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The Mystery of Alice's Grimoire
« on: May 28, 2013, 11:35:16 am »

The Forest of Magic, a forest near Human Village, is a forest which not many people, humans and youkais like, don't want to step near of. Only those who can stand the environment can truly even life there. One of those people is the Ordinary Magician, Marisa Kirisame. However,s he isn't in the forest right now. Instead, she is flying on her broom over it, thinking what she should do today.

Marisa: Hmm, what should I do today... There haven't been any incidents for some time, and I cannot think of anything magic I can develop. I haven't given ol' Patchy a visit for quite some time, so maybe....

As she was thinking about it, she decided to look down into the forest into a road which peeked between the trees. On that road, she noticed another inhabitant of Forest of Magic, The Seven Colored-Puppeteer, Alice Margatroid. With her she had a basket full of different types of plants and a large book, which she always seen carrying with her.

Marisa: Hey, its Alice! I wonder what she's doing outside of her house.

Marisa then continues her thinking what to do before something comes into her mind.

Marisa: Now that I think about it, what does Alice keeps inside her Grimoire? Does she holds some sort of magic spells inside it? Does it hold instructions to her dolls? Is it actually a diary? I have never seen her open it before, and yet, she always carries it with her. I think this is the time to find out.

Marisa starts to decent from the skies slowly to get to the road Alice is walking by. After she gets close to her, Marisa shouts:

Marisa: Hey, Alice!

The sudden yelling scares Alice, almost making her to fall over. Once she gains her balance back, she turns turns around to see Marisa with slightly angered expression on her face.

Alice: Marisa! You know you cannot just scare people like that!

Marisa:  Ehehe, sorry about that. Anyway, can I ask you a question?

Alice: *sigh* What is it?

Marisa: Well, I was wondering... What do you keep inside that Grimoire of yours?

Alice: Why you want to know that? Actually, don't tell me, because I am not going to tell you anyway.

Marisa: What? Why not?

Alice: Because the content of my Grimoire is none of your business, that's why.

Marisa: Oh, come on, Alice. Surely you can at least give me a peek what's inside it...

While saying that, Marisa is scratching her arm forwards the Grimoire. However, Alice has none of that, and slams the Grimoire at Marisa's broom, making it go out of balance and knocking Marisa out of it.

Alice: Listen, if some one says they don't want to tell you something, then that's it! I am not going to tell you what's inside this Grimoire, and that's final! Goodbye.

With that Alice turns her back to Marisa and starts walking back home. After she has gone some distance, Marisa then stands up, cleans the dirt on her dress and picks up her broom.

Marisa: Fine, sheesh. [thinking: I still want to know what's inside that Grimoire. But how can I find out what's inside it? I could just steal it from Alice's hands, but she is not like Patchy. She will come after me if I steal it like that, and she knows where to find me. I have to be bit more sneakier than I usually am so that I don't get killed by her doll army right away. I need to go back home to thinka bout this].

With that, she gets top of her broom and rides off to her house to think about how she can get Alice's Grimoire....


Writer's Note: I will be updating this story as fast as I can, hopefully at least daily. The scenarios might vary in length in the future. Also, if you have a suggestion to a scenario, be free to suggest, but I might only take one suggestion. I have at least four scenarios planned before the final two and fifth one could be fine by me.
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Re: The Mystery of Alice's Grimoire
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2013, 11:55:25 am »
Writer's Note: I would apologize for double post, but I cannot continue writing the story otherwise, so yeah  :V


Alice's house is located in the middle of Forest of Magic. It has more of a western style to it, compared to many other houses in Gensokyo. Nice white walls, blue ceiling, balcony on the side and taller building constructed in the side of it. It is built on a plain, but the trees surrounding it are enough to hide some one in them. As you can guess, Marisa is currently hiding among them.

Marisa: I really haven't seen Alice in a long time, so I don't know much of her daily activities. But if I can follow her around long enough, I might know when I can snatch the Grimoire from her without her noticing it.

As Marisa said that, the door to Alice's house opened. From there, Alice with her Grimoire stepped out and started heading to the back of her house.

Marisa: Huh? What is she doing now?

