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Rise, Chosen! -The Epic of Gensoukyou-
« on: March 30, 2013, 12:57:14 am »
This saga is in loving dedication to all the Sues I encountered across the internet. Now, hope you all have a good laugh!

Prologue: Reentry

Beyond the world of boundaries existed a being of legend...

The flames recede, along with the echo of a bestial shriek. Scales rent to ash, the corpse of the world-devouring serpent slams into the earth, cracking the rocky surface, summoning a cascade of floods and gusts in its wake. Yet, thousands of mile away, on my favorite--and trademarked--cliff overhang, the chosen hero, Polatinius Cornibus the VI, myself, watch the proceedings with a fatherly grin. The world lives on, and surely my companions are awaiting me with open, loving arms--


Timing. I always had a slight problem with timing. I mean, it's hardly my fault. When you have sacred blood flowing through your veins, possess every legendary construct imaginable, and can raze a quarter of the earth with a careless fireball, people tend to over analyze your mistakes.

"I'm going to kill her, I swear I'm going to kill her!"

She spews her hollow threats, confusing her pronouns like the fool she is. See, the woman there is called Verya, and she is just a mindless brute jealous of my infinite talents. Oh, she talks trash, but I'm the one who gave her that impregnable armor. I mean, look at that silver sheen--you'd think the girl would be more grateful! Bah. Oh well, every group needs a meat shield. I'm sure my trusted friend Baldric, cunning warrior and strategist both, will understand! Oh the adventures we've had, the suspense, the fires, the carnage, the pitchforks...! Hm, wait, I'm noticing a trend here.


And there he is now, armor of midnight hue! Comrades, bosom-buddies, brothers-in-arms--

"...the capital is gone. There's nothing left."

Well, that is pretty depressing.

"Ah, but Baldric, my friend, we evacuated the citizenry. Buildings will be rebuilt, and the people are saved. We're heroes!"

He twitched. Is he angry? No, no, he must have a sneeze coming on. How embarrassing!

"You created a wasteland. Nothing can survive here now."

Suddenly, he grabs my thrice-enchanted cloak and raises me to his level, locking eyes with mine. Normally, I would venture my rugged manliness has rendered him insane, but now I'm convinced he's teensy bit upset. His brow is at a very uncomfortable angle...

"No pay, no food, and the hatred of an entire nation. Do you understand?"

I nod my head. Stupid time. I had no idea two minutes and two hours were so far apart!

"...this isn't going away, Pol. Not this time. I'm the only thing stopping Lorenz or Verya from bashing your skull in."

The filthy beast rider and the meat shield. Of course they would be the ones to hate me! But Cybil supports me. Ah, how I love her so! The perfect friend, so refined and artistic, with beautiful red hair, black leather armor draped over a shapely body, and a complete mastery of--


Is there a blade at my throat? Oh yes, there's a blade at my throat. A very shiny blade. How vexing. Well, there's only one logical response:


"One cut, splash, and it's done. I've had enough of this shit!"

And Baldric heroically intervenes--

"Enough, Cybil. The cloak would regenerate the wound, and you know what happened when we tried to remove it."

Hey, I might not die, but pain still hurts! Get her o--


Dirt has such a coarse texture, a thought that crossed my mind as my face was planted in it. I believe 'thud' is the appropriate word.

"Remember this Cornibus: Next time you need to piss, We'll be there."

She twirls the knife in my face and walks away spewing vitriol. But, even in hatred, Cybil remains the perfect role model. Look at her hands shake in synchronized rage!

"Now Pol, I'm going to have to have an important meeting with the rest of the group. I need you to head back to base, and enter the back room of the hideout in Six. Hours. do you understand? Hours."

Poor Baldric is really taking this incident hard; he can't even give orders without stammering! I'll have to buy him a drink later, surely. I nod my head again, trying to make my glorious personage appear humbled--no easy task I assure you. Soon, I'm off to our pleasant abode, a series of intricate tunnels and rooms just beneath the neighboring town's  walls. Well, former town. I sort of miscast meteor swarm this one time and wreaked unholy devastation--oh don't worry the people relocated and I paid for everything! Yes, everything was perfectly fine in the new town, well, until the lighter incident. Oh Gods, the lighter incident...

