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PCB Boss Practice
« on: July 21, 2014, 05:06:23 AM »
This PCB boss patch works better than this topic.

Player's power has been set to full.


1. The blur effect at the beginning of Stage 3 has not been removed.  Stage titles have not either.
2. At the beginning of Stage 6, fast forwarding through dialogue may cause problems with the music.
3. Lily will not appear at Stage 4.

reupload by Great Birdhou Daishougakusen ( stage titles removed ):

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Re: PCB Boss Practice
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Oh my god you're my best friend. Assuming stage 1 and 2 work, I can practice scoring on Letty and Chen!

*hugs you tightly*

Actually. is there anyway to turn off the players power always being full? In scoring, you're often required to make strategic use of your full power clears to get Cherry+

Scratch that. I found a way to do it on SpoilerAL
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Re: PCB Boss Practice
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<3 this

Re: PCB Boss Practice
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Nice.  Would be cool if it had midbosses, but PCB midboss scoring is mostly pretty easy anyway (except maybe Alice and Lunatic Cirno?).  Here's a reupload with the stage titles removed since it's an easy enough fix.  Music can probably be roughly fixed by replacing the stage theme with Yuyuko's theme (you'd still get that skip about a second in but then it'll be fine) but the bgmchanger thing is JP and I don't feel like figuring it out.

Re: PCB Boss Practice
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Re: PCB Boss Practice
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btw ,how about the blur effect ?
It's not going so well  :blush:

EDIT: Ok, I fixed it!  The download link should be the same, since I just replaced the old file when I uploaded.
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