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Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« on: September 13, 2014, 11:03:04 pm »
So what is your opinion the easiest to hardest touhou bosses? ( extras included ) Mine is:


Stage 1- Rumia, her non spells are easy as well as her spellcards
Stage 2- Mystia, she has easy nonspells and the darkness in her spellcards actually decreases the amount of bullets on the screen
Stage 3- Nitori, slower nonspells than other stage 3 bosses, and easier spellcards compared to other stage 3 bosses
Stage 4- Satori, some of her recollection spellcards are easy and her nonspellcards ( and her actual spellcard ) are the hardest part
Stage 5- Reisen, her nonspells are harder than her actual spellcards ( because of her illusion arts )
Stage 6- Kaguya, a few of her spellcards ( and i mean most of them ) are meant for you to panic so if you stay alert you will capture them, her nonspells are easy
Extra Stage- Haven't beaten any of the EX stages but i have gotten Suwako up to her Frog Hunting " Snake eating the croaking frog "


Stage 1- Nazrin, her nonspells are easy and her first spellcard ( except on Lunatic ) although her final spellcard can catch you off guard 
Stage 2- Parsee, her nonspells are easy although for a stage 2 boss she really has fearsome spellcards ( through the whole stage )
Stage 3- Ichirin, her danmaku lasers ( nonspell ) and Unzan's fists pack a punch ( literally )
Stage 4-Aya, hard non and spellcards and quite difficult survival spellcard
Stage 5-Seija, her spellcards are creative and quite challenging, her nonspells can catch you off guard
Stage 6-Sakuna, her nonspellcards are quite challenging and her spellcards are hard ( looking at you Mallet " You Grow Bigger " )
Extra Stage- Mokou, she has fearsome nonspellcards and extremely difficult spellcards

I have never faced a final boss on Lunatic ( mostly stick to normal, but have tried hard and lunatic modes )
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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2014, 01:18:50 am »
Stage 1: Agreed. Rumia has maybe one pattern that's even remotely challenging.
Stage 2: Parsee. Her last spell is challenging, but besides that she's really predictable. I think her lunatic is easier than her hard.
Stage 3: Yuugi. Once you know how they work, her non-spells are pretty easy. Her spell cards can be challenging, but they're hard only because they're so random.
Stage 4: Prismrivers. Unless you happen to be Sakuya. Lyrica's non spells are just fancy streams, Lunasa's can be a bit of a pain. Both of their spell cards are very easy, as are the team spells.
Stage 5: Agreed. Her non-spells are harder than her spell cards, and even those aren't too bad.
Stage 6: Utsuho. Her last non-spell is the only one that's even remotely challenging, and her spell cards are pretty simple patterns. Just don't get distracted by the flashy suns and everything works out fine.
Extra: Agreed. More than half of Suwako's spell cards are gimmicks. Figure out how they work and they'll never be a problem again.

Stage 1: Yamame. Maybe I'm just missing something, but her first non-spell is purely luck and her last spell card can get pretty wild.
Stage 2: Kogasa. I don't even feel I have to explain this one... But her last spell isn't that bad, at least!
Stage 3: Ichirin. Her non-spells aren't that bad, though the last one can catch you off guard. Her spell cards are crazy, though.
Stage 4: Yatsuhashi. Her non-spells are tolerable, even her first spell card isn't too bad. But the other two spell cards more than make up for it. I really hate bullets curving back up from the bottom of the screen.
Stage 5: Shou. It's not even the curvy lasers, though those are challenging. Two of her four spell cards are just insane, and one isn't exactly easy.
Stage 6: Yeah, Sukuna's pretty bad. It's not even that her attacks are hard, more that they're really cheap. Changing the size of the hitbox is one thing, but changing the ratio of hitbox to hitbox sprite is completely BS.
Extra: Marisa. But this is Fairy Wars, so it's too be expected.
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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2014, 01:34:16 am »
1: Rumia. She just is the easiest.
2: Parsee: Generally easy, especially when using Reimu.
3: Yuugi: Most of her patterns have an easy way out of them.
4: Prismrivers: Lyrica to be precise, otherwise, probably Marisa.
5: Reisen: Even when I was going for my first 1cc, I never had any issues with her.
6: Kanako/Utsuho: they both have two dangerous attacks, but outside of them, they are fairly easy.
Ex: Suwako: if not counting stages, Nue is a joke to SanaeB and MarisaA.

1: Waka-something: she's an irritating boss at the end of an irritating stage.
2: Kogasa: She could easily be another game's Stage 3 boss.
3: Kagerou: Like I need to explain.
4: Patchy (with MarisaA): Honorable mention to Yatsuhashi, if only because of who you have to fight her with.
6: Kaguya: because it would be too easy to just say Remilia or Byakuren. Sukuna can be pretty mean to ReimuB, though.
Ex: Marisa.

Even if they don't fit the standard Touhou formula, Eiki and Komachi are among the hardest bosses, and I hear Chiyuri and Yumemi are worse. Way worse.

