Author Topic: Zork Attempts ANOTHER Let's Play in [Let's Genderlocke: Pok?mon Heart Gold!]  (Read 1208 times)


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Yeah, I'm attempting to Let's play another game and this time! It's a Genderlocke of Pok?mon Heart Gold! wonder how long I can keep this up before it dies like my Dynamarisa LP did :V

I actually started this back at the start of June but was waiting until I had at least got to Part 7 or 8 before I posted about it but it's been over 2 weeks since I started and I haven't updated since part 3 and that was mainly due to me thinking I had lost some footage, which I've only just NOW (as of posting this topic) discovered that ISN'T the case so I can actually get back to making more recording's and such so that's good, but any way, here a link to the playlist itself and let me know what you guys think alright!

Now for the actual Rules of the run:

Can only catch Female Pok?mon.

3 attempts to catch a Female of the first Pok?mon I encounter in an area.

Dupe Clause is enabled and doesn't count to the 3 tries rule and only comes into effect when I get my first Pok?balls.

Nickname ALL The Pok?mon!

K.O = Death and must be permaboxed

Highest level I can be is 5 level's above the next Gym Leader or Boss's strongest Pok?mon

If a Pok?mon does get K.Oed, the Pok?mon in the first slot of the first box of the PC must be used as it's replacement.

No healing item minus the use of Revives, or Pok?mon Centre usage restriction.

So yeah, lemmie know what you guys think, constructive criticism and all that good stuff and I'll try and get  into a habit of updating regularly.
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