In the cover of the trees, she follows Alice to the back of her house. There she notices something she hasn't payed attention to: a wooden hatch which looked like it might lead to a cellar. Upon getting tot he hatch, Alice dig out a pair of keys and opened the lock what was in it and headed forwards the cellar.

Marisa: What the heck she might be doing? Eh, like it matters. I guess I have to wait until she comes back from there.

A hour went by and Alice hadn't come out of the cellar. Marisa was able to fall asleep during that period. However, she soon woke up when she heard footsteps. Alice had come out of the cellar, shut the hatch and locked it before heading back to the house. What Marisa noticed right away about Alice was the fact that she didn't have her Grimoire with her.

Marisa: Wait, what happened to her Grimoire? Did she accidentally forgot to take it with her? Well, in that case, this is my chance to get it before she notices she left it behind her.

Marisa moved tot he hatch as fast she could. When she got there, she she took few hairpins from her hair and started using them to open the lock. After few attempts, she got the lock to open up and she she open the hatch to get into the cellar.

Marisa: Sheesh, these stairs are rather long. Not to mention the lack of lights in here.

After stepping down those stairs, she only needed to go through a short hallway to reach a large room. It was really dark, but Marisa quickly spotted an oil lamp next to her and some matches to lid it up.

Marisa: As, just what I needed.

She lid up one of the matches and used it to lid up the oil lamp. With her new light, she looked forwards and saw something: a doll. It looked like a Shanghai Doll, but with few key difference: 1. It had different coloration 2. It held a sword in both hands 3. It was MASSIVE! Even while it was leaning forwards, it still towered Marisa. With its blank expression, it stared at Marisa. Without saying a word, Marisa shut down the oil lamp, put it aside and ran tot he exit as fast as she can. Outside, she went hiding behind the trees and started catching her breath. Before long a sound rang through the air.

???: Dangit! I forgot my Grimoire back at the cellar!

Looking behind her, Marisa saw Alice going back to the cellar. When getting there,s he noticed that the hatch was open.

Alice: And great, I forgot to shut down my cellar. I do not want any one entering my cellar, especially since Goliath Doll MK.II is still not operational. I've heard there are some fairies around here who just like to mess with people's stuff, and I don't want yet another fairy messing up my Goliath Doll.

Marisa: [thining: Wait, that thing wasn't even working? Darn, and I had a chance to get her Grimoire if I didn't just chicken out. Oh well, there is always a next time].

With those words, Marisa started walking back to her place to think about her next move.

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Re: The Mystery of Alice's Grimoire
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2013, 02:11:16 pm »
Writer's Note: Come on now people. I know you people read these things. I don't want to be the only guy posting in this thread :V


Where Alice's house looked pleasing. Marisa's house quite didn't It design from outside was a greenish western like house, with quite a bit of vines growing out of it. Though where the outside of the house didn't look bad, its the inside what counts. And saying Marisa's house was in a mess is an understatement. Due of her being a really big thief, she just keeps most of her stuff laying around without any sort of organization. Finding the floor on this place is miracle only Sanae can grant. Even so, Marisa has put certain items in places she can find them, like items she needs to make potions.

Marisa: Hmm, I think I need to add little bit of that in the mix first...

Thanks to Marisa's many "visits" to Patchouli's Library, she has acquired many books on many subjects, like brewing potions. This particular potion she is working on is a sleeping potion, strong enough to knock the drinker out for long time. Where the effect of the potion might last longer than she really needs it to be, it was the first books she could find on that, so that's the one she decided to stick with.

Marisa: And with a little bit of this type of mushroom,t he potion should be completed.

After she had put the last of the ingredients into the cauldron she was making the potion, she mixed it a little and took some of the potion with a scoop and put it inside a bottle.

Marisa: Alright! Now to put up the finishing touches and I can send this to Alice.

Digging onto a pile of junk what was laying around somewhere in the house, she dug up a small box what would hold the bottle and piece of paper. She quickly wrote something into the paper, put it inside the box with the potion and closed it. With that, she took the box, the book she used for the instructions and her broom, got outside her house and started flying to Alice's house.

After a little bit of flying,s he reached Alice's house. There she put the box at the front of the door, knocked on it and ran away to hide from Alice. After a while, Alice opened the door.

Alice: Huh? Is any one there?