Things I've done (and maybe will improve):
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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #3 on: September 14, 2014, 01:52:56 am »


Stage 5: Shou. It's not even the curvy lasers, though those are challenging. Two of her four spell cards are just insane, and one isn't exactly easy.

Well for me it's a tie between Shou and Seija but because Seija has the unique gimick ( which is harder depending on how well you manage inversed screen + controls and in Turnabout " Reverse Hierarchy " flipping from side to side at the same time danmaku to be dodged and well it's a pretty hard spellcard )
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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2014, 02:37:32 am »
Perspective of a Lunatic player here.

Stage 1: I actually give this one to Letty because most of her attacks can be memorized.
Stage 2: Kyouko, due to her trick-based nature being easily exploitable.
Stage 3: Yuugi. Only her second spell is legitimately threatening.
Stage 4: There aren't any truly easy Stage 4 bosses IMO, but Seiga comes the closest.
Stage 5: Sanae. Some of her attacks can be memorized, including her first spell with those infamously wonky lasers, and her nonspells are not very threatening at all.
Stage 6: Utsuho. As much as I like her battle, only her first two spells are consistently challenging. Though I do have a bit more respect than usual for Hell's Tokamak after it ruined one of my 1lc attempts.
Extra: Suwako. Her only nasty attack is Suwa War, and you can always bomb through the hard part at the end.

Stage 1: Hard to call since they're all mostly easy, but I'd say Minoriko if only because of her final attack.
Stage 2: Kogasa, obviously because of PSM, but her last spell is pretty legit too.
Stage 3: Kagerou. Despite my limited playing time with DDC, her fast and dense patterns are a surprising challenge even for Stage 3.
Stage 4: Yatsuhashi, again partly because of limited playing time, but some aspects of her attacks will undoubtedly remain hard for various reasons even after practicing them.
Stage 5: Shou. As disorienting as Seija can be, curvy lasers (rather, Shou's lasers specifically) don't agree with me at all.
Stage 6: I'll label this a tie between Remilia and Shinmyoumaru. Let me explain. Once again, limited playing time with Shinmyoumaru, but there are only a few attacks I foresee staying hard after enough practice. I feel Remilia might be the same way, but I haven't touched EoSD in years and don't plan to again, so I can't really tell either way.
Extra: Marisa. If an Extra Boss can still give me trouble after all this time, she deserves to be put here.
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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #5 on: September 14, 2014, 02:47:06 am »
Okay. Lesseee here.

This is purely from a survival perspective, scoring isn't taken into account:

Stage 1: Yuyuko - It's hardly any dodging at all
Stage 2: Parsee. Not much here.
Stage 3: Yuugi - You're hardly working here.
Stage 4: Prismrivers (when using Marisa or Sakuya) - If you're using Reimu, you fight Lunasa's first non, which is difficult
Stage 5: Reisen - You're hardly dodging at all
Stage 6: Yuyuko - In survival she's just pure memo. This is assuming you aren't nervous or anything. Then you can lose 6 LNNN attempts on her!
Extra: Ran.

Stage 1: Yamame: she's not hard, but her first non kinda makes you work sometimes
Stage 2: Kogasa, her second spell actually makes me work
Stage 3: Kagerou. I hate her. I hate everything about her. Why is the hardest boss in DDC on stage 3? Why do all her attacks feel threatening? So much crazy fast and dense random dodging. it's overall a huge mess of bullets everywhere. Just no. Noooooooo.
Stage 4: Patchouli MarisaA - Pretty much almost all of her spells are really hard. She's very fun though. Only because I don't go for goals in EoSD.
Stage 5: Shou. Seija can come a close second though.
Stage 6: Remilia. Byakuren is a close second, but Remilia's patterns have a habit of giving walls and such.
Extra: Marisa I guess. I hardly play GFW, so I dunno.


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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #6 on: September 14, 2014, 05:07:46 am »
So many people think suwako the easiest ex eh? For me it was Mokou, she's the only extra boss I ever beat on my first try, every other one took at least 4.

I haven't really played the main games for some time so don't really wanna give a full list.
Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #7 on: September 14, 2014, 08:39:18 am »
Stage 1: Cirno (DDC)
Stage 2: Mystia
Stage 3: Alice
Stage 4: Satori (Reimu A)
Stage 5: Reisen
Stage 6: Kanako
Extra: Nue

Stage 1: Hard to say...
Stage 2: Kogasa
Stage 3: Kagerou
Stage 4: Reimu
Stage 5: Shou
Stage 6: Utsuho
Extra: Mamizou


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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #8 on: September 14, 2014, 12:36:07 pm »

Why don't you play a real shmup?

I'm too biased to say anything about difficulty (none of them are too difficult for survival anyway), but I'll give bonus points to Kaguya for being the worst boss in Touhou, though.


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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #9 on: September 14, 2014, 12:40:39 pm »
Why don't you play a real shmup?
Ha, boy this never gets old.

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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #10 on: September 14, 2014, 01:32:08 pm »
Why don't you play a real shmup?

