it seems to be a problem with the current version of Team Occult's English patch. It works fine until I apply the patch to the files.
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whats in update 1.41 that we just got?


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whats in update 1.41 that we just got?
it seems to be mostly fixes on the lobby/matchmaking issues that popped up in the 1.40 patch. Nothing else really new.

it seems to be mostly fixes on the lobby/matchmaking issues that popped up in the 1.40 patch. Nothing else really new.
so no resen :(

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You can safely assume we won't get Reisen in ULiL, they said the PC version was final and they are most likely focusing on AoCF.


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Uh, is it just me, or did the newest update screw something up? The game won't launch now, and it doesn't appear to have a crash log.
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From what I remembered, Lunatic AI just got very hard.


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I have a notice. The English wiki has pages on this game, but lacks screenshots from the PS4-exclusive content. I could fill it myself like i did with the PC version, but i don't have a PS4 and lol no PS4 emulation.
I didn't check much about it but i don't think it's very advanced and my computer is rather weak anyway.

So, because i can't get my hands on the game, i request someone to either edit the wiki themself or give me the images so i can upload them.


Heads up: ULiL 1.41 is now compatible with thcrap.

Full translation support will still take a while, but we're getting there.