Looking around, she only noticed that some one had left a box front of her doorafter a moment. When she did, she picked it up and started looking at it.

Alice: That's strange. Who would leave a box for me? And what's inside it?

Alice then opened up the box, seeing the content of the box. She dug up the paper inside it and read out loud:

Alice: "Drink me. Signed: Unknown". Yeah, that's real cute right there.

Not thinking a moment about it, she took the bottle from the box, opened it up and started drinking from it. From distance, Marisa was looking at the events unfold.

Marisa: Yes. Soon you will be taking an early nap, my dear.

Alice drank the whole bottle in no time. After drinking it, she started thinking about the taste of it.

Alice: Hmm... little bit bitter, but not by much. Not a bad drink in my opinion.

With that Alice walked back to her home and closed the door behind her. From distance, Marisa was looking at it in shock.

Marisa: ... Wait a minute! *Looking at the book for the sleeping potion* I though the effect of the potion would take effect right as soon it was drank. I did everything right in the book, so why didn't Alice fall asleep?

Marisa thought about it for few seconds before closing the book and pressing it at her face.

Marisa: Don't tell me that it has no effect on Magicians. Well, that's another attempt ruined. I guess its back to square one for me.

With that Marisa broom off with her broom back to her house to think what other ways she can get Alice's Grimoire.

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Re: The Mystery of Alice's Grimoire
« Reply #3 on: May 30, 2013, 09:06:30 pm »
you may want to use the spell check, spelling errors are quite annoying to read see, thid isa quitee annoying to reed rite?

otherwise, interesting story so far. I'm interested in seeing where this is going.

*you also may want to fix your grammar/punctuation errors too. Forgive me for sounding rude, but do you proofread your writing at all?
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Re: The Mystery of Alice's Grimoire
« Reply #4 on: May 31, 2013, 12:42:15 pm »
@Nazgul I usually write my stories as I go. As such, I tend to look over typos unless I notice them right away. However, I am not native English speaker, so my grammar is not that amazing.


You may think that Alice hates Marisa so much, she doesn't want to hang with her at all. But you would be wrong. The two of them have worked with eachother couple of times in the past. Today, Alice has actually went to meet up with Marisa and asked her for some help. She needs to gather some ingredients for something she has been working on and because she would be too busy to find them, she asked Marisa to that for her. Marisa agreed, and gathered all the stuff she needed and headed to Alice's house. There, she went to a room where Alice has set up a small lab.

Alice: Ah, you came. Please, put the ingredients into that table. I don't need them right at the moment.

Marisa took the basket she held the ingredients in and put it onto the table as Alice said.

Alice: Great. I don't need your help anymore, so if you could leave now, that would be great.

All of a sudden a grumbling voice was heard which came from Marisa stomach.

Marisa: Uuhh, I know this might be a sudden, but would you lend me some food? I haven't had a chance to eat anything for today.

Alice: *Sigh* Fine. Go to the kitchen and take something from the food closet. But don't you dare loot the whole thing, you understand?

Marisa: Yeah, yeah. Of course.

Marisa left the room and started heading forwards the kitchen. However, before she could get there, she noticed that Alice had a living room just on the other site of the kitchen. In the living room, there were multiple shelves full of books. Marisa immediately started thinking.

Marisa: [Maybe Alice keeps her Grimoire on those shelves? She didn't have it with her in that lab. Maybe I can take it with me if I can findit? If not, at least I know where it is for future reference.]

With that, Marisa's thieving senses took the better of her and she started checking through the shelves int he living room. The first one she decided to check was one with few drawers on the bottom of it. When she checked what was inside those drawers, she noticed something odd about one of them: There was no way to open one of them. There was no handle to drag it open, there was no keyhole to unlock it and trying to pull it open by force didn't work.

Marisa: [What is up with this drawer? Ah, I shouldn't care about it this much. I have to hurry incase Alice comes out of her little lab.]

With that, Marisa went on checking the other shelves, taking each book from them one at the time to check if that was Alice's Grimoire, or if she had hid it behind the books. Unfortunately, when taking one of the books out, she accidentally caused another book to fall down, causing a loud noise to happen, which was heard across the house.

Alice: (From her lab) What was that noise!? Are you trying to steal my books, Marisa!?

Marisa: No, nothing!