Oh man, the wit is brilliant with this one. Please post your LNNs. If they're so easy to play against, surely consistency is no issue~?
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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #11 on: September 14, 2014, 04:14:30 pm »
Easiest(based on easy)
Stage 1:Rumia
Stage 2:Mystia
Stage 3:Alice
Stage 4:Aya from MOF
Stage 5:Reisen
Stage 6:Kaguya

Stage1:Yamame I guess?
Stage2:Chen or Kogasa
Stage 3:Ichrin
Stage 4:Primsriver Sisters
Stage 5:Orin or Konpaku Yomou
Stage 6:Yuyuko
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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #12 on: September 15, 2014, 06:16:59 am »
I swear to god that there's already been at least three of these I've read in various places around the forum... all from different dates, of course. :V

Oh well...
I'll do it on both normal and hard difficulties, since I'm basically in-between them.

Stage 1
Hardest: I'll have to say Nazrin for both. None of them challenge me on normal, and Nazrin's final attack on hard mode is.... while not BS outright, well beyond what I'd expect of a stage 1 attack.
Easiest: Wriggle on both difficulties. I mean, seriously? ... If you decide to count her 'last spell' and thus difficulty of perfecting, Letty. :V

Stage 2
Hardest: On normal, I'd say Parsee. She has an annoying attack in Green-eyed Monster, more then most of the other bosses. On hard, however? Kogasa, easily. No one else even comes close.
Easiest: Hina, both difficulties. Maybe it's because I've practiced MoF so much, but meh. Her only hard attack on either difficulty is her final spellcard on hard.

Stage 3
Hardest: Ichirin. Dear lord, on either difficulty she'd be a stage 4 or 5 boss in most other games, and she's more difficult then most of them!
Easiest: ... After some thought, Nitori on both difficulties. None of them are trivial outright, but Nitori probably makes me screw up the least. Most of the stage 3 bosses are pretty easy on normal, however. The fact I've perfected her on hard is proof enough.

Stage 4
Hardest: Satori (Reimu A), both difficulties, no contest. Damn Border of Wave and Particle.
Easiest: On normal, Aya. Not trivial either, but still pretty easy. Might be the same as Hina, though, in the sense I've practiced MoF normal so much. On Hard, however, I'd say it's the Prismriver sisters or possibly ReimuB Patchouli once you learn how the nonspells work.

Stage 5
Hardest: Shou, no contest. Damn curvy lasers. Admittedly, I've never made it that far on hard mode, so otherwise, probably Orin or Youmu.
Easiest: Sanae. Mostly easy spellcards, and some very derpy noncards.

Stage 6
Hardest: On normal, Byakuren. Remilia is runner-up, however. On hard, It'd still probably be Byakuren, but otherwise, .... Yuyuko? or possibly Kanako, if you're that bad at VoWG.... which I am.
easiest: Normal? Kanako, easily. On Hard? ... Probably Kaguya.

Extra stage
I haven't played enough extras to judge this very well, to be honest. But from what I've seen from videos and the like...
Hardest: Evil Eye Sigma Koishi
Easiest: Ran... pity, she's my favorite character :V

So, uh... yeah.

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>Tʜᴇ ғʟᴇᴇᴛɪɴɢ sᴇɴsᴇ ᴏғ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʙᴇᴛᴡᴇᴇɴ ᴛʜᴇsᴇ ɢᴏᴅ-ғᴏʀsᴀᴋᴇɴ ʜᴀʟʟs
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>Tʜɪs ɢɪʀʟ ᴡʜᴏ's sʟᴇᴘᴛ ᴀ ʜᴜɴᴅʀᴇᴅ ʏᴇᴀʀs ʜᴀs sᴏᴍᴇᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴀғᴛᴇʀ ᴀʟʟ.


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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #13 on: September 15, 2014, 07:27:08 am »

Stage 1: Yuyuko, Rumia's pretty similar in that there really isn't much challenge, though you can at least get yourself killed by non spells if you move too much.
Stage 2: Parsee, Once you learn her mechanics it's pretty easy.
Stage 3: Meiling, maybe just because i've practiced her more than many other stage 3 bosses, but I feel like there isn't much intricacy to her fight.
Stage 4: Seiga, slightly easier than the prisimrivers tbh, though if you're not at full power her second spell card becomes ridiculously more difficult.
Stage 5: Reisen, not much to say.
Stage 6: Yuyuko, it's all aimed/memorisation.
Extra: Ran, even discounting the fact you have a billion resources + borders, her non spells are all basic streaming and her spell cards aren't particularly intense (aside from charming siege), her last spell can be safespotted consistently>.>

Stage 1: Yamame, way higher bullet density than most stage 1 bosses.
Stage 2: Kogasa, a lot to keep track of and easy to mess up.
Stage 3: Kagerou, lol
Stage 4: Yatsuhashi, also pretty obvious
Stage 5: Shou, curvy lasers that come out super fast
Stage 6: Remilia, walls for days.
Extra: Koishi, I beat her last, she's just on another level to the other main series ex bosses. (haven't played GFW enough to compare Marisa to her though)

It's also hard to compare the pc-98 games bosses because input delay and different mechanics, but Marisa and Yuuka were pretty difficult too from memory.
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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #14 on: September 15, 2014, 05:22:44 pm »
Stage 1: Rumia. Geez, I can beat her on Lunatic without any problems!
Stage 2: Mystia. Only time when I had problems with her was when I played the game first time and didn't know her spell cards.
Stage 3: Keine. I've practiced her for so long that she has no match with me.
Stage 4: Marisa. Comparing to Reimu she's piece of cake.
Stage 5: Reisen. Easy.
Stage 6: Eirin. Much easier than Kaguya in my opinion.