I arrive in the tunnels with many, many hours to spare...err...well, I arrive early. I think. In the meantime, I head to my favorite of our super-secret rooms, the underground library! Why there is a haven of learning beneath a scorched town I do not know, but I am eternally grateful. Here, I can put my superior intellect to use, and if my mind is sharp, we can stop any monster that threatens the world. Ah, I love being the chosen one. I don't know why these beasts and demigods come and wreak havoc on our peaceful land, but I'll always protect the people!

But, come to think of it, they're always after me. That giant-flying-serpent-thingy was ranting and raving about my tyranny, of all things. Polatinus Cornibus V, always said it was my destiny to destroy these demonic creatures, but lately it's all been self-defense. Wait, has it always been this way? Goodness, I think I'm forgetting something. Well, now that I'm here at the library I can ponder things over a good boo--

"You've come, hellspawn."

This rude greeting was accompanied by the all the doors slamming shut, sealed off by a series of red lines and symbols. Some people really have no manners--

"Oh, it's you Verya. And here I was thinking someone was actually here. I'll just keep reading and GAH!"

My chosen book, "The Art of Elegant Spellcasting Poses" spontaneously combusts. What a strange phenomenon.

"For years I have waited for this moment, Polatinus. You came so close to killing me on this day, attacking the serpent god early--clever plan, girl, clever! Sacrificing the city to kill your foe--I thought I had you fooled, but you possess your mother's duplicity. But, to no avail. I endured!"

"I've had enough of your lip--don't call me a girl!"

"Oh but you are, young one. You think yourself invincible but your powers--"

"I insist you call me boy!"

"I-wait, what?"

"Oh Verya, how could you be so idiotic? Everyone knows only the eldest son is given the title of successor!"

My sound logic paralyzes her.

"...but you are a woman. I've seen you naked!"

"Eww, pervert!"

"No, that's not what I--"

"Gender is a state of mind you sexist twat! Now, if you excuse me, I have more intelligent people to talk to."

Huh. Those seals are strong. The door really won't budge. What strange coincidences--who could have put them--no, wait, that's impossible. Impossible. Impossible. Impossible!

"Hahaha, you really think so little of me, Pally? My magic has always rivaled yours. Your powers will not work within this bounded field."

I point at her dramatically--


For some reason this confuses her. I'm noticing a trend. Her brain must be too tiny to keep up with conversation.

"...I am a spellcaster. A sorceress. I've used magic in every fight."

"Absurd, you wear plate armor! Spellcasters don't wear plate armor!"

"You...I...enough of your stalling! That's like saying you never noticed the giant horn coming out of my head."

... ... comment.

"No, wait, you're doing this on purpose aren't you? Trying to get me unhinged through humor!? Hoh, clever again. I'm starting to change my mind about you."

"The feeling is not mutual. Release me at once!"

A devilish grin. Ugh, that face makes me want to vomit. It's so...punchable.

"If you're so angry, Rift-wielder, then what are you waiting for? Destroy me along with this room!"

"How could you even suggest such a thing!? Callous knave, books are people too!"

She's laughing now.

"How sweet, you'll raze cities, kill thousands, but the thought of burning books weighs on your fragile heart. You really are a monster."

Yeah, well, you have a horn coming out of your head!

"Okay I make mistakes, but I always cast resurrection. Everyone lives! Well, minus the buildings. For some reason, I'm really bad at recreating those....but anyway, that's just how being the chosen works!"

And now she's blinking rapidly. Crust in the eye?

"Chosen? Is that what you call yourself nowadays? I can think of more fitting names, dark one."

"I'm not dark! My hair is a perfect silver, and my skin a silky white! Look at my luscious locks, damn you!"

Ever speechless, Verya starts mumbling incoherently. And then, without warning, I'm overtaken by intense fatigue and exhaustion. This conversation with the magic meat shield has left me so terrible drained. Why, I don't think I can even move from this very spot! ...hey, what do you want to know, I really can't. Wait. Why are there so many pretty colors everywhere?