Marisa quickly picked the book from the floor and put it back to the shelf with the other book she took out and started heading to the kitchen, while Alice was coming out of her lab to check what was going on. Marisa just made it to the kitchen and open the food closet before Alice would reach there.

Marisa: See? I am just checking what to take from there. *Quickly looks at the closet* Ah, this will do!

Marisa takes out a lump of bread from the closet and closes it.

Alice: Then what was up with that noise?

Marisa: Ah, you must be thinking that you heard something. That, or you have some poltergeist in this house. Anyway, I got what I was looking for so see ya later!

Marisa quickly heads for the door and goes outside of Alice's house.

Marisa: [Darn, that was close! If she had came any sooner, I would have been busted int he middle of my act. Unfortunaly I ddin't get a glimpse of that darn Grimoire. This is really getting to my nerves. But I cannot give up! That book will be mine some day!]

Marisa takes her broom she had left next to the door and flies off back to her house to eat the bread she got and think her next move.



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Re: The Mystery of Alice's Grimoire
« Reply #5 on: June 01, 2013, 03:26:30 pm »

All thinkers need some time to cool down their brains. As such, rather than think up ways to snatch Alice's Grimoire, Marisa decided to take a walk in the Forest of Magic to cool off her head. Due the fact not even many youkais can stand the environment of the forest, she can travel safely in it without too much of a fear of her being ambushed by any one.

Marisa: After all those attempts and still that blasted Grimoire isn't anywhere close of being mine. Part of me just wants to give up. Maybe the direct approach should be the way go. But if I do that, Alice will surely come after me. This is quite a pickle.

Right after she said that, she decided to look up. And to her surprise, she saw no other than Alice in the skies.

Alice: Huh? What the heck?

Looking at Alice, she seemed like she was practising one of her spell cards. However, the one she was using didn't seem like anything she has used before. Even though she was high int he skies, it looked like she was using her Shanghai Dolls and Hourai Dolls to fire lasers between eachother. Maybe it was a new spellcard, Marisa was thinking to herself. Or maybe she just hasn't seen that one before, she added right after she said that,

Marisa: She seemed to be quite focused right now.... Wait a minute, I have an idea! If I attack her all the way down here, I might get her out of balance. That would cause her to accidentally let go out of her Grimoire and drop it all the way down to the forest. I can then snatch it and run away before Alice gets a chance to search for it. But how can I make it look like I was not the one attacking her? She knows most of my spellcards, not to mention most of my normal danmaku... Wait, I know!

With that, Marisa dug up a spellcard out of her pocket. Holding it in one hand, she started aiming her other hand right at Alice.

Marisa: Magic Absorber! [1]

Menawhile, Alice has stopped training her spellcard, and called her dolls back to her.

Alice: Okay, that's enough for today. I is almost perfect, but I think I'll need to work on it a little bit before I can thin of really using it... Huh?

Alice hears a strange noise coming out of nowhere. When she looks down, she suddenly sees something: A purple void-like thing with yellow zigzag patterned borders heading forwards her!

Alice: Whoa!

The thing moved forwards her rather quickly, not helped that she noticed it rather late. She was just enough time to graze over it, but doing it caused her to loose her grip of her Grimoire, causing her to drop it. From the surface, Marisa was witnessing the events unfolding.

Marisa: Yes! Just as planned! Just let the book come closer...

What Marisa didn't think about was how fast Alice would react of her dropping her Grimoire. Almost as fast as she dropped it, she threw two Hourai Dolls right after it faster than Kisume would drop down. The two dolls were able to get to the Grimoire and catch it midair before it would fall between the trees.

Marisa: What! How is this possible!

Alice then pulled the two dolls back by their strings in her fingers. She took the Grimoire from them and then made them disappear. Upon checking if the Grimoire was fine, she started flying down to the forest to see where the shot originated from.

Marisa: Oh crap! I better get out of here before she sees me!

Marisa is surprising fast runner, being able to leave the place before Alice can come down to check the place. Alice only decided to look round the place for few moments before she decided that who ever tried to shoot her had ran away already, and started heading back to her home. Marisa was reliefed that Alice didn't find out that she tried to shoot her. However, she was disappointed by yet another failed plan.