Almost all characters from IN. Well, I played this game the most, I remember all spell cards.

Stage 1: Yamame, I think? There's no hard first stage boss.
Stage 2: Cirno/Kogasa. Well, Cirno is more annoying than hard, but she always catch me off guard. And Kogasa's last spell. I hate it.
Stage 3: Yuugi. She's not diffrent from other SA bosses - you die if you're not preapared - but it's easy to make a stupid mistake.  Which I always do.
Stage 4: Patchouli. Even if I manage to beat previous 3 stages perfect/almost perfect, she always ruin my run.
Stage 5: Seija. For obvious reasons.
Stage 6: Yuyuko. She screwed up my two runs because of her revival spell.

I haven't play any extra stages yet, So I can't tell which one is hardest/easiest.
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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #15 on: September 16, 2014, 12:26:07 am »

Difficulty is represented for the whole game, I was just too lazy to edit the names.


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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #16 on: September 16, 2014, 03:35:37 am »
These types of threads are pretty pointless, but it's not like I got anything to do besides homework.

1: Sara. Where da bullets at?
2: Sekibanki. All the stage 2 bosses feel about the same in terms of difficulty.
3: Alice, both of them. 2 chances as a stage 3 boss and she only comes out with good themes.
4: Suika Satori. I'm too lazy to think about this.
5: Reisen. What a useless boss.
6: Yuuka. Nice safespots you dumb fuck.
E: Flandre, because I want to pretend Yukari was the real extra.

1: Wackysacky. Some shots just can't cap her first spell quickly enough, so you have to dodge stuff. I don't have time for this when I could be playing the actual game.
2: Kurumi. Only one hard attack. That's one more than every other stage 2 boss!
3: Ichirin. Probably not even my worst anyway, but lasers, screen shaking, bullet obstruction, and glowshit are not fun.
4: Yuki. I'm too lazy to think about this too. (stage 4 bosses suck)
5: Shou. I think my monitor has trouble showing the glowshit bullets properly. Honourable mention goes to Yumeko, for being hard and fun.
6: Miko. I'm bad at lots of stage 6 bosses, but the fact that people put on their shitposting crowns and say "LOL just spam XXCXXC! xD" means that no one can help if you actually want to dodge stuff.
E: Koishi. Of the 4 extras I haven't bothered with much, she seemed the hardest to me.


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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #17 on: September 16, 2014, 08:21:36 pm »
This is from a normal player perspective,I found Mountain of Faith/Ten desires bosses mostly easy, While Subterraneam animism/Double dealing character difficult (I Havent cleared any EX yet,Only managed to 1CC normal EosD and MoF) I havent really played UFO or DDC so much like to have experience but i can agree DDC gave me one hell of a welcome, lost all continues by stage 4 the first time,I also lack the ability to memorize patterns because lazy brain >_>;

Stage1:Cant really comment on this, but i would say nazrin,because everyone seems to be blaming her  :derp:
Stage3:Kagerou, STAY AWAY STAY AWAY OH SHI/Yuugi because of her horizontal bubble spellcard (Rain on MT Ooe or something of the sorts)
Stage4:Tsukumo Sisters/Satori
Stage5:Seija, Because flip shaneigans, Orin Because Needles and her spellcards are so much needle rain
Stage6:Utsuho/Sukuna Lots of flare spam, and sukuna gimmick pattern,changing your hitbox mauled me
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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #18 on: September 19, 2014, 06:02:22 am »

Stage 1: Obviously none are much of a threat even on Lunatic because Stage 1 label just holds them back a lot lol, but I will personally say Nazrin -  Some of the spellcards are worthy of a stage 2 in any other Touhou IMO.

Stage 2: Kogasa! Yeah, yet another one for UFO. Again, those spellcards seem like they would usually belong in a slightly higher stage than were they actually are!

Stage 3: Keine. A fair difficult jump from Stages 1 and 2 in any difficulty, particularly in Lunatic.

Stage 4: Ummm... Whatstheirname from DDC? I Dunno, I honestly cant decide, I would go with (Them) just because I have not played DDC that much, compared to the other games.

Stage 5: Orin is a worthy opponent... fairly annoying spellcards even on Normal... yeah.

Stage 6: Sukuna, EASILY. Once again, it might be simply because of my lack of practice with DDC, but I just don't really like much of her fight. Also, "You Grow Bigger"- Destroyer of what (WAS going to be)  a first play 1cc Normal blind, and a HORRIBLE idea for a spellcard, not to mention Hitbox issues with anyone not named Reimu, can go to hell :)

Extra: KOISHI.... with absolutely NO DOUBT AT ALL. She seems to be more than Extra, she seems like the boss that actually deserves the label "Phantasm" (Sorry Yukari you are awesome but your fight just wasn't particularly hard after Ran)...