Arcane Sorcery: Boundary-Piercing Vortex

"You are going to be my experiment, old friend. Your exile ends tonight."

Exile? From what, the men's bathroom?

"Gods, I would have done this long ago if the rules had not been changed. Even from the outside, the spell must conform. Yes, shrine maidens are so very clever..."

You are far too fond of that word.

"Ahahahaha!! The irony is delicious--they'll call me a hero for this! Oh, one last thing dark one. You might be able to circumvent the seal in this world, but Gensoukyou is the origin. You'll be lower than human! Dead within the hour!"

What the blazes is a Gensoukyou!?

"Now! Fall into the boundary! Return from whence you came!!"

"Well I can't do that, my mother died a long time ago you je---OH GODS THE FLOOR IS EATING ME"

Well, that settles it. This is just a nightmare. Yep, I'll wake up any minute or hour from now, whatever you call it. I'm the chosen, and a hero is never beaten by nightmares...nightmares wrapped in pure blackness with a million eyes staring into my soul...

...please help me.

Interlude: Bitter Vindication

With crazed, furious desire she stomped on the floors and redid the calculations hundreds of times, begging for silence, praying to whatever deity willing to acknowledge to her that the witchly wench will not return. And the quiet continued, save for the oni's desperate breaths. No rebound, no counter spell, Pally was finally, truly vanquished. Exhausted, her large body slumped against a neighboring bookcase, slowing sliding onto the floor as a smile creeps across her face.

"The bitch is gone. Heh, this artificial world will not last long. The youkai can reclaim what is rightfully theirs, and..."

Snap. A bottle of vintage "Rhyn Sheryl", bitter white, forms in her right hand, accompanied by an anachronistic sake bowl. After a deep breath, she carefully pours the wine into the bowl and begins inhaling the liquid, lapping it up in a frenzy, pouring more and more with her free hand until the bottle empties, glass shattering against the floor as she licks off the final drops.

"Six hundred years storage and still good!"

And as soon as that is done, a second bottle is magicked into her hand and the cycle continues. Verya had been depriving herself of the bittersweet nectar until her plans came to fruition, and now she devoured the best of her collection--ever the beast, even in refinement.

"Hmmm, but this is pretty boring. The creatures here are weak, and the humans put up a nasty fight. What will be left when the dust settles? Who will they turn to?"

Eyes glazed and shimmering with delight, she stares up at the ceiling.

"And if that ever gets dull, well, the portal did work after all..."

Next Journey: "Wrath of the Nine"


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Re: Rise, Chosen! -The Epic of Gensoukyou-
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2013, 01:01:46 am »
Chapter 1: Wrath of the Nine

The books really were not kidding, death is absurdly cold! My whole body is shivering, especially my bum. No, really, why is darkness so wet? I mean, the black abyss even has this smooth texture enveloping my backside, perfectly solid too. Eh, what am I thinking!? I can't let it end like this! I'll climb right out of this cold hell, no matter how far the blackness goes! I mean, the crazy eyes and ribbons are gone now, so I must be safe! You've got this Pally, I mean, Polatinus--rise up from the grave, your people need you!

Of course, this whole rising thing would be easier if I opened my eyes. One, two, three...


Now I'm in a white abyss, truly diabolical! Hmm, no wait, the whiteness has form--white ground, white sky, white...snow? Hmmm, I'm standing on a devilishly long sheet of ice, and there's a snow-laden forest in the distance. Ah, silly, Polatinus, sleeping in the middle of a lake. And dreaming about Verya of all things. Eugh. Still, I wonder where I found this lake. I distinctly remember evaporating all the water near summer. And here is clearly winter. This must be--


Huh. Awfully weird name to pop into my head. Hmm, maybe I'm an explorer charting unknown territory! Ah, so that's why names keep popping into my head. Certainly sounds like something I would do. Now, I'll just summon Solventer...odd, the sheathe usually sparks. In fact, the sword is looking really dull today. Hmm, do legendary blades have bad sparkle days? Never really thought about that. Poor thing! Well, anyway, this won't take long.