Marisa: I cannot believe it! If this keeps going, I will be almost dead before I can get that Grimoire and only if I get lucky. I wonder if this is even worth the trouble. I guess I will think about this back home.

Due the fact Marisa had no hurry, she started walking calmly back home to think about what she should o about this operation...


[1]: Marisa's B Shot-type's Bomb from Double Dealing Character. Doesn't have quotation marks purposefully.
Writer's Note: I will be taking few day hiatus from this project to think about what I should do next in this story. I might add one scenario before the last two, but if I cannot think up anything, I will go straight into the end.
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Re: The Mystery of Alice's Grimoire
« Reply #6 on: June 03, 2013, 05:22:29 pm »
Writer's Comment: Since I cannot think of anything else, I decided to just start writing the ending:


It has been two days since Marisa has tried to steal Alice's Grimoire, due of having no idea how she should do it. She still wanted the book, but wasn't sure how she can do that. To clean her head about it, she decided to leave out of the Forest of Magic to get some fresh air the forest does lack. She isn't too far away from the forest, but still fair distance. Currently, she is laying on a small grassy plain, looking at the sky.

Marisa: I really should leave that forest more often just to relax. I feel a lot better now than I have been doing two days ago. Still, the idea of stealing Alice's Grimoire is in my mind. There must be a way I can get it from her.

Marisa decided to stand up to change the position and looked at the general direction forwards the Forest of Magic. To her surprise, she saw three figures flying forwards her general direction.

Marisa: What int he darnation?

As the figures started flying closer, Marisa was able to figure out what they were: two of them were "sunflower" faeries and the third one was Alice. Looking even closer, she noticed that one of the faeries was carrying Alice's Grimoire. All three of them flew over Marisa.

Marisa: Wait, was that fairy carrying the Grimoire? I got to follow them.

Marisa picked up her broom from the ground and started tailing the faeries and Alice. While Alice was keeping a good speed, the faeries had a head start, so they were ahead of her.

Alice: Listen up you two! If you give back my Grimoire, I will not harm you! This is the only time I will warn you!

One of the faeries turned her head around and stick her tongue at Alice, which she took offend to.

Alice: So you want to play that kind of game, huh? Very well. I warned you about this.

With that, Alice dug up a spellcard from her pocket and pointed it forwards the faeries.

Alice: Puppet Sign: "China's Shadow Puppetry"! [1]

After announcing her spellcard, bunch of Shanghai Dolls appeared front of herself, while bunch of Hourai Dolls appeared before the two faeries. Without saying a word, Alice commanded the two sets of dolls to start firing lasers forwards eachother, creating a rather good laser trap. The dolls started moving in union, trying their best to fry the two faeries. Where the faeries tried their best to avoid the lasers and shoot down the dolls, the dolls were able to hit both faeries, making them disappear in midair. Unfortunately, this would mean that no one was holding the Grimoire, causing it to fall down.

Alice & Marisa: !?

Marisa reacted to this as fast as she could, making her broom to go double speed to fly pass Alice and get to the Grimoire before it would fall into the ground and catching it. Alice looked in relief as she called her dolls back. Marisa turned around and flew forwards Alice.

Alice: Thanks you for catching my Grimoire, Marisa. Now would you kindly hand it over back to me?

Marisa didn't say a word. All she did was hang her head down while keeping the Grimoire on her armpit.

Alice: Come on, Marisa. Hand it over. I don't have time to play any games.

Marisa: ... Sorry Alice. But I cannot simply hand this book back to you.

Alice: What?

Marisa: If you refuse to tell this book's secrets to me, then I must uncover them myself. As such, this Grimoire is now mine.

Alice. Don't be such a child! That book belongs to me! So hand it over, or else-

Marisa: "Sungrazer".

With that word, a large amoung of energy started gathering at Marisa,s broom, which then released as what almost looked like a Final Spark to make it rocket forwards at blinding speed, It also had enough force to knock the poor Alice, who was standing in Marisa's way into the ground. The landing was rough, but Alice was able to avoid any major injuries.

Alice: I cannot believe that girl! Stealing away my Grimoire just like that! Oh, she is going to pay for this.

Knowing she had no time to waste,s he picked herself up and started flying forwards to the Forest of Magic in order to assault Marisa, who was surely heading forwards her house...