Its worth noting that I have yet to beat Ten Desires on Normal (Yeah I know. Its somehow the hardest Normal clear for me, considerating I have already 1cc Normal cleared all other Touhous), so I don't know about its extra, but I highly doubt it could possibly be harder than Koishi!!!!!


Stage 1: Rumia... She is the very first enemy in the Windows series, so I guess it makes sense that she is the easiest one.

Stage 2: Chen. Theres just not much dodging in her fight...

Stage 3: Alice... for a Stage 3, fairly easy-ish and memorizable fight. Not much of a threat, even though she comes back like 3 times during the stage (lol).

Stage 4: Prismriver Sisters (Yep, theres a pattern going on here); Fairly easy for a stage 4 boss... I mean cmon on, you are 3 against 1 and your first team spellcard consists of STREAMING... Lyrica for Lunatic is trivial, so is Lunasa in Normal, and the final 2 cards aren't that hard either, and since they are 3, they are extremely vulnerable to bombs.....

Stage 5: I guess Reisen. I personally think she is actually kind of hard, but I can see how memorizable her fight can be...

Stage 6: Yuyuko (DEFINITIVLY a pattern!)... Literally the ENTIRE fight is memo/streaming... Theres barely any random elements to make it challenging. Only problem is Reflowering, which isn't THAT bad once you get used to it. Plus I read somewhere you can abuse borders with it somehow.

Extra: Ran (Yeah there might be some bias) IF you know the tricks to each spellcard, it becomes a fairly trivial, if lengthy fight. I realize that's true for every Extra ever, but more so for Ran, IMHO.

I tried to be as non biased as possible... but, theres only so much you can do when you have 100+ Hours in a certain game (In my case, PCB, so that's why 5 out of 7 on Easiest Bosses are from PCB), while the 2nd most played Touhou is maybe on 30+ Hours... LOL.


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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
« Reply #19 on: September 19, 2014, 07:35:13 am »
I tried to be as non biased as possible... but, theres only so much you can do when you have 100+ Hours in a certain game (In my case, PCB, so that's why 5 out of 7 on Easiest Bosses are from PCB), while the 2nd most played Touhou is maybe on 30+ Hours... LOL.

My experience is similarly imbalanced, since PCB was my first Touhou game, but I actually disagree with a lot of those. I only have 3 games, though (PCB, IN, SA), so I can't really rank the bosses too effectively, but I guess my list would look something like this:


Stage 1: Wriggle, as long as you don't count her last spell.

Stage 2: Mystia, I guess; I haven't had too much trouble with her. Chen, on the other hand, annoys me to no end. Stupid Douman Seiman...

Stage 3: Alice, except on Lunatic, where she's absolutely terrifying for me. (Seriously, she caused me more trouble in my first Lunatic 1cc than Youmu.) Not sure who would be easiest on Lunatic.

Stage 4: Prismrivers, provided you pick your opponents carefully. Their final spell card still causes me trouble regardless, though.

Stage 5: Reisen, easily. A lot of gimmickry but not much actual threat in most of her spell cards.

Stage 6: Utsuho. I love the fight as a whole, but there are just so many attacks that can be trivialized, and her final spell card is rather easy. Also, her difficulty doesn't seem to scale up very much on higher difficulties.

Extra: Mokou, easily. It only took me a couple hours to learn and clear her stage, unlocking Imperishable Shooting in the process. Granted, Spell Practice helped a lot, but I really do feel like almost every one of her attacks becomes easy with a bit of practice, whereas some of Ran's still give me trouble.


Stage 1: Yamame, definitely.

Stage 2: Parsee, I guess, though she feels more gimmicky than actually difficult. Missing life pieces by accidentally timing out attacks is a pain, though.

Stage 3: Tossup between Keine and Yuugi, but I guess I'll pick Yuugi for her bubble storm spell card.

Stage 4: Satori--usually. Some of the shot types don't have it so bad, but if you're using Reimu A like everyone else, she's pretty nasty.

Stage 5: Orin; Catwalk, ghost wheels, and some annoying non-spells cause a lot of trouble. I'm also not fond of her final spell card.

Stage 6: Kaguya; even without her last spells, she's got a lot of random, annoying attacks.

Extra: I haven't actually done much with Koishi yet, but she's been giving me more trouble than the others so far.

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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
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Coming from a Normal player that hasn't 1cc'ed any game yet on Normal.