"I name this land Gensoukyou!"

I elegantly twirl the blade and plant it into the ice.

"Aaaaand I'll build a castle there, a tavern over here, ooooh and a library right by the ridge! Excellent. Now, I just need to con some minions--I mean, I just need to pay some workers and we'll have this place developed in no time!"

"This is the 'frightening' troublemaker? Tch, what a letdown. You look weak."

Heat courses through my veins as I turn to meet the unknown voice, excitement building. No human has talked to me like that in years--they always just yell or scream in terror. Baldric and Cybil are the only ones I can rely on, and sometimes the beast-licker Lorenz. But not Verya. Verya is a poopie head.

But I see nothing. Not to the left, not to the right. Hm. A disembodied voice? A ghost? Illusion magic? Telep--

"Up, stupid! Wow, you are dumb."

Wings of ice, cerulean hair, deep blue dress with even bluer eyes, arms crossed and eyes narrowed with confident flare--fascinating!

"Humans have wings in Gensoukyou!? Aw man that's cool! Flying is the one thing I never figured out how to do, though I can jump really high. Mm, I know! You should join my party! Think of all the adventures we could--"

That train of thought was aborted by a shard of ice blasting past my face and grazing my cheek. Yikes, that smarts!

"I'm not human, stupid. I'm a fairy, the strongest!"

Fairies? I have heard of these mythical creatures, but the books said they were all extinct...! Gods, I have made the discovery of a lifetime--the revival of an ancient race. Now I have to bring her back with me, for science!

"Oh man my companions are going to go nuts when they see this. Hey, you should come with me to the secret base. You will be the talk of the century!"

The fairy scoffs. Mm, she has this edge about her I cannot help but admire.

"The humans are declaring war? So you must be the ace. Hmph, no wonder you defeated those three imps, even sun...err...what's-her-face. Too bad for you I'm on a different level!"

 I defeated the fairies? When did that--oh. OH. So that's what those twitching things on the floor are! I must have been sleepwalking again. Or had gas. Hmm, but...

"You're on a different level? But then, where are you now?"


She blinks, pondering my legitimate question.

"Y-you're making fun of me aren't you!?"


I quickly jump to the right and avoid a stream of icicles sent my way, like a blizzard of crossbow bolts. She really must be serious about this war thing. Haha, but that is truly a waste.

"State your name, ice fairy, and know that you face Polatinus Cornibus the VI, the chosen hero of legend, and the savior of humanity! With the blade of thundering flame, Solventer, in my right, and the universe-forging heat in my left, there is nothing--GAH"

A frigid gust of wind knocks me back on my butt, and definitely gave me a nasty bruise. Eeeeeh, cheating! You don't hit someone during their speech, and you most certainly don't laugh. No, really, s-stop laughing you jerk!

"It's Cirno, Cornbeef. I'll cyrofreeze you and all human beefs!"

Frozen beef, is she the fairy-butcher? No matter! Hmph, what a fool she is, thinking ice could best god-destroying flames! I'll melt Cirno and Gensoukyou lake in one blast!


Thankfully, just before I snap my fingers to trigger the spell, I remembered that for all my omnipotence, I can neither fly or swim, and for some reason, I sink like an anvil. In that case...


Gripping Solventer with both hands, I charge right at Cirno, giving my best warcry! She sends beams of ice and flurries my way, but I weave and sidestep them with ease, using the frozen lake to my advantage. Skidding, skating, call it what you like--I might not be able to swim, but I am a master of balance! It doesn't take long for me to close the distance, and I can see her grin fading as I near for the finishing strike. I cock the blade back and prepare my signature dual cutter...!

"Wha...hey, no fair!"

 Swish. She flew higher into the air! Ah, but now she's coming down!







"Snrk...ahahahaha...come and get me Cornbeef!"

Laughing. Again. Laughing. At me.


I grasp Solventer and chant the activation spell, releasing the limiter. Just a few seconds, and I'll unleash a torrent of red-hot lightning upon that girl, lake be damned! Not even the apocalypse dragon could withstand my--

Chug. Puff. Sputter.


D-did my blade just have a mechanical failure? Hey, you can't fail me now, bad sparkle day be damned! Eh, fine, point blank flame requiem it is! With the cloak, I'll survive the after-burn. Now pose, and...!



"Hey, what's wrong, tired of jumping?"

Cirno crosses her arms again, glowing with triumph. None of my spells are working!

"Well, if you're done chasing me, it's my turn!"

There was only one logical response


The forest. If I lead her into the forest, I'll not only have cover, but I just might be able to close the distance. She might think herself crafty, but I am the smarter--

"WAAAAH!! S-spiiiiniiiiing!"

Once again, my poor bum has been violated, scraped by a slew of shards, knocking me head first into the frozen lake as my my sprawled out body boomerangs around the lake's edge. No, I can't let myself get dizzy now--I'm so close to the forest! With the world shaking in front of me, I heroically flip onto my feet and dodge the next wave of icicles with my back turned. Cirno muttered to herself in rage as I slipped into the forest and evaded her sight, taking cover in the undergrowth. Only thing that got crazed was my invincible cloak. Just a tear, naught but a scratch!

"Coward! I'll freeze the whole forest if I have to!"

And I'm counting on it. Just as she concentrates on forming the blizzard, I spring from my hiding spot, jump into the nearby tree, and use it as a springboard to send me soaring high above Cirno's head, a lightning-fast maneuver giving her no time to evade. She looks at me in horror as I grasp Solventer one final time--


Focus her in my vision, concentrating my energy.


Raise the blade above my head--


"This is stupid..."

Those were her last words as the blade came crashing down on her head, a surefire killing blow. I feel terrible, but I can never hold back when I fight. That's the curse of being the cho--


Flying. I'm flying? Wait, s-she punched me in the face!? Impossible, there's no way she could be--ugh! Stupid tree, I'm having a mental breakdown right now, let me think! I-I felt the blade hit her head so--

It's only then I was alerted to the massive cracks appearing all over Solventer, the metal twisting and breaking until finally the blade exploded into a flash of fiery shards. The head of the ice fairy Cirno, had destroyed the god-slaying blade! I...I think I want to cry now.

"Curse you! Are you made out of titanium!?"

But she did not respond. No, she was shaking with rage.

"No one, no one makes an idiot out of me. I played nice this whole time, but if serious is what you want...!"

The air was changing. A trigger, something, had snapped. I remembered the sensation. This is like my dream where Verya...oh...oh, that was real. This...THIS IS ALL HER FAULT!

Icicle Fall

With a dramatic, and fairly impressive yell, a hail of ice shards shoot out to the left and right of me in a continuous stream, wreaking havoc upon the forest. But, she must have really snapped, because there's no aim at all. I'm standing perfectly still, and the hail of ice never gets close to me, nothing more than a pleasant chill...

Or is that what she wants me to think? Ah, if she's going serious, this has to be a trap. Yes, any moment now, a massive block of ice is going to crush me in the center. Therefore! I'll brave the hail to the left, and after enduring it, I'll punch that titanium head in. One, two, three, jump...!

But that was...Only thing that got crazed was my invincible cloak. Just a tear, naught but a scratch!

Solventer shattered.

My magic failed to activate.

So that means...

"Aaagh!! Aah...oh..."

Thud. The cloak is shredded in about twenty places, twenty cold holes in my skin.  I...I can't really feel the pain. Well, I can't feel anything. Maybe the nerves froze.

"Th-that worked!? I mean, yeah, I win! Now get lost Cornbeef!"

...funny, she sounds a lot like me. I almost want to wish her well...

"H-hey, you can get up now."

I'm a failure. I'm the biggest failure there ever was. Everyone hates me, everyone wants me dead, and then a fairy kills me without ever meaning to. I'm pathetic...

"Wh-why is all that red stuff coming out of you, this isn't how this usually works!"

...even my parents. They never...hero...why couldn't I be...

"Wait, don't close those eyes! HEY!!"

The Journey will continue in: "Congo Line to the Netherworld"

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