[1] Made up spellcard for Alice. References Shadow Puppetry which originated from China
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Re: The Mystery of Alice's Grimoire
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Marisa was fast. Really fast. In no time, she was already in her house. Stopping by it, she put her broom down, ran into her house and locked the door behind herself. It was finally time to see what secrets the Grimoire held inside it.

Marisa: Okay, my baby. Time to open you up and see what's inside you.

She removed the two ribbons what sealed it shut from it and opened it up from the middle. However, to her shock, when she opened the book up she only saw one thing: nothing. The page she had turned the book was empty.

Marisa: What the ze?

She started looking at the other pages, but only thing she found was more blank pages. From the front cover to the back, the book's pages had nothing in them. She tired bringing it close to a light to see if she would see anything that way, but the result was the same. Marisa was utterly confused.

Marisa: I-i cannot believe it! All this time I have been after some book which has nothing in it! How is this possible?

Suddenly, some one was knocking onto the door. Marisa decided not to answer to it. However, the lock to the door was suddenly shot open. When the door opened up, Alice was standing behind it. With imitating look,s eh entered in, heading forwards Marisa.

Marisa: H-hey, Alice. Quite a surprise to see you here. *Nervous laughter*

Alice glared straight into Marisa's eyes, what caused her to freeze in horror. After that, she stared at the opened Grimoire.

Alice: ...You read what was inside it, didn't you?

Marisa: W-well, everything I could, which would be nothing.

Alice: *Sigh* I guess there is no need to hide it for you any longer.

Alice sat down onto the floor next to Marisa, who was also sitting down.

Alice: You see, that Grimoire has always been empty.

Marisa: I figured that much. But why would you carry around a book without anything inside it?

Alice: You see... I never fight with my full power. I always hold back. And that Grimoire? I guess it is to remind me that I am holding back. And it does give me confidence as well, reminding me that if situation would go out of hands terribly, I do have something to result to. So in the end, that book just have mental value to me.

Marisa: I see...... *Giggle* I still cannot believe that you are carrying some useless weight you all the time!

Marisa starts to laugh, but it is cut short by Alice slapping her in the back of her head.

Marisa: Ouch! Sorry about that. And for stealing the book for you. Here, you can have it back. I don't need it or anything.

Alice: ...Thanks.

Alice takes the Grimoire out of Marisa's hands, stands up and heads forwards the door. Once outside, she waves Marisa goodbye and flies off.

Marisa: Well then, that was an adventure. This really taught me something: If you want to steal something, do it, or else you might regret it after so many tires *Laughs*


Alice had flew back to her house. After entering it, she headed straight into her living room. Once there, she headed forwards the shelf with the drawer which Marisa couldn't open. Once there, she opened her Grimoire. She pressed her had into one of the pages of it.

Alice: I'm glad she didn't figure the true usage of this Grimoire.

After a moment, rune symbols apepared on Alice's hand. She then moved the runes into the drawer, which made it glow and then open up. Alice opened the drawer completely, revealing a black book which had "Grimoire of Alice" written on it with golden letters. The said book was the REAL Grimoire of Alice. The books he has been carrying around could just transfer the content of the real one into it, allowing Alice to access the content of the real one without carrying the real one around. Alice picked up the Grimoire and looked at the pages, showing many different types of powerful magic on its pages. Alice then started thinking and closed the book.

Alice: Now that I think about it, was those things I said to Marisa really true? Do I really carry the fake Grimoire around because it makes me think positively? Do I really need this book, or is this just an artifact I carry just because?

Alice put the real Grimmoire back into its drawer and closed it.

Alice: Whatever the reason is, I hope that I don't have to use it ever again. I once lost with it against that Shrine Maiden, and I don't want it to happen ever again.

With that Alice sat down into a couch and started knitting a dress to one of her dolls...


Writer's Comment: Yes, this is the end of this story. I know this might not been that long, but in reality, I haven't written this long of a story before, especially in English. And this was more a less experience how writing stuff here would feel like. I hope you enjoyed my story as much I did writing it, and I hope I'll see you next time, where I will tackle a story involving Yuuka.
P.S. Don't close this thread just yet, mods. I would like to see if people have any final opinions on this short story.

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