Stage 1: Either Nazrin (UFO hard) or Morinko (hyperspeed god)
Stage 2: Parsee (SA hard).
Stage 3: Kagerou (bullet duplication, super speed) or Ichirin (UFO hard)
Stage 4: All of them
Stage 5: All of them
Stage 6: Remilia, Okuu, Byakuren (UFO hard), Miko
Extra: Koishi (stage deaths), Nue (Stage)
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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
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Stage 1: Wriggle
Stage 2: Sekibanki
Stage 3:  Yugi
Stage 4: Prismrivers, and it's not even close.
Stage 5: Reisen and it's even more not even close.
Stage 6: Yuyuko

Extra: Mokou, entirely too easy. Only really has one semi-difficult spell card and her hardest ability is a non-spell


Stage 1: Nazrin (I cannot for the life of me figure out here last spell card)
Stage 2: Mystia (RNG near impossible non-spell and I absolutely fail at Deadly Toxin "Poisonous Moth's Dance in the Dark" )
Stage 3: Ichirin (Lazers... Flying fists... no thank you)
Stage 4: Patchy (Which is why my fantasy football team is named Bomb Through Patchy, lol. I find mid-boss Patchy harder than Flan even)
Stage 6: Kanako (I've lost 5+ lives on her... multiple times)

Extra: Koishi (So...many...deaths)
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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
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Perspective from a Lunatic player:


Stage 1: Rumia or Wriggle. Both of them just aren't a threat to me in any single way.
Stage 2: Parsee. Especially when comparing her to the rest of the SA bosses, she is a joke. She has reasons to be jealous. :3
Stage 3: Don't really know. A lot of stage 3 bosses feel pretty equal to me. I would say Hong then.
Stage 4: Marisa from 8. Lot of spell cards but not a single one is really threatening.
Stage 5: Reisen. Only that Loafing Wave spell is a threat (a pretty big one though)
Stage 6: Utsuho or Miko. I find Utsuho to not be that difficult really. Only Nuclear Excursion and sometimes Peta Flare can steal my lives. And although Miko has the most Final Boss spell cards.. none of them are a real pain. Maybe the Royal Dance one (I rarely read the names lol)
Stage EX: Suwako. Enough lives, not many threatening spells, and a Hard/Lunatic player can read the final spell without too many problems. Koishi. Maybe it's because that's the only EX stage+boss I've been trying to perfect but... yeah. I can clear every spell pretty reliably except Genetics and Philosophy.


Stage 1: Minoriko, Yamame and Nazrin. Sorry, I couldn't choose again x]. Minoriko because especially her last spell still tends to get me, Yamame because first non-spell on Lunatic is broken or something (the bullets go retardedly low sometimes), and Nazrin because Pendulum Guard spell (although that one doesn't kill me that often, it's just spooky).
Stage 2: Kogasa. CHEESUS DATS AGRESSIVE AS F**.  First Spell is very doable with the OP SanaeB, otherwise it's painful. Second spell is not that hard but random factors can mess things up. Third spell is a guaranteed bomb for me, I always ruin it someway, at some moment.
Stage 3: Ichirin. First spell = bomb 4/5 times, second spell = out of bombs, rip. Third one is doable but stresses me out because I just got killed on the previous one and got some bombs back. Also I often mess up Kagerou and Yoshika, dont know why.
Stage 4: Patchy for any mixed ground spell or mixed Fire spell. Also, I never really did Yatsuhashi Lunatic in a full game, but I tried it in practice and it's pretty evil. (Also Seiga messes me up sometimes)
Stage 5: Orin. I can't guarantee at any of her spells that I will clear it. Usually I have to bomb 4 out of her 5 spells (midboss included). Shou is dangerous but in my case her spells are actually quite steady and reliable.
Stage 6: Yuyuko ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Stage EX: Mamizou. Although it's the first EX boss I ever defeated (back when I only 1cc'd TD on normal and only had TD, like 2 years ago) I never did it again as far as I know. Every time I try it again I fail miserably.

Also, yey first comment ever on this forum


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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
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From a terribad Normal player:

~ Easiest ~
S1: Yuyuko.  I don't think I've ever been threatened by Lowlyko before.  If I have any failures there on my Card History I'd be surprised.
S2: Kyouko.  All echoes and no bullets actually reaching you makes for a weak opponent.
S3: Alice or Kagerou.  If you can survive listening to Alice's theme, I don't recall the fight being all too threatening.  Kagerou's difficulty comes from a cheapshot that, once learned, becomes trivial.
S4: Probably the Prismriver Team.  I pull some sick dodges on that triangle thing, 100% of the time.
S5: Youmu, because she graciously slows down the game for you, or Futo, on the grounds that I flawlessly timed out her last spell while playing non-seriously on a livestream.
S6: I don't think I really have the right to declare any Stage Sixer "easy".
EX: Hah, okay friend.  Mokou?  Only because she was the first to go down, of maybe... 2?  Yeah, probably.

~ Hardest ~
S1: Minoriko has lasers, and I don't lasers well.
S2: Hina is still as much of a dispensary of bullsh!t as ever.
S3: Nitori still wrecks me with the second card often, and as said before, I don't lasers well.
S4: Fuggin IN Marisa.  Those side-bullets, and just about everything else in this fight, are unbearable.
S5: I don't need to shou you who I think is the hardest S5 boss, it should be obvious by now.
S6: I think I turn retarded when I fight Kanako.  Byakuren is pretty bad too.
EX: Uh... all of them?

Note that I discount the existence of EoSD because I really haven't played it a lot, and SA because I refuse the entertain the notion that SA exists.
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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
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Hmm being a generally normal player and only doing a few hard modes i'd say based on normal,


Stage 1 - Rumia, there just isn't much threat in this fight.

Stage 2 - Parsee, only time i die is from not paying attention.

Stage 3 - Alice, love the character but just too predictable after a while.

Stage 4 - Memory is a little fuzzy but i think Seiga i usually have the most luck with.

Stage 5 -Sanae, i've played enough MoF to nearly never die to her.

Stage 6 - Kanako, same reason as Sanae, i've played enough MoF to know the patterns and only one gives me really problems.

EX- Haven't finished any extra stage but the one i have been closest to completing is Suwako.


Stage 1 -  Don't know if it counts but any fighting game that isn't HM. it's me a long time to get into the fights.

Stage 2 - Embarrassingly Cirno or Hina, i get too relaxed and make mistakes more often than i should.

Stage 3 -  Yuugi, just takes all my lives when i attempt to 1cc SA.

Stage 4 - Reimu or Marisa from IN, just can't get my head around the attacks.

Stage 5 - Shou, LAsssooRRRRsS, hate those things.

Stage 6 - Byakuren, Again Love the character but she kicks my ass everytime.

EX - Having only played like four extra stages i'd go with flandre over Ran, cause it's usually Rans' stage that kills me more than her.

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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
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I usually play on Normal/Hard so I'll be speaking from these points of view.


Stage 1: I'd say Rumia. Her bullet patterns have too much space.
Stage 2: I think it's Hina. I don't think it requires heavy dodging, just a good knowledge of your hitbox.
Stage 3: Kagerou. Very readable. I'd say her nonspells are harder than her spells. Again, not a lot of heavy dodging, just squeezing your hitbox through some slow bullets. Alice is quite easy too.
Stage 4: From an objective view, Seiga. You gain a lot of time by killing Yoshika and the explosion of bullets that comes when Seiga revives her is not really hard to dodge. From a personal view, Reimu (IN). Her spellcards are very easy for me to memorize and visualize.
Stage 5: Futo, especially her last spellcard. It's almost a joke.
Stage 6: Sukuna. I don't know why but her fight seems just too easy to me. The only spellcard that I really do find challenging is the one where she enlarges your hitbox. So annoying... I end up having to bomb my way through the timer, but I have no problems with the others. Byakuren in Normal is also pretty easy for me, but I think it might be biased since I play UFO a lot.
Ex: Ran. It was the first extra I cleared. The Cherry Borders just give you too much of an advantage and you constantly win lives and bombs. Her spells are not difficult to figure out with little practice as well.


Stage 1: Nazrin, mostly because of her nonspells and the weird hitbox of her pendulums.
Stage 2: Kogasa makes me really nervous with some of her patterns, particularly her last spellcard. Some spellcards of Parsee's fight can get tricky too with certain shot types.
Stage 3: Yuugi. Her midboss fight, Storm at Mt. Ooe and her nonspells are complete hell. Not to mention the goddamn oni stays around after you kill her in the midboss fight and throws fucking lasers at you.
Stage 4: Marisa's spellcards (IN) are just impossible for me to figure out. Those stars have weird hitboxes. I always end up bombing my way through.
Stage 5: RIN, JESUS CHRIST RIN. The main reason I don't like cats. The runner-up would be Sakuya and her ZA WARUDO spam, not because I can't figure it out but because I end up fucking it up anyway.
Stage 6: Remilia. Why? A mystery. I just lose every brain-to-hand connection when I get to her.
Extra: Freaking Koishi. According to my numbers in SA, I've tried to beat her at least 150 times. I got to her last spell once or twice but got too nervous, lost the timing and got sadly eaten by one of those mutant flower-worms.
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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
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Hi, first post here. I'm a normal mode player for the most part. Haven't done the PC-98 Extras yet, and have only done LLS for a normal 1cc.


Stage 1: Wriggle is pretty trivial, even counting her last spell.
Stage 2: Kyouko, no real threat with any of her attacks.
Stage 3: Nitori, if only because Yoshika's final card can be a bit of trouble not to timeout.
Stage 4: Aya isn't too bad, but her first card is pretty dense. Seiga's fight isn't that hard either, but the curvy lasers can lead to loldeaths.
Stage 5: Reisen or Futo, one is gimmicks and the other is just easy.
Stage 6: Utsuho, or maybe Miko. Utsuho's first card is the only real threat, and Miko has fairly easy cards all around.
Extra: Mokou is easy except for her final onion rings nonspell and Woo. Suwako and Koishi aren't too bad either; Suwako has somewhat harder nonspells and Koishi has harder spells.


Stage 1: Yamame, her last card requires a fraction more effort than the others.
Stage 2: Kogasa. Train card does not belong on Stage 2 lol.
Stage 3: Ichirin's last card gets me every time.
Stage 4: Marisa Satori; the copied Yukari spells are pretty hard (except BoWaP lol).
Stage 5: Orin or Shou, pretty usual.
Stage 6: Remilia, I'm just bad at her spells in general.
Extra: If Phantasm doesn't count, its Ran or Flandre for me. Otherwise Yukari. Flandre just has a hard fight and stage in general. Everyone says Ran is easy, but I can't dodge her spells or nonspells very well. In particular Unilateral Contact and Kokkuri-san's Contract are sure to take lives off of me (yes entire lives). The same applies to Yukari, except with Boundary of Life and Death thrown in.


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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
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im not a lunatic player but i'll list this


Stage 1:wriggle or rumia...(sigh) even on lunatic you dont have to move alot
Stage 2:Parsee(Reimu A) if it isnt  then sekibanki is the easiest
Stage 3:Ichirin i never ded to her :\
stage 4:Prismriver sisters you just have to bomb with marisa or reimu's duplex border in the middle and the spell card will over
stage 5:Reisen  :o too sleepy to fiht her
stage 6:Utsuho. even her last spell card i captured it on the first try

EX:i think koishi is the easiest.first time i beat her was (literally) no miss.but due to danmaku... the easiest i preffer mokou she is a joke except her last non spell and survival spell she is a joke.even her last spell is easy if you know the trick and moreover she has a LOT OF SECRETS


Stage 1:why all of you count yamame? i think seiran is harder thou due to very narrow space to dodge and trapping danmaku its hard to fight her
Stage 2:No contest kogasa
Stage 3:Kagerou (except with sakuya silver knife) Doremy :/ too many illusion her spell card isn't that hard but her non spell will make you dizzy
Stage 4:Aya or Sagume aya because her spell has random bullet and Sagume last spell is too annoying laser rain and much very narrow space to dodge
Stage 5:Sakuya or clownpiss why sakuya you ask? if you battle sakuya on lunatic you will know how hard she is even its very rare to me to pass her first non-spell with no bomb/ded.Clownpiece  because have many spellcard and her non-spell is hard to dodge  and her spellcard is just like hell
Stage 6: JUNKO NO CONTEST.almost need to be perfect can abuse her non spell by pausing the game thou ;) but still its so hardher last spell is PURE HELL !!
i barely capture her last spell with reisen with 1 life from 3 with 9 bombs

Ex:HECATIA LAPIS LAZULI .NO CONTEST .... if you can beat her with any character except reisen you are a lunatic player


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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
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As a (former) Normal player:

Easiest -
1 - I'll have to say Wriggle; her attacks are hardly threatening, even compared to other Stage 1 attacks.
2 - Definitely Mystia. The darkness gimmick doesn't even do much to make it harder.
3 - Probably Nitori or Yoshika, though none of the Stage 3 bosses is unusually easy.
4 - Probably Seiga or Patchouli (as long as you're not playing MarisaA).
5 - Sakuya, probably because the fight is short compared to all the later bosses. Orin isn't terribly hard either once you learn her patterns, either.
6 - Kaguya, hands down. Sukuna would be second.
Ex - Mokou. First extra clear (though I have only three in the official series: Mokou, Raiko and Suwako [with MarisaB, in fact!])

Hardest -
1 - Nazrin, because of her spellcards.
2 - Kogasa; I can't even cap her second spell reliably.
3 - Yuugi (Mt Ooe) or Ichirin (basically everything, though not to the degree of Ooe).
4 - Tie between Satori or Aya.
5 - Youmu for absurd bullet density.
6 - TBH, Byakuren. I entered with something like 5 lives and bombs and used all of them up.
Ex - can't really say because I've yet to have beaten most of the Extras, but out of the ones I've seriously tried, Ran might be the most nightmarish due to Tenko.
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Re: Easiest to Hardest Touhou Bosses
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Sure, why not, I'll chime in. Especially as there's another two games out since this topic was started. However, (at the time of this post) the only Touhou games I've played are EoSD, PCB, IN, MoF, SSS and HSIFS, so I'll concentrate on those games.

1 - Rumia has nothing threatening at all.
2 - Cirno. Perfect Freeze is a bit frightening, but that's it.
3 - Nitori. The nonspells and first spell are easy, so that leaves only two attacks that can be threatening. And Hydro Camouflage, but that's a midboss card so it doesn't count.
4 - Kage is a pushover if playing as Sanae, and her Koishi fight is almost as easy. If we're talking regardless of shot-type, then Narumi is weirdly lightweight for a Stage 4.
5 - Reisen has only one difficult attack.
6 - Kanako is mostly very comfortable, although she does have Shrine Hunting Ritual.
EX - Okina is really easy for Reimu players. Discounting that advantage, Suwako is a pretty straightforward fight except for her two survivals.

1 - Eternity, because getting good value from releases can be pretty dangerous.
2 - Chen has quite a few annoying attacks.
3 - Keine, no contest here, lots of dense attacks.
4 - Patchouli is a pretty tough fight regardless of shot-type.
5 - Youmu is an absolute monster of a run-killer, but...
6 - ...even when I do okay on Youmu, Yuyuko is up next to wreck the party.
EX - Flandre is the only one I've yet to beat. Reasonable patterns but low resources. If judged on patterns alone, though, Rika runs away with this